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  • Comment number 13. Posted by U15842781

    18 Sep 2013 11:30
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  • Comment number 12. Posted by U15837820

    11 Sep 2013 21:29
    Have to say I'm all about keeping a food diary - by far the best method I've found for extreme weight loss for good.

    I don't believe in weighing in daily - once a week, the same time each week, is best I think
  • Comment number 11. Posted by U15834709

    9 Sep 2013 2:15
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  • Comment number 10. Posted by U14402947

    5 Sep 2013 17:57
    Many thanks for all your lovely comments. We’ve had a fantastic response to the programme, and are very grateful to all those who took part. Like Lindy, I admire the contributors for being so open. As Errol says, we really wanted to look at the complex reasons why people might want to lose weight, and for many of the people we interviewed, the clubs appeared provide them with the support they craved. Mary – I’m so glad you enjoyed watching Joan and Sharon – they were wonderful interviewees and delightful to get to know. Sam – I’m sorry to read that you didn’t enjoy the programme. I think the film reflected a real range of different people with interesting and often surprising stories to tell, all of whom were very enthusiastic members of their various slimming clubs.
  • Comment number 9. Posted by Barry Honeycombe

    1 Sep 2013 16:05
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  • Comment number 8. Posted by Sam

    31 Aug 2013 1:10
    I thought the programme was very flat and considering Vanessa Engle interviewed such a broad range of people she only came up with slimming club cliches. I have been a slimming world member for a number of years now and the programme did nothing to really show the enthusiasm generated by such a broad range of British characters. It is silly of her to suggest that it is a religion as most slimming club members are able to incorporate it into their everday lives. Overall Vanessa Engle's dead pan approach leaves one feeling depressed which seems to me a rather pontless means of making documentaries.
  • Comment number 7. Posted by U15820477

    22 Aug 2013 21:16
    I was a WeightWatchers leader some years ago. A member (who turned up year after year, never actually losing any weight, seeing it as a social outlet) phoned me to say she'd been in hospital due to a nosebleed that wouldn't stop. I spent quite some time sympathising, privately wondering why she was telling me this, didn't she have closer friends or any family? Her killer question, eventually, was: "They think I've lost a pint of blood. How many points is that, is it enough to have a pizza and a Mars Bar?"
  • Comment number 6. Posted by wjwright

    22 Aug 2013 21:08
    what I found very difficult to understand was that not very much real food was cooked or eaten by most of the people taking part in this programme
  • Comment number 5. Posted by Jennifer

    22 Aug 2013 20:23
    I thought the programme was really interesting and accurate as a portrayal of food obsession. Endless bargaining, negotiating, trying to get away with extra food etc etc. All very familiar to me after a lifetime of yo yo dieting. I tried weight watchers, amongst many other things. Nothing worked for me apart from Overeaters anonymous, a 12 step programme for compulsive overeaters, anorexics and bulimics.
  • Comment number 4. Posted by U15819794

    21 Aug 2013 22:28
    I enjoyed the programme in terms of the links between mood and food and the link between a need to monitor what we eat and companies that peddle the need to make us feel good about ourselves. I thought Vanessa Engle did not fall in usual trap of preaching about diets but let the viewer make up his/her mind about the validity of such clubs. I think we often forget the social need for people to belong to clubs and acceptance, when perhaps it is not always the case in the home.