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Dissenting voices on torture covered up?

Justin Webb | 22:18 UK time, Tuesday, 21 April 2009

This is big news, I think. Basically, a Bush administration official is claiming that there was a cover-up of attempted opposition to the legal advice.

This is the money quote:

"At the time, in 2005, I circulated an opposing view of the legal reasoning. My bureaucratic position, as counselor to the secretary of state, didn't entitle me to offer a legal opinion. But I felt obliged to put an alternative view in front of my colleagues at other agencies, warning them that other lawyers (and judges) might find the OLC views unsustainable. My colleagues were entitled to ignore my views. They did more than that: The White House attempted to collect and destroy all copies of my memo. I expect that one or two are still at least in the State Department's archives."

As for your comments on my last post, I am fascinated by the idea that watching Fox is torture (as gunsandreligion has suggested). That Sean Hannity fellow is actually rather amusing - did I detect a faint wiff of effort to out-Limbaugh the master in order to take on the mantle of leader of the right?

Anyway, in his interview with Dick Cheney last night, he certainly had the ex-VP held in a few positions which may or may not have been legal in some states. But they were more intimate than stressful I felt...

Livinginlalaland hits it on the head for me: waterboarding is always wrong except when it might not be.


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