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Lack of runs costs emotional Vaughan

Jonathan Agnew | 16:30 UK time, Sunday, 3 August 2008

Of all the resignation press conferences I have attended, Michael Vaughan's was easily the most emotional. Visibly moved throughout, he choked when thanking his family for the support he has received from them during his five years as England's captain. Towards the end, we were all willing him through it.

Not one journalist in the room had expected to be there today. The managing director of England Cricket, Hugh Morris, spoke of his surprise at Vaughan's decision although Vaughan revealed that he had been considering it since England's victory in Napier in March.

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It is a time-consuming and pressurised job, but it was the lack of runs that did for Vaughan in the end. Fiercely proud and professional, he simply could not stand the constant debate over the value of his place in the team any longer.

It might also have started to affect the dressing-room - players will support and comfort their out-of-form captain for a while, but then respect starts dangerously to erode. Vaughan decided to quit before that happened.

Michael Vaughan leaves in his car after resigning as England captainAlso, there was an element of having little choice. Had England wanted to name five bowlers for the final Test, it would have been Vaughan who should have stepped aside. Had any other batsman been told do so for the sake of his captain, the integrity of the team's selection would have been called into question.

Had anyone suggested to me a couple of days ago that Kevin Pietersen would be captain at The Oval, I would have laughed out loud - and yet he is emerging as the most likely candidate from a depressingly short list. The man the South Africans call "Mr Ego" and who, only on Friday, was condemned by virtually everyone who has played this game at a serious level for his selfishness, appears to be the front runner from Andrew Strauss - who has not been in the one-day squad recently - and outsider Rob Key.

In his glowing tribute of Vaughan, Morris called him "a team player in every sense of the word." I do not think I could find anyone who could say that about KP. How would the captaincy affect his batting? Does he really need the burden? Or would the responsibility of the job concentrate his mind on his team and colleagues?

The last word goes to Vaughan. An Ashes-winning hero, Michael has been easily the most approachable, the most honest and the most interesting England captain to interview. He also owns the most beautiful extra cover drive in the world which I hope, after a break and a return to form at Yorkshire, we will see again very soon.


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  • Comment number 1.

    well, hope the media are happy, and everyone else who has blindly jumped on the 'let's get vaughan out' bandwagon. I unfortunately have to include the TMS team in this who also seem to have fallen into the media-hyped ways that are now affecting crcket so badly.

    I think time will tell and will show what a good captain and player vaughan is. ok, so he hasn't scored masses of runs for a few tests, but i'm amazed at the short-sighted nature of so many so called fans and pundits.

    clearly the best captain England have had for decades - puts the team before himself (as most poignantly shown today) - can anyone seriously imagine pietersen doing the same?? If england do well under him, it will be more about glorifying himself than the team.

    a sad day for english cricket.

  • Comment number 2.

    Vaughan has been fantastic for England as captain and he should be remembered as such. But it clearly affected his batting and was affecting England as a whole. To put England ahead of himself is a measure of the man and I applaud him for that. Same for Collingwood.

    As for the next captain, Aggers has already touched on it. Does KP have the mentality and more importantly, the respect of the dressing room to lead? He certainly would be a breath of fresh air though.

  • Comment number 3.

    Depressingly short list is about right! How does Key even get a mention? An average of 31 and 15 tests doesn't exactly make him a certainty for the team nevermind the captaincy. My memory of his batting at the highest level is that of "rabbit trapped in headlights" Would it be unfair to point out that minus his one big innings he averages in the very low 20's? Perhaps it would on reflection but his is hardly a record that fills one with confidence!

    I just can't see KP as captain material myself, at least not yet, that leaves Strauss...who has done well in the role before, but we are in danger of another MV situation if he can't find more consistency with the bat, and fast!

  • Comment number 4.

    Good column Aggers.

    Vaughan's reign was one of the best in English cricket, the only time I have seen English cricket put up some fight and stand up to the likes of the bigger teams. Considering the other captains before him, Vaughan has been inspirational - but he also had a great team with him like Flintoff, Harmison, Hoggard, Jones, Trescothick.

    The selection of the next captain is huge problem. I totally do not think KP is the person for the job, but unfortunately it does not look like any other person's place in the team can be taken for granted. It is quite a funny situation if you look at it. There are 11 people that need to be assembled for a game of cricket, but it looks like there is only one person who can find his name for sure in the team sheet for all three forms of the game.

    I think KP is tempermental, agree with Agger's comment that he is not really the team man that we'd like him to be, I do not think he is a thinker of the game, and I also kind of think he is a sore loser. It is also very easy for opposition to mess with his head by sledging and talking.

    It has been done before, for example, the appointments of Greame Smith, MS Dhoni - who did not have a lot of experience before they were elected captain. Atually KP has more than them. But they have been really astute captains.

    We'll have to see how the next phase of English cricket progresses without Vaughan. I personally think England has taken a HUGE step back today.

  • Comment number 5.

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  • Comment number 6.

    Vaughan has done a fantastic job for his country - but with success comes expectation and the scrutiny of living under the microscope clearly got too much.

    It's a sad state of affairs that the media attention is so intense nowadays that it inevitably has a negative affect on players who aren't performing at their peak. Any loss of form is so magnified by the media that it undermines players' confidence that much more - Harmison, Strauss, Collingwood and especially Vaughan have all suffered because of it. Vaughan has increasingly looked a shadow of the batsman he was 5 or 6 years ago, but let's hope that shedding the burden of the captaincy can help him find that form again.

    I'm really concerned that Pietersen is not the right man for the job - both because of his lack of the right qualities to be a good captain, but also because he is our best player and we can ill afford to lose his ability to get the top order out of trouble - especially now that our batting is looking so frail. I only hope that if KP is given the job he doesn't suffer the same fate as Vaughan.

  • Comment number 7.

    Sad to see him go but only Vaughan could make that decision. Personally I think it would be disaster for England and KP if he was elevated to the captaincy now, Strauss or Key but perhaps Cook as a younger forward looking choice?

  • Comment number 8.

    It's a shame that Vaughan has had to go but lack of runs really undermined his ability to retain his place on merit.

    His replacement? I hope that Andrew Flintoff is considered. By dropping down the order there is less pressure on his batting and there's little doubt he leads from the front with his bowling.

    England might as well bite the bullet on a couple of other team weaknesses too

    For the oval


  • Comment number 9.

    Sycophantic. Vaughan's position was completely untenable. His not going earlier arguably cost England this present series.

  • Comment number 10.

    Top quality captain who will be sadly missed, a great shame for the team. I think that the selection of KP for the role would be a big mistake - best player does not equal best captain (look how our beloved Freedie did). I feel it can only make his batting worse as more pressure is added, and I don't think he has the right type of character. I have always thought that Strauss would make a very good captain, and should be given a shot at the job. To bring in a player from outside the team to fill the role is madness. I really hope the right decision is made, as the wrong one would further destabalise the team and send us into spiral. Vaughans captaincy (forgetting his batting) was central to the team and needs very strong replacement

  • Comment number 11.

