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I'm one of the scriptwriters for Torchwood: Miracle Day

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Jane Espenson Jane Espenson | 12:12 UK time, Thursday, 25 August 2011

I've been a writer for American TV shows for the last 20 years, and for a British one for about a year. It's like being young again.

My name is Jane Espenson, and if you are a reader of TV "written by" credits, you might have seen that name on shows like Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Angel, The O.C., Gilmore Girls, Firefly, Dollhouse, Battlestar Galactica and Game of Thrones.

I was thrilled when Russell T Davies and Julie Gardner approached me about writing for Torchwood.

Rex Matheson (Mekhi Phifer, Esther Drummond (Alexa Havins), Gwen Cooper (Eve Myles) and Captain Jack Harkness (John Barrowman).

Left to right - Rex Matheson (Mekhi Phifer), Esther Drummond (Alexa Havins), Gwen Cooper (Eve Myles) and Captain Jack Harkness (John Barrowman)

Torchwood was simultaneously exactly the kind of show I most like writing for, and unlike anything I'd done.

Writing for a UK showrunner, using a sort of hybrid set of rules and expectations, making a product that had to work in both places - it was amazing and new and exciting.

I got to take the journey with Russell and Julie, who quickly became friends, and with some other amazing writers - John Shiban, John Fay, Ryan Scott - and a dear friend from earlier in my career, the amazing Doris Egan.

The plan was that we would meet as a group only briefly, and then we would all be working individually on our episodes.

But the group was having so much success - and fun - shaping the overall season and collaborating on the stories, that we ended up extending the room work by several weeks.

With 10 episodes telling chapters of one big story, this turned out to be indispensible - we needed to make sure we all knew what the other writers were doing.

Episodes five and six were almost a two-parter, for example, and we had to make sure, in the room, that John Shiban, who was writing six, knew exactly where, emotionally and physically, I was going to be leaving all the characters at the end of episode five.

We all knew the show already, and we were all eager to get our fingerprints on that world.

TV writers sometimes talk about getting to play in a particular sandbox, and that felt really apt in this case.

Torchwood is a show with great characters and deep themes and so many tones and textures. We all wanted to start playing with it right away.

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John Barrowman talks about his character, Captain Jack Harkness, in Torchwood

One of the first things we discussed was how to place Jack at the center of the story.

It was an early decision to reverse his immortality and to play him as a very vulnerable hero for this season.

Suddenly he was the one man in the world who could literally stake his life on the success of the team's actions.

Some other elements fell into place quickly. The family issues for Rex and Gwen and Esther were decided on early, while other things - like the details of the PhiCorp break-in from episode four - took much longer.

When the story breaking was done, the teleplay writing began.

Just getting to type in Jack or Gwen or Rhys as a character name in screenplay format made me laugh with delight.

This, really, is why I'm a TV writer - there is a particular joy in getting to take a character who already exists and trying to find the perfect line that reflects who they are, how they speak, but that also finds something new in them. I love that so much.

Writing Gwen was particularly challenging, of course, because of the Welsh phrasing and syntax.

I didn't do it very well, I think, in the first script where I wrote dialogue for her, but Russell fixed it, and after that I caught on.

I loved writing for her so much. Through my eyes, she is very exotic.

Gwen Cooper (Eve Myles)

Gwen Cooper (Eve Myles)

It was a little daunting, writing these iconic characters, but I didn't have any real fear that I would break them.

Television is a top-down kind of medium - the showrunner has total control over the final state of the scripts, and I knew Russell would correct me if anything was wrong, which he did on numerous occasions.

Thank you, Russell - you made us all look very smart.

Episode seven was particularly fun for me to write because it has a very different feel than the rest of the season.

Without spoiling too much, I think I can say that it gives new insight into Jack and Gwen.

And all of that adventure was just during the writing.

Now there's a new phase of fun as I'm getting to watch the original and the new fans of the show watch this new season unfold.

I've always loved the way genre fans like to get inside the shows, to really learn not just about the product, but about the process.

Which leads to fun things like live-tweeting, appearing on panels, and even writing this blog entry.

Jane Espenson is a writer on Torchwood. She wrote episodes three, five, seven and co-wrote episodes eight and nine.

Torchwood continues on BBC One on Thursday 15th August at 9pm.

For further programme times, please visit the upcoming episodes page.

Previous episodes of Torchwood are available on iPlayer until Fri 23 September 2011.

Watch an interview with Russell T. Davies for more insights into the making of Torchwood: Miracle Day.

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  • Comment number 1.

    Not to be disrespectful to the new team of writers - I'm sure you're all very good at writing for your respective markets - but I personally feel the heart and soul has been ripped out of Torchwood by re-positioning it for the American market. This is clearly a commercial, rather than creative, decision and the BBC should hang its head in shame for selling out a perfectly respectable home-grown sci-fi action series. The US already produces this genre in spades; the UK's output, however, has traditionally been dire.

    I'm currently re-watching Children of Earth and, while it desperately needs the Tosh and Owen characters, it at least has the spirit of the original series. Miracle Day doesn't - it's a throwaway action romp, practically wallpaper. We don't care about the characters or what passes for plot development. When a bright home-grown spark like Torchwood strikes a chord with audiences, why kill it off in this way?

  • Comment number 2.

    Well I for one am really enjoying this season although I do feel it's unfolding a little slowly for some.

    As to the characters - I do care about them and was very sad about the lost of one of them and I am intrigued what or whom is behind PhiCorp.

    Not sure about the need for different versions or edits for the US and the UK - but I suppose it relates to the character of Captain Jack and any possible return of him to Doctor Who.

    Cheers, daveac

  • Comment number 3.

    I am dissapointed in the quality of writing fo Miracle Day -i do not know thw past work of the writers so can only go by what has occurred during this production.The dialogue lacks the wit of the previous TW series and the storyline feels overwritten, excessive and lacks credibility.There are too many obvious pot holes,contrived solutions and the charactors are too thinly drawn almost to the point of characture.Alot of the plot devices are repetitious and we have seen them all in the first 3 series and on Dr Who.It lacks subtlety and much of the social commentary lacks depth and intelligent analysis.
    It is enjoyable to see Captain Jack back but I feel as if we are going over well worn territory and it would be nice to see his charactor take on some new developements that are not linked to betrayal,guilt and immortality.Gwen has been completly overwritten to the point of tediousness and is no longer believable.It just fails to work as a serious drama or sci fi which is a shame considering the money and talent involved

  • Comment number 4.

    Congratulations to the beeb and the team of writers on miracle day. You have managed to turn what was a exciting, inventive, British sci fi series into a cold and turgid, saddening bore. 10 episodes, are you mad BBC? This should of been 4 episodes max, but by aiming for the US market you have taken your eye off the ball and let your core fan base badly down. Captain Jack has lost his cheeky, 'glint in the eye' warmth and become a sexual predator and in doing so, I find myself wishing for his permanent demise. Gwen has turned into a neurotic and tedious and frankly unbelieveable character. I have wasted too much of my time watching this badly written nonsense , which for a true fan of the original torchwood, is desperately dissapointing

  • Comment number 5.

    I'm disappointed that with the pedigree of the writers so many errors are in almost every episode. Some could be solved with simple research or a little fact checking (or a quick call to someone who knows something about chemistry...) while other things like following Jack's timeline are simply embarrassing and point to the real problem. If Russell T. Davies cared about this show he would have done a better job as showrunner. I blame him for letting the fans down.

  • Comment number 6.

    Can't agree more with the general consensus from viewers. Whilst Miracle Day is a compelling idea, it has been realised in a completely boring fashion. 10 episodes, really?! It would've been MUCH more exciting to condense it to 5, maybe 6. As it stands we endure a whole hour and learn about two things. I'd give it a C+.

  • Comment number 7.

    For the first time in the show's history, last night I found myself fast-forwarding through large chunks of the episode, thankful that I was watching on time-delay and was therefore able to do so. I cannot help but think that Barryman must have had significant input on this particular script, and was a little too indulged to the detriment of the show. To demonstrate my point, what did the scene with Jack whispering seductively into Angelos's ear actually add to the plot ? Whilst I have no particular grievance against love scenes such as those between Jack and Angelo being screened, I feel that Torchwood is not an appropriate platform for such content when the scene could easily have been set in a much more subtle manner.
    I can only hope that this was a one-off 'bad egg' of an episode that took almost an entire hour of drivel to tell a 10 minute story...

  • Comment number 8.

    I agree with most of the previous comments.

    What started as a uniquely British slightly off the wall sci fi series has been inflated in a ridiculous fashion for US audiences.

    Portraying Jack, as what has been described by a previous blogger, as a sexual predator, entirely denudes him of any charm or sympathy. Even the excellent John Barrowman (surely one of the most versatile performers around) can't save his character from the overblown pretentions of the writers. I also agree that by dragging this storyline out for 10 episodes results in decreasing returns in audience interest. Each episode is same old, same old..

    How shameful for the BBC..and what a shame for the talented cast...

  • Comment number 9.

    I could write a long, detailed piece, on why I think this new Torchwood (Miracle Day) is an insult to the viewers intelligence, but very few people involved in the program seem to have made an effort, so why should I? Weak, weak all round. Stumbling from one unresolved incoherent idea to another. Clutching at attention/ratings grabbing emptiness, whilst trying to pander to the American market - Failing at both. Failing full-stop. This is no knee-jerk-reaction, we've all given it a go... Everyone involved should move on now. Shows over. Note: BBC, even though this is an attempt at generating revenue, state-side, never forget - You are spending UK tax payers money.

  • Comment number 10.

