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Tom Robinson Tom Robinson | 02:00 UK time, Monday, 25 June 2012

Calling All Astronauts

In the small hours of a Monday morning from 2-3am you can hear a selection of my favourite new tunes compiled into an hour-long mixtape of nonstop music. All the audio is sourced from the BBC Introducing Uploader - some of it recommended by BBC colleagues across the Introducing network, and some discovered via Twitter and my own Fresh On The Net blog.

From 3am each Monday the latest mixtape is then available free via the 6 Music Downloads Page - where you'll also find archived episodes from the previous 4 weeks. All the tracklists and start times for each track are published here - together with a link to each artist's website.  Below are the listings for Monday, June 25th.

CALLING ALL ASTRONAUTS - Winter Of Discontent [Starts 0:04]
Consist of ex Caffeine guitarist JJ Browning, Kristi Bury on bass and her husband David Bury on vocals and everything else. Photo above shows David and Kristi with myself when they last came in for an interview. This is their newly released followup to the debut single "Someone Like You" which has had over 40,000 Youtube views. Live dates are planned for the Autumn.

HELMHOLZ RESONATORS - Scars [Starts 3:53]
Five 5 musicians who've been playing and writing music together since meeting at university in London around the turn of the century. Described by Artrocker "possibly the maddest band you’ll ever hear" this is their latest single. Visit their website for an extensive & entertaining biography featuring - among others - Messrs Garland Vanderbilt, Vandamme Laudenkleer & Manrose Finesteride. Possibly not their given names.

KOTKI DWA - Poison [Starts 7:38]
Last December we were introduced to this lot by Gareth Lloyd at BBC Introducing in Beds, Herts & Bucks. Their name is the title of a Polish lullaby sung to send children to sleep, a technique band members Alex and Tristan Ostrowski experienced as young brothers. They've curated Polish paper cutting workshops on London's Southbank and dabbled in culinary theatre for the launch of their 'Lunch EP' last November. This is one of my favourite records of 2012 so far and comes from their debut album Staycations - which is released this summer in association with The National Trust.

BON ARROW - One by One [Starts 10:08]
It's the one woman project of Kirsten Alexandra Taylor - who records by letting go with a mic, a laptop, an eighties keyboard and random other instuments in the back room. Somewhere in the North West of England. That's all I can tell you because that's all she's saying.

S.MOUSE - Slap My Elbow (ISLA PHISHER Remix) [Starts 14:20]
In his younger years Mike Walters played drums in various bands near Manchester. Since his early twenties he's been making electronic music - using a Program called Fruityloops - under various names such as Acidburp, Rat Faced Boy and (in this case) "Isla Phisher From Summer Bay, Australia." Go figure. Now in his early thirties he'd like to do more gigs, particularly festivals: if you'd like to offer him a slot  send Mike a message via https://acidburp.bandcamp.com

THE CREAKING CHAIR - Spun [Starts 17:06]
The Creaking Chair is a Brighton-based musical project led by Andrew AC Cooper aided and abetted by one Ryan Bollard. Together with other local musicians they are also members of the Bouffant Collective which "represents a yearning to present art, music and performance in new spaces". Accordingly Andrew and Ryan performed at the first of six "Laundry" sessions hosted by the collective around Brighton and Hove - in this case at The Laundromat in Powis Road.

SILVER ARM - A Tethered Jacket [Starts 19:57]
"If you don't want to listen," proclaim Silver Arm on  Twitter "then imagine a horse with a machine gun ripping your face off" though the metaphor makes you wonder how it could pull the trigger.  The group was born, they say, "out of post punk, noise, beats and psychedelia" from ex-members of Maps, Red Tiger Riot and Tulip. "We are informed as much by the dead tread of the digital future as we are by the frigid air that drifts across the copses, lanes and hedgerows of the rural places from which we come. We're planning on doing one live show and then never playing live ever again." Here at the Introducing Mixtape we hope they'll reconsider.

BOY JUMPS SHIP - Black Hearts Dont Beat [Starts 23:24]
Newcastle four-piece who formed in 2009 and released their self-titled debut EP early the following year, playing a series of shows across England, Belgium and France to promote it. The followup EP Engines came out in early 2011 and this is the opening track on their third and most assured release to date - the 4-track EP Be Good, Be Gracious. The band's growing fanbase - myself among them - can only hope a similarly comprehensive tour will follow this time.

AMONGST THE PIGEONS - Jaffa Clown Dog [Starts 27:41]
The project of Brighton producer and songwriter Charlie A Thompson aka CAT. See what he did there? Frank Turner and Beans On Toast where among the special guests featured on his 2009 debut album Music To Brush Your Teeth To. Jaffa Clown Dog is the second single from his followup album Get Amongst It which came out in April and features special guest Chris T-T  and several bizarre lofi pigeon-themed promo clips that would easily pass muster as a video installation at Tate Modern.