    Well done Michael Vaughan, for putting your team first. This courageous step will give England a valuable chance to try a potential Ashes winning captain against South Africa.
    Nobody can deny MV did his best against SA but sadly he has been without his Ashes winning form and showing no signs of recovering it since his return from knee injury .
    I am sad to see Collingwood quit, he has the best cricketing brain of the whole current set up but if in his heart he is sure he cant handle the job then we must respect his choice.
    I would like to see Flintoff as captain again. He is one of very few men in the world to take any trophy away from Ricky Ponting, and the way that he inspired the team to beat Australia 3 times in a row in the one day game shows that he learned fast enough playing against Australia to beat them.
    Australia surely doesnt want to come against Flintoff as captain next year, but I dont think they will worry, in fact they will be pleased if KP is the man, because his ego and lack captaincy experience will be his downfall.
    Kent´s Key would also be a good choice, a very steady hand on the tiller even if he has limited experiece against the best international bowlers.
    Andrew Strauss would also make a good captain, he clearly relished the task when entrusted before and his form improved with responsibility and control.
    For my money KP is the worst choice from the 4 obvious ones, and as an England supporter not an Australian supporter, i want to see England led by a man that even Ricky Ponting knows will be a formidable challenger.

  • Comment number 12.

    Congratulations on a great career, Michael. There have obviously been times when we opposition supporters haven't agreed with your approach, but I guess that goes for all competitive captains - hence the attitude of many posters on here towards Smith.

    I think you were a fine English captain who commanded respect around the world, and I think you will be missed more than most English fans expect.

    I must add that I think the idea of KP as a captain is a joke. Not because he 'used' to be a Saffa, but due to his obvious personality flaws.

  • Comment number 13.

    It is indeed a sad day, but he has dealt with his resignation in the same way that he has always dealt with serious issues as the England Captain - with intelligence, dignity and honesty.

    The significant two occasions when he became emotional in today's press conference was when he talked about his family. Firstly in describing his conversation with his father this morning and secondly when he talked of 'not being himself' at home with his family. For someone to say that in front of the very people who have contributed to that appalling situation took a lot of honesty and guts, and I for one applaud him for that.

    Thanks Michael, and I hope that we see you back in the team as a batsman in form soon.

    By Christ they need you.

  • Comment number 14.

    Well said, Aggers!!!
    It's just a shame that it had to come to this. Michael Vaughan deserves enormous respect for the way he had led England for the last 5 years. Having come back from one career-threatening injury, he has shown determination and no little skill. He is also a charming and modest man, and I sincerely hope that glorious cover drive will be much in evidence next summer.
    However, there are some in the media, including yourself Aggers, who need to look at this constant hounding of players - reporting on this player being dropped, or that player not being good enough. It has become more a feature over the last few years - probably because of blogs like this - but it doesn't help the situation. For example, Colly was said to be playing '... probably his last Test innings' on Friday. For heaven's sake the guy was brought back for this match!! Surely we don't want to go back to the old days of picking players for one Test at a time, then throwing them out to replace them with someone not ready for this level. Continuity has been the basis of England's success over the last few years - changes need to be made, but we don't need a total clear-out.
    With regards to the new captain, I have said before in this blog that I feel the selectors should pick their best 11 - then choose a captain from there. The logical choice for the rest of the summer is Pietersen - the only possible candidate guaranteed his place in the side. As you rightly point out, the responsibility might be the making of him.
    Sorry for the long post!!!

  • Comment number 15.

    As usual, English short-termist thinking has given rise to a big mistake. Why can't we take the longer view. Vaughan's batting would have come back if he were not under the sword of Damocles. It was more important to groom and develop a new leader of the same calibre rather than let one result cause a knee-jerk reaction.

    I grieve for the immaturity and lack of wisdom that is so often desplayed by key decision-makers in our country - and that's not confined to cricket.

  • Comment number 16.

    Am I the only one who thinks that the Higher Ups have gladly let MV fall on his sword rather than take any personal responsibility for how the team has been performing of recent? MV is doing the right thing, but really, it should have happened before now, and it shouldn't have ultimately been his decision to make, otherwise what on earth is the point of having selectors, managers, coaches, et al?

    As a side issue, Aggers, I was interested to see you say that MV was the most honest Cpt you've interviewed, since nearly every interview I read was the stock rotation of memorised cliche answers. Actually, I gained more respect for him when he made those comments about Pattinson's selection, and took a pop at you! At least it showed he wasn't a robot after all.

    For all that I'm glad that he's stepped down, I hope he can get his head sorted, and that the time in County Cricket gets him back on track.

  • Comment number 17.

    What a sad weekend for English cricket. Michael vaughan has been an outstanding leader and with Duncan Fletcher formed the best team that we have had in the past 25 years.

    I am sure if he hadn't had the weight of captaincy around his neck we would have seen the best of his batting skills more often than in recent times. I hope for one that he can get back to being the batsman he was, and go out of test cricket on a high note in a year or so's time.

    KP for captain - I am not sure - he has the freedom to play instinctively as he does now which he wouldnt be allowed if he was captain - he would be half the players he is with the other responsibilities on his shoulders. But it seems that there is no one else - bar Strauss perhaps, but he would have to be in the one day side.

    One other thing - why has no one queried Flowers role as batting coach? He has arguably the best 6 players in the country and has made them worse players if anything. And Moores seems to be getting off without criticism either?

  • Comment number 18.

    I'm glad that Vaughan has done the decent thing and gone now rather than wait to be sacked. The comparisons with Graeme Smith do him few favours. I have never believed that his powers of captaincy were sufficiently awe inspiring to allow him to be a passenger in the batting department. Judgement is of course clouded due to the events of 2005 but it should always be remembered that but for one poor umpiring decision we would have lost those Ashes and Vaughan would probably have been replaced the following year when injury ruled him out for so long.

  • Comment number 19.

    Pietersen has all the attributes required to be the best batsman in the world over the next decade. What he does not need is England's management making the same mistake they made with Flintoff in the Ashes series and selecting a captain on public popularity, image and cricketing ability.

    Yes the new captain must have all three, but KP is a talent best left untouched. I am sure he wants the captaincy, and he may even deserve it, but every captain we've ever had has suffered in form whilst leading the country.

    We cannot allow this to happen to Pietersen; he is too good a prospect to be burdened by the responsibilities of leadership in this way.

    And if you disagree then consider some of the best - and most successful - players of recent times and ask yourself how many have captained their country (Warne, Murali) or been as successful whilst doing so as they were beforehand (Dravid, Inzamam, Tendulkar)...

  • Comment number 20.

    Michael Vaughan will be sorely missed. Whoever his replacement is they surely cannot match up to Vaughan's credentials. The Aussies must be over the moon. The names bandied about as his replacement lack one thing - man management which Vaughan has in abundance. A sorry day for English Cricket. Finally, what about the shambles in the background? Moores and his team have taken England backwards. They are full of contradictions such as different Captains for the different forms of the game suddenly now reversed. That together with playing a wicketkeeper totally out of his depth against a top Test Cricket team just because of consistency. If it was consistency they wanted they should have kept Vaughan. Surely Moores and his team should do the right thing and fall on their swords.