    OK, enough already. We get it...Captain Jack Harkness is gay. So what. Get over it. Do we need a cut scene every five minutes to demonstrate this fact? What does it add to the plot? Is the central theme about Captain Jacks gay liaisons, or is it a writers indulgence?
    The plot is gripping enough to have me returning to watch, but I now do so on play back, so that I can fast forward tot he plot and skip through the 'padding'.
    There are some poor characterisations and it seems obvious that the writers have dumbed down for the US market. I should think we can all read sufficiently, without the characters having to narrate what they are typing.
    Miracle Day, promises so much, but delivers only part of its potential. Oh and if you didnt realise it....Captain Jack Harkness is gay....WE KNOW!

  • Comment number 11.

    I have been Russell T Davies fan for ages. I loved what he did with Dr Who, and Torchwood up until this series.

    Torchwood "Children of Earth" was epic. So what the hell happened.
    This series is like a bad cross of 24 and Lost. Last nights episode was so thin on story line.
    We get it Capt. Jack is GAY, Can we please move on!!!
    Do we really need to see him get it on in such detail? Was this that core to the story?

    Did the new writes ever see the origins of Torchwood and how fast everything happened.
    You have killed an amazing show that had so much potential, you could have gone anywhere is space and time with this but you only found the gutter.

    Shame on you Russell, you are a man of creative vision. You have let an intelligent adult audience down.

  • Comment number 12.

    Fantastic new series, Gritty, graphic and great TV to watch, By far the best series yet.. More of the same plaese, a very big well done, Great great viewing.

    Last nights viewing was excellent.

  • Comment number 13.

    I was a Torchwood fan. When the current series started I thought the storyline was great and started looking forward to each episode. After last night I am not sure if I want to watch it any more. Why was I subjected to having to watch homosexual scenes that had absolutely nothing to do with the storyline? It is obvious that this is just a perk for John Barrowman and nothing more. I didn't have my usual luxury of being able to fast forward through these scenes, which would have been at least 50% of the programme, but I did pause and jump forward at 1 minute intervals, which felt like for the whole programme.
    In fact whilst I have been typing this I have decided that I don't want to watch it any more - shame as it used to be good.

  • Comment number 14.

    For ALL the people who asked if it was necessary to show Jack and Angelo's affair here is the, obvious, answer: YES.

    For all the people who asked what did it do to further the plot the answer is that if we didn't see their relationship then Angelo would have just been some guy that Jack met and we would have been left wondering why Angelo went to the trouble of causing the miracle.

    They had one episode to set up their relationship and they couldn't afford to be coy about it. If gay sex or gay love makes you uncomfortable then man up and get over it. There are, figuratively, infinitely more examples of straight sex and straight love for you in other shows, TV is not being overwhelmed with the gey.

    Is it sex and love in general that make you uncomfortable? Should those things be excised from all entertainment? Or is it just the gay stuff?

  • Comment number 15.

    Be very carefull producers, this storyline is more for the american market and you will loose british audiences, I love tourchwood but to many of the main characters went to soon , bring back yanto by some miracle tosh and owen , not much for the new faces or the storyline get Dr who maybe he could help. I certainly did not enjoy last nights episode thought I was watching freddies nightmare ? Lets sort this out PLEASE. X

  • Comment number 16.

    I have to agree with the majority of comments already posted.

    I am a huge fan of Dr Who and of the Torchwood series'. However this series of TW has been immensely disappointing. The opening episode promised so much and the following episodes delivered so little. The storyline has been overwritten and moves at snails pace.

    While I agree that the relationship between Jack and Angelo in the episode 7 needed to be shown and explored, I think this was excessively done.

    I think one of the main problems of the show this series however is the use of excessive and graphic violence. I had to stop watching through this episode as the violence used was disturbing and incredibly detailed and brutal. The BBC's guide to this episode as 'containing some violence' was nowhere near adequate. Whilst I acknowledge that the show is shown after the watershed, this level of violence was not used or necessary in previous series, so why has there been such a drastic change for this series? If anything this can only decrease the number of viewers willing to sit through each episode.

  • Comment number 17.

    Sadly I have to agree with most of the comments. Puts you into a coma its so slow. Cast struggling with ponderous plot and poor script. The homosexual bits just add to the boring nature of the series. What a shame. This actually makes the now cancelled The Event look quite good. Not much future for Torchwood or BBC America if this is the best that they can do.

  • Comment number 18.

    First of all, a big THANK YOU to all of you who took the time to read and comment! I put a lot of my heart into my work for Torchwood, and it's great to hear from people who love and care about the franchise as much as I do -- I have never before met fans who stand guard so fiercely over the show they love as I have found with Torchwood, and I applaud you. No show could have better defenders.

    Thank you, daveac, MrSecul, Mark Anthony for your positive thoughts. It feels strange to thank someone for feeling the loss of a character, but the loss of Vera was obviously something we wanted the viewers to feel strongly, and it's validating to hear that it had the impact we'd hoped for. Miracle Day is, to a large extent, about how quickly humanity turns on itself, and so it has a lot of darkness and loss built in.

    I see a lot of comments -- thank you, Ilarian18, glamoldie, echo_unit -- that comment on changes in the show to fit the "American Market." Truth is, the US cable network Starz actually did what I felt was a good job in letting RTD and the rest of the team tell the story in the way -- and at the pace -- that felt right to the (Welsh) heads of the creative team, regardless of concerns about the US consumer. But of course, there were US writers in the room, and as one of them, I was certainly writing in the only way I know how, which is to write each scene in the way I'd want to see it. This may have given my episodes the flavor of America. (By the way, "the Flavor of America" is a phrase that is undoubtedly already held as a trademark by the people at Hormel.)

    Anyway, thank you for reading about the show and I hope you'll all keep watching. Writing for Torchwood: Miracle Day really was a joy for me -- I adore Russell and of course Julie Gardner and all the amazing smart people of BBC Worldwide and I hope there will be a lot more examples of cooperative projects like this one!

  • Comment number 19.

    Is it just me, or was there a hole the size of Jupiter in last night's episode? The "baddies" go to all the rigmarole of taking Gwen's family hostage, to force her to kidnap Jack and deliver him to them, leading to a simultaneous shoot out on two continents, and for what? So Jack can meet Angelo again, which they know he would want to do anyway. Why didn't they just ask?

  • Comment number 20.

    Lots of good stuff. Will struggle on. Too many homosexual encounters for the average British viewer! However, a great multi-layered story line which will make me watch again next week. I think. Didn't sleep too well last night!

  • Comment number 21.

    Like many of the contributors I now record Torchword and watch at a later on in the evening. And I fast forwarded more of the last nights episode than any of the others.
    The idea of a miricale day where nobody dies and the impact on the universe was good however the writing is poor, every cliche about the welsh, american slang and gay relationships has been used and the two american heros are such poor actors compared with Tosh and Ianto.
    In terms of the Jack/Angelo relationship any explicit sex scene(s) be they gay or straight are boring to watch and just end up as padding.
    I think we should now name this Turgidwood

  • Comment number 22.

    I agree with all the comments. There are far too many gay references to the detriment of the story and Jack Harness who was a great light hearted character in Dr Who has turned into a an old roue and the gay sex scenes seemed to be completely predatory in a distasteful way. Gwen has turned into a shrieking harridan and is a cross between Lara Croft and Wonderwoman and the american have conversations that are so subtle that I can't understand a word they are saying. I am sure the soundtrack has been turned down for the American scenes and up for the Welsh ones. The storyline is too long and dragged out and there seems to be excessive time filling and padding out in each episode. The wit has gone and an advert for a gay lifestyle seems to have taken over. Who cares if Jack is gay so what? Move on!

  • Comment number 23.

    Jack is gay (used to be bi but whatever)... okay we get it... enough already... If I'd known the whole series was going to degenerate into softcore "Queer as folk" porn, I'd have elected not to watch it. People watch sci-fi to get their brain tickled... not their wood... and for straight guys... i.e. most guys, this is a complete turn off... Softwood in fact. What a dumb way to screw up your ratings. Six episodes watched but sorry - I'm done here.

  • Comment number 24.

    Thankfully, I download my shows... EP7 is the second episode that goes way past the boundry of what the show is about. Does anyone really think that a 3+ minute flamboyant sex scene was relevent to the show? I was happy to be able to fast forward and get back to the content of the show that I intended to watch. I've been a big fan of Torchwood and Dr Who for a very long time now and I feel this drastic change of direction will certainly kill a perfectly good sci-fi show. Maybe the target audience is now San Fancisco? If I have to see John Barrowman's arse every other episode, I will certanly stop watching. Please don't mess with Dr Who!

  • Comment number 25.

    I agree with the above comments do we really need to see such explicit sex scenes in a scfi program, I understand the need to show the connection between Jack and Angelo but really, I shall be recording the program in future to fast forward over such scenes which look as if they have been put in as a filler because you have run out of story line

  • Comment number 26.

    Why can`t I post a comment?

  • Comment number 27.

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules. Explain.

  • Comment number 28.

    US Torchwood is not Torchwood. It is very, very bad quality and I would rather see it die than go on like this. I was excited to see Espenson on it, because of Buffy, but she doesn`t have a place in this show. Sorry, Jane, but you should back off from this. It is assaulting for fans to watch it the way it turned out. It makes me sad and depressed. A TV series that used to be fantastic, now is so far away from what it was in the essence. It turned into pure crap. Captain Jack was supposed to be bisexual or maybe more gay, but in a more subtle and mysterious way. He cannot be a feminized predator. The character of that pedophile, Oswald is better than Captain Jack now. Shame on everyone for doing this. Also, appearance of Brad “Cheeks” Bell as a gay nurse is tasteless. I may be gay, but this was..just eww. The dialogue and acting of Mekhi Phifer is very bad in my opinion. I cannot express how disappointed I am..I registered just because I think voices of fans need to be heard. Oh, how I wish I could be heard by Russell T Davies, and that he could read other comments as well.

  • Comment number 29.