EMILY BROTHERS - French Riviera [Starts 30:47]
Another Gareth Lloyd protégée - who was his guest on BBC Introducing in Beds, Herts & Bucks in May. "I am a singer, songwriter, musician, producer and recording studio owner/manager" says Emily. "I sing, play, write, record, edit, produce and mix everything myself and have recently collaborated with Mikee Goodman from SikTh and Primal Rock Rebellion. Music has got too serious - let's put some fun back into it with some empop". Hence the slightly unexpected URL of her website...

THE YOUNG VANISH - Amsterdam [Starts 33:40]
After busking his way around the world, Stu Vanish - aka Stuart Hudson - hosts the Acoustic Wednesdays (https://www.facebook.com/acoustic.wednesdays?sk=wall) open mic night at Manchester’s Tiger Lounge https://www.tiger-lounge.com/index.php/tiger-lounge-nights. "I wish I lived in Primrose Hill in 1967 - can you help?" he asks. Take it from one who was there at the time - you wouldn't have liked it, Stu. There's a wonderful poise and conviction to his performance on this song that simply can't be faked. Within ten seconds of the vocal starting I knew this was a must for our Mixtape.

THE RAILWAY CLUB - Broken Strings [Starts 36:57]
Originally a sideproject for Martin Trollope and Grant Lagan from The Union Choir, the Railway Club's steady rise through the Sunderland music scene continues apace. They followed up a strong set at Spllt Transmission last September with a performance at the main festival itself, before signing to Gateshead's Tiny Lights Recordings - home to The Lake Poets and O'Messy Life. Taken from their debut album this single is due out on July 9th - while a launch party for the album takes place at Newcastle's Cluny 2 this coming Friday (July 6th).

SHARLIZA JELITA - Strange Things [Starts 40:16]
What can we tell you about Sharliza Jelita ? "She bursts", we're told, "like brightly coloured confetti onto the music scene with her energetic live performance and eclectic music. Her quirky-pop debut album Strange Things is a snapshot of the musical eccentricity, originality and downright unique attitude and ability of Singapore-born Sharliza Jelita." It can be found to hear and purchase - together with the fascinating and sometimes harrowing back story of her life to date - via her website.

THOMAS McCONNELL - So Long, Souvenirs [Starts 43:57]
19 year old Liverpool songwriter Thomas McConnell is, he tells us, the driving force behind his own songs, ideas and head. Johnno Casson at Fresh On The Net described this as a "madcap song with 60's psychedelic overtures that grows on you bigtime: a real cracking tune showing tremendous pop sensibilities." If he has any further biographical information - or even upcoming gigs - Thomas keeps darned quiet about them on his Facebook page.

COP ON THE EDGE - Runaway [Starts 47:38]
Cop on the Edge are from "South Eats London" and consist of Jim (lead vocals and vitriol), Steve (guitar and Greek chorus), Anna (boards and technology) and James (drums and cricket). They met at Jim’s birthday party some years ago where Steve made Anna cry by re-enacting a Morrissey gig. Where a biography should be on their Facebook page you can read loads of descriptions of their music by other people (whatever artists imagine to the contrary - reviews and biography are not remotely the same thing). Their collective interests are "running, jumping, standing still". Great music though...

RAGNHILD NORDSET - You Started It All [Starts 51:36]
"Norse songwriter Ragnhild Nordset possesses a sweet, soaring voice, known to captivate and move her audience. She weaves intricate melodies with her emotive vocals to create a unique sound: unconventional songs of beauty, laced with dark undertones. She has cemented herself into the musical folklore of her new home of Liverpool and developed her craft on stages across the UK. The time has come for her career to set a new course upon the release of these songs to love to, cry to and most importantly - live to." So now you know.

MARK WYNN - Eyes Closed [Starts 57:00]
Poet Mark Wynn is "a mumbling/tumbling songwriter man boy from York" and although this track is the most rough-and-ready on this week's mixtape, it's also far and away the most interesting. Also check out Can't Complain on his website, where where life, ideas and his unstoppable acerbic flow fall over each other, competing to be heard. Mark's mini-book VACANT STUPIDS AND THE EVERYTHING BREAKS harks back to a pre-internet age of the handmade punk fanzine. It's well worth a mere quid online or you can get it with a physical CD for five. Like the early John Cooper Clarke or Mark E Smith, Mark Wynn has the potential for national treasure status twenty years down the line. And that's not something you'll hear me say often or lightly.

Mark Wynn - portrait by John Illingworth - with thanks to https://oneandother.com


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Tom Robinson Tom Robinson | 02:00 UK time, Monday, 18 June 2012

The Horn The Hunt In the small hours of a Monday morning from 2-3am you can hear a selection of my favourite new tunes compiled into an hour-long mixtape of nonstop music. All the audio is sourced from the BBC Introducing Uploader - some of it recommended by BBC colleagues across the Introducing network, and some discovered via Twitter and my own Fresh On The Net blog.

From 3am each Monday the latest mixtape is then available free via the 6 Music Downloads Page - where you'll also find archived episodes from the previous 4 weeks. All the tracklists and start times for each track are published here - together with a link to each artist's website.  Below are the listings for Monday, June 18th.

