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Naked scenes, travel mishaps and a tattoo ban. Joe Layton's Tatau lowdown

Joe Layton


When I got this role, the first thing my mum said was “Don’t get a tattoo!” I don’t have any. I thought about getting one when I was out there but the Maori tattoos have such important meaning to them that I’m not sure what mine would say yet. I had Kyle’s tattoo applied every morning by the make-up team. 

We filmed the naked scenes quite early on, so we were thrown in at the deep end. I tried to make it funny in order to avoid awkwardness, so when we were filming Theo Barklem-Biggs, who plays Budgie, opening the door, I was posing in lots of silly positions off camera!

Theo is rather forgetful, which would definitely cause some mishaps if I were to travel with him in real life. But he would be a great travel companion as he’s a great guy and he is a real friend of mine now. It was bound to happen after spending such a long time together on a small island. 

I’m not sure I’d want to travel with my character, Kyle, at all, especially when he gets all crazy and intense on the Cook Islands. If I had to travel with one of the boys, I’d rather travel with Budgie, because he’s a lot of fun and is a good loyal friend. He also does his best to keep Kyle grounded and tries to talk sense into him.

My most memorable travel story comes from the time I was interrailing with my friends around Europe. We were on a train that was dividing and my friend was in the wrong section. He had to jump from the carriage to the platform and fell flat on his face!

I think Kyle and Budgie’s friendship is really relatable. I really like their early scenes which show the banter they have. Budgie is a great friend to Kyle and would never betray him. I wouldn’t trust many of the others to be honest!

Joe Layton plays Kyle in Tatau.

Tatau starts on Sunday 12 April at 10pm on BBC Three. Each episode will be available in BBC iPlayer for 30 days after broadcast on TV.

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