    I'm very much enjoying "Torchwood: Miracle Day" and am a little surprised at the number of negative comments here regarding the latest series. It is certainly another evolution for the series, as has been every previous run, but I for one think the series shows more maturity, not less, and that its truly international status now is a thing to be celebrated, not vilified.

    Above all else, "Miracle Day" is proving to be a captivating and multi-layered tale, with some fascinating new characters, especially Bill Pullman's Oswald Danes. I enjoyed the change of pace this week too in "Immortal Sins" and the focus upon Jack and Gwen. Some great character moments and new and unexpected insights into their relationship.

    And, to Jane Espenson: thank you so much for blogging about your involvement in this series. (Really enjoyed the interview in this month's DWM too.) I am very much interested to read about the process behind the product and especially so with the writing. I am also a huge fan of your work dating back to the days of "Buffy" and you seem so perfectly matched to the "Torchwood" universe. Here's hoping for a fifth series of "Torchwood" with the same production and writing team onboard. At the BFI preview screening Russell hinted that he had one more series concept in him which had Gwen at the heart of the story, so fingers crossed for that...

  • Comment number 30.

    I have watched Torchwood since the beginning and enjoyed the `adult` version of Dr Who with it`s strong, unique characters and unusual twists of what initially seemed to be basic Sci-Fi storylines. Like so many I mourned the loss of Tosh and Ianto and am waiting to see who will replace them (the current choices just don`t compare). I agree that this series has far too much padding - I may be wrong but I seem to remember the original series was 45mins of action and technology, and Captain Jack was "into boys, girls and aliens" . I watch this series because it raises interesting broader issues through sci-fi. Despite some of the comments on here, I am not a homophobe, I just don`t want to see graphic sex of any kind on TV (if I did I would watch porn). This is one of the few series that is still considered socially OK to watch with teenagers, where suggestions of sexual acts are enough to `get the picture`. Don`t spoil a wonderful spin off to please a different market, or many fans will leave.

  • Comment number 31.

    I am a huge fan of Dr Who and Torchwood. This series has a great storyline except for one problem - the pace. It;s quite apparent they are pandering to John Barrowman now by including the gay sex scenes. The predatory nature of these scenes adds nothing to the story and the only logical explanation is he has insisted on this change. There have been gay scenes in the past which added to the program or at least never detracted.

    I am fairly certain it is the lack of a warning before the episode airs and the very nasty way in which the scenes are protrayed which causes a problem. At a very minimum the warning should say contains scenes of a sexual nature. This is within the BBC guidelines. If the scenes were between straight couples I would expect this as well.

    Scenes should add to the story and last nights episode contained far too much 'fluff'. Tighter writing would have moved the series along and the previous series' edgier pace.

    I hope you learn a lesson from this - more is often worse.

  • Comment number 32.

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules. Explain.

  • Comment number 33.

    For all the people who have said that Jack is a sexual predator - could you please define the term as you understand it.

    I didn't see what Jack had done to deserve the designation, "sexual predator" so I did a quick Google to check out various definitions of the term. I did this just in case I didn't understand the term or how it is used.

    It looks like the people here who have been using the term either don't understand it or are using non-standard definitions.

    So could you explain what you mean when you call Jack a sexual predator? Could you give examples of sexually predatory behavior by Jack?

    Do you use the term for anybody who has casual sex? For someone who has sex with someone that they aren't married to? Is someone who has sex on the first meeting a sexual predator? If so then many young and not so young people found in bars and clubs throughout the world are sexual predators. So many people would come under that category that the term then becomes meaningless. Sexual predator would simply be a synonym for horny.

    So, again, what did Jack do that constitutes sexual predation? Did he groom children? Stalk someone? Rape or apply coercion? What?

  • Comment number 34.

    Further to my previous comments, I note that Jane Espenson responds to the critiques that the show is now apparantly geared to the US market, but does not comment on complaints that the current series is slow and overblown, nor the over emphasis on sex. Incidentally, I would venture to suggest that most of this blog's correspondents are not concerned that the overt sex is gay, just that it is overemphasised and of little relevance to this particular sci-fi plotline. The same would apply if Cap'n Jack was involved in heterosexual high jinks. Whatever happened to the dramatic effect of understatement?

  • Comment number 35.

    I'm surprised at the outcry over the love scenes in last week's episode of Torchwood. Expecially the accusation that it's not suitable for children. Well spotted. Torchwood is NOT for children. It is a post watershed programme that explores adult themes through it's stories.

    I love it's mixture of heart, humour, intelligence and an ethical undercurrent. It takes risks exploring dark themes in humanity. In this case the awful history and prevalence within us to create concentration camps, and to murder en masse all those we consider 'other'. Not a squeak about the themes of people burning alive in ovens but over 500 complaints about a consensual realtionship between two adults. Strange world.

  • Comment number 36.

    As a fan of past episodes of Torchwood, I hope that the BBC are getting the message about Tourchwood Miracle Day, i'm sorry but the only miracle will be if it survives this series (season? , or do we have to go American as well)

    As they say, I'v started so i'll finish, (watching this series that is), but i won't be buying the DVD or watching future series if it carries on as it is now.

    I apologize to the American writers but i,m sorry, it's not working,

    Please, Bring it home or lay it to rest.

  • Comment number 37.

    Isn't it about time Mr Russell T Davies stuck his head above the Parapet and answered the growing criticsm of how he has ruined what was a much loved show?
    Wheher he likes it or not, the truth is we pay his wages, and as such are his employers and deserve an adequate response and apology from him

  • Comment number 38.


    My name is Sylvia, and I'm from Spain. I started following the series when they announced the participation of James Marsters in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, and its subsequent appearance in Exit Wounds, and I was in love with the series! So I started to see it in English with subtitles. Never let me down, its cast was impressive and remains so despite the loss, especially Ianto: (

    At first, saw the character of Jack as a bastard, really, but as the seasons have passed, and the flashbacks to the events of the past have taught more about did I come to understand why it was so hard and inflexible.

    Especially in this fourth season, The Miracle Day, imrpesionante and really good, we have been watching at all times, and when he, although I do not try to be a partner, things went wrong. Even after Colasanto Angelo react so badly to find that dying and rising, leaving these people after he was tortured for days, even weeks to know if you saw him die and rise again and again and never stopped loving him, inlcuso forgave him. But I could not stay with him after that.

    And of course, often betrayed him from Gwen every last one of them. To Captain John (We want more, of course, in Spain, James Marsters is unique in that character!), But returned in Exit Wounds to pay off your debt and help ... honor.

    I missed you so much for your character from that last chapter and I hope to see him again with Captain Jack, the two together would be something epic in a full season!

    By the way, I'm seeing the chapters at the same time in UK, and I wonder if, with just two episodes to issuing complete, discuss the issue of what happened at the end of the third season, when witnessing the death of his nephew , sacrificing for the greater good ... worldwide.


  • Comment number 39.


    I have been reading post after posting mine early yesterday, and I do not understand why everyone criticizes sex scenes with Angelo Jack Colasanto. We all know that Jack was gay from the first chapter (in my case it was after seeing the trailer for Kiss Kiss Bang Bang with Captain John, who are also women ... and poodles! XD) and away from bother to see this wonderful acotr that I love for his work as Spike on Buffy and Angel series, I loved him in this new record, like discovering a wonderful series such as Torchwood (I've seen some individual chapters of Doctor Who, but I'm no fan of it)

    I applaud the value of this series, and other current, demonstrating the love between two people, and sex between them, in whatever form, as it did in Buffy and Willow with Tara at the time, later with Kennedy (who never approved, that character did not match anything).

    Sex is not dirty or pornographic, at least in my humble opinion, is shot tastefully and it's light. And sexual predator call Jack ... This definition is basically what is the character of Bill Pullman. And I have not seen anyone criticize a pederast character ...

    Simplememte Jack seizes the moment, you see someone you love, seduces him, and if there is opportunity to have something with that person, then why not, Jack is not involved with anyone in that sense, is free and can sleep with whomever you want, come on, I say.

    The writing team is doing a great job, a fantastic season, and who does not want to keep seeing it, has every right, too bad you're missing a great story.

    And I do not take them out of the UK and USA, working with actors and take away American guinoistas magic, is a Solplan of fresh air. And nothing has been lost, in my humble opinion, again, the soul of the series.



  • Comment number 40.

    When I saw that person on table burnt and mangled and even after they had severed all connections from the head to the body I was pretty shocked because it's the brain that controls eye movement. I thought 'dear me' the torture that that person must be going through. And when the doctor was burnt alive and you showed a good part of her suffering I thought 'goodness' the BBC have really made Torchwood for adults and not just a spin off of Dr Who but more scary.
    Then when I saw Jack being himself with Angelo, it really did sink in.
    Torchwood is finally a television series in it's own right. It is for at least older teenagers and adults and deals with adult themes, corruption, greed, man's inhumanity with man, discrimination, sex etc. People have complained about the sex scenes, these are nothing compared to a person throwing the switch and another conscious person burning alive, or have we become immune to the suffering of others? Others have complained about the introduction of American characters, the thing is the enemy strikes world-wide and it is totally logical that the CIA would be involved. I just see this as another step to Torchwood standing on it's own as a sci-fi, drama series. I am a mother and a nana and enjoying it tremendously.
    The only thing is the BBC probably should, because lots of people still think of Torchwood as a slightly more scary Dr.Who, warn people of the adult content and then if they still let their children, grand-children watch they have only themselves to blame if they do not approve of the content.
    Anyway, Spikes in it and he never failed to get to the point.

  • Comment number 41.