  • Comment number 21.

    Well done Vaughan, a very dignified and well timed resignation.

    Hope he bats his way back into the team.

    Let's get behind whoever takes over.

    If KP takes that job, Aggers, give him a chance! He might be brilliant. Then it will be humble pie time for you and your trump card: "everyone who has played this game at a serious level".

  • Comment number 22.

    Making KP captain now could be the worst decision they ever make. He needs to learn the team came first, not what's good for KP.

    Rob Key is a very clever skipper and he can't be worse than what we had.....time to be bold selectors........if they know what bold is

  • Comment number 23.

    Vaughan has been a great captain, and his place in history is secured. I agree that the constant speculation over his place can only have been damaging for him and the team, but how can such criticisms be avoided with so many sub-par innings in recent tests.

    I have great respect for him for stepping aside with dignity as he has done, and hopefully he will regain form as a player.

    With the remainder of the team as it is the only natural captain appears to be Pietersen i.e. in terms of consistent performances and un-droppability unless (by the same logic as Boris Johnson beacme mayor) Panesar is to be the next in line.

    KP may not be the greatest team player, but maybe the captaincy will force him to be. He also must have some leadership abilities by all the times he's looked after Bell, and seemingly single-handedly revived Colly.

    Whoever gets chosen - the very best of luck

  • Comment number 24.

    "It was the lack of runs that did for Vaughan in the end"

    No it wasn't

    It was ex-pro's like yourself and Atherton (Easily the worst England captain in 20 years) and many other, most of whom are nowhere near the level of cricketer he is now, nevermind at his peak, you don't have the right to critise people like Plunkett never mind Vaughan! The media pundits have been after his blood since the Ashes, the media love bringing people low and you've done it. So Aggers I hope your happy with a good years work!

  • Comment number 25.

    Michael Vaughan has been a great England captain, in fact the stats show he has been the most successful ever, leading England to 26 victories in 51 tests. He also has the accolade of having regained the ashes after so many years in 2005, backed up of course by the best performing England team in years.
    However, the stats also show that he has scored over 50 in only 7 out of the last 31 innings ( 2 tons and 5 50s). This is not good enough of a batsman supposed to be 1 of the elite in English cricket.

    As a batsman in recent times MV has not warranted a place, as have so many of his counterparts in the upper order. England are constantly 'held together' by 1, maybe 2 people performing well in recent times, and how often has it been 'heroic' efforts from the bowlers?

    This is the difference between England and Australia, who must rightly be regarded as the benchmark of world cricket, as their team performs because 4 or 5 of their individuals perform regularly and consistently. Is it any surprise to see that they have 3 of the worlds top 10 ranked batsmen in their line up, and 4 of their top order average 50+ in tests?

    The difference between the 2 sets of players? The Aussies are hungrier, more determined, stronger mentally - they believe 110% in their own and their collective ability. In short they just 'want it' more. Not to mention that they are technically better.

    Jealous? Damn right I am. We have talent in the English game, it just gets stifled out by the mediocre County scene and its reliance on foreign imports.

    Anyway, rant over, thanks MV for some good memories, and lets hope the powers that be have some 'balls' and make challenging changes to the team/squad in order that we may unearth some genuine potential for the future.

  • Comment number 26.

    What a dignified and humble resignation from Vaughan. Will Miller, Moores, Gibson and Flower step up to their responsibility and do the same?

  • Comment number 27.

    Sad but inevitable news. Even the great Brearley could only last so long as a non-batting, non-bowling captain. BTW I always wondered why Vaughan never rated his own bowling.

    Looks like the KP bandwagon is already unstoppable and other posters have set out most the reasons why it shouldn't be him.

    I am the only one who thinks that Bell is actually the sort of thinking cricketer who ought to make a good captain. I know, I know - serial under-achiever, but would he thrive on the extra responsibility or wilt? He's surely a better 'team choice' than The Ego?

  • Comment number 28.

    A sad day but an inevitable one. MV had no choice after being slated by all the press and his inability to score runs particularly in this series. However, I agree with another comment here that Moores and his team have got off lightly here. Should they not take some responsibility for the pathetic performance of the team in this current series? We have lost to a good side not a great one , a side we should have beaten. Unfortunately a side that had more determination than we did and a damn site better application. Too many England players left it to someone else to bail the team out!
    I for one hope that MV scores shedloads of runs and comes back into the team at No.3 as he is one of the best when on form and the best to watch!
    Good luck Michael and see you back in the Ashes!

  • Comment number 29.

    Good blog Aggers.

    MV has been a great captain but he needs a rest and the team need a change. I cannot beleive we are going to pick KP, it will repeat the Flintoff error (is is just to sell more shirts!). Strauss did a great job 2 years ago and was very badly treated then, he really deserves the chance now. Collingwood will be a better player for standing down as well.

    Personally I think fast bowlers should never be captain and neither should all-rounders, they have a enough to do.

    For the next test I think Sidebottom needs a rest and Broad has just had one, so an obvoius swap and Shah should come in for Vaughn. As a Bears fan I would like Ambrose to have a longer run but understand that he needs to show more with the bat.

  • Comment number 30.

    Sorry to see Michael go, he was a smashing captain who unfortunately lost his form. Make KP captain and you will regret it, you don't pick a person to steer a ship who might be good at it if he gets to the wheelhouse. You pick someone with the proven ability or showing signs of having the ability to lead and guide.
    KP had a good innings of 94 granted, but what was required was a lot more than that and he played selfishly and got out! Why did he not put the team and his adopted country first? Well because he is first and foremost for KP.

  • Comment number 31.

    Alistair Cook should be captain

  • Comment number 32.

    I agree with the sentiments of those saying that Vaughan's demise has been media-led. If this is how the media treats a guy who took England to their finest series victory in years, I shuder to think how they will treat a new inexperienced captain. That's the English media for you though.

    Michael Vaughan right now is a better captain of England than Peter Moores is a good coach of England. The Moores regime has been one of indecision and inconsistencies, be it the on-off career of James Anderson as an opening bowler or the ludicrous situaiton over the wicketkeeper (who shall we have now?). Moores should have gone before Vaughan. Last summer people were prepared to give Moores some slack, to let him experiment and try to develop his plans. This season was his judgement season and he has shown to be lacking.

  • Comment number 33.

    New England captain? How about the man guiding the team at the top of the County Championship, which is meant to be the breeding ground for Test cricketers?
    So that would be Chris Read then. Can't see the selectors going for that one, even though that would kill two selectorial birds with one selectorial stone.
    Please not KP. It could ruin him and ruin us. Only Cook, Flintoff and Pietersen are sure of their places in the team. KP would be a mistake, Freddie doesn't want or need it, so that only leaves Cook. Not exactly spoilt for choice are we?
    I think it has to be Strauss for now. Typically, we are not going to appreciate Michael Vaughan properly until we have had to live without him for a while.

