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Rufus Hound: The story of Hounded featuring ice creams, pigeons, CBBC

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Rufus Hound Rufus Hound | 09:41 UK time, Friday, 11 June 2010

So. Tonight's the night. The show I've been involved with for the last three years finally goes out for people to see with their real eyes. Sorry to state the obvious, but I really hope you like it.

I really love telly. Always have, always will and when I think of my favourite telly, it's generally stuff that I watched when I was young. From The Muppets and The Getalong Gang to Dogtanian and Gamesmaster via any number of quizzes, soaps and sit-coms, I watched it, I loved it and clearly, on some level, I decided I wanted to be on it.

From left to right: Gelina, Rufus Hound and Buckton stand on the planet Flotsam

Fast forward a bit and I was, which was nice (for me - you may disagree), and stood on Parliament Hill in London in the freezing cold and drizzle making a pilot for a sketch show on BBC Three.

The channel liked the pilot but were less keen on my part in it. The show was commissioned. I was decommissioned.

But that pilot was seen by the very super people at CBBC and they said "Yes".

This was an odd thing to have said, as no one had asked them anything, but it was assumed that they were saying that they wanted something funny, with loads of special effects and a real sense that I have no idea what I'm doing.

The evil Dr Muhahaha with his sidekicks KETH and Steve

What with them having said yes, it seemed only polite for us to go away and actually write something. Well, we would have done but it was nice out so instead we went and got ice creams and shouted at pigeons, then we wrote something.

What we came up with is Hounded and it starts on CBBC on Friday, 11 June. I play a man called Rufus Hound who is blasted into parallel universes by his future self to defeat the evil machinations of Dr Muhahahaha and his pernickety sidekick Steve.

I know what you're thinking "Not that old chestnut!" but, like I say, we were a bit busy shouting at pigeons and eating ice cream.

I mean, there are those who think that children are an incredibly discerning audience and that to do the opportunity justice we'd have had to create whole armies of Ninja Teddy Bears, Evil Clones, Broccoli Monsters, Pizza Space Ships, Wool ships, blah blah blah, but clearly we just dialled it in, opting instead for an army of Ninja Teddy Bears, Evil Clones, Broccoli Monsters, Pizza Space Ships, Wool ships and stuff like that.

So look, I hope you enjoy it. For me, it'll bring back memories of all the ice-cream I ate and all the pigeons I shouted at.

Hopefully though, you'll think that what actually happened was that some of the most creative people you'll never meet spent years of their lives bringing this insane vision to the screen.

Now, would anyone like an ice-cream?

Rufus Hound is the writer and star of Hounded, which starts on CBBC on Friday, 11 June at 5.15pm.

To find out what times Hounded is on CBBC please visit the show's upcoming episodes page.


  • Comment number 1.

    I enjoyed the first episode but I am disappointed that I can't watch the second episode as it is not available on iPlayer.

  • Comment number 2.

    Hello Daryl - thanks for your comment. I'm sorry that episode 2 wasn't working in iPlayer. Thanks for noting it, you'll see it's now been fixed and it's available for three months. You can watch it on the Hounded page.

    Fiona, TV blog editor

  • Comment number 3.

    Just happened across the whole series on iPlayer with my 2-and-three-quarter year old son. Now he's a bit picky for a 2-and-three-quarter year old (he's already grown out of CBeebies, and even a lot of CBBC is branded as "boring"), but hounded is now a firm favourite. And a good indicator for me is whether I like it too - I love it.

    Great idea. Fab characters. Super stories. Good work Rufus. The ice cream and shouting worked!


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