THE HORN THE HUNT - Gold [Starts 0:14]
Formed in West Yorkshire after Clare Carter and Joe Osborne (above) went travelling together in 2008. They returned to Leeds and released the results of their wandering - a first self-titled album - the following year under the group name The Horn The Hunt. They're currently working on a third album with drummer Conor Lawrence as a full member - and are joined by Alice Miller on guitar for live performances.

BARK BARK DISCO - Let's Do This [Starts 4:00]
Bark Bark Disco is a low-Fi pop band, fronted by former inventor Morris Woodcock - who does nothing to discourage rumours that he's the great-grandson of the legendary Red Baron, Manfred von Richthofen. The songs of Bark Bark Disco aim to create a raw and low-fi immediacy with catchiness befitting a Broadway musical. "Bark Bark Disco believes that music lovers should be able to share music at no cost" they say on their website "So here's our debut album: enjoy & share freely amongst yourselves, good people & we'll see you at our concerts."

DANIEL LAND & THE MODERN PAINTERS - Eyes Wide Shut [Starts 6:13]
Their first album, LOVE SONGS FOR THE CHEMICAL GENERATION was described by Drowned In Sound as "One of the finest records of its time", and was supported on radio by Rob Da Bank at Radio 1, Radcliffe & Maconie on Radio 2, plus Guy Garvey and myself here on 6 Music. Their second album THE SPACE BETWEEN US has just been released on Club AC30 - and you can read a fascinating in-depth interview with Daniel on the So So Gay blog: Part 1 here and Part 2 here.

EMORIE – Change [Starts 10:51]
What do you get when you combine an SP 12 (the classic drum machine & sampler combo made by E-mu), insomnia, violin, coffee, an apartment with no windows, day dreams, a Wurlitzer electric piano, night dreams, rain, love, machines, obsession and the digital audio workstation known as Fruity Loops ? What you get is Emorie - who consist of Adm (a classically trained violinist and beat designer) and Hunter - a selftaught kamikaze pianist and songwriter. They met at a show and formed a band and this first single from their upcoming album is out now.

THE LOW COUNTRIES - Brian Cox's Locks [Starts 14:48]
Nigel Parrington and Els D'hooge - aka The Low Countries - are an Anglo-Flemish duo signed to Nub Country Records. They write and perform harmonious, melancholic, and sometimes uplifting songs wearing an indie-folk-pop-acoustic hat. Their fourth album SUMMER'S LAST HURRAH contains 14 varied songs. The topics range from the weather and hopes of Spring to suicidal dreams and - in this case - the hairstyle of the nation's most famous pop star turned TV scientist.

GOLD ROAD – Madeline [Starts 16:32]
London 9-piece Gold Road describe themselves as "a freshly hatched springling ready to embark on a musical adventure of feelgood pop inspired by dancing around the room to your favourite Motown song. Expect catchy melodies, swooning harmonies, tightly arranged horns and feel-laden, infectious beats" they boast... "that will have you out of your seats and onto the dancefloor from the moment you hit play." Listeners, you can judge for yourselves at the launch party for their debut EP PLANES at Ginglik in London on July 5th. Details on their Facebook page.

FAMILIAR CREATURES - More Than Beasts [Starts 20:13]
We first played Familiar Creatures back in March when their song NoEmma instantly grabbed me with its fresh energy and tight playing and the vocals of their Irish-born frontman Brian Kelly made airplay for their first demo a certainty. Despite having been founded only last October they've further upped their game with this track More Than Beasts - which proved a reader favourite over at Fresh On The Net recently and drew warm praise from reviewer Johnn Casson. Disappointingly for live music fans their Facebook Page "does not have any forthcoming events". Come on, you promoters and venues... give em a few gigs!

CAJITA - The Stars [Starts 29:22]
"I make song. I make song! You pay me for song. You pay now. New video here". The 140 character limit of Twitter tends to produce artist bylines that are succinct and to the point. Cajita is the Bristol-born multi-instrumentalist and one-man-band Jay Chakravorty. Jay's biog is equally pithy and to the point: "I make music with computers, instruments, voices and loop pedals. Then I travel around the world and play that music at people. Sometimes they listen. One review called me a genius. Another one likened my music to cancer. Both reviews were written by fools." I've been loving his music and playing it on the radio since 2007 - and that isn't a review - it's a simple statement of fact.

JKLMNO - Where Sorrow Lays [Starts 27:54]
Named after a random row of letters in the alphabet, JKLMNO was formed in Wrexham by friends Carl Harrison, Daniel Pierce, Daniel Kehlenbeck, Elliot Knox and Nick Roberts. Their first EP was in 2007, their second drew support from BBC Wales and BBC Shropshire's Introducing show The Friday Night Gerbil. In 2008 they were selected to play Benicassim 2008 alongside the likes of Morrissey and Sigur Ros. They've since graced the BBC Introducing stage at T in the Park. Where Sorrow Lays is one of two tracks released in April as a Double AA preview from their forthcoming debut album, and available via their Bandcamp.

