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Where was I?

Mark Devenport | 15:46 UK time, Friday, 15 April 2011

The sun shone on the campaign today, which turned out to be especially good news for me as the BBC news channel had booked me in for a series of outside broadcasts from Belfast City Hall. We have been talking to academics, the Consumer Council and first time candidates about the campaign in general and issues like health and tuition fees.

Yesterday I missed the UUP manifesto because I was gathering raw material for a constituency report due to be broadcast on BBC Newsline later this month. Whilst the UUP were unveiling their programme for government "game changer" I was watching toddlers playing games at a scheme threatened with loss of funding. I drove up some hills to meet the UUP and SF then got rather fishy with the DUP. I also met some people with a "Whole Lotta Sole" whilst out canvassing with the SDLP. So where was I?


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    Any chance of some actual journalism instead of playing "guess the plaice" (I can do fish puns too)? Never mind where you were, what were you doing there on BBC time if you weren't getting something you could use for a story? And if you were getting information for a story, why not write about that story? I can see at least 4 prospective stories in your description of the day (what all the people you were interviewing said, the UUP manifesto launch, your meeting(s) with UUP and SF, and what happened while you were out canvassing with the SDLP)

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    Take it easy Kenneth. This is a blog, not a "journalistic piece". Granted, most of the stuff is feedback on behind-the-scenes political stories, but I don't think it always has to be.

    Stick to the main bbc articles if that's what you're interested in. Alternatively, you can try Ken Reids' blog (is this you??).

    Love, PieMan

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    Oh, do shut up, Kenneth. Mark can write whatever he wants. Leave him be. This is work too, you know.

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    I wonder do those Kilkeel employees feel that "sole" or "fishy" feeling you phrase after been made redundant recently. I agree this is a good natured "up to you" blog but if you choose to tackle serious developments or current problems also be prepared to understand the serious nature and feelings of such people like Kenneth portray. They feel many serious issues ,incidents and statements, political and otherwise have maybe faded away or been missed without care or mention. Then again I understand your predicament Mark, when you probably feel in this daily changing game "whats the point" -when I'm dealing with a bunch of failing , unqualified, ego and headline seeking, rhetoric producing, somewhat unlikeable folk still trying to get votes. Oh we love it really!

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    To put you all out of your misery - yes I was in South Down. And Kenneth, much as I would like to summarise everything everyone said to me there I think that would do a bit of a disservice to the listeners of Good Morning Ulster and the viewers of BBC Newsline who will get to catch the report later this month. But I hope I have whetted your appetite...

    If you can't wait till then, try dialling in to Inside Politics on BBC Radio Ulster after the one o'clock news when I plan to ask Martin McGuinness, Jim Allister and the Socialist Party's Paddy Meehan about their respective campaigns and also about newspaper reports that the Queen plans to apologise for the 1920 Croke Park massacre.

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    It is said that Gerry Adams is now under pressure in the South, to apogolise to the Queen for the murder of Lord Louis Mountbatten and the innocents who died alongside him.

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    The IRA killed Mountbatten. Gerry Adams was never a member of the IRA (",)

    I wonder will Enda Kenny apologise for the murder of 'The Cairo Gang'?

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    Let's try this again: The IRA killed Mountbatten not Sinn Fein. I wonder will Enda Kenny also be under pressure in the South, to apologise to the Queen for the murder of 'The Cairo Gang'?


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