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Must-see telly moments – on BBC iPlayer now

Anna Lowman

BBC iPlayer

Cock-eyed squids, roflcopters, Your-ovision… Get tongue tied with some of the best moments available to watch until Wednesday, 8 June.

Be slightly freaked out by these extraordinary creatures of the deep

Dive into nature - Life That Glows with David Attenborough, BBC Two

And discover more eye-opening documentaries on iPlayer.

This properly funny Broadway-style number from Sweden's Eurovision hosts

Watch Petra and Mans' show-stealing performance Eurovision Semi-Final 2, BBC Four

Did Shakespeare invent the word ‘ceefax’?

See the slightly sweary list of the Bard’s possible made-up words – Cunk on Shakespeare, BBC Two, with some strong language

This uncanny avatar who’ll represent you after you’ve died

See how we can live on digitally - Rest in Pixels, BBC Three

The look Tommy Shelby’s face when he doesn't like what he’s hearing

Don’t mess with Birmingham’s most power-hungry gangster – Peaky Blinders, BBC Two, with some strong language

Plus, find out which shows presenter Alex Jones has been loving in this week’s Frank Skinner On Demand With...