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Tom Robinson Tom Robinson | 02:00 UK time, Monday, 28 January 2013

The Deadline ShakesThe Deadline Shakes

In the small hours of a Monday morning from 2-3am you can hear a selection of my favourite new tunes compiled into an hour-long mixtape of nonstop music. All the audio is sourced from the BBC Introducing Uploader - some of it recommended by friends and colleagues and some discovered via Twitter and my own Fresh On The Net blog.

From 3am each Monday the latest mixtape is available free via the 6 Music Downloads Page - where you'll also find archived episodes from the previous 4 weeks. All the tracklists and start times for each track are published here - together with a link to each artist's website.

In addition, every Wednesday the mixtape is published on the BBC 6 Music Soundcloud page and added to this page midweek - along with more info about each of the artists. These are the listings for Monday, 28th January 2013

POLLEN - Lazy Sundays, Easy Mondays [START 0:12]
Pollen formed in another hemisphere back in 1995 and are currently focussing on following up the band's debut LP, 'The Glorious Couch Life' with a second album, as yet untitled, WHICH THEY ARE working on in Helskinki. It is, they tell us, is due for release in the Spring. The band underwent several changes before settling on today's collaborative pairing of bassist Chris Boughton (Japan) and guitarist and vocalist Cam Allen (UK), though this year they hope to come together and make a new permanent base in London.

THUMPERS - Sound Of Screams [START 03:42]
Thumpers’ sound is the work of childhood amigos Marcus Pepperell and John Hamson Jr. Friends since the age of 11 and playing in bands together during their teens, the two reignited their musical bond again in early 2011. ‘Dancing’s Done’, their debut single, is released February 18th on rose-tinted limited 7” vinyl on paradYse Records and cassette on Kissability. We love their music, as do The Guardian, who made them a recent Band Of The Day.

No surprises that readers at my Fresh On The Net blog loved the gorgeous vocals, simple piano and understated strings of Newcastle-based four-piece Bridie Jackson & The Arbour. They tell us they “use sparse instrumentation and intriguing vocal harmonies to create music that is simultaneously beautiful, ethereal, dark and powerful” and for once the music more than lives up to the PR bumph. The band formed gradually, drawing together experienced musicians from across the North East, with very different musical backgrounds but a shared passion for creating beautiful and interesting new music.

FOLD - Blinding Light [START 10:40]
Another outfit who are no strangers to regular listeners and who've barged their way back onto the Mixtape through sheer music quality. Based in Leeds, live downtempo / trip-hop band Fold integrate speech into music in experimental ways in order to reflect some of the heavier stuff going on in the world. Band founder Seth Mowshowitz dedicates this unreleased track to his mother Harriet who died on August 3rd, 2012 aged 70. “She brought kindness, laughter and light to a lot of people throughout her life.” says Seth “I hope that this track will inspire others to come together and overcome their own darkness.” You can read the full lyric at https://soundcloud.com/fold/blinding-light where the Scottish Harp samples are credited to Corrina Hewat – who may or may not be the female voice featured on this outstanding track.

BLANK MAPS - Everything Ends [START 14:59]
Blank Maps are Thom, Ben, Ellwood, and Jake. Although 2011 saw them find their feet live, it wasn’t until 2012 that things started to take shape. They spent the first 5 months of the year writing, then released an EP through our friends Tiny Lights Recordings in August. This resulted in them playing alongside 2:54, The 1975 and Deaf Club and at the Olympics Hyde Park Event, and gaining extensive radio play, including, of course, the BBC Introducing Mixtape on 6 Music. Their next two gigs are in Newcastle at Cluny 2 on March 4th and London's Lock Tavern on March 14th.

TIGERCUB - Little Rope [START 18:49]
A song and a vocal that grab you from the get-go, with playing to match. You're not really supposed to have favourites here at the BBC but without question Little Rope by Brighton’s Tigercub is my absolute favourite. Really interesting sounding band and I’d love to tell you all about them, but hey – as you can see on their Facebook – Jamie Stephen Hall, James Alexander Allix and James Wheelwright are giving nothing away about themselves whatever. When you hear a band you like as much as this it's always interesting to read a little about their background, outlook, music, motivation, mission, where we can see them live - and indeed buy their music. Any artists who'd welcome some help with writing a biog for their band, will find a few tips on the BBC Introducing Blog.

(pictured above) This is the forthcoming second official single from Glasgow's The Deadline Shakes - out 18th March 2013! Their debut single Sweeten The Deal got support from Steve Lamacq, Jim Gellatly, Vic Galloway and Artrocker. The band were selected to play a ‘Glasgow Loves Christmas’ gig in George Square and made the final of the Tartan Clef Big Apple Award. We've also freatured their subsequent free single Don’t You Be Too Cool here on the Introducing Mixtape.

HARRY RIDGWAY - Running To The North [START 25:23]
Fine fingerpicking acoustic guitarist and songwriter Harry Ridgway describes himself on his BBC Introducing profile as as a "Leeds based singer songwriter" though Soundcloud gives his location as Peterborough and further investigation finds him inhabiting the fenlands of Market Deeping, just North of Peterborough. He mentions on Twitter that he’s “going to be doing some video stuff and other things for Running To The North soon…” Beyond that. alas, he too tells us nothing about himself or his music at all.

