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Crickley Hall: Creating the illusion of the past

Hannah King


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The Secret of Crickley Hall, adapted from the best-selling novel by James Herbert, is a chilling ghost story that moves between two time frames: 1943 and 2012.

Filming the contemporary set for the BBC One series was straightforward. However, taking that same location back in time by nearly 70 years was more of a challenge for writer and director Joe Ahearne.

Joe worked closely with visual effects supervisor Chris Mortimer and computer graphics supervisor Jonathan Privett, from the London-based post-production house Rushes.

They applied effects after the drama had been filmed to create the illusion of this passage of time, along with several other highly detailed finishing touches.

Here Jonathan explains how the magic of Crickley Hall was enhanced after the actors had all gone home...

We don't want to draw your eye to the fact that anything has happened at all."

Watch the trailer for The Secret Of Crickley Hall.

Jonathan Privett is the computer graphics supervisor on The Secret Of Crickley Hall. Hannah King, who filmed this interview, is a researcher in BBC TV and iPlayer.

The Secret Of Crickley Hall is on BBC One on Sunday, 18 November at 9pm. For further programme times please see the episode guide.

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