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Stimulus talk

Justin Webb | 15:10 UK time, Thursday, 29 January 2009

Nobody knows whether it will work, but plenty of people are gearing up for a spending spree, though judging by most of the local paper coverage (for instance this or this) the stimulus bill is hardly a charter for a splurge on useless projects that benefit no-one.

The real question is whether the money will surge into the economy or drip in. The latter is probably no good.

As for the Republicans, well they have taken a gamble and it is at least possible that the result will be a time in the wilderness as the nation recovers and names newly-opened schoolrooms and roads and smartgrid emporiums after Barack H Obama...

Or there again, if that doesn't happen, Republicans could find themselves back in fashion, though only if they have something to say - this advice (don't filibuster and play nicely) is surely wise.'


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