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Exclusive Happy Valley deleted scenes: Head back to TV’s most troubled town

Anna Lowman

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Has there been a Happy Valley-shaped hole in your life since we left Catherine Cawood looking warily at her grandson – with something like fear as well as love in her eyes? Course there has. It’s a good job, then, that we just happened to get our telly-hungry hands on these exclusive deleted scenes…

Each one gives us a little more insight into our favourite characters, from Catherine’s empathy to Vicky’s doe-eyed manipulation and Ann’s tendency towards hero-worship.

'Please… let me go'

John pleads with Vicky to take the money and “call it a day”. Unsurprisingly, she’s not easily convinced.

'There’s things you should know…'

Ever wondered why Clare dreaded Helen’s funeral? She reveals the depth of their friendship to Neil in this quiet, intimate scene.

'Our Daniel’s been having a fling'

Catherine finds there’s more to Daniel’s break-up than he was letting on – after showing her usual kindness to a vulnerable local resident.

'I saw her, I think'

Could Frances really be the woman they’re looking for, since Catherine reckons “she doesn’t look like she could knock the skin off a rice pudding”?

'You stick with me, kid'

Ann has always looked up to Catherine, but has she found a new mentor in Jodie?

'OK. Good boy…'

Just in case you need a reminder of how unsettling Frances really is…

'What would you do?'

We like the understanding between Mrs Beresford and Catherine; two pros seasoned in the daily trials of the Valley.

You can get more from Happy Valley on the programme page, and revisit everything you loved about series two.

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