SHANE BEALES - Sapling and Buds [Starts 31:31]
This song comes from TEL AVIV - a six song "micro-album" inspired by micro-blogging and Springtime, which was favourably reviewed by The Guardian. For myself, as someone who shares Brian Eno's fervent wish that almost all songs were shorter, I warmly applaud the fact that Mr Beales manages to fit six songs (and a heartfelt, season-based narrative about disappointment and new hope) into just 15 minutes. This is an album inspired by - and crafted for - the attention span of today's Twitter generation and well worth three quid of anybody' money. Available from Shane's website.

REBEKAH DELGADO - Trying To Forget [Starts 33:59]
We first came acrosss Rebekah's work in April with a song from her newly-released EP SING YOU THROUGH THE STORM. We included Little Boy Blue in that week's Introducing Mixtape, played it on my Saturday show a week later, and make no excuse for featuring a second taste from said EP this week. It's available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, eMusic and all the usual online download stores, but also via her website as a free download for fans. There's a new single called Menage A Moi on the way this month, to be followed by her debut album in the Autumn. Like the artist herself, her website is tri-lingual with Spanish and Fresnch options. An artist we'll be hearing more from in future months and years.

THE B OF THE BANG - Wander (Through the Night)
[Starts 38:02]
"The B of the Bang is a collective of human beings from Portsmouth who use guitars, loops, mandolins, white noise, xylophones, accordions, banjos, feedback, shouting and percussion to conjur up melodies for maladies in the 21st century. The B of the Bang exists in an age of copyists and bandwagon-jumpers. brigands, blaggards and ne'er do wells. Its sole purpose is to sound unlike anything else you've ever heard whilst sounding exactly like everything else you'd ever want to hear. The B of the Bang is really just the sound of 6 people slowly losing their grip on reality. The B of the Bang will cure gout. And tennis elbow. Thank you." Nuff said.

BUILD MUSIC - The Installation Shot (Part 2) [Starts 41:07]
Build Music is just one of various ongoing music projects by renaissance man Paul Carr - MFA Fine Art Painting, The Slade, UCL. BA (hons) Fine Art Painting First Class, University of Newcastle. His practice includes music, performance, writing, publishing and radio. He's currently working on The Fifth Runway, a band and radio series based on a collection of narratives about the fictional London district of Endwell. Collaborators past and present include Jenna Collins (Murphy's Wave), Benedict Drew (Group Hobby), Eddie Farrell (Not Too Hot), Steven Lowery (GB STEAM TRAINS) and Chris Scobie (Murphy's Wave). The venues he's played include 12 Bar Club, The Bull's Head, Cafe Oto, Kentish Town Forum and Whitechapel Art Gallery.

BEAR DRIVER - Big Love [Starts 44:12]
Selfstyled "sunny-slacker pop exponents" Bear Driver have just released their selftitled debut album through Adventure Club Records - from which this single Big Love was a former Record of the Week for Shaun Keaveny. The band originated in Leeds where Oli Deakin and Harry Dean - having played together in other people's bands - finally enacted a longstanding plan to start their own by booking themselves a gig which then forced the group into existence. Fired up by an inspirational visit to New York and SxSW in Austin, they wrote and rehearsed their album in the Lake District before finally recording their it in a disused Bermondsey swimming pool. You can hear and purchase it via their Bandcamp page.

CORONER FOR THE POLICE - A Politician And A Gangster [Starts 47:13]
CFTP describe themselves as "loud: a band of musical reprobates with only one thing on their mind...meaty riffs. Songs that pull you out of peaceful slumber, slap you in the face, drag you into the street, and then give you some whisky to improve the fact that you're now standing in the road in your pyjamas with a stranger." They formed at the start of 2012 in a dingy warehouse. Gigs followed, beer was drunk, friends were made. This song comes from their Swamp Box EP which was released in May and a followup is expected by the end of the year.

GEORGIA RUTH - Through Your Hands [Starts 51:02]
Singer and harpist Georgia Ruth lives in Cardiff. She has appeared on the BBC Introducing stage at Glastonbury and at SWN festival. In 2010 she appeared at Green Man and at HMV's Next Big Thing series (opening for Mercury nominees Sweet Billy Pilgrim). She then opened for Seth Lakeman at some of his UK Summer dates and released her selftitled debut EP. This song is the oprning track on her followup EP In Luna - recorded by David Wrench in Snowdonia's Bryn Derwen Studios. It was released in March on limited 10" vinyl (with included download codes) and is also available via iTunes. Her next live appearance is at Dinefwr Literature Festival on June 29th.

NATIVE TONGUE - Read Lips [Starts 55:45]
Greg, Kev, Josh and Nick have been playing music on the London circuit for numerous years and originally came together under the name Jukebox Collective through a shared love of James Murphy and bands like Television and The Rapture. They played a session for us at 6 Music in early 2011 and subsequently caught the attention of The Kaiser Chiefs who booked them on their UK tour a year later. Read Lips - their first single under the new name - is released today (Monday June 18th) with remixes by Death in Vegas, Filthy Dukes and Hermanos Inglesos. They play London's Sebright Arms a week on Saturday (June 30th).