    Thank you BBC for ruining yet another once great show with an overly complicated plot, gratuitous sex scenes (gay or otherwise, they add absolutely nothing!) and badly written scripts with unrealistic scenes and holes everywhere you look. I can understand the all inclusive policy at the BBC, but shouldn't that mean that my 12 year old son is all included? It's supposed to be good old fashioned science fiction but when he asks me why a man is showing his willy, it's time to switch over.
    I hate to say it but this programme is starting to resemble the mess that Doctor Who has become. Shame on you BBC. One day the Government will realise that the only people you are writing and making programmes for these days are yourselves.

  • Comment number 42.

    Shadoir are you in the UK? Did you let a child watch an adult program after the nine O'Clock watershed?

    Had you no idea what Torchwood was like? It was the brainchild of the guy that wrote Queer as Folk (the show with the nears thirties guy who had sex with a fifteen year old virgin).

    Torchwood has always been an adult program. In the first episode of the first season we saw Owen use a 'pheromone' spray to get off with a woman. When her boyfriend threatened to punch his lights out Owen sprayed him and had sex with both. The bf made it clear that his intention was to shag Owen senseless, it wasn't going to be two guys taking turns to satisfy one girl. In another episode a guy had sex with a girl in a nightclub toilet and one of the doormen was masturbating whilst watching them via CCTV. That is Torchwood's history.

    There is no point in complaining that an adult program is not suitable for children. If you are saddened that your children are too young to watch Torchwood you can be consoled by the knowledge that they can watch it later as adults. Your 12 year old only has to wait 4 years. He can even watch Queer as Folk then.

  • Comment number 43.

    where are the aliens??? where are the gadgets and chases??? the near death edge of the seat action??? i don't even see a close team that knows what each other is going to do. i am very disappointed with this series. the old torch wood could have done the same story in less episiodes. every time i think something is about to happen you cut to a sex scene or the baby. the last episode had better be good as the ones so far are slow and written for people who need everything spelled out for slowly for them. why did they have to rescue the father twice? if people are not dying then putting the unconcious man in the van and taking him to safety to recover would have saved half an episode. the torch has been blown out.

  • Comment number 44.

    I'm sorry, but in many ways you are not very good at your job. However, if you can manage to make money out of it, why would you care. I think American audiences are very different from British audiences, and are probably happier with so much drivel to pad out a sketchy plot. Previous series were certainly better. Is it the lack of humour?

  • Comment number 45.

    I gave up after a couple of episodes. Sorry.

  • Comment number 46.

    Hi Jane, thank you (and the rest of the team) for keeping me well entertained and interested so far. This series has been my first exposure to Torchwood: all I knew about it previously was that the word was an anagram of Doctor Who. (By the way, I watched the very first episode of that show way back when TV was monochrome and far from rectangular). Now I feel a strong affinity with Americans, and one of the things I enjoy about Torchwood is the very melding of cultures and characters that some other commentators seem so vexed about. In particular, though, it's the character of Gwen I love. She kicks more ass than a five-star ass-kicking instructor, and her being delightfully and comprehensively Welsh is nothing but a thrilling bonus. This is no Barbie, no sidekick. This is gutsy, in female form. Go Gwen!


  • Comment number 47.

    I have always been a big fan of Torchwood and was delighted when BBC had the courage to bring the initial offerings to our screen. They were brisk, enjoyable and where necessary funny with "full" characters.
    The latest production is slow and drawn out with much padding of plot and wooden acting. Perhaps if Suzzy had seen the previous programmes she would see how good the series used to be. As for Captain Jack's romp with his lover while no doubt of interest to some appears to have nothing whatsoever to do with the plot and simply was indicative of the abundant padding now evident.
    Please remember that this is a Sci Fi adventure and lets for goodness sake keep such initimate scenes for another day or do all the programmes produced nowadays require an enforced sexual ingredient in order to attract viewers.
    I feel many followers of Captain Jack will feel let down not only with the lack lustre episodes to date but especially with last weeks which spent more time in Jack's bed sit than developing the real sci fi plot.
    I am sure BBC have now written off a large following unless tonights offering pulls out some "stops"


  • Comment number 48.

    I think this series of torchwood is the worst ever, why on earth have they handed all the good bits over to the americans, and what a stupid storyline, please go back to the other format it was much much better.

  • Comment number 49.

    I think there's a lot of harsh criticism here. All I have to say is compare Torchwood (though not for kids) with the truly dire Dr. Who under Moffatt (incomprehensible rubbish). I find the gay theme a little overdone, we all know Jack is "pansexual" so the amount of time banging the gay drum is akin to over egging the pudding. He's still a superb character though. I love the introduction of John De Lancie and Nana Visitor to the show, Star Trek meets Torchwood.

    I like the American characters and I like the fact that Torchwood's Welsh roots has stayed in the show "Go Rhys".

    Miracle Day is an hour a week of enjoyably sci fi drama with a likeable cast, well produced and well acted. Now go watch one of the new episodes of Dr. Who and seei if you can say the same, let alone follow an episode !

  • Comment number 50.

    I have just deleted my 'series link' for Torchwood. It suddenly dawned on me that I really didn't care any more who or what miracle day was. It is too long, too complicated and far too sexually explicit. Bring back the fantastic writing of past series.

  • Comment number 51.

    This show used to be a British Icon - it is now rambling American twaddle - I cannot tell you which episode this is about - 5 minutes in I gave up and decided re arranging my sock draw would be a more interesting way to spend the evening - If you are unable to improve - and by improve I mean bring in British writers! I suggest that you change the name from Torchwood to Torturous

  • Comment number 52.

    Yes we all know that he is gay he likes men do i need it rammed down my throat for over 20mints in one episiode no i dont it was so baddly done i had to turn over the tv the bed room sceene was not revlavant one kiss and leave it up to the viewers imagantion i dont need to hear him turn the other guy on im not into gay porn whats wrong with you in torchwood jack is gay i know its part of the story line i dont expect to see his bum just after the watershed i have allways watched torchwood and his relationship with his college was tastfully done im sorry this story line is great and has been ruined by this as in america market is this really what they called for because if it is you will lose us we will turn over. And speed it up will you watch fringe and 24 this is too slow and yes we all know whats going to happen before it happens its that slow im supprised know one told u when u were writting it u all sit in a room u should have watched torchwood from start to get the fill of it you started with a bang and have fizzled out

  • Comment number 53.

    In short, I am very disappointing with this series of Torchwood.

    In length...
    I miss the days with ridiculous one-episode plot lines with a running theme throughout the series (which Dr Who seems to have ditched also! But seems it may be back next week?).

    Like others have said, it's very slow. Considering it was always about short-and-sweet episodes, I feel the writers have almost completely destroyed the Torchwood soul. I feel obliged to watch it just because it is Torchwood, but feel very annoyed every Thursday at 10pm.

    If you are going to write such a slow-going show, you need a script to create more of an emotional attachment between the characters and the viewers. But that hasn't happened- I don't really care so much if Rex or that blonde girl dies. There was no heavy background story to go with their characters (which need to exist for a slow plotline development)... Yes they have family problems, but it's highlighted so briefly that it doesn't form an emotional response. It goes along the lines of:

    Oh, my sister said she wants to die. sob sob. NEXT!!

    And anyway, torchwood and dr who isn't about deep character development within episodes. It's about meeting a character in an episode, not knowing so much about them, and experiencing many, many ridiculous events with them. And you are rewarded little by little with extra information on the character.

    That is why the viewers care about Jack and Gwen.

    That's why we are quite interested in River Song (though not sure about her being Amy's daughter...).

    That is why one-off Dr Who specials with one-off heroines aren't as good.

    That is why we don't really care about Rex and that blonde girl.

    See, it's a simple formula they've meddled with and destroyed.

    AND, finally, and most importantly, I am also confused as to why the writers suddenly decided to make Jack so gay. He was always excessively sexual, but liked men and women. Remember when Rose met Jack? Remember how he fell in love with a woman and had a child?

    I hope the writers for the next season take on board the comments here, most of which reflect a negative feeling towards this series. You need to do better!

  • Comment number 54.

    Its not sci fi any more sarah jane adventures on the bbc is more sci fi than this they cant even be bothard to show the bodys that they kill as cat 1 from episode 3 that bit has been forgotton opps his blown up but the viewers wont notice his now dead even though they cant die dont call this sci fi its not

  • Comment number 55.

    Having watched Torchwood from the start, I believe that the second and third series built and improved upon the original series, however series four Miracle Day has literally lost the plot.

    It is plodding and could easily have been and should have been condensed into five episodes. Sadly the plot has been packed full of irrelevant filler to pad out the series to 10 episodes. Captain Jack's scenes with Angelo went on for far too long. Who cares about Esther's sister and kids? What relevance did Rex's visit with his estranged father have to the real story? Also it appears that Gwen's family were taken hostage for no real reason (other than maybe to create a 'link' with the uk??).

    The characters of Gwen, professional, feisty and witty and Jack, competent, charming with a cheeky glint in his eyes have been developed over previous series but have totally changed in this one. The likability factor has been lost.

    Of the newly introduced characters, Vera was the only new character who was not one dimensional, her character was written and acted well enough not to need padding. Unfortunately the others are so one dimensional, it's difficult to care what happens to them. Presumably some of the padding was to address this but it hasn't worked.

    Contrast that with the deaths of Tosh and Owen in series two, and the emotional demise of Ianto in children of Earth and maybe RTD will realise that this series of Torchwood has lost it's individuality and soul and has become a bland formulaic American series.

  • Comment number 56.

    Well, I have seen just about every episode of every series, and I am really enjoying this. Yes, it is different to the old Torchwood, but then I found Children of Earth was also very different to the previous series since the old team was killed off. So, I am taking it for what it is - a bit overblown, Americanised, and Hollywoodish, but with a gripping plot based on a good idea. However, I agree with the comments about the lack of humour in Jack's character now - he used to be fun and charming in the early days - and the way Gwen has also become a charicature. I also agree that the graphic sex and violence in episode 7 were unnecessary and out of place in Torchwood. I just hope it has a really good ending, unlike the disaster that was Flashforward.

