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Palin's punches

Justin Webb | 06:18 UK time, Thursday, 4 September 2008

I liked the parliamentary-style jabs at Obama and they have peppered the news coverage, though I still think she is skating on thin ice. Rudy Giuliani stirred the crowd with a demand that "they" stop asking her how she can cope with her parental opportunties as well as this new job. Strikes me that it is a perfectly reasonable question - you could argue that tiny babies need mums more than dads - and anyway "they" are mostly on the right, as here.

Is she tough or is she reckless? This is downright strange if it is true.

An interesting conversation with one of my favourite Republicans, Dick Armey of Texas, the former congressional leader. He says he supports Mrs Palin BUT he does not support this method of choosing vice presidential candidates - instead he suggests that the vice-presidential pick runs alongside the main man (oops, or woman) on the ticket. So they run as a couple and are elected in the primaries as a couple. Patronage and rolling the dice is replaced by good old democracy. Sounds wise, like so many of Dick's views. .....


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