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Tom Robinson Tom Robinson | 02:00 UK time, Monday, 11 June 2012

Weird Shapes
In the small hours of a Monday morning from 2-3am you can hear a selection of my favourite new tunes compiled into an hour-long mixtape of nonstop music. All the audio is sourced from the BBC Introducing Uploader - some of it recommended by BBC colleagues across the Introducing network, and some discovered via Twitter and my own Fresh On The Net blog.

From 3am each Monday the latest mixtape is then available free via the 6 Music Downloads Page - where you'll also find archived episodes from the previous 4 weeks. All the tracklists and start times for each track are published here - together with a link to each artist's website.  Below are the listings for Monday, June 11th.

Longstanding favourites with Ruth Barnes and - let’s face it - all right-thinking fans of aggressive inyourface lofi Avon-based attackpop, Hysterical Injury (the definite article appears to be optional) consist of siblings Annie and Tom Gardiner. They grew up in Llandeilo, are now based in Bristol and Bath, and released their debut album DEAD WOLF SITUATION on Crystal Fuzz records in February 2012 thanks to part-funding by the Strummerville Foundation for New Music. They make a huge and splendid noise for just two people and you can buy the whole album via thehystericalinjury.co.uk – go on, you know you want to. Annie can also occasionally be found making music under her electronic side project name of Excellent Birds.

VASCO DA GAMA - Them Teeth [STARTS 4:15]
Having been the first to recommend them when he interned with us last Summer, Team Freshnet’s Chris Chadwick will be glad to see Vasco Da Gama on this week’s Fresh Faves. They describe themselves as a "Liverpool four-piece creating a dynamic and unpredictable racket, incorporating Latin rhythm and pop sensibility into the math-rock sound of 1990s Chicago and Washington DC." Personally I wouldn’t know 1990′s math-rock if it bit me in the leg but this track won me over within seconds at the Listening Post. You might imagine on first listen that its appeal lies in the aforementioned racket – all spacious guitar lines and spiky minimal drums, but for me it’s all about the vocals. The strangely memorable melody, peculiarly haunting lyrics and immaculate falsetto harmonies. This band could stand on a stage, sing this acapella and still bring the house down.

WEIRD SHAPES - Help Me To Land [STARTS 7:16]
I like Dan Spooner, I like Weird Shapes (see pic above) and I like this song. In fact I think it’s the finest thing we’ve heard from the band to date and you can hear its wonderful poise and texture for yourself on this week's Mixtape. Best of all was the band blurb Dan sent us to go with the music: "Beeb people!" he cries "We work bloody hard making music in and around our horrific day time jobs. All our relationships are strained to breaking point due to the seemingly endless amounts of money and time we put into this band. We’d be dead, dead chuffed if you played our music as it would go some of the way to excusing our selfish, musicianlike behavior in the eyes of our Wives & Girlfriends!" Sorry to bang on about this but this is a perfect embodiment of Steve Lawson’s maxim for band biogs: don’t waffle on about how GREAT you are, tell people how INTERESTING you are. They'll be much more likely to listen.

TURNPIKE GLOW - The Turn, The Pike And The Glow [STARTS 11:35]
Turnpike Glow are not the first ambitious Italian band to flee the glossy mainstream pop and closed-shop record industry of their homeland for a haven in the UK. Starting life in Rome they soon found themselves in demand as a local support act for the likes of The Futureheads and Cooper Temple Clause. In 2007 they started flying here to do live shows in th UK and core members Sandro Schiena and Giuseppe La Mela soon moved to London fulltime – armed with only their guitars and a bag full of European plug adaptors. They met, talked, laughed and eventually joined up with a UK drummer and guitarist and here they are – making perky upbeat synthy indiepop reminiscent of their fellow countrymen The Banshee. No bad thing in my book.

MUST BLAZE - Thiefs, Drug Dealers & Shooters [STARTS 15:27]
Must Blaze aka Olly Wyman was born and raised in Chigwell, Essex and currently resides in Cambridge. "I don't come from a musical background but did play trumpet as a child - and studied Music Technology at University" he says. Having succeeded as a DJ and producer Olly only recently started songwriting and made MTV's Brand New for 2012 list. "One day" he adds "I would like to just write songs for other artists." We played his first solo single "Made Me Stronger" last year and his first official mixtape and album are planned for release this summer. You'll find him on Facebook at /TheRealMustBlaze

Originally from Cork City, Carpool Conversation are now based in London. And how lovely – nearly 60 years on from the birth of rock’n’roll – to hear a track that’s not quite like anything one has heard before. Oddly accessible, charmingly eccentric, there’s nothing “radiofriendly” or “mainstream” about this mob. As a result they’re far more likely to produce a huge smash OMFG record in the coming months than all the indie-by-numbers Editors clones still being pushed at us by pluggers and record companies on a daily basis. I really really like this track.