THUMPERMONKEY - Wheezyboy [START 28:23]
The London quartet Thumpermonkey has existed in one form or another since 2003 and currently consists of Michael Woodman (founding member, vocals, guitar, lyrics, a.k.a. the most important one), Rael Jones (guitar, piano, wizardry, a.k.a. the most useful one), Ben Wren (drums, opinions, a.k.a. the most complainingy one), Sam Warren (bass, peircing eyes, a.k.a. the most least uncool one). This track comes from the band’s latest album Sleep Furiously which was released in October - and also features the former Mixtape favourite When Scouts Go Bad. Actually in almost 10 years, they have released six albums "but still struggle" they claim "to write a convincing biography." They describe their style as Heavy Art Rock, and that's good enough for me.

BIRDENGINE - Phantom Limb [START 32:55]
Birdengine is the name under which Lawry Joseph Tilbury makes music. His melodies and lyrics aim to take the listener to a dark realm "where kings are trapped in glass jars, feral children run amok and dead mermaids litter the sea shore". Live, he accompanies his vocals with a combination of nylon-stringed guitar and record crackle. The first Birdengine EP was an experimental affair released in 2005 on the Scottish label Benbecula Records and hailed, apparently, as "the first relevant work in freak folktronica". His mini-album ‘I Fed Thee Rabbit Water’ was released on Drift Records in 2007 and Phantom Limb is the opening track on his current full length album The Crooked Mile.

LUMIN BELLS - Hold You Inside [START 35:38]
Sigh. Yet another band who’ve taken a lot of time and trouble to create a beautifully wrought soundscape – but couldn’t spare ten minutes to tell the world how and why their music came to be made. But then I remembered Lumin Bells was the new project from Mick Dolan - formerly a main mover in the Merseyside band Bird - and consulted that oracle on all matters Liverpudlian, the Von Pip Music Express. This is a brand new trio consisting of Mick plus Nico Hercules and Neil Frost. Hold You Inside comes from a forthcoming EP they’re currently recording at Track studios in Liverpool with Steve Powell. They’ve called on a host of Liverpool musicians to flesh out their songs including George Hitchmough on drums and Danny Poole on bass plus the trumpet playing of Martin Smith (who’s played with Shack) on the EP’s title track Beyond My Gaze. They'll be recording another eight tracks to form the basis of a first album provisionally entitled titled The Hidden Room. Huge thanks to Andy Von Pip for this clear, detailed information. And Nico, Mick and Neil – it wouldn’t have killed you to tell us that information yourselves in the first place, would it?

THE ANDROID ANGEL - Chicago John [START 38:47]
More musicmaking from Reigate’s most musical son – the startlingly talented and prolific Paul Coltoféanu. Not content with the every growing success of Free Swim he returns here to his alternative persona as The Android Angel to charm the pants off readers this weekend with this cheeky slice of twee electropop. It seems to me that Paul’s increasingly assured approach to musicmaking depends partly on a whimsical approach and exceedingly light touch so that he never appears to be taking the importance of his work too earnestly. Yet also on a real seriousness of execution so that his songs and recordings are all quietly crafted to perfection. Here is an artist to watch in 2013 because – to coin a cliche – whatever he comes up with next, you can always expect the unexpected.

We recently featured an engagingly skewed songwriter called Euan Lynn on the Introducing Mixtape, and he turned out to be the younger brother of Calum Lynn from Brilliant Mind. This got me all excited since BM are a band I've loved since seeing them at a showcase gig at The Discovery Museum in their native Newcastle back in Novermber 2009. That show was organised by local development agency Generator  and my review of the whole event can be found here on the BBC  Introducing blog. Selfpromotion hasn't been Brilliant Mind's strongest suit over the years, and it was only by accident that I stumbled across this track, which they uploaded to BBC Introducing and their own Soundcloud page without bothering to tell anybody. This is the strongest track yet from a band who are simultaneously one of the North East's brightest talents and also one of its best-kept secrets. Let's hope Blyth brings them to a wider audience.

[START 48:28]
“Hello, my name is Shane Beales. I was born in Nottingham in 1982 but my family relocated to Perth, Australia where I lived till I was 6 and my favourite pastime was Breakdancing. I wrote my first song aged 8 and for my 12th birthday, my parents bought me a drumkit. As I teenager I went to high school in Melbourne, where my favourite subject quickly became music. In 1999, I moved to Colchester to do A levels in music, music technology and philosophy. I lived with my granny in the country and, because the drums all had to come over on a ship, I spent most of my time time bashing her piano and writing songs. I studied music at LIPA and released my first EP Beautiful in 2005. After university, I stayed in Liverpool and for the next year wrote, recorded and released a new song every week in what I called Project 52. In the Autumn of 2010 I relocated to London, where I am currently based. Last year I released and promoted my micro album or song cycle Tel Aviv, a suite of six short songs from the spring. I also worked with Egyptian singer Nadya Shanab on a new collaborative song inspired by the events in the Middle East and North Africa entitled It’s All About The People. This is my latest single, A New Year which was released on New Years Eve. It is 365 beats for 2013…”

THE HOLY ORDERS - To The Gallows [START 52:44]
The Holy Orders were first told that their amps were too loud in 2006 and they've divided the opinions of sound engineers ever since. Among listeners however they've developed a reputation for being one of the most interesting and exciting live acts in Hull. They have also been playing further afield including appearances at Truck festival and have supported many wonderful acts including Josh T. Pearson, Wild Beasts, The Twilight Sad, Dinosaur Pile-up and many, many more. Following their single, "Paper/Scissors/Stone" (Summer 2012), they are preparing to release their debut album "For The Ears Of Dogs To Come" in early 2013. Meanwhile the Holy Orders continue loud as ever.



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