  • Comment number 34.

    English International cricket is in imminent danger of collapse if the whole set up is not reviewed at this opportunity.

    Do we have the right coach? - I doubt it.

    The current selection debacle for the previous test beggared belief and those responsible should go.

    There is a paucity of choice for captain - Strauss or Key. How about Cook for the future? Certainly not Pietersen.

    Just for once can we think out of the box and lay proper modern thinking foundations for the future.

    It is a true saying - you are only as good as your last game.

  • Comment number 35.

    Looking through the career photos was very revealing. Apart from a fluky win over OZ and SA overseas once, who did he beat? Bangladesh, West Indies and NZ- three of the weakest and worst 'Test' sides in history. Nuff said.

  • Comment number 36.

    Never wanted Moores in the First place, l always wanted Moody as he was a proper cricketer who had won something!

    Moores has to go full stop!
    Anderson is not a test cricketer full stop!
    Dont play bowlers who are unfit full stop!

    Get a grip of the situation before we loose 5-0 next summer!
    And get summer test cricket away from sky and back on normal Tv for Everyone to watch and get into,...fullstop!

    Well done MV, you were great, come back and show what a great batsmen you are!

    And finally Aggers, what a poor corrrespondent you are!
    How can you pass judgement on so many who play when you were such a poor cricketer yourself, god only knows how (1) You ever played cricket (2) How you ever played test cricket and (3) How the BBC thought it would be good to give you the top job on BBC cricket when you know jack though you think you know more than Jack even though you dont!

    We shall overcome!.....if the BBC dont delete us all!

  • Comment number 37.

    Imagine you're an England cricketer in a tough series, whilst being coached/managed/captained by the dream team of KP and Moores.

    hahahahaha - talk about the lunatics in charge of the asylum.

  • Comment number 38.

    Vaughan has been an excellent captain whose time has unfortunately run out.
    Perhaps now is the time to finish with this
    pallsy "Club Egland" by eliminating this somewhat childish habit of abbreviating surnames and sticking a "y" on the end.
    Maybe we should have a captain of some stature (whose name already ends with a "y") i.e. KEY.
    Unfortunately, some of us of a certain age will always associate KP with peanuts and not an England cricket captain.
    Come what may, I shall be looking forward to the upcoming game at the Oval and giving England my utmost support.

  • Comment number 39.

    Hear , hear get cricket back on the BBC where it belongs!!
    That's why we pay our Licence Fee!

  • Comment number 40.


    Calm down mate. Aggers has surely played at higher level than you. Maybe you should apply for his job and give us your insights.

    Oh, and by the way he's right.

    As for your Full Stop points, how old are you. You'll be writing fact after everting you type in your next post.

    Get over yourself you plonker.

  • Comment number 41.

    Oh for Vaughan to rediscover his form from down under all those years ago. He's been a great skipper, but the team has unravelled this season and needs a new regime to bring them into line so they're fighting for each other with single purpose again.

    We have to face facts - there are no suitable candidates around the current squad to replace him as captain. So how about an imaginative selection from left field, or at least behind the stumps?

    Chris Read is still the best keeper in the country. He's actually also proved himself the best batsman of the decent keepers many a time. Ambrose has been hopeless behind the stumps and with the bat. Read is county captain (of the league leaders) of Sidebottom, Broad and even Pattison, so he has good knowledge of the team's bowlers and how to use them to best effect.

    He's never had the chance he's deserved. Miller would do an awful lot worse than to offer it to him now.

  • Comment number 42.

    I'm pretty gutted to hear him leave as this is probably the end of him for England. How anybody can question him as a captain amazes me. His runs dried up, but if Collingwood can knock his way into form surely Vaughan could have done . Theres no reason why he can't produce some of his earlier form as a top quality batsman and Vaughan on his day would get into any top 4. He would certainly be in my team to bash the Aussies around the grounds next summer. KP for me isn't the team player like Vaughan, he'd much rather be paid millions to go smashing sixes in India than lead England out against the Aussies. I couldn't call the captaincy i just pray that Flintoff's name doesn't pop up.

  • Comment number 43.

    It's pretty much certain now that Pietersen will be given the role, however I feel that Ian Bell would have been an excellent choice to skipper England. I think KP can have a lot of success in the job, so long as it does not begin to affect his batting performances.

  • Comment number 44.

    Why did it take Mr Agnew by surprise that Vaughan would walk away today? In many senses it was the obvious thing to do, and Vaughan’s words and demeanour when interviewed post-match last night suggested it was a distinct possibility. The series is lost, let a new man the helm and give the team a fresh start. Vaughan’s batting, as Mr Agnew himself has pointed out time and time again, is well short of Test standard. (For what it’s worth, so is Collingwood’s, and despite his admirable hundred, he is fundamentally not good enough and needs to make way as part of this new beginning).

    Further, Mr Agnew’s reflections on Kevin Pietersen show a lack of insight. If he were a better judge of character, he would have noticed that Kevin Pietersen is not at all ‘selfish’. In fact he clearly takes great pleasure in the success of others, and is well liked by his team mates. This is a good start for a captain. Moreover, he is one of the only people – taking into account both ability and fitness – whose place in the team is not up for discussion. He probably ought to have exercised better judgement when on 94 last Friday, but as has been pointed out many times, his extravagant strokeplay and self-belief are what make him the player he is. That being said, the captaincy, which I predict will certainly go his way, may help to round out his character a little.

    Perhaps, Mr Agnew, it’s you who needs to consider your position. Often it seems you are just making things up as you go along.

  • Comment number 45.

    well done to all who jumped on the sack vaughan bandwagon,there goes the ashes.rickie ponting will be sitting in his mansion rubbing his like to congratulate mv for been best english captain in living memory.record stands up for itself.a gentleman.lets hope he gets form back playing for yorkshire and gets back in test team soon as.theyl need more team england,bring on team kp.not

  • Comment number 46.

    #41: How about Pattinson now for captain?

  • Comment number 47.

    Here we are within a year of the next Ashes series, and we have been depriived of the second finest captain England has had since 1970 - Mike Brearley being the finest - and Why???

    It is simply because the BBC Correspondant and other journalists could not think of anything better to talk about - personally I would like to see Jonathon Agnew tend his resignation too - he is inane in the extreme, and clearly knows nothing about cricket - his suggestion of Pieterson as next captain illustrates this.... Find me one Australian Journalist who thought that Shane Warne should captain Australia????

    However Mr Agnew has done nothing but put pressure on the English Captain, for his personal lack of runs, despite his masterful captaincy in the field, and his clearly motivational talks before each session.

    In Michael Vaughn, England had a captain who could see the big picture, and who stared down the barrel of a gun in the Ashes in 2005, and faced it, and won.

    In Jonathon Agnew, the BBC employ a journalist who's lack of imagination and passion for the game forces him into sensationalist tabloidesq headlines, and undermining the finest talent in English Cricket for quite some time.