NEON NURSE - Voodoo In The Basement [STARTS 24:09]
A trio from Colchester writing and performing Live Dance music - who consist of Darryl Powis, Nick Thorne and Charlie Hogan. That's all the info they gave us on the BBC Introducing Uploader, and more than you'll find on their Facebook page. Hold on, though - surely their brand new website will have a few facts about them - or at least some kind of biog ? Alas not. You'll have to just listen to this joyously fresh and summery tune of theirs instead. Not at all the kind of sound you'd normally associate with either voodoo or basements, but who cares. Enjoy.

Nathaniel Kidd is a London born and bred antifolk artist, musician, and writer. His stage name from 2005 to 2011 was Thee Intolerable Kidd but he’s since reverted for all public purposes to his birth name. In recent months he’s been collaborating via email with Mulato Pintado – aka Craig Louis Higgins Jr. from last week’s Fresh Faves Black Daniel. This is the title track from their forthcoming EP/LP, for which they’d already recorded four tracks at the last count. Senor Pintado meanwhile began his artistic career in a Lower East Side apartment with a core group of friends and even better enemies where he became Baron Von Butterplump "an innocent baby and bystander amongst the chaos. This led me to an unlikely place (London) and lifechanging experience as co-lead man in Black Daniel" where he still stands today "amongst the rubble of music dreams and aspirations. Which" he adds "brings me to now, Mulato Pintado, for now, and the foreseeable future. Hope you enjoy."

CROW ROAD - Panda Season [STARTS 30:42]
Crow Road are three dissertation-free Glasgow musicians, following the recent amicable but unavoidable departure of guitarist Jamie Turner. I’m sure they’d like me to tell you about the buzz that surrounded their early gigs, the record company interest, the fact that Jim Gellatly is a fan, and their forthcoming gig for Tenement TV at The Captain’s Rest. But in fact the reason you need to listen to this is for the assured writing, lovely melancholy Scots-inflected vocal, immaculate shimmering guitar lines, and above all the wonderful crisp drumming of Duncan Kelso – smack in the pocket, unobtrusively driving the song along – the very heartbeat of a band with a very big heart indeed. Find them on Facebook.

FOLD - We Must Speak (feat. Dr Martin Luther King Jr) [STARTS 34:11]
Fold is dedicated to bringing about social change. Weaving humanitarian voices like Martin Luther King, Kurt Vonnegut & poet Mr Gee into world-weary beats, Fold confronts society with an urgent call for change. Fold have committed to giving 3/4 of their profits to two organisations working to help achieve global equality: Kiva and the Tax Justice Network. Every purchase of a Fold record not only funds future Fold releases but also supports concrete steps towards a more equal and sustainable society. Fold’s debut EP We Must Speak is available now on most digital networks

THE GRAND - Giving Me Up [STARTS 37:12]
The Grand come from Wakefield, home of the Cribs and provide the following facts. "We released our first selftitled EP in October 2010 on Louder Than Bombs Records - and our second EP Harbour came out last December. We recently received plays from Tom Robinson on BBC 6 Music and have been asked for permission for our music to be used by Lime Productions. We are looking to release new music this Summer 2012 so watch this space... A mate described us as 'blokes, beards, choruses and skinny jeans heaven'. We practice in a converted barn in York and all drive biscuit tins."

Songwriter Matt Broadbent is also from Wakefield where he’s been writing, recording and performing for 14 years. He began his career in DUGONG. a post-punk band who released 3 albums on the Leeds label Bombed Out Records and extensively toured the UK and Europe. Seeking an outlet for his more acoustic material he then formed the band Nathaniel Green. And if UK-flavoured Americana is your thing you won’t find a more authentic-sounding expression of it than Matt’s latest project The Brown Hound James Band.

KILL MURRAY - Laser [STARTS 44:20]
Kill Murray are a brand new band from Oxford consisting of former members of Dial F for Frankenstein, 50ft Panda and Phantom Theory. Once again, it was Chris Hutchinson’s drumming that grabbed me right from the get-go. I know diddly squat about fashionable dressing, yet am assured by those in the know that it’s much the same with shoes: Get the shoes and/or drums right and sorting out a truly startling outfit from there on is pretty much a breeze. I saw them playing a quite literally acoustic set at the Holywell Music Rooms the other week - Gus Rogers’ lead vocal mic was turned off. However as you can hear on this track, with Kill Murray the precision kicks in and the energy starts crackling once the amps are cranked up to 11.

YANMOLBY - Actress [STARTS 48:20]
I’d always thought these singular noise terrorists Yanmolby were based in Bristol, but their Soundcloud gives their location as Oxford/Taunton, Britain (UK) and they ought to know. Formed in 2005 Beef "resides" while Daniel is – apparently – based "elsewhere". They share their name but almost nothing else with a fat Danish midfielder while admitting they "do like the Carlsberg and the bacon." Actress is so restrained for Yanmolby that you’d hardly know it was them – though they can’t resist getting a bit glitchy towards the end. I’d also recommend downloading more of their free tracks like La Corrida and Are You Awake… It’s just a shame we can no longer hear the first song of theirs that caught our attention back in February 2009: Broken Robo.

