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Celebrating Victoria Wood's brilliantly British moments

Anna Lowman

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All of us who love comedy, and especially its ability to move as well as entertain, were very sorry to hear of the death of Victoria Wood. Warm, witty and always insightful, she was a proper telly great. Shane Allen, the BBC's Controller of Comedy Commissioning, summed up her achievements and influence:

“I think we are still reeling – it was a sad day for comedy yesterday with the death of Victoria Wood. A trailblazing, working class female with a real grasp of her references - her writing is just amazing. She influenced and inspired lots of other working class people to take up comedy for a living. Her legacy is extraordinary.”

With an innate appreciation for the humour and heartbreak of everyday life, her comedy was indisputably British, and it's this quality (one of very many) that we celebrate here...

An understanding of the restorative powers of a good cup of tea

Who else would you get to host a documentary about our national obsession?

Knowing that just a chat between friends is often the best source of comedy

Capturing laughter and love in an ordinary workplace helped to make dinnerladies a huge hit for BBC One.

A mischievous desire to poke fun at our national treasures

Wood joined Harry Enfield, Jennifer Saunders and many more fellow comedy stars for this pitch-perfect Red Nose Day 2011 sketch from the archives.

Knowing that holding hands by the sea is delightfully romantic

It's hard to think of a more perfect person to play the mother of another northern comic hero, Eric Morecambe.

And, of course, recognising the inherent sexiness of a hostess trolley

Perhaps the ultimate comic portrayal of British suburban life, The Ballad of Barry and Freda will undoubtedly go down as one of Victoria Wood's greatest moments.

Musically talented, lyrically dextrous, a pioneer for women in comedy, humane and humble. Ladies and gents, raise your teacups to the wonderful Victoria Wood.

Victoria Wood: As Seen on TV is available to watch and download on BBC iPlayer until Saturday, 21 May 2016

Read Victoria Wood's post for Love TV from December 2014: That Day We Sang: It began in my bedsit

Jim Moir (aka Vic Reeves) discusses filming that scene by the sea: Eric & Ernie: A minute with Jim Moir

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