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Mark Mardell | 06:00 UK time, Tuesday, 27 January 2009

In this job looking out on a sea of faces is par for the course, a sea of faces belonging to people tapping away into their laptops is more disconcerting. But that's what you get in a roomful of bloggers.

The laptop tappers were European bloggers, actual or would-be, at an event organised by the European Journalism Centre.

There is no doubt blogging played an important part in the recent American elections and the last French election - could it do the same for the European Elections in June?

Think About It websiteThe EJC is organising a European blogging competition in the run up to the elections. Unfortunately only three entrants are being allowed from each country, and the contestants have already been chosen. As part of the event there is a new fantastic resource: a blogging portal listing the main EU blogs.

One of the participants suggested that people increasingly felt disconnected from the political process and distrust the mainstream media. So he argued it was the job of bloggers like himself to put the view of the people, not the elites.

While I would defend mainstream media bloggers like myself and the other guy on the platform, Tony Barber of the FT (you can read what he has to say about the event), and I think we get it right more often than not, I am all for more spiky opinion and controversial debate from the EU member countries. I'll be reading with interest.


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