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Must-see telly moments – on BBC iPlayer now

Sophie Maden

BBC TV blog

Featuring new drama, old friends and some surprising animal partnerships – all available to enjoy until Thursday, 16 June in BBC iPlayer.

A reminder of the days when supporting Leicester City FC wasn’t quite so popular

Will the boys warm to Nina? – Love, Nina, BBC One

If Hippos did spa days…

Watch as barbel fish nibble them clean – Natural World, BBC Two

And Bill Bailey on sloths, who travel “at a pace a snail would consider reckless”

Find out about their unlikely partnership with moths – Natural World, BBC Two

Hairy Bikers Si and Dave get dressed for the occasion at Radio 1

Watch as their rudest lines are played back to them – Innuendo Bingo, BBC Radio 1

Who knew donkeys were such good acting coaches – and selfie pros?

See what it takes to play Shakespeare’s comic character, Bottom – The Best Bottoms in the Land, BBC One

And finally, old friends Barbara Windsor and Pam St Clement are speechless watching their final EastEnders scenes together

See the old friends reunited – on and off-screen – Peggy Mitchell: Last Orders, BBC iPlayer

And if you want to see what comedian Marcus Brigstocke picks out on BBC iPlayer this week you can watch Frank Skinner On Demand With...