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How we brought River’s imagination to life


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  • Comment number 31. Posted by scotchwhiskers

    21 Nov 2015 21:42
    Just mesmeric -
    couldn't wait for the action to unravel-
    yet didn't want it to pass.
    Wonderful writing
    with acting to match.
  • Comment number 30. Posted by Francesanne

    20 Nov 2015 18:41
    Absolutely brilliant series and have loved every single episode. River is not your typical heart throb but watching the final scene in the last episode between River & Stevie had me in tears. I've watched that final scene at least 10 times because it was so very moving. Going to miss River desperately. Wonderful series. Thank you to all concerned.
  • Comment number 29. Posted by U16406857

    19 Nov 2015 17:19
    Brilliant drama from the Beeb. Some really good stuff coming from the BBC at the moment. Stellan Skarsgard is a giant, I was always on the edge of my seat thinking River going to get sectioned at any moment. Eddie Marsan's portrayal of Cream was intimidating, genuinely creepy. Convincing relationship between Nicola Walker's Stevie and River, the tunes really brought it together. Great stuff!
  • Comment number 28. Posted by Arto_d2

    17 Nov 2015 23:55
    Brilliant, brilliant and brilliant. Thank you Abigail...Thank you BBC :-)
  • Comment number 27. Posted by lock

    17 Nov 2015 22:09
    Best program I have seen in a long time,well done bbc
  • Comment number 26. Posted by anna

    17 Nov 2015 17:44
    Absolutely brilliant characters and series. Best TV cop drama I've ever seen!
  • Comment number 25. Posted by U16398163

    12 Nov 2015 0:04
    This has been some of the finest writing I have seen on BBC. The intricacies of putting a main character into situations where he is both holding our attention as an investigating, by the book official and running alongside him are these parts of others who assist his logic is a mind-boggling effort to create and to keep us acknowledging all having the possibility of being real. By the way, which version (year) of Bobby Debb's Sunny is used?
  • Comment number 24. Posted by U16384405

    4 Nov 2015 20:45
    I'm really enjoying River, just watched episode 4 and I'm actually not looking forward to it ending as it's so good. Stellan Skarsgard is amazing. Will there be another series?
  • Comment number 23. Posted by U16375311

    4 Nov 2015 9:54
    I'm bowled over by the camera work. London is portrayed with a loving eye, and the composition of many of the long shots is breathtaking. Kudos!
  • Comment number 22. Posted by Julie Owen

    3 Nov 2015 22:18
    Have just watched part 2 of this riveting new series (recorded) & am loving it. Stellan Skarsgard is brilliant as a lonely, deep thinking, caring Detective, desperately seeking the truth. What makes him different from other Detectives is he has conscience & has manifestations of the people who die around him & his job. He has to get to the truth in order to let them be at peace. Until Mama Mia I had never heard of this actor, however he is great & so different to watch. His method of acting is so different to the British. In fact is it a coincidence that there are more Scandinavian actors/drama's coming to our TV network? I look forward to seeing more. The rest of the cast of River are just as brilliant. Nicola Walker, who has recently been on a few Drama's is definitely one to watch for & Eddie Marsan is perfect as the creepy dead Victorian murderer. He is a great character actor & deserves accolades for some of the parts he plays in film & drama. With the greatest respect some of our best actors are not the most handsome, but god can the act!... Well done to all the team on River.