    Mr Agnew, your time is up. Please resign.

  • Comment number 48.

    A further point:

    A modern cricket team needs to be about a squad, not simply a team of eleven players. This is particularly so for the bowlers. Flintoff, Broad, S. Jones, S. Harmison, Sidebottom, Anderson, Panesar and Adil Rashid should be part of a bowling squad that rotates according to conditions and fitness. We should then think in terms of one or two of these bowlers being rested, not dropped.

  • Comment number 49.


    Why is there all this bile towards Aggers? Do you claim you saw this coming today? Do you have the lottery numbers as well?

    KP is a selfish half wit. He is also South African. That's why he souldn't be made England captain, amongst a whole host of other reasons.

  • Comment number 50.

    Of course it was the lack of runs that did it. He said as much himself. How could England continue to have a player in that position scoring runs that wouldn't flatter a number 10 or 11.

    Continuity is one thing but carrying passengers like him is another. Sorry to say that as he still looks good when playing well and has served us proud in the past but he seems past it now. I would love to be proved wrong though as it would be great to see a rejuvinated Vaughan back for the ashes.

    His resignation will allow England to select 5 bowlers, including Broad who is starting to look like a very talented all-rounder, as Flintoff is once again showing he can be. This in turn allows Ambrose to come in at a less pressured number 8.

    I'd pick Straus as captain of the test team. Maybe KP for the shorter forms where his natural aggression would be more appropriate.

  • Comment number 51.

    MV has shown his moral stature - a few million miles higher than that of media commentators who've done their best to trash him in recent weeks - and yet again, as with the one-day captaincy issue, he stole a march on them too! Hats off to him for that (amongst myriad other things). And nul points to the toxic media who should be brought to book in the same way as they bring our players to book every time they have the temerity to venture out on a field.

    I thought it was most interesting that Oliver Brett comments in another part of this site that KP is the marketing men's choice. So, we now run the England cricket team based on marketing men's requirements ?

    KP has no qualifications whatsoever to be captain of team: plus he is utterly selfish. How can he possibly shoulder the burden of captaincy whilst being obsessed with being the best batsman in the world? Batsmen tend to decline when they become captain of the team (not just MPV, but also Ganguly - Ponting is a total exception).

    Come back Vaughany when you're back to your best - those supremely elegant cover drives are a joyous memory to me...........

  • Comment number 52.

    Personally I think MV has been very brave, and he knew it was time, much like Hussain before him

    Perhaps its time for the selectors to be brave as well. Personally I think if KP wants the job the selectors will give it to him to save upsetting him

    Personally I would bring Rob Key back as an opener for Strauss who looks a shadow of the player he was and bring David Sales who's had a great season into the squad. Bring Prior back so we can play 5 bowlers. Prior, Broad and Flintoff should all be able to contribute so as long term we can go back to 5 bowlers as move into the Ashes

    My Oval XI

    KP (c)
    Prior (wk)

  • Comment number 53.

    Agreed mediamofo, Pattinson is the obvious candidate. Not only has he been performing well at county level, but he is well respected in the dressing room and has solid first hand knowledge of the old enemy. With his accent, he may even come in handy during sledging practice. "Come on Belly mate, that all you got?"

    Finally, those tiling skills mean he has something to fall back on when the media turn on him and his picture would look good in the Longroom.

  • Comment number 54.

    Firstly, well done Vaughany for a fabulous run as captain, and also for quitting now in order to give your successor a chance to start with a dead rubber. All good things must come to end, etc etc. And it was time to go.

    Secondly, PLEASE do note make Pietersen captain. How can he possibly be regarded as good captaincy material? Strauss is the obvious choice. He has a 100% winning record as test captain for starters, and the responsibility will very likely help his batting back to its previous excellent form. He should have captained England on the last Ashes tour (probably pleased he didn't have to mind you!). And why make such a fuss about having the same captain for both forms of the game? They are completely different disciplines. Pick Pietersen for one day captain if you must. Pick anyone. I don't care. But don't let him captain the test side - a role which takes guile and subtlety. I haven't noticed much of either about Mr Pietersen.

    If the selectors pick KP I shall hire a JCB, drive to St John's Wood and DIG UP Lord's.
    That'll learn 'em.

  • Comment number 55.

    So I'm the only one who thinks Pietersen could make a really good fist of being captain, I see?

    People said exactly the same of Nasser Hussain, that he was too self-absorbed, too selfish and not sensitive enough to the needs of other players to be England captain and he was an even better captain than Vaughan when you consider what he had to work with in terms of players compared to Vaughan.

    The truth is that when anyone becomes captain they have to change and adapt to the role regardless of their personality before.

    Pietersen is clever enough to do this and is a smart cricketer. He adapts to bowlers and situations better than any other England player, which bodes well for the tactical skills needed as captain and has a really fierce desire.

    The only argument I can see against him becoming captain in the lack of any real alternatives who are worth their place in both forms of the game (Ian Bell is the only other England player I would say has this status for definite aside from Flintoff) is that it would affect his batting. I think that in his case the extra responsibility might take the rough edges off it and make him even better.

    Let's face it, he will be chosen so maybe it is best to support him. He will need time, but so did Vaughan.

  • Comment number 56.

    I find it rather odd, that Collingwood has also stepped down. Especially since Moores was only quoted a while back as to saying that the 1day and test captain should be 1 and the same.
    I think that Vaughan made his own decision but just how much of a decision was it from Collingwood???
    I sence that there is something else happening in the background without us knowing.
    If they make KP captain of both side then i can only forsee dark clouds ahead for the English cricket team.

  • Comment number 57.


    Revisit the immediate post-match interview Vaughan gave and you will see many reasons to predict his imminent resignation, which I did in fact, as if it matters!

    Your remarks about KP’s intelligence and nationality are both silly and incorrect.

  • Comment number 58.

    I personally would like to see Strauss given the job, he looked good in the role previously and would have the respect of the dressing room. KP doesn't need the hassle of the job, he's already getting criticism and he's not even captain!! No other country in the world would hammer their best batsman the way we do.

  • Comment number 59.

    Agnew was so much a part of the media bandwagon on Vaughan's case the whole time. Well now that Pietersen is being touted he has positive things to say about Vaughan and has already stazrted attacking Pietersen who is despite what people say a team man.
    If only Agnew could stand down

  • Comment number 60.

    Sad to see Michael Vaughan leaving before the end of a series where England have failed to perform and seem to be carreering on the downward slope that followed the 05 Ashes victory.

    People who blame "the media" should listen to the reasons MV gave himself - he feels physically good but isn't up to the pressures of the job mentally. Surely the pressures have more to do with working out how to get Smith and Mackenzie out and how to defend the meagre totals England's top-order batsmen have been making with bowling attack that isn't up to the task that what he's going to read in the next day's papers.

    MV has been the best England captain I've seen in my time watching cricket (including Brearley) even though Hussain and Athers were a hard act to follow (but whose job was arguably harder pre central contracts and Team England).

