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Why do we run?

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Tim Franks | 08:18 UK time, Monday, 11 April 2011

I'll do anything to delay the moment I cross the threshold. In fact, I often spend less time running than I do maundering about the house in my shorts and T-shirt, finding obscure pieces of DIY to occupy me before I run out of excuses and reach for the door-knob.

This got me thinking: was Joan Rivers right?

The expensively reconstructed septuagenarian comedian famously threw down a high-wicking gauntlet, confident in the knowledge no-one could pick it up. "The first time I see a jogger smiling," she said, "I'll consider it."

For a short while, I attempted to take on the challenge.

Halfway through my routine run, I'd break into what I imagine was a grin - as if, at that moment, Joan might appear, laden with bags, out of the local 99p store.

But she was never there to receive my look of pleasure. The only obvious effect was that mothers would cross the road and I would get a stitch.

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