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Getting angry

Justin Webb | 21:17 UK time, Friday, 10 October 2008

The anger of the Republican troops is focused on Obama right now but you have to wonder, if things don't improve for them soon, if it begins to focus on McCain for letting Obama in.

In Strongsville, Ohio this week I talked to some pretty angry people - almost all of them polite to the BBC because Americans tend to be polite towards guests - but really tough on Obama and on the media generally for taking his side. He's a baby killer, one woman said (referring to Obama's acceptance of abortion rights, of course) and she was by no means the most extreme. My colleagues on the BBC's US TV news programme (World News America) decided not to use the clip on grounds of taste, and because it seemed to suggest that opponents of Obama always had such extreme views. They may well have been right on both counts but this is what is being said at heartland rallies every day. You cannot wish it away or ignore it. Perhaps you can exaggerate it but the fact remains that some Republicans despise Obama in a way few Democrats despise McCain.


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