    I hope MV looks back on his stupendous achievements with satisfaction and am sure we'll see him back in the team in the near future - no England player is better to watch when he's on form.

    Coming at the same time as Collingwood's resignation as one-day captain, this doesn't put the England management in a great light and makes it seem all the more ridiculous that Fletcher had to leave under a cloud. He would never have lumbered his captain with a bowling attack he didn't trust (as Vaughan has at Headingley). And would he have tolerated a situation where two of England's senior players suddenly find themselves so weary of the year-round treadmill of international cricket that they can't cope.

    Perversely, MV's resignation may help England - for me the big weakness of the team is the lack of runs in the upper order. If he gets back in form I hope to see him opening with Cook or coming in at 3.

  • Comment number 61.

    I remember reading an article in The Times a few months ago - I don't remember who wrote it - which spoke about how coaches have a 'shelf life' and, of course, at the time the reference was to Duncan Fletcher. I feel the same could be said for Michael Vaughan who, despite being a brilliant captain, gradually found that it took too much of his time and energy and his batting suffered exponetially. His tenure as captain was surely nearing its natural end anyway (barring some miraculous return to form) and it is good that he took the time to make a decision the selectors should have made a long time ago.

    This is not to disparage him of course; as Aggers said, he has some beautiful shots at his disposal and we all know how good a captain he is, but really I think he was at the end of his shelf life as captain, but I wouldn't mind seeing him back as a batsman some day without the extra burden; how useful would that be in the Ashes?

    As for the successor KP is indeed the only obvious choice and yes he is brash and arrogant but to be honest his last innings was the only time I've really seen him be selfish and even then I don't think he deserved the criticism he got (particularly from Mr Boycott who was probably one of the most selfish batsmen of his era) and I do think he could be inspirational. He has a unique style laced with aggression so let's give it a chance. England, after all, play at their best when they are aggressive.

  • Comment number 62.


    Why is it silly to say that KP isn't the sharpest tool in the box. His shot on 94 proved what a lame brain he is, (and that isn't the first time he's done something as stupid as that.) England had SA just where they wanted them and he threw it away. (Collingwood was equally stupid but got away with it.) That doesn't mean he isn't a top player.

    Oh, and he is South African. That's not silly it's just a fact.

    I'm all for KP getting the job, but will you back here in 18 months when the Ashes have been lost again and KP has played some arrogant and thoughtless shots, saying he should go?

  • Comment number 63.

    What a disaster. I thought we were starting to look a reasonable side again with Flintoff back.

    Apart from being a great captain and easily the best we have available, I would have thought Vaughan might have tried batting at no.6 to recover form before resigning.

    I also think people underestimate what a good side SA are. It may be that they are now even better than Oz. Losing wasn't that bad if Flintoff is now fit and Harmison can produce some consistency. However, the real problems could start now if we name Pieterson as captain. It reeks of the same stupidity as when Flintoff was named. Great player does not equal great captain. I'd go for Strauss .

    Ironic that if Pieterson had not given it away on 94 we might not be having this discussion.

  • Comment number 64.

    Vaughan had to go but a mercenary Saffer to captain England ? No thanks.

  • Comment number 65.

    Mike Atherton has commented as follows:"If you're talking about someone to take on both jobs then Kevin Pietersen becomes the number one candidate" as he is "one of the few people who can be guaranteed their place in both teams." It is a fairly sad indictment on the state of English cricket that this is a reason for appointing the next captain. The cupboard of talent is clearly bare. Appointing someone as selfish and egotistical (however talented he may be) cannot be the right step to take. KP needs to prove he can put the interests of his team and country before himself before he is handed the honour of captaining England.

  • Comment number 66.

    I found Vaughan's emotional response today more moving than I thought I would. It was probably also to be expected - these guys have to put on a front that they don't read or care about the press, but I'm sure they bottle it up and then it gets to them at moments like this.
    Let's face it as well - it's the selectors who should carry the can. If you're picked to play for your country - which Vaughan very much wanted to, unlike Mr Harmihomesick - you take the opportunity. All through his injury recovery, the thought of getting back into the international arena must have motivated Vaughan. But he wasn't ready and the selectors have to take the blame for that. He should have been told to go and make bucket-loads of runs for his county, then we might have seen the Vaughan of old, who was a class batsman, and put the Aussie's to the sword on their own turf. Good luck to him and I hope we see him back and in form - a great sight.

  • Comment number 67.

    I know this post is going to be ripped apart as every one is emotional all of a sudden. BUT vaughan has stayed in too long and is not the marvel evryone is now making him out to be. Stop blaming aggers too.
    Evrryone knows that the reason england have been woeful is the BATTING. Yes I know that recent blogs have gone on about england bowlers being able to take 20 wickets but as all players (bowlers) will know it is very difficult to take any wickets (easily) when the batsmen have struuggled to post 150 on the board. This leads to defensive field placings hence less chance of wickets. look back at the edges to 3rd slip running down to the boundary etc.
    SO why was the batting weak? enter MV. being a good captain depends on the players around you as much as tactical nounce. with a waqar and wasim in the side, or a dravid, tendulkar etc you can afford to be tactically unaware without too much damage. If the players around you are not up to scratch then your performance becomes the key. a la Lara, Inzamam to a degree, Fleming etc. Vaughan did not and was not up to scratch. His presence in the team as a batsman was making the team suffer.
    Give the captaincy to cook or broad and build the squad around them. It did wonders for smith and dhoni. KP as captain would be a joke I think he has been a destabilising factor in team england. and the likes of bell have suffered a la ramprakash whos woeful test averages wee due to being moved up and down the order like a yo yo to acomodate others.
    You see people it is not as imple as holding the bat and hitting the ball.

  • Comment number 68.


    I agree that, batting wise, MVP should have gone long ago. But from all the comment going on you can see that who replaces him as captain is a tough one to call. I don't see an outstanding candidate. If there had been one he would have gone long ago.

  • Comment number 69.

    Kapil my old mate, take my Full Stop and Stick it somewhere in the area not far from the thigh pad, Box and jockstrap!

    Dont sit on your high horse looking down at my comments, make some of your own you muppet!
    As for Aggers, lm old enougth to have seen him play, full stop!!!!!!
    Anway, having had him moan all the way through TMS about noise from the crowd or Kp's shot or whatever else took his boat in the match, (licence fee money waste) l would have been far better off having Sky's Lancashire mafia blarting away in my ears the whole 4 days, who despite many annoying traits at least played more games at a higher level, (or coached) and might have some more useful insight than the Beebs correspondent who know one cares for anymore, at least MV put him in his place the other day, whatever may have happened since!

    And as l have a family member in the coaching setup of Team England, l may have more insight than most, despite my age,......whatever age you think l am, and what ever educational background you think l may have had......most likely a lot more extensive than yours, along with my cricket skills!
    So next time you want to show me your supreme intellect, try something original, something a bit out there, like KP for captain or kapil to retire from making dumb responses! Just a thought!

  • Comment number 70.