  • Comment number 57.

    Just forced myself to watch an episode 8 hoping for the best, but most of acting is so wooden and the plot is too difficult to follow.
    The best scene was when Captain Jack sees Angelo, but it was cut too short and there were no time to explore his emotional shock. The Oswald's character is good, but seems totally irrelevant to the plot and how Esther's character has made it in CIA is a total mystery.
    The episode 7 is the best, the love story is excellent and John Barrowman acts his best in my opinion. I can imagine him in a leading role in the beautiful costume historical drama where a famous historical figure is a gay.

    Personally I found the Doctor's Who story about Emily's pregnancy much more disturbing in a way how the Doctor intervenes in what is supposed to be a private matter remembering that once Emily offered him to have a sex with her.

    I agree that the show is too slow paced and aliens somehow gone missing, but with two episodes ahead I am still hoping to get a answer.

  • Comment number 58.

    Forgive me if I'm wrong, but after the special a couple of years ago (Children of Earth?) I was lead to believe that was it for Torchwood - dead and buried.

    Fast forward to 2011, would you want same old story over and over? Because god only knows you'll all end up complaining that you've seen this exhausted storyline and the themes in previous series, not to mention in Doctor Who.

    Russell T Davies has been quoted as saying that is is not a reboot or a new version but simply moving countries. By using the influence of American writers, the series has had a new lease of life injected into it (the miracle?!).

    All the comments about the Jack/Angelo love scenes I am finding slightly homophobic. No-one complained when Torchwood began that there were very graphic sex scenes from the very first episode. Not only that, sex seemed to be a common theme among Torchwood headquarters, with relationships and affairs brewing amongst the main cast, some would say they couldn't keep it in their pants. Miracle Day has has ONE episode containing such scenes, while these are not always necessary in TV shows, this was detrimental to convey the depth of the relationship between the two men. If it wasn't shown how else would you explain the older Angelo and Jack's parting words to him; it would appear pointless and completely random. If such a scene offends you so, fast forward or just switch over. We live in the 21st century where gay marriage is legal in places, what do you think they did before - purely hold hands?

    I digress.

    I find this new series highly entertaining and I am glad it is being introduced to a new audience; those who would not have necessarily watched it before may be more inclined to get into previous series. I find the majority of comments on here going with the standard human take of "I don't like change". Adapt your perception and be entertained!

  • Comment number 59.

    I've enjoyed this Torchwood series.. I have a few gripes but on the whole I am not a Torchwood Hater! I say well done and thank you for entertaining me! For my complaints.. I hated that predominantly flashback episode (over laboured, boring, I wouldn't have enjoyed watching lesbians or a straight couple for that length of time either), don't understand why people are still shooting at each other in the chest expecting their targets to die after they have already realised that no one is capable of death. I'm guessing there may be limits to what TV can show, but some new inventive ways of incapacitating other people would have been good. After watching No 8, don't understand how Rex got those special contact lenses as I thought only Gwen could wear them. Don't really understand what was the point of labouring that Jack and Salvatore episode if all Salvitore does in the next episode is lay in a bed and then die, or why his family went all mafia on Jack to bring him to his house.

    Love the Danes and Kitzinger characters as I hate them both. Its good to have someone to hate! Enjoy the humour in the series. Love watching the Gwen character being a Diva. Enjoy watching Jack, Rex and Gwen dynamics. Don't think I would miss Esther, she is annoying. I will watch all the remaining episodes and probably the next series if it is commissioned! All the haters should stick to Coronation Street!

  • Comment number 60.

    Oh dear. They dumbed down something Russell T made great. My question is, was it dumbed down for the American market (we know how they dislike complication, they are suspicious of it) or was it the new writer, who confesses its new to him. Should we care? - Yes, Why? If the dumbing down process has reached the sacrosanct echelons of guaranteed funding of the BBC 'on the edge' drama's - where do the intelligent audience now go? To the demanding viewer, BBC1 is embarrassing, BBC 2 is not what it was, BBC 3 (eugh) BBC 4?
    Lets give Russell a chance to either detach himself from this, or return to redeem it.
    I really wanted this series to work. Maybe we should forget reason and plot credence and watch Warehouse 13?

  • Comment number 61.

    I was throughly enjoying the "Miracle Day series until you gave over almost a third of part 7 to satisfy John's sexual delights. There is NO relevance to the script to see full naked males cavorting around on the set. A great series ruined.

  • Comment number 62.

    Ladyrare wrote, "There is NO relevance to the script to see full naked males cavorting around on the set."

    This is utter nonsense.

    Jack and Angelo's affair setup the initial event that lead to the Miracle Day. Therefore it is the plot point that has the most relevance to the story. It is the start of the entire thing.

    Angelo's 'outing' of Jack as an immortal alerted the three families to the fact that immortality was possible. It brought Jack to their attention, gave them samples of his blood and caused them to form their alliance.

    I'm explaining this to you in the hope that you will understand how wrong you are and because other posters here have made the same mistake that you have.

    People are complaining that the story has been dumbed down yet it is clear that many are finding it difficult to understand the simplest things about it. I don't know what the authors can do about this. I think that the fault lies with those who can't see the obvious.

    For the people who have said that the events in episode 7 are irrelevant to the story - are you serious or are you just making a rhetorical point?

    Do you think that the story would have been improved if, perhaps, Jack had been killed by a gangster and that his resurrection had been witnessed and then this would have been how the families became alerted to him.

    That would work after a fashion but it is emotionally flat. It doesn't make good drama. It would just be a thing that happened. There would be no emotional result for Jack, no connection. It would just be a thing that happened X years ago.

    For the complainers, could you suggest a better way to set up the initial events that lead up to the Miracle? How would you give the events meaning to Jack? How would you give it an emotional impact? How would it illustrate the unique reality of Jack's life and how would it tie into his attempt at maintaining an emotional reserve in the earlier Torchwood seasons?

    Jack and the Doctor face a similar problem in that they will outlive their companions. In general the Doctor is more 'teflon' than Jack. The Doctor's choices tend to work out happier for him. At times it feels like everything that Jack does goes horribly wrong and harms the people that he cares for. Jane was exploring this contrast between the two characters. Maybe many missed this point because they are not also Dr Who fans or maybe they were just to bothered by men kissing, it prevented them from seeing the connection.

    There is more to story telling than mere plot, in stringing a sequence of happenings together. A -> B -> C -> the end of the story. Something emotional has to happen to the characters in the story, something that is important to them as people.

    Although the events in ep 7 were crucial to the plot they also had a payoff towards Jack as a character and they examined the similarities and differences between the two pivotal characters in the twin shows (Dr Who and Torchwood) and, indeed, between the two shows themselves.

    In summary, the affair in ep 7 is directly relevant to the plot of the Miracle Day story, has direct relevance to Jack's character, his relation to the Doctor, his demeanor in the first few seasons of Torchwood (why he kept himself detached), the show in general and its relation to Doctor Who. How anyone could miss this is beyond understanding, I feel that I am stating the obvious in mentioning these points but it is also obvious that they all escaped many of the viewers...

  • Comment number 63.

    I agree with most of the comments here - I used to like Torchwood but it seems to be aimed at the American market now so there is too much gore, cruelty, torture and emphasis on Jack being a sexual predator as well as there being too many holes in the plot, with all members of the team all being unprofessional and just plain stupid! Pity really, but I can't watch a lot of it.

  • Comment number 64.

    I have to say when I heard that the BBC had had about 500 complaints about the unnecessary sexual content of the 'new' Torchwood I was surprised; surprised that it wasn't more. You do not have to have full-on sexual scenes to justify the plot, we are not that naive. Even my 23-year was shocked by what was being shown on what had been a family sci-fi series. The nature of the characters has been altered, the new American characters don't have any credibility and overall the new series has lost the drive and punchiness that we had come to expect and has become just a bland American-style programme, complete with seemingly compulsory background 'musac' (It didn't work with 'The Bill' and most certainly doesn't work with Torchwood). There is so much padding in the storyline that episodes could easily be cut down by a half, unless of course something is going to happen in the last few episodes to justify it all. Somehow I don't think so; and I'm not sure I shall have the patience enough to last to the end. You have seriously spoilt what was a good product.

  • Comment number 65.

    Can I suggest that those people who want to complain about gratuitous sex, regardless of the gender involved stop calling it a 'gay sex scene' and just call it a sex scene. I've read some comments here and on other forums that are disgusting, nasty and vile and not worth our time, but it seems to me the majority of people who are complaining would have done so if the scene was a heterosexual one. It wasn't particularly graphic compared to some other scenes we've seen on TV and maybe we should congratulate the BBC for pushing the boundaries, I don't have an opinion one way or the other, but if you persist in using the phrase 'gay sex scene' instead of just calling it a sex scene all you are doing is giving ammunition to the Daily Fail and its readership.

    Now, turning to my thoughts on Miracle Day. Dear BBC, something has gone badly wrong this series hasn't it? Hopefully you'll have read and taken note of at least some of the comments from fans. 'Too American' seems a bit vague to me, what does that even mean? However many other complaints do hold water - too much violence and gratuitous sex which looks as if it's been added for no other reason than the writers could, too slow, boring, badly written, none of the humour and charm of previous series, groaningly bad lines, too many plotholes. If you don't want to take note of these criticism, take note of the viewing figures, (started off strong and dropped week on week until they ended up very, very average, bordering on poor).

