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How drama My Jihad got its name


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  • Comment number 5. Posted by Peter McEweb

    23 Sep 2015 21:41
    Brilliant. It gave me a deeper insight into Muslim society, and the strong and positive contribution of women within that society.

    And it was funny - more please.
  • Comment number 4. Posted by cathy

    31 Jul 2015 22:47
    rarely watch tv, if there was more to see of this quality I might watch more, deeply appreciated the tenderness, confusion, and integrity within the story.
  • Comment number 3. Posted by Un homme honnete

    10 Jul 2015 0:18
    Wow. Beautifully written and expertly delivered by the cast. The two leads were exceptional and the entire story is so real and touching. The best one hour (4 x 15 mins) on iPlayer I've had in a long time.

    My sentiments echo some others that have been commenting. I too have avoided watching this for weeks. Why?

    Mainly because of that trash/clown Citzen Khan/Adil Ray. Absolute utter disgrace of a show/character. He has put me off watching any BBC commissioned Muslim or Asian focused show.

    Thank you so much Shakeel Ahmed for restoring my faith and I hope to see more of your work on TV. Hats off to all the production staff; splendid work.

    PS: there is a slight error. In the scene where the Imam leads prayers in the mosque, those behind him appeared to rise first. I'm no expert but this would technically invalidate their prayer I believe.

    Quite irrelevant because the show was so good. More from this crew please BBC and please dismiss 'the clowns'.
  • Comment number 2. Posted by Penny

    7 Jul 2015 11:31
    The title is perfect, for all the reasons outlined in the article. For me, seeing the title together with the picture of the young couple immediately piqued my interest as it suggested right away that 'jihad' did not have a military meaning. If I had only seen the title in text perhaps I would have hesitated simply because I feel over fed on programmes about extremism, but I think I would have explored further anyway.

    The series is beautiful, a tableaux of sensitively constructed conversations and scenes where the characters do struggle, confront truths about themselves, and through their developing relationship find meaningful ways to be vulnerable and grow. I loved the role that Ismael played, too! Thank you all for a beautiful story, hope to see more like this.
  • Comment number 1. Posted by Mark

    5 Jul 2015 12:32
    A superb show through and through. A true joy; exceptional. Can't recommend it highly enough. Exactly the type of production I would have enjoyed working on.

    I’d seen this program on iPlayer for weeks and avoided watching it simply due to the title. An enormous misjudgement on my part. One which I have learned from and will be aware of in order to keep an open mind and not pre-judge in future.

    I highly recommend ‘My Jihad’. It’s wonderfully written and shot as well as being funny, touching and human. It was clear this was an exceptional production from the opening scene. So pleased I didn’t miss this treasure of a program.

    Many thanks for the time and commitment in writing it and the BBC for taking on this wonderfully human and warm production.