    As an SA supporter with less of an emotional stake in this, I would suggest Cook. He may be young, but already has a solid record and seems to have a good head on his shoulders. And he has more experience than Smith had when he was given the SA captaincy.

    Stick with him, give him time, and just perhaps in 5 years time you'll have an hardened, experienced captain with the best years of his career still ahead of him... like we have with Smith now. Stop-gap options and quick fixes usually don't work out in the longer term.

  • Comment number 71.


    how many caps have you had for england, that you pass judgment on who is and isn't a test cricketer?

    Pots and kettles, I think...

  • Comment number 72.

    The madness of picking Darren Pattinson fatally undermined Vaughn. He has not scored enough runs but the left field pick, the clear strains this caused in the relationships with the selectors, and going one down led to this. I am bemused by the arguments that it is a bit cozy, but with central contracts they should if performing be the first players written down. Picking Hoggard, or Harmison, or Jones or actually Tremlett who was there surely would have been preferable. However looking again at going with four bowlers and Sidebottom being an injury risk, and being carried really. With four fit bowlers could have won, be one each... but no. Vaughn has been scapegoated here. I can understand why he has done what he has done, and would be baffled at why anyone would want the job until Geoff Miller either apologises for selecting Pattinson, or resigns before the Oval test on Thursday.

  • Comment number 73.

    vaughan is a class act - an inspirational captain and easily the most attractive player when he's at the top of his game.

    the rare display of emotion today shows just how much he gave to the role - let's hope the break allows him to return to form, and regain the peace of mind he deserves.

  • Comment number 74.



    Oh dear we do seem to have rocked your boat.

    Does having played 100 tests make you a better commentator the someone who played 3. No FULL STOP.

    As for the rest of your bile towards anyone who disagrees with you well you sound just like of viewer Sky aspire to having. I'll send you a cheque for your subscription if you need it.

    However, the fact you have a family member in the coaching set up expalins why you come across as an arrogant pompus prat. And you can stick that where you like. (Oh and the coaching isn't up to scratch as you can see from the England performances. Can you please pass that insight on to whoever it may be.)

  • Comment number 75.

    Let's give it to Monty, just for this 1 test at least! Could you imagine his field settings! Only joking, but it is a nightmare deciding this because it needs to be right for next summer when our old friends come and visit us again. Vaughan was a great captain but that press conference today showed what a genuinely top person he is as well, but I think most people already knew that. A real shame but hey, the team will move on. Go Monty!

  • Comment number 76.

    Did Peter Moores ever make 100 not out?

  • Comment number 77.


    Pietersen’s mother is English, hence he is entitled to a British passport and having spent four years playing in England he is entitled to play for the national side. Are you suggesting there should be a distinction within the team between the ‘pukka English’ and the ‘almost English-but-not-quite’, with only the pukka ones allowed to be captain? Nasser Hussain was born in Madras and both Allan Lamb and Tony Greig captained England, the latter very effectively. Britain is a country with ongoing issues about culture and racial diversity. But, speaking specifically of England, the admirably open selection policy of the ECB and the tolerant attitude of the vast majority of English cricket fans is one sign of progress. That’s why I think your nationality point is silly, and frankly unwelcome.

  • Comment number 78.

    100notoutatnumber11 and Kapil_devil;

    Calm down guys, everyone is entiteled to their own opinion. You both have made valid points so just relax.
    Remember peace love and harmony and all that.

    My views are that KP should not be made captain as it may have a negative affect on his batting. England need KP just the way he is, arrogance and all.

    I think England need to look to the future and i think that will be Bell, maybe too soon but i think would be very good.

  • Comment number 79.

    MV's resignation as captain is a disaster for England. The idea of KP as his likely successor drives one to despair - what on earth qualifies him for the job? Flintoff's performance in the last Ashes series, along with his unfortunate character defects, rules him out. Andrew Strauss is barely worth his place in the side, and regards being present at the birth of his kids as more important than his role with England. Robert Key is the only viable candidate, which, given the selectors' recent record, means he has less chance than than Darren Pattinson of landing the job.

  • Comment number 80.


    How many other countries would pick a Captain that wasn't born in that country? None of the serious cricketing nations would do it. KP is as South African as Graeme Smith whether his mum is English, or an Eskimo.

    He came to England because he couldn't get in a state side in SA, (the reasons he couldn't get in are an aside.) He would have played for SA otherwise. He didn't buckle down and prove how good he was. He walked away and played for another country. Real captain material.

  • Comment number 81.

    I'd say make Ambrose the captain for the last test. Coz he aint doing anything else on the field, and he is near to the action since he is wk, so he can as well be the captain. HAHA

    BTW, who is this Sales someone was talking about to include in the side. It was very funny reading that.

  • Comment number 82.

    If, as I would advocate but I can't see the blazered buffers of the ECB falling for it, we adopt the Australian method of selecting the team and from that team selecting the captain, then it is likely that KP would get the job. And maybe he would grow into it. Remember, Ricky Ponting was at one time persona non grata because of his off-the-field shenanigans. Look at how he has grown into the captaincy of the best team in the world. I know nothing about KP's off-the-field habits, but I suspect he will either make a great captain or, like Beefy Botham back in 1981, be relieved of the captaincy and like dear old Beefy back then under Brearley's captaincy, will win next year's Ashes virtually single-handedly under Vaughan's captaincy. Now, wouldn't that be nice!

  • Comment number 83.

    I applaud Michael Vaughan on his resignation, it was a dignified end to an excellent stint as captain. I have to say that I've called into question his ability with the bat and therefore his place in the team as much of the media have, but that is to be expected in this day and age. He had a lot longer to get through his 'rough trot' than many before him. As for KP for captain, no I don't think it's a good idea. I'd be happy with Flintoff for the Oval, or even Collingwood who responded to huge amounts of pressure positively at Edgbaston, but then sit and think long-term after the series.

    As for the Oval team;


    I'd be tempted to rest Sidebottom instead of Anderson but it would be harsh after the year and a half he's had. It's time Jones had another go though. Panesar hasn't impressed me much recently, Swann could replace his as spinner and potentially add some useful runs, but Rashid is looking to the future.

  • Comment number 84.

    I was fortunate enough to see Rob Key bat at Perth in 2002 and he was the only Englishman to apply himself in what was a lost cause.
    I also saw him treated abysmally by his Captain, Nasser Hussain at Sydney for a fielding error. This treatment was totally uncalled for and showed that Nasser did not want Key in his squad.
    He has shown resolve and dignity in his bid to regain a Test place and should in my view, be returned to the squad if not the captaincy.

  • Comment number 85.

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules. Explain.

