Top woman for commission job?

  • Mark Mardell
  • 3 Oct 08, 10:35 AM

Knock me down with a feather - Mandelson back in the cabinet. A powerful symbol of Labour reconciliation or desperation for Gordon to reach across to a man he despises?

Peter MandelsonFor Mandelson to say yes when he's spent a lot of time in Brussels looking back across the water and despairing in a kind of "told you so fashion." is just as powerful.

Barroso is talking to Downing Street about a replacement now. It's not Hoon, and not Hewitt but it will be a woman. If Beckett is going back to the cabinet, I am rather left scratching my head.

UPDATE 10:45AM: The other women at cabinet level at the moment are Hazel Blears, Jacqui Smith, Yvette Cooper and Baroness Ashton. Outside the cabinet, Baroness Vadera is very close to Brown and has a strong business background. Any other thoughts?

UPDATE: 01:00PM: Baroness Ashton is confirmed as Mandelson's replacement.

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