Nova Robotics are the Bristol based electronica duo of Martin & Tom. "We make noise and we can't stop now we've started." they say. "So far we’ve had the pleasure of playing at these lovely festivals: Secret Garden Party, Brighton Fringe Festival, Bristol Harbour Festival and Aeon Festival." And their biog finishes with an offer that fellow musicians and fans of their music may find hard to refuse. "We will" they add "Will kindly play your venue/supportslot/houseparty for travel expenses or maybe just free beer." The email address is on both their Facebook and Soundcloud pages.



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Tom Robinson Tom Robinson | 02:00 UK time, Monday, 4 June 2012

The BBC Introducing Mixtape: click for downloads page

In the small hours of a Monday morning from 2-3am you can hear a selection of my favourite new tunes compiled into an hour-long mixtape of nonstop music. All the audio is sourced from the BBC Introducing Uploader - some of it recommended by BBC colleagues across the Introducing network, and some discovered via Twitter and my own Fresh On The Net blog.

From 3am each Monday the latest mixtape is then available free via the 6 Music Downloads Page - where you'll also find archived episodes from the previous 4 weeks. All the tracklists and start times for each track are published here - together with a link to each artist's website.  Below are are the listings for Monday, June 4th.

THE WINTER OLYMPICS - I Prefer The Early Stuff [Starts 0:14]
The Winter Olympics describe themselves as "a dance-punk, indie rock and roll band from London who are not like the other bands. Inspired by the DIY dignity of Dischord records, the deft funk of DFA and the no-nonsense globe-shagging radio rock of the 1980s, the band tries to marry literate lyrics to dance rock party beats and positive punk jams. Their unmissably messy stadium-friendly live show mixes hands-aloft house piano, an earnest punk intensity and a boozy barroom bonhomie reminiscent of The Hold Steady."

[Starts 4:01]
Teni was born in London, spent her early years in Lagos and after studying History at the University College London and African Studies at SOAS, she moved back home to Lagos, home of Fela Kuti - and the birthplace of Afrobeat - where she founded a 12 piece band performing her own brand of feminine Afrosoul. She's currently putting the finishing touches to a selfproduced album to be called "Afrodisiac" - due out later this year. This is the latest taste of the new record to be released as a single and you can hear it on her website.

FIN - Stone Dead and Rising [Starts [Starts 8:21]
"I’m often at odds with the intention of writing a song" says FIN. "It’s impossible to hold up a mirror to the world and expect everyone to see the same thing. Words, like dreams, flow in strange, vivid and sometimes elusive ways. My songs are about the small moments, the cracks in time around big events, a look from a lover, the feeling of an empty room. A lot of it boils down to perhaps the strongest emotion of all - nostalgia - which can hold lives to ransom, or offer hope that can push you on. His debut album These Words Aren't Meant For Me is available via his website.

GEM_DOS - Sand Hands [Starts 11:04]
"I grew up listening to Drum and Bass and Electronica in South East London," says GEM_DOS "but am half Irish and have been living in Dublin for the last 5 years - where I've done music courses at The Sound Training Centre and The Academy of Sound. I've no idea what you'd call my music other than electronic - maybe you can have a listen for me and let me know... He regularly posts a fasciating selection of favourite tunes, poems, mixes and videos at https://gem-dos.tumblr.com

SONS BETWEEN GUNS - Galatea [Starts 15:48]
“We are” say Sons Between Guns in South East London “Paul Trivett and Thomas Whitelaw. We are both into a ridiculous amount of different types of music but we manage to fuze this all together to make a fresh and original sound… We write produce and mix all of our material, perform live and are signed To R-Lo Records.” Featuring early-80s Heaven 17-style synthdrum percussion, spooky tremelo guitar and sepulchral vocals this track comes from the label’s debut release, EP Red 1. A followup EP of remixes came out at the end of last month.

[Starts 19:56]
Softwhere are the Northern boy/girl electronic audio/visual artists - and friends of 6 Music Introducing - Jonny and Sarah. Here they've hooked up with local Tyneside singer Hannah Rickard for a single they released digitally last month. They describe it as "a political and personal anti-war response to seeing documentaries, news items, and hearing stories about victims of roadside bombs - and the cynical way young people are coaxed into joining up." It's from a forthcoming album titled A Few Weird Little Songs and Softwhere are currently making one of their trademark music videos for the song.

THE ADELINES - Little Games
[Starts 24:18]
A big favourite with our old friend Ruth Barnes from The Other Woman Music. She says: "this Swansea foursome are headed up by Jennie Morris on lead vocal and guitar - and Little Games is a neat tune. There’s a distinct lack of melody-driven indie rock at the moment and to hear Jennie’s vocal take off in the chorus of this song - followed by a lovely jangly guitar riff - is a welcome relief." Jennie formed the band in 2011 with Anton Dodwell on guitar, Eddie Russell on bass and drummer Ray Thomas they and named themselves after their next door neighbour's cat.
They play Cardiff's Surface Festival later today (Monday June 4th).

