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Tom Robinson Tom Robinson | 02:00 UK time, Monday, 14 January 2013


Birds Vs Planes


Birds vs Planes

In the small hours of a Monday morning from 2-3am you can hear a selection of my favourite new tunes compiled into an hour-long mixtape of nonstop music. All the audio is sourced from the BBC Introducing Uploader - some of it recommended by friends and colleagues and some discovered via Twitter and my own Fresh On The Net blog.

From 3am each Monday the latest mixtape is available free via the 6 Music Downloads Page - where you'll also find archived episodes from the previous 4 weeks. All the tracklists and start times for each track are published here - together with a link to each artist's website.

In addition, every Wednesday the mixtape is published on the BBC 6 Music Soundcloud page and added to this page midweek - along with more info about each of the artists. These are the listings for Monday, 14th January 2013

BIRDS VS PLANES - Relative Worth [start: 00:13]
BvP are a female fronted Alternative-Indie band from the far north of England. Drawing from a wide range of influences & gigging regularly has helped, they tell us, "create our own energetic sound. We've played over 150 shows round the UK. Including Radio Ones Big Weekend, the Heineken Jammin Festival (Milan) & a recent tour support w/ Glasvegas.

THE PAGES - Holiday [start: 03:46]
The Pages describe themselves as a "3 piece Greenwich Based Blues, 60's, 70's Originals and Rock n Roll Band" and consist of Steve Hanshaw on Bass and Vocals, Kev White on Guitar, Harmonica and backing Vocals plus Steve Wreyford on Drums and Percussion. They came together in late 2011 fron ex-members of Aadvarks, Jesse Hector, The Dials, Connett, Bad Mad Missouri Buffalo and The Broken Men.

FORESTEARS - Against The Floor [start: 06:50]
Forestears are, they tell us "an outstanding Brighton band, comprising of delicate melodies, horns that warm the soul and lyrics that makes your spine tingle." They tell us nothing else whatever about themselves, but you can read a lot of quotes from what other people have said about them on their Facebook page.

DEATH RATTLE - Fixer [start: 11:00]
Electronic gloom-pop duo Death Rattle combines the harmonised vocals of Helen Hamilton with the production, drum programming and synth melodies of Chris Hamilton. Formed in late 2011, they released their debut EP 'HE&I' via Frontal Noize (BE) in October 2012 with positive blog reviews across the world. Three black and white music videos produced by the band accompany the five track EP. In 2013 they plan to release new material written and recorded in an abandoned 17th Century farmhouse in France.

LST - One Wish
[start: 13:44]
"Hi i'm LST a singer, songwriter & lyricist - and have been featured as the 100% Homegrown Track Of The Week on 1xtra, supported by BBC Introducing: The South and was part of the BBC's first Introducing Masterclass at Abbey Road & Madia vale in 2011. i won the 'Road To Blissfields' competition in April 2011 & am now in the process of finishing off an album that i plan to hurl around the globe. I'm set to spread my positive messages far and wide. L....L....L....LETS GO!!!

TOM HICKOX - The Pretty Pride of Russia [start: 17:40]
As a teenager Tom Hickox adored Beckett, Pinter and Orton, and as his passion for literature grew he joined a school rock band and began writing music.  After studying English at Manchester University Tom went on to do an M.A in sound recording and self-released a DIY album, Fear In A Handful of Dust named after a line in The Waste Land. He picked up a management and publishing deal with Warner Chappell and his extensive gigging has included SXSW, Glastonbury and the Big Chill. “It has been a long journey to identify my own unique space,” says Tom. “I aim to write hundreds of songs to get to the point where I am consistently delivering material I care deeply about.”. His new new album will be released in 2013 and features Richard Hawley guesting on one of the tracks.

JUST WILLIAM & THE OUTLAWS - It Ain't Alright [start: 21:20]
Currently playing as Just William, solo artist, combining the Old West with Will Shakespeare and acoustic guitars. A musical tragedy, but only in the classic sense; 5 acts, 5 albums. Currently offering a free song download via his Facebook page

[start: 23:58]
You may recall how Southampton's Blue Screen Of Death first came to be formed, but if you don't it certainly bears repeating. "Have you ever woken up in a lift surrounded by four people you don't know, with no recollection of how you came to be there, but a nagging feeling that you don't want to know? That's exactly what happened to Steve, Harry, Pete, Paul, and Tom one morning a few years ago. That kind of awkward situation can lead you to make strange decisions. They chose to assume that they all played in a rock band together. This way they need ask no further questions as to how they had ended up in this position". The alternative version is that they "formed from a bizarre experiment involving smurfs, Viagra and a few cans of Four Loko - the marriage is still binding."