    So what did go wrong? One of the biggest and most unforgivable plotholes was written by the blogger herself, although to be fair to her the ultimate responsibility lies with Russel T Davies. The fact that it was presumably checked and signed off by him suggests one of two things to me, either he didn't notice or he simply didn't care anymore, either hypothesis is as unforgivable as the plothole. By the way, is it just me or has the man himself gone to ground? Has anyone seen or heard from him since Miracle Day began? Does this hold a clue to what went wrong, did he bite off more than he could chew, did he fail to understand how the American writing room differs from UK writing practices, Did he get overrun by the other writers and Starz, was his leadership not strong enough? Was he too busy with his other project to keep an eye on what was going on with Torchwood? All pure speculation on my part of course. Whatever the reason, Torchwood series 4 failed to live up to its promise and now the BBC should be looking very carefully at what lessons can be learned from this if they are going to be making other co-productions in the future. Did you do your bit of filming in Wales and then hand it all over to RTD and Starz, trusting them to come up with the goods. Was it a bit of a shock when you got the final cut? Do you think maybe you should have kept a closer eye on what they were doing given that your name was going to be on it too? The BBC produce drama of a quality which we should all be proud of (yes I said we, its our baby as much as its yours), and they do it without huge budgets. They have working for them a body of professionals who work hard to find ways around not being able to blow the whole budget on one explosion, writers, model makers, cgi specialists, etc. If there's one lesson we can all take away from this series it's that big budgets don't automatically improve a badly written show. Go back to what you do best BBC, and stop trying to play with the big boys. The big boys may look as if they've got better toys than you but when you get up close, all their toys are just plastic rubbish.

  • Comment number 66.

    Hi Everyone!

    I can not understand why the English public is so angry and allegedly shocked by the sex scenes of Jack with Angelo Colasanto ... we all know that Jack is pansexual (as wikipendia), or bisexual, or whatever you want to tag. And that has always had an active sex life and nothing boring (good for him!)

    Because it is not the first time Jack has scenes like that, for example with Ianto and Captain John, though not about pass or some kisses with both half-naked in the case of Ianto, Gwen both embraced when they get caught in one episode.

    And maybe the world is over those scenes? No, gentlemen and ladies, because precisely the English audience asked for more Jack right out in the first chapter of Doctor Who, and already knew he was a flirt and did not care who (whether human or alien ...)

    Yes, Americans are very keen on extreme violence and sex (free or not), but in this particular chapter, the sex scenes between Angelo and Jack were necessary for the development of history, man had a huge impact on the existence of Jack, and has come to lead future events from that time until the Day of the Miracle, where apparently, much as the protagonists insist on saying that his blood has nothing to do, the writers seem to be very clear yes.

    And please remember that in Torchwood, when Gray returns, forcing Captain John to bury Jack alive, with the consent of this, the very Captain John shoots him, electrocuted him repeatedly in Exit Wounds, there is hatred, rage that episode by Gray ... and not to mention Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, where Captain John does a lot of ugly things also with the team and Jack himself ... and to my knowledge, nothing happened, no one complained ...

    It is violence and sex, as has been seeing this great new season until the penultimate episode, and I'm eager to see the past and see a great final. Anyway, you're that much complaining about those scenes of sex and violence, seeing it are those who have just online or download, and see those scenes again and again, because, unfortunately, human beings enjoy watching these things.

    A pity he did not enjoy a series as good as this, where they are holding everyone, not just stay in Cardiff and more of the same.

    Greetings from Spain!


  • Comment number 67.

    Sorry Beeb but as regards Torchwood you have totally blown it.
    We already got it that Jack was gay or Bi or multiplexual and just rubbing long boring sex scenes in our faces is padding. This applies to hetero or gay or other.
    This is a sci-fi series which was hard hitting and fast but the current Miracle Day is sloooooooooooow to the point of narcolepsy with more holes than the average swiss cheese. E.g., when Capt Jack takes the "Alpha Part" out of the field generator, how come the field kept working? DOH, shome mishtake shirley??
    As far as I recall, not counting John Barrowman, the only alien we have seen was some frozen squid in a box which was seen off with what looked like acid???
    Oh, and if all these nasties (Or is that Nazis?) are after Torchwood, how come Gwen can fly across the pond frequently sans disguise? It has already been said but 10 episodes allows the writers to be bloaty and dull - 6 at most would have made this as punchy as the rest of the series. How about a rewrite for the last 4???

  • Comment number 68.

    I have been a huge fan of Torchwood since the original series. I have quite enjoyed this series, with the higher funding that is clearly visible. Although one big storyline lasting over 10 whole episodes can drag and be draining to watch, although it has inter-webbing storylines, which are strong.

    But one thing which is definitely lacking, is its original 'torchwoody-ness', being set in Cardiff, the hub, and its original music (which is definitely missed), very little up beat music, to get your blood pumping is missing!

    Although I have enjoyed this series (seeing as its the only type of Torchwood I can get now), I would always go back to how the original series used to be (Cardiff, hub, music, individual storylines), and many of my friends who are eager fans highly agree with me.

    But I must praise with how the writers have still contained some welshy-ness in the storylines by linking back to Wales quite a lot.

    But I have recognised quite a few flaws in the storyline (as a big fan would recognise) which really irritate me and make the program feel cheap (ie. the lenses as said in earlier episodes of miracle day could only be worn by Gwen, she states, however, Rex was able to wear them in episode 8).

    I think the length of the episodes is near spot one, not too long and not too short. Some storylines were very weak also (big build up to the 'squid in the box' - killed very easily, oh really? how poor!)

    But overall, I have enjoyed the series quite a bit.

    I hope it will be re-commisioned! The long story clearly affected its declining tv ratings also.

  • Comment number 69.

    I have never seen Torchwood to any real extent - perhaps a passing episode or too but no more than that - and I have to say that this season has really made me stop and enjoy what the team of writers have accomplished. It has been a thoroughly enjoyable experience from start to finish, with RTD and team producing some brilliant television. Thank you, from a VERY jaded TV viewer!

  • Comment number 70.

    This series of Torchwood should have been 5 programmes, not 10. It is too long and dragged out. Story could have been told in much less time. Still enjoying it but slightly frustrated.

  • Comment number 71.

    Torchwood "Miracle Day"? It's a miracle that this dross was ever made. At least I have my old Torchwood DVDs to watch!

  • Comment number 72.

    Hi Everyone!

    I see that is still hammering away at this splendid season for a key scene, shot with very good taste, of course, as was the flashback Jack and Angelo, although still cheaper than making excuses the plot is slow or that have been sold to American market, killing the soul of the series ...

    Looking back on previous chapters, for example: Jack goes for a drink and have fun. Just a club and the waiter you like, you see that may have something with him, seduces him without much effort (he does not need the truth, any man or woman would take for him) and has sex with a stranger for a night. Could also have been a woman, but that night he wanted a man, for it. What's wrong? None. He's lucky to be able to choose what you want most, heterosexuals have no choice but to get bored with all they have on hand.

    What happens when another man is sleeping in bed next to him? Jack is lonely and empty. And call Gwen, you need to hear you say that she misses him, after being reunited after long they have been separated. He liked Gwen from the start, practically, though it was more or less, with Ianto.

    But Gwen Rhys married, had a daughter ... and he will remain alone, many times you have company for a night or a few with the pickup of the day you choose. Jack takes a very hard emotional baggage. True, in a moment of his life he loved a woman and would not be the only one, surely, had a daughter, who saw him coming when he feared. He said it was a dangerous man, knew him very well, and therefore never wanted to have contact with him, because like her, we all know that Jack will do what he must to save the situation and the world, and sacrificed his grandson without blinking, even though it was very painful, of course.

    Gwen also knows that Jack is dangerous, expedient, so she agreed to marry Rhys, although she greatly attracted Jack. Already said Captain John Gwen in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang "He will stay with you" And he had good reason. He was with Jack five years trapped in a time warp, were teammates at the Agency of Time, couples, lovers ... If John is dangerous Captain Jack even more so.

    When Gwen and him in Miracle Day has that conversation in the car while she goes to deliver it, he tries to manipulate him that Gwen can locate his daughter by a DNA fingerprint. There I went on all alarms, and Gwen wanted to believe he was being honest and really wanted to do something good. But in the end gained the experience of living with him these years and did not fall into the trap.

    I love the character, Jack is special and very attractive in every way, but you can not take the chance to have something close to it, because you can end badly, though not explicitly, much less. The Curse of Jack, I fear, is to be alone, not being immortal, or now, mortal.

    And do not you think that perhaps the actor, who is very open and so on, maybe you do not mind shooting these scenes? I do not know how much John Barrowman can get their hands on the decisions made by writing a plot, but must conform, probably with a partner who will turn to act and shoot those scenes, and not just being naked in front of another unknown man until just before we started shooting, surely, and the entire crew. Not to mention he has a partner in his private life. That is an actor and knows what, but I suppose, your partner will also have something to say.

    Why you can not see how this season going, exactly? It is how governments trampled the human rights of people, including the rights of citizens are canceled and everything becomes a dictatorship, as arbitrarily decide who should die burned alive, we labeled with numbers from 0 to 2, you no longer have a name, you're just a body, either dying or not, who have no voice or vote. And despite the protests, the furnaces are burning people alive, and a large pharmaceutical corporation (aside from those three men and other conspiracies) is to control the world ...

    Refrain from criticizing Jack who goes to bed and look closely at what happens in the plot, because, gentlemen, we will end up exactly like that in the not too distant future.


  • Comment number 73.

