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  1. Don’t be sad - Poldark will return! Here’s the writer on what you can expect in series two

    Debbie Horsfield

    Writer and executive producer

    Don’t be sad - Poldark will return! Here’s the writer on what you can expect in series two

    From manscaping and scything to hair products... Poldark is talked about everywhere! Writer Debbie Horsfield on series one's success and what lies ahead for Ross and Demelza.

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  2. The Review Show: Interviewing Ian McEwan

    Kirsty Wark

    Presenter and Journalist

    Ian McEwan is famous, but it is the mark of someone who treats fame as a by-product of his immense talent and who is comfortable in his skin that when we met for The Review Show interview there was no palaver, no entourage, no demands. We set up our cameras in the wonderfully shabby, once e...

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  3. Women In Love: Adapting DH Lawrence's famous novels

    William Ivory


    This is what I call squeaky bum time. A few days to go before transmission of the first instalment of my two-part version of DH Lawrence's Women In Love. Some press coverage has started to emerge and plenty more will be lined up behind it. Not to mention the opinions of numerous academics an...

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  4. I'm one of The Culture Show's best new British novelists

    Evie Wyld


    The last week has been strange. People have been coming up to me in the small bookshop I work in, looking me in the eye, and saying, "Are you Evie Wyld?" My first impulse is to lie, say something like, "No, she left ages ago, she was no good." Or, gangster-style, "Who wants to know?" But,...

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  5. Judging Britain's 12 best new novelists for The Culture Show

    Alex Clark


    The wizards at The Culture Show are a kindly bunch; they know that reading novels en masse is a task made all the more pleasurable if it can be done in warm weather and preferably in a deckchair. So last August, when I took delivery of my first batch of books to judge for the New Novelists: ...

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  6. South Riding and one of the greatest literary heroines

    Kate Harwood

    Controller, BBC drama

    When, as a voracious teenage reader, I first read South Riding I took many of its themes for granted and thought it was a great story folded around a great love story. But re-reading it when I was wondering whether to develop it as a drama, I found the resonances go so much deeper. ...

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  7. Faulks On Fiction: Exploring classic characters in literature

    Mary Sackville-West

    Series Producer

    Historically television has tended to focus on the relationship between the author and their work. This has always worked well - think of Bookmark, Arena, and Omnibus - and is a very accessible way into literature. From the outset, we wanted to do something different and came up with an unu...

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  8. Aurelio Zen: Michael Dibdin's Italian detective on TV

    Andy Harries

    Executive Producer

    Years ago my Dad gave me a Michael Dibdin book and told me to read it. What I most enjoyed about it was the loving detail and description of life in Italy - it's almost as if Italy is a huge character in the novels. I tucked it away in my memory. The success of the first series of Wallander,...

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  9. Toast: The magic and humour in memoirs of my childhood suppers

    Nigel Slater


    When I started writing Toast it never crossed my mind it might one day become a film, let alone one starring Helena Bonham Carter and Freddie Highmore. The book had started life as a short story about the food of the 1960s and 1970s for my weekly Observer column, but I soon realised that the...

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  10. Nordic Noir: The Story Of Scandinavian Crime Fiction

    Robert Murphy


    The Stieg Larsson phenomenon was building to a crescendo when we decided the time was ripe to take stock of Scandinavian crime fiction in the documentary that became Nordic Noir. Why had a region best known for Volvos, Abba and Ikea begun producing dark and violent thrillers filled with broo...

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