EMMA BALLANTINE - Unspoken Rules [start: 27:30]
Emma is a West London based singer songwriter influenced by acoustic artists including Joni Mitchell, Suzanne Vega and Agnes Obel. She launched her debut EP, Flying Machine, at historic London venue The Troubadour on 14th August 2012 – and has since continued performing across London with her band. Emma has been playing the piano and writing poems since the age of six, eventually combining the two to produce her first composition in her early teens. Since arriving in London in 2009 via Salisbury, Oxford and Ghana, Emma has performed around the City at venues including The Troubadour, The Dublin Castle, The Spice of Life and Holloway Arts and OxJam festivals.

GALLERY CIRCUS - Club House Killer [start: 30:53]
Prodigal sons of the North East - the ridiculously musical twins Graeme and Dan Ross - have just spend a lengthy sojourn in San Francisco. On Facebook they just posted "Happy New Year! 2012 has been great to us - we're definitely going to miss SF! We're coming home for 2013 - get ready England for double the rock! PS. News of our return show coming soon! Dan & Gra X" I can't wait. Club House Killer is the opening track on their debut EP released last March and available via their Bandcamp.

GERARD AND THE WATCHMEN - Hesitate [start: 33:25]
This song comes from an 8-track EP called "I Climbed a Tree" released last April on Bandcamp by this acoustic folk collective based around the song writing of producer Dave Gerard. Gerard and the Watchmen, they tell us "combine the influence of 70s English and American folk with more modern alternative sounds and production. The record features prominent Vocal Harmonies, guitars and double bass, enhanced with, strings, lap steel, E-bowed banjo, mandolin and harp." They play an extensive UK tour next month - full details at https://davegerardnews.tumblr.com/post/38166716986/february-tour-monday-11th-portland-arms-cambridge

JUNGLE DOCTORS - Better [start: 36:24]
A brand new single released last week by Jungle Doctors and available via iTunes, Amazing Tunes and Spotify. This Teddington five piece formed in November 2010, but "only really became Jungle Doctors in late 2011, spending all our time gigging and writing and rehearsing in our singer’s garden cabin (we like to think it’s where the magic happens)." Much has been made of the fact that the highly successful Jake Bugg is "only" 18 - and Jungle Doctors are younger than Jake - but ultimately what does it matter whether a musician is seventeen or seventy ? All that counts for us at 6 Music is what comes out of the speakers and if we like it, we play it. And just for the record I like this very much indeed.

[start: 39:18]
Look Yonder is the ukulele, banjo, lungs and larynx of songwriter Rory Evers. Born in Cleethorpes sometime in the 1980s, he embarked at his earliest convenience to start a band in the big city. After years of noise making with varying levels of success, Rory now creates music entirely uncontaminated by collaboration. He opens for Hot Feet at 26 Aire Street in his adopted hometown of Leeds this Saturday, January 19th.

[start: 42:54]
This is the opening track on Slept And Did Not Sleep trhe second EP released last month by the Liverpool four piece Ninetails on the Superstar Destroyer label. You may remember that a year ago their debut EP, Ghost Ride The Whip, in under two weeks and we played their single Social Guesswork back in January and featured the followup Rawdon Fever on this mixtape in April. There's next to no information on any of their online pages, but that long awaited debut album must surely be in the pipeline for 2013.

THE SOFT - Mori [start: 47:37]
The Soft are a three-piece electronic outfit from Bury St Edmunds who are signed to Ceremony Recordings and make, they tell us "accessible, malleable, danceable music." They haven't quite got the hang of promoting themselves online with anything as useful as a list of upcoming gigs. But we can take it from one of their recent tweets that they'll be opening for Lapalux at Norwich Arts Centre on March 16th as well as at Bungalows & Bears in Sheffield on some unspecifed date.

THE LITTLE UNSAID - Through The Fields
[start: 51:45]
Music made with instruments, beats, machines, voices and noisy animals by a small, anonymous chap in big London. In fact, we're told, The Little Unsaid is the musical alter-ego of John Elliott, a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and composer who originally hails from a tiny town in Yorkshire that no one has heard of. As well as regularly performing his music in rooms full of people and animals around the UK, John also composes music for film and theatre and has been known to run long distances for pleasure.

HIVA OA - Badger [start: 56:20]
Hiva Oa is a three piece alternative band based in Edinburgh. Formed in 2010, they consist of Stephen (guitar/vocals), Christian (cello) and Marco (bass). Blending acoustic sounds with more experimental moments the band created a debut EP called Future Nostalgia For Sale and followed it last September with an album called The Awkward Hello, Handshake, Kiss. "The beauty of Hiva Oa" they tell us "lies in the understated."




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