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Tom Teamlaverne Tom Teamlaverne | 03:00 UK time, Sunday, 26 September 2010


Hi folks

Here's what Tom played on Sunday


THE AGITATOR - Get Ready (NEW VERSION) https://www.myspace.com/theagitatormusic

HOLLERADO - Juliette https://hollerado.com

HOSHAL PATRICK - My Lady At Low Tide https://hoshalpatrick.com

MISTER SALMON - The Boy with the Big Dad https://mistersalmon.bandcamp.com


LIGHTS GO BLUE - Flashlights https://www.myspace.com/lightsgoblue

CRYING DAY CARE CHOIR - July https://www.myspace.com/cryingdaycarechoir

THINGUMABOB & THE THINGUMAJIGS - Imaginary Bear https://www.myspace.com/thingumajigs

TWIN FALLS - Janie I Will Only Let You Down https://twinfalls.co.uk


GRANDFATHER BIRDS - Fourteen Mile https://www.myspace.com/grandfatherbirds

SUPER ADVENTURE CLUB - Tommy Sheridan https://www.myspace.com/superadventuremusic

YUSUF AZAK - Eastern Sun https://www.myspace.com/yusufazak


LIGHTGUIDES - Chameleon https://www.myspace.com/lightguides

UP! DOWN! STRANGE! - Cliffs Of Fiction https://www.myspace.com/updownstrangemusic

WOODPECKER WOOLIAMS - The Lamentable Love Of The Barometer https://www.myspace.com/woodpeckerwooliams

ADMIRAL FALLOW - Subbuteo https://facebook.com/admiralfallow

COURTS - Cross Arms https://facebook.com/courtscourtscourts

PROUD PROUD PEOPLE - Broken Bread https://www.myspace.com/proudproudpeople

WOODENBOX (WITH A FISTFUL OF FIVERS) - Twisted Mile https://www.myspace.com/awoodenbox


TOWN - Smug Alert (SESSION) https://www.myspace.com/wearetown

CRASH.DISCO! - Something Like This https://www.myspace.com/crashdisco

BELLA SPINKS - Personal Demons https://www.myspace.com/bellaspinks

VINYL JACKET - Got The Badge https://facebook.com/vinyljacket

FRICTION TIP BANDISH PROJEKT (Feat. LAST MANGO IN PARIS) - Brown Skin Beauty https://facebook.com/bandishprojekt

SOVIET DISCO - Pandemic https://www.myspace.com/sovietdiscomusic

CLOCKWORK RADIO - State of Mind https://clockworkradio.co.uk


LIGHTGUIDES - Swizzlestick https://www.myspace.com/lightguides

GOSPEL - D.I.F.F.I.C.U.L.T.Y. https://soundcloud.com/gospel_uk

CHAD VALLEY - Portuguese Solid Summer https://www.myspace.com/hugomanuel


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