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We've had emotions, explosive vocals, tactics and tears. Let’s re-live series one!

“Although we've come to the END OF THE ROAD, still I can't let go. It's unnatural. You belong to me. I belong to you...”

Hello you, Reggie here.

So, bang-bang here we are. The Voice UK series 1 is done and what a ten-times-dope mega-smasher it has been. I’ve loved it. Holly’s loved it. The artists have loved it. The coaches have loved it. The team’s loved it. My barber’s loved it. We hope you’ve loved it too.

There are far too many highlights to mention but the awards for my favourite magic moments go to...’s torch moonwalk, Sir Tom’s Elvis stories, the coaches’ megamix and the jacket potato with chilli and sour-cream in crew catering (week five).

Thanks for reading and leaving awesome comments – without you, this blog wouldn’t have been possible. Okay, it would have been possible but it’d have been completely pointless.

Congratulations to Leanne and all our incredible artists – you have soul on all your poles.

If YOU’VE got a cracking set of pipes, make sure you apply for The Voice Series 2.

Until then friends, I bid you farewell.

And don’t forget – IT’S ALL... ABOUT... THE VOICE!!

*moonwalks away from laptop into the sunset*

Reggie x

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