  • Comment number 86.

    red_reason wrote:

    'I know this post is going to be ripped apart as every one is emotional all of a sudden. BUT vaughan has stayed in too long and is not the marvel evryone is now making him out to be. Stop blaming aggers too.
    Evrryone knows that the reason england have been woeful is the BATTING. Yes I know that recent blogs have gone on about england bowlers being able to take 20 wickets but as all players (bowlers) will know it is very difficult to take any wickets (easily) when the batsmen have struuggled to post 150 on the board. This leads to defensive field placings hence less chance of wickets. look back at the edges to 3rd slip running down to the boundary etc.'

    well actually we got around 600 at lords and could not bowl them out.
    the bowlers are the problem and have affected the batting.
    bring back harmy, hoggard and jones for the Oval

  • Comment number 87.


    You ask: "How many other countries would pick a Captain that wasn't born in that country?"

    So you ARE saying there is a distinction to be drawn between different types of English cricketers! Maybe Monty should be demoted to drinks boy - after all, he's not really English is he? Look, I'm just kidding, but I do think there is a serious point here.

    What other countries do is up to them. Personally I feel quite proud that England is willing to appoint non-English born men to what remains very ‘establishment’ job. Long may it continue, and I’m sure it will in the form of One Mr KP.

    I think he may surprise a lot of people by being an outstanding captain.

  • Comment number 88.

    Michael Vaughan showed tremendous courage and selflessness to stand down today. It is the mark of a great, sporting leader to be a team player and realise when his time is up. There is no doubt that this is the right decision, though a difficult one. Additionally Vaughan goes down as a truly great captain, who will always be remembered for his Ashes winning series in 2005 and rightly so.

    He does however pose a serious question as to his successor. I believe KP will be a good captain if he gets the job, but the next year will be a massive learning curve for him. Firstly he will need to remember at times that he his part of a team and he will be required to lead from the front and show the kind of selflessness that Vaughan has done. Secondly he will need to ensure that the pressure of captaincy does not hinder his own performances. Despite the lessons that KP must learn, I believe that his attitude, ego and raw talent will filter down into the team and give England the outward confidence that we require if we are to challenge Australia next year.

  • Comment number 89.

    It's very sad indeed to see MV go - though paradoxically it will give him the change to recharge his batteries.

    I'd give the job to Cooke - young, intelligent, low key....good people person .... and humble enough to take advice from senior players - one of whom will be Vaughan in due course I am sure - almost certainly for the Ashes.

    I'd pick the following team for the last test

    Cooke (c)

  • Comment number 90.

    Beats me how KP is the solution as put forward by Atherton and others, just because he is in both sides. Well we had two captains who both resigned at the same time, or perhaps Athers isn't aware of that.

    While plenty harp on about Vaughan's captaincy, maybe he and the selectors are equally to blame for England being in the state they are. A win or two around 2004/5 and we're world beaters, except we're not. We beat the easy pickings and fail when the big boys turn up.

    Vaughan isn't by any stretch near the best captain England has ever had, for the media to come out with that just makes me laugh. 15 Tests against Windies and Bangladesh, 15 wins. I bet Botham, Gooch, Gatting, Atherton, Gower, Hussain and Stewart wish they could have played Tests against a Windies side as weak as the current lot. Vaughan's failure to win a single Test against India, Pakistan or Sri Lanka sums up nicely why calling Vaughan the best England captain ever is a joke.

  • Comment number 91.

    # 90 - you are spot on!

  • Comment number 92.

    (about Vaughan's captaincy)

  • Comment number 93.

    Being realistic, I like to think that not only will Michael Vaughan find form and begin to truly enjoy playing cricket once again, and force his way back into the team as a top batsman, but I like to think he will captain England again. It was madness letting him resign, because he was simply brilliant, and the alternatives are very unrealistic.

    From the current squad, I'd like to see Cook become captain, though do feel it is too early for him (another very dumb reason for losing Vaughan.)

    My team--not too many changes as that could be too much of a risk--

    Trescothick (c)
    Cook (vc)
    Prior (wk)

  • Comment number 94.

    the anti-Vaughan brigade (no 90 etc) do present such immature analysis ......sure he beat some rubbish teams .... but he did manage to do something that quite a few on no 90's list didn't .... and that was winning the Ashes.

    And those who say his 'batting just wasn't up to test standard'..... he had a series in Australia once that none of us will ever forget......

    The guy was a good captain ... and a good batter .... probably not the best England has ever had in either department .... but a long, long, long way form being the worst ..... and certainly a level or seventeen better than those who were calling for his removal or who are trumpeting his demise today..

  • Comment number 95.

    #79 " Andrew Strauss.....regards being present at the birth of his kids as more important than his role with England"

    As, so I recall, did the departed Mr Vaughan.

    Let's not forget, Vaughan hasn't just lost this series as captain - he's lost THREE in the past year, two of them at home.

    We're now stuck in the second tier of Test cricket, way behind not only the Aussies, but SA, SL and India too. Vaughan, like others, has lived off the glories of 2005 for far too long. He's made the right decision to step down from the captaincy. Whether he can regain a place in the side is something only time will tell.

    There isn't a horde of contenders queueing up to replace him as skipper, but Strauss has done reasonably well in the job before, and deserves another crack at it. KP is no more suitable than Flintoff for the role.

  • Comment number 96.

    KP as captain? what a joke. KP and KP alone cost us the series against SA. Switch hitting or what ever you want to call It when in the 80's was totally irresponsible, we were trying to win a test match for god's sake! Yes It looks good and entertains the crowd; but entertainment doesn't win test matches. As for the shot he got out to!!! well need I say more. The appointment of this character would rank along side the great Sir Ian's appointment in 1981, I think even the great man himself would agree with this. As for Paul Collingwood's simultaneous resignation; this smells of "Jump before you are pushed" KP captaining both teams???? I know Colly from our days as youngsters in the Tyneside Senior League; and I know how much being the England captain means to him. His integrity knows no bounds, he isn't the type to resign on a whim, or out of loyalty to MV who I know is a good friend of his. Ok, I've made my point. lets have a couple of new brooms. Rob Key for test captain, Ed Joyce for the one day side!

  • Comment number 97.

    my team for the Oval


  • Comment number 98.

    I hoped, but did not expect, that Vaughan would step down. He has done so at the appropriate time, and honourably, within 24 hours of a significant series defeat.

    In his time he was a great captain. His recovery from injury was evidence of his personal courage and determination. But it is the fate of both sportsmen and politicians to go on too long, and for great careers to end with failure. By stepping down instead of waitnignt o be pushed, he has preserved his dignity.

    I had not expected Collingwood to step down. He was my preferred option for one day captain. However, he has cleared the decks, so that a new single captain can be appointed, so on balance he has done the right thing.

    I now fear that KP will do a Gordon Brown. He has sat in the background for a long time making it obvious to everyone that he thought the job should be his. Now he's got it, will he actually be up to it? I hope so, but frankly I doubt it.

    And if he gets the job and his figures miraculously improve, it will leave a nasty suspicion in my mind that it has served his purposes too conveniently for him to bat so far below his potential for so long, with only intermittent reminders of how good he could be.

  • Comment number 99.


  • Comment number 100.

    # 98 ... if KP has been able to engineer a test match average of 50 just to enable him to get hold of the captaincy then he is even better than I realised! Blimey.


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