CHRISTA VI - Long Way Home [Starts 27:35]
Christa Vi is an Australian/German songwriter based in East London who lists her inspirations as
"life’s hard knocks, long plane journeys, walking alone in foreign cities, London’s noise pollution, the inner pain and beauty of others, overheard snippets of conversation - and a slight fear of losing that feeling." Her debut album will be produced by George Shilling (Coldcut, Yazz, Teenage Fanclub, Primal Scream etc) and released next year. Meantime this is the title track of her Long Way Home EP due out at the end of July 2012. She plays a London gig at Underbelly in Hoxton a week on Tuesday (June 12th)

DECADE IN EXILE - Patti’s Town [Starts 31:45]
Decade In Exile are from London and Liverpool. In 2010 Freya and Deal met at art school and where they formed the band with Ingle joining from Liverpool and Al who plays the bass. "We make experimental pop music" they say "and like recording on tape, old reels, cassettes and new digital stuff. We recently played the Sonic Cathedral night at The Social in London and our first self titled 6 track E.P/mini album is now available from Rough Trade Shops as a limited edition of 300 vinyl copies of Vinyl - along with new free downloads of the tracks on our Bandcamp page." Incidentally whoever wrote The Winter Olympics' biog could learn a lot from the above few sentences. Facts are a lot more interesting than flannel.

LUNCHBAND - Beach Song
[Starts 35:56]
"If there is one universal fact" say Tom Cale, Josh Jackson, "Mull" Mulligan and their drummer John Innis, "it is that everybody loves Lunch." Born in 2011 they've been busy "crafting the future sounds of your afternoon mealtimes that will have enough resonance to keep you hungry for more all day, no matter what course of the banquet you find yourself indulging in." They now playn to turn up the heat with the imminent release of their debut EP Rabbits, Princes, Phantoms & Beaches this month and would like to hear from any budding remixers who would like to get their hands on the stems of this track Beach Song. And they too play London's Underbelly this  Wednesday (June 6th).

[Starts 40:42]
From humble musical beginnings in a garden shed, Polly Paulusma signed to One Little Indian nine years ago and released her self-produced, home-shed-recorded debut album Scissors In My Pocket in 2004. The Independent described her as "the most literate songwriter of her generation". Her second album Fingers & Thumbs in 2007 was a difficult and intensely personal album made in the wake of a series of tragic miscarriages. Five years and two children later, Polly is about to release her joyful third album Leaves from the Family Tree which includes collaborations with Adem and Erin McKeown, As somebody said recently : "It just goes to show, all you need is talent… in this case: one woman, a guitar and a voice." Oh hold on... that was me.

NINETAILS - Blue Bottle Flu [Starts 45:09]
From Liverpool, NINETAILS sold out their debut EP, GHOST RIDE THE WHIP, in under two weeks and they're now working towards a debut album. We played their single Social Guesswork back in January and featured the followup Rawdon Fever on a previous Introducing Mixtape in April. Big thanks to Chris Chadwick from team Freshnet for turning us on to Ninetails - who've racked up impressive numbers of views and plays for their music with almost zero promotion. There's no substitute for sheer online word of mouth and - by all accounts - highly memorable memorable live shows.

HURACHE - Atishoo Atishoo [Starts 48:55]
From a sleepy fishing port in the South West of England comes an Urbane Music Collective founded in 2001 by brothers Mike and Dan Hall, both born and raised in Brixham ( "...and yes" they add "we say said Urbane not Urban. It’s not a typo.") Hurache is - they tell us - definitely a collective rather than a "group" or a "crew". They've been making a name by selling limited edition copies of CDs directly to the public in their local area while diligently practising and honing their production skills. This track comes from their 19-track debut album Digital Revolution - made and marketed defiantly outside "the Record Label establishment"...

BLACK DANIEL - People Watchin’ [Starts 52:08]
"When it doesn’t have five or four members, Black Daniel has a core of just three: namely the London-born brothers L.E. May and Lamik2000 together with the singular Craig Louis Higgins Jnr - who hails from New York via Cape Cod - and rejoices in the occasional stage alias of Mulato Pintado. The trio first met on the dancefloor of a Lower East Side disco in Manhattan, and quickly discovered a mutual love of animal tranquilisers and long walks in the rain. What ensued includes a series of Japanese stage invasions, cow bell solos, bloodied microphones, blow up dolls, leather pant experiments, Uncle Warren's trumpet, wigs, wood nymphs and general good times along the way. Black Daniel will be coming to a theatre near you soon…" Be afraid, be very afraid.

OF ARROWE HILL - The Stars Are Against Us [Starts 55:57]
In June 2010 a New York listener recommended a song called “You, The Night & Père Lachaise” which I liked so much we ended up playing it four times that year. OF ARROWE HILL – named for an area of Woodchurch on The Wirral – were formed in London in May 1999. Fans have ranged from John Peel to Julian Cope – and with, rave reviews for their fifth album and a sixth due in Spetember, the whole project – fronted by Adam Easterbrook – has taken on a whole new lease of life. This is the radio edit of their six minute single ‘The Stars Are Against Us’ which will be released on Ouija Board Records in July 2012. Facebook.

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