    I love Torchwood, and have been trying hard to like this series. I dont have any problem with the show going to America if it gets big budgets, and does well, and it is helped to continue. I think it helps to have Torchwood going global, after all, its a bit unlikely all alien activity in the world would centre on Cardiff.
    I dont even mind the romantic scenes, I dont object the to the gay / bi storyline, I just wish it was done with a bit more subtlety, so we dont feel as if we have been hit over the head with a shovel. As a straight bloke, I dont mind non hetero storylines, but please, make it count within the story.
    My main issue is with pacing, and internal consistency. I was interested to read the article above, and feel that the way episodes were parclled off to different scripot writers hasnt helped, and perhaps the new scriptwriters need to realise how important it is to know all that has happened in prior series, and ensure that plot lines are true to this. Science fiction writing relies on internal concistency, or the fantasy becomes unbelievable.
    I agree there are some gaping plot holes. Eg why get Gwen to kidnap Jack, and make them friends again minutes later, this was handled very sloppily.
    There are many interesting aspects that could have been developed more into tighter and more involved storylines.
    I just get the feeling through the show that none of the writers really knew where it was heading, so, all the early episodes end up quite bloated and pointless. Who cares about Danes, who cares about Jilly? They are great characters, but they need to be plotted more tightly. Who were the people who came after Jack early on like special forces, and why did they give up so quickly, after a set back? These threads just dont hang together. The danger is that people who are not die hard fans just give up caring before the end of the series.
    I really hope Torchwood comes back for another series, but the next one better be good, or it may be the last we see of Torchwood.
    I dont see why Torchwood could not be as long running and successful as Star Trek or Doctor Who. It really has a great concept. Please Russell T Davies, dont just use this as a shallow vehicle for gay sci fi fan fiction, it is a great series in its own right, and carefully handled, we could all be enjoying it in decades to come. You need to make sure the scripts are tight, and stay true to the idea of Torchwood, and the back stories.
    And why kill off the doctor in the ovens? This was a great character who could have beenan interesting member of a permanent US Torchwood spin off team. Instead she was just wasted on a "I'm going to the kill the Doctor" moment

  • Comment number 74.

    Just stumbled upon Torchwood this summer and have watched all the series start to current episodes. My husband & I fell in LOVE with Torchwood & were excited about watching this season. We've been quite disappointed in it being Americanized (and we live in the US). The best episodes this season show mainly the original cast. Please, Please bring back what we have come to love about this series -- go back to the old formula!!

  • Comment number 75.

    Would have like to hear more about the origins of the story line - the thinking behind it. Essentially it is just a big jumble of conspiracy theories and a dash of reality , but it ended up fairly good.

    I noticed you mentioned Smallville in your piece. That was fairly political too, is there a connection? or possibly part of a larger running theme in this type of media - using popular tv programs to politicise certain subjects and questions to the general public?

  • Comment number 76.

    I was really struggling about what to say about Torchwood series 4 but much of it has already been said, slow and boring and the viewing figures show that I am not alone. Badly done RTD and his team of writers have managed to destroy a show I really loved and enjoyed.

    That's about as positive as I can be regarding this series thank goodness its all over next week.

  • Comment number 77.

    Much as I looked forward to Torchwood following the brilliant writing on Children of Earth I can honestly say ive never been so disapointed by the return of a much loved favourite in all my life! Ive had root canal work which was less painfull, what I cant understand is where did it all go wrong? The plot sounded good, the actors are mostly all well known, it just seems to me that RTD has given up! To be honest im past caring about whether Jack lives or dies so long as he does it soon and puts us all out of our misery!

  • Comment number 78.

    Next Thursday will be Miracle day, its a miracle you could stretch this story out so long. Well done everyone concered... I was wrong.... YOU COULD KILL THIS SHOW !!!

  • Comment number 79.

    Just watched the last episode of Torturewood... (on UKTV in Australia) Absolutely hate the Americianism and overly violent storyline that it has become. I have read that the writers didn't watch the previous series... they should have to understand the characters and what Torchwood is about. So back in 2012... Mmmmmm, I don't think I could be bothered next time...

  • Comment number 80.

    I have followed Torchwood since Captain Jack first appeared on Dr. Who and then on BBC America. I enjoyed the series and when the series on Starz was announced I was anticipating another season of interesting sci fi. I was very disappointed. I watched the first episode and thought it was a 2 part episode. I watched the 2nd episode and thought it was going to end in the 3rd episode. The 3rd episode I recorded on my DVR and I watched the hour episode in 10 minutes. Every episode after I recorded and fast fowarded each one understanding the plot and getting the political and social messages of the series. I watched the end of the last episode in the same way without losing the plot or characters or the messages. The series was way to long, it was a 3 maybe 4 part series. It was like the writers had to hit the viewing audience over the head with their continuous political messages. The plot got lost. And in the end nothing is resolved the families have a plan B. Enough. I think the writers need to go back and watch past episodes of Torchwood, Dr. Who, and other BBC sci fi series. Sometimes the best way to deliver messages is to be succinct. I may not watch the next season series if it will be like Miracle Day.

  • Comment number 81.

    Jane, I was really, really impressed at how coherent the writing was across the season, and particularly impressed with your contributions. I always love the Captain Jack backstory episodes and episode 7 was exceptional. I was prepared for the 'americanisation' of Torchwood, as we've been reading about this season for quite some time, but actually found it very carefully handled and not 'in yer face' as I was expecting! Well done everyone involved.

  • Comment number 82.

    Wow. I tried to get through all the comments, but there really are so very many of them and many seem to say the same thing. Bottom line is I feel offended. I am an American. I first heard of Torchwood when I saw previews for Miracle Day on Starz network. I quickly realized that this was not the first season, so I turned to a U.S. online video rental service to watch the previous 3 seasons. I quickly became a fan and after a marathon of TW episodes was caught up in under a weeks time.

    While I enjoyed the 4th season in general, I do agree that in many ways it was a let down. I think that other Americans who are fans of the previous 3 seasons would feel the same way (and if you read some of the previous posts they do). So quit saying it was dumbed down or Americanized. (It was perhaps made more "commercial," in an attempt to appeal to a boarder market that maybe some Americans, but NOT ALL fall into.) Had the BBC wanted to stay closer to Torchwood's UK roots they would have been better to aim for the audience of our SyFy or BBC America networks (I watch both) than for the more diverse audience a network like Starz attracts.

    I did like the idea of having 10 episodes, but I agree with so many others that there was a lot of padding, too much gratutious sex (the scene with Angelo could have been handled more concisely and creatively kept the importance of the relationship), and the lack of any real aliens or alien interference (so cornerstone to the first 3 seasons). I also agree that the hostage situation was a bit contrived when we discover its Angelo, who Jack, of course, is willing to go visit. I also found it hard to believe that the CIA was so quick to welcome Rex back in with open arms, practically letting Rex run the show from there on out.

    There were both things I liked and things I didn't and I hope the writers can take some of the comments made in this blog into consideration if they plan to write a season 5. I really do hope there is one and see the potential story lines from how this season ended. Please I ask, don't just continue with the PhiCorp/families storyline unless you can make it episodal and not the whole season. Perhaps this is going out on a limb, but maybe the alien connection can be brought back even if it has to tie into to the miracle or the sites of the blessing. (I don't know... rifts opening in Argentina and China and they fight aliens globally?) Or start with a fresh rift in the U.S. I just happen to like the idea of a return to a cool hi-tech secret headquarters no matter what country or continent it is located on and it doesn't seem the former Welsh location is ever likely to be viable again. Maybe the Doctor can guest appear or help point the team to a previously unknown/inactive rift. Discovering some fresh alien technology wouldn't hurt either.

    Lastly, Torchwood doesn't have to compromise its integrity to gain American fans!

  • Comment number 83.

    Hi Everyone!

    I have always defended this season because he was perfect and had great quality, but honestly, the ending has left me quite unhappy.

    The reason is more obvious: Rex reviving and apparently also being immortal? I'm sorry, but I do not think anything. In theory, it has always said that Jack's blood was not what made him immortal, and now is that everything the doctor said is wrong?

    I agree that when Jack and Rex use the blood from two separate parts of the world, Jack was the blood of mortal ... but they always deny it, even Jack himself, all the previous chapters, and suddenly you see that the issue will be just that ... If you wanted to create some confusion, or that the viewer make their own theories before seeing the final chapter, I looks bad, but not this way.

    In my humble opinion, two people immortal, not that it is just an attractive idea, Jack is special, unique, and no offense to the actor or the character of Rex ... he and Esther have called me especially as characters, which I understand has tried to present them as possible members of the American Torchwood. With Gwen, Jack and Rhys, would have been enough for this new season and I hope it will in the next show us, which I see it, of course.

    My complaint to keep alive and in theory Rex or not immortal, because it seems an insult by the death of Ianto. Should be alive and in the series, I prefer a thousand times more Garet David Lloyd in his role as Ianto, really. And not hurt you to try to get him back for that, this is a series of science fiction, and there are many ways of bringing to life without consequences rare or unusual patterns.

    I liked the season, Miracle Day is very good, but the end I did not like anything. I hope the return to Torchwood reconsideréis ever, and best with Ianto and Captain John Hart.

    A greeting!


  • Comment number 84.

    I am enjoying this season as it is an exciting drama with an interesting concept and I like Torchwood. I agree it is different but it is still good. I agree that the plot is incoherent and each episode feels built up and then unresolved. Jane saying that each person wrote their episode individually pretty much proves my point. There is a massive lack of collaboration and overall coherency in plot and you don't know where it is all going: each episode brings in 3 more extra things without resolving anything. This is exactly how the last 2 seasons of Angel and the last season of Buffy was: 2 shows I love with excellent themes, characters and dialogue, but a feeling like there is no overall plot just individual writers making it up as they go along. I really hope everything is resolved in the final episode as it feels like we have discovered nothing in 9 episodes about the point of the miracle, or why it was created. I would suggest that the writers work together much more closely and plan the whole story in much more detail from the beginning so that there is consistency in the narrative.

    The comments about the sex scenes bother me. That was the most explicit gay sex ever on British tv that I have seen, but I think that is a good thing. There is a lot of gratuitous heterosexual sex in all shows all the time and no-one complains. I personally am not comfortable watching male gay sex but that does not mean it should not be shown. I think that's good that the bbc does that and that it is part of the plot and not made into a big deal.

