McCain's state - voting begins

  • Matthew Price
  • 4 Nov 08, 04:26 PM GMT

Voting has started in John McCain's home state, a state which has not been kind to previous presidential candidates with Arizona links.

"Tomorrow, we're going to reverse that unhappy tradition and I'm going to be the president of the United States," he said at his final rally, which was actually held just after midnight in Prescott, Arizona.

McCain's going to hold one final rally today, in Colorado, and then he'll pop in to visit staffers in New Mexico. Then he'll come back to Phoenix, and, like the rest of his nation, wait.

Update, 17:36 GMT:

"I've just spoken to the co chair of the republican party in John McCain's home state of Arizona. A man called Wes Gullett who told me that the republican party is in a dreadful mess. He said the republican party of Abraham Lincoln had a soul but that the republican party today had lost that and that they need to find it again.

He did insist as most republicans in his position will on a day like this, that he genuinely believes John McCain can still win this election. He said if the republicans had had any other presidential candidate than John McCain it would be "a massacre". They would be at least 20 percentage points down in his opinion.

So he said John McCain can still win this election but the look in his eyes also suggested that he believes the republicans could be in for a rough night."


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