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  1. Spitfire Women: Margaret Frost on her role in the Battle of Britain

    Spitfire Women is a documentary that tells the story of the female pilots who transported aeroplanes for the RAF as part of the Air Transport Auxiliary (ATA). Eighty-nine-year-old Margaret Frost was one of the one hundred and sixty-eight women in the ATA and features in the programme. She spo...

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  2. Olivia Colman: Vicar's wife in Tom Hollander's Rev

    Rev is a new six-part sitcom for BBC Two, written by James Wood and co-created with In The Loop star Tom Hollander. Tom plays Adam, a country vicar who's relocated to a parish in inner-city London, while Olivia Colman plays his solicitor wife, Alex. Olivia talked to me just after she'd watche...

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  3. The World's Most Dangerous Place For Women

    Over on the BBC Three Blog there's a fascinating piece from Fiona Lloyd-Davies, the director of The World's Most Dangerous Place For Women, describing the challenges and emotions of putting together the documentary. As Dana, the blog editor says, just watching the preview for the programme le...

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