    I agree that this series could be shorter than 10 episodes, but that is because it has not really gone anywhere yet: it needs to really move the narrative on much more and make coherent sense all the way through. Am still excited to watch each week!

  • Comment number 85.

    This is my first post on here… I just had to register and write something in defence on this excellent series.

    Am I the only one who likes this series?

    I think the American influence is a breath of fresh air… I did like the 3rd series but it was getting a bit samey and something needed to be done.

    The concept is brilliant… reminds me a little of FlashForward… and this series has a bit of 24 about it as well.

    Jack now has to complete with another strong character to be Alpha male… and I am just astounded by the chilling performance of Bill Pullman… if his character was in a movie like "Seven" then he would be winning awards all over the place.

    And, I am loving the new gorgeous ladies in this series!

  • Comment number 86.

    I can see this show being Americanised it has dragged on far too long and NOW even Rex cant die so now I can see Jack being written out and then the end of the show for all I care as Jack is Torchwood and you mirkins better not forget.

  • Comment number 87.

    I was really pleased to see Jane's name attached to the show, as she's written for some of my favourite shows (and some favourite episodes).
    I think Miracle Day worked so much better than Children of Earth which featured some of the worst excesses of the revived DW, and as for accusations of 'Americanisation' that seemed entirely appropriate for it's setting. At least I didn't see too much Americanisation of the parts set in Wales. Children of Earth on the other hand was averly mawkish, bombastically scored and just had annoying Americanisms thrown in to patronise US viewers like yellow coaches for the school kids to mirror US school buses. Even if US viewers were as dumb as many TV producers pitch down to, I'm sure that visual reference would have been unneccessary once they'd observed that the coaches contained children.
    All that said, after not liking CoE, I have enjoyed MD, but frankly think that it was stretched out too long. My biggest criticism of New Who is that single episode stories are generally too shallow, so it's been interesting to see Torchwood try the opposite. Personally I think some kind of middle ground should be aimed for, single episodes stories, with occasional 2-3 parters, and possibly a series arc. It could all be moot if another series doesn't materialise, but I'd love to see one.

  • Comment number 88.

    I am writing from Australia, having just viewed the final episode 10. Yes it is fairly different to previous UK produced seasons, and had it's slow moments (like any series does may I add), and introduced much US deriven fanfare... But it's TORCHWOOD and it's exciting, and spookily different and I love it just as much as I always have. THumbs up to the new writing team and as fan I trully hope we see Torchwood UK/US return soon.

  • Comment number 89.

    Whilst the first few episodes were a bit tedious, the last three have moved things along--however, I can't help wonder how many viewers were lost along the way. I also think I know where this is going--is the 'sacrifice' in the last episode the way in which Captain Jack 'evolves' (dissolves?) into his future self: the Face of Bo?

  • Comment number 90.

    I've enjoyed previous TW series but I have to say that MD was painful to watch.. there have been a few shows like that.. The Event was an american show that was also s-l-o-w but it had more action that TW-MD. I purchased the series through iTunes and although I was looking forward to the scenes on Ep 7, iTunes had censored most of it. Having said that.. I haven't watched the rest of the episodes yet and am not in a hurry to do so.

    I wish the show would return to its British roots.. shows like Dr Who, Torchwood, and Spooks should remain British as the plots are all very well contrived. But somehow the plot and intention is lost when it crosses the pond.

    I'm not excited about Torchwood anymore. If they decide to remain as a american series, you've lost me as a fan.

  • Comment number 91.

    Just watched the last episode. So 10 episodes not going anywhere have suddenly all been explained in 30 seconds? Really, is this how planning a series works? There were still many, many threads left unexplained. Jack's blood is why he is immortal? Has that ever been the case before? Also, really lame reason as to why the Families created the miracle.... to control the banks etc. Really. What is the Blessing, how did the families know that Jack's blood would change the world and make no-one day? Much tighter, more coherent, collaborative storytelling is needed to make something a series. As I mentioned in a previous post, this is exactly what happened at the end of Angel and Buffy. Please plot the whole season.

  • Comment number 92.

    Why kill off Esther? She is a really good actress and fits into the team perfectly as well as kind of being the new Tosh. Unless you are going announce in the next series (if there is one) that it was all faked so she could live a normal life for a while and not be arrested by the remaining members of the CIA.

  • Comment number 93.

    as an oap fan of torchwood from day 1, i was one who campaigned to bring torchwood back afer COE. I was quite disappointed with the first few episodes as for a start the theme music was gone which gave one a great anticipation, I did not like the American style, having read mail from US fans of previous series they were very happy with the stories as they were, so this did not have to be made to appeal to American audiences rather than British ones. The storyline was OK, but oddly put together. As with other posts I disliked the fact that Jack seemed like an extra for the start. One might say that Torchwood is not just Jack, but thats why most people watch it (or just even for JB) who said it had to change and grow, most series dont, many series have been on for years because people love the way they are produced. Please if there is another series take us back more to the great Torchwood as we knew it We need the aliens which must be filling up Wales by now! ok I know they are not real, but that was Torchwood.

  • Comment number 94.

    A note to Julie Gardner & Rusell T:
    While I agree with a great deal of the comments in previous entries in this blog, I find it very difficult to be constructive about the content of this series when most of its development was hampered by the appalling editing and post-production. The dialogue sound of the American shot material was unclear if not unintelligible for most programmes, and the shot editing of conversations was slap dash, reminiscent of the worst of the American series dominating some TV channels in the UK at the moment - NCIS, CSI, The Good Wife etc.

    May I suggest that a little of the budget should be dedicated to employing good technical crew from the UK, less reliance on electronics such as noisegates and compression (always used on US TV drama) and all programmes post produced in UK facilities. Maybe then the inadequacies of quality and production values in general will not get in the way of the overall enjoyment of the plot.

    Bring Torchwood back home - for quality's sake.

  • Comment number 95.

    We really enjoyed this series. It enlivened the otherwise utterly bland weekday night freeview more-of the-same stuff and gave a little sparkle of entertainment to Thursday nights. Work all week, same routines and rubbish telly, I speak as one of the proletariate and say this was a lovely bit of semi sci-fi escapism. I enjoyed the pace and further exploration of Jack and the action, which didn't cut so rapidly from scene to scene that things couldn't be distinguished. I also enjoyed that it went on for weeks. Perhaps this was aimed at a slightly older fantasy audience and shades of Buffy were apparent in the writing and dynamics, also good. My minor critiscicms might be the pulling of, "model", faces by certain cast characters which made them look as though they were sucking a boiled sweet, Gwen's verbal over confidence with the man in charge and a little over emphasis on the visual gay sex. we only really need to be shown what they might be going to do! It's great to see the imagination of writing coming in and creating different perspectives(and a few old Star Trek characters cropping up) The characters were great. I would ask, what do people expect from a weeknight sci-fi? beats the heck out of the Battlestar Galactica remake. Bring it on, let's have some more and some more, "Being Human", though that might not be BBC?...whatever.

  • Comment number 96.

    I was very very let down by Miracle Day - you seem to have written a story for 5 episodes and then stretched it into 10!! Episodes 2 and 6 were mostly 'filler' - with episode 6 being little more than a remake of episode 5. Episode 7 wasn't much better!

    I'm not sure what has gone on here - Torchwood was edgy and unique - by putting this US spin on it (I assume in a bid to reposition it for the US audience - which seems ludicrous when the US viewing figures are so much lower thgan in the UK) it has become just like any other US CSI type crime drama.

    As for Jane Espenson - Please stick to teen stuff such as Buffy and Angel as you're good at that.... maybe even US Sci-Fi such as Battlestar Galactica (although I personally hated the remake) - but I just don't think you 'get' Torchwood - and some of your explanations via social networking as to why certain things happened, such as Rex becoming immortal (which in itself is a horrible and cheap piece of writing) because 'The Blessing gave him that gift!' - what a load of cobblers!! I don't think I like what is set up for another potential season!!

  • Comment number 97.

    We really enjoyed the latest series of torchwood and we hope that there will be many more to come. Well done to the Torchwood team.........bring it on Torchwood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Comment number 98.

    i must say well done a great season have been thrown of scent all this series great story lines hope esther isnt dead just out of sight great team and rex now immortal what a shock that was fantastic cant wait for next season

  • Comment number 99.

    It is terrible to see that so many people would dare comment in such a way about a show which clearly responded to so many demographics around the world, and did it so well.

    Torchwood - Miracle Day was well presented and well written.

    It describes all the characters in ways which are more realistic than most could imagine.

    If I reflected on my comments from an introverted perspective, and when saying so I refer to a warped perception on realism. I would ponder on one real question.

    I would have to ask myself - what exactly would it be like in those situations?
    With regard to the situations the characters were in.

    As much as all those who said it was crap - would like to believe. You all love Torchwood and everyone was going on about the anagram. Admit it..

    I followed the entire series and enjoyed each and every episode from start to finish.
    My only concern was at the end of episode ten. I was concerned whether there will be another episode?

    And there wasn't - so shame on you writers for not giving just one more episode to us all.

    And the scene at the end, everyone but the sweet researcher present, was very sad.

    Well done all round - it was brilliant!

    Kind regards,
    Bernard Baker

  • Comment number 100.

    I am an American and I watch the BBC because I can't stand the typical fare on US television. PLEASE do not water down your programs to appeal to what you think Americans will like. Some of us have functioning cerebella! :-)

    The US versions of British shows are usually no match to the originals, e.g. The Office, Top Gear, etc... (Even the US releases of the Harry Potter books are 'localized' - I had to order them from amazon.co.uk.)

    So, let's get back to Cardiff, and return Torchwood to in its previous sensibilities...


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