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Would an attack help McCain?

Justin Webb | 22:21 UK time, Monday, 23 June 2008

"Be honest and open," we demand! But when political people are, as here, we pounce.

I agree that a terrorist attack would be likely to help John McCain but with a proviso - one I have mentioned before - that this may well be the aim of the terrorists: they want a fight against an enemy with a bad worldwide image and Barack Obama would present them with a problem.

On the other hand, Mr Obama's anti-free trade rhetoric is beginning to dampen international enthusiasm for him - this australian commentary is dull to begin with, but gets interesting towards the end when the writer begins to address the free trade issue.

Still the Illinois senator motors on, and this is a fascinating assessment of the extent of his potential funding advantage (I almost said "going forward" but the term has been banned as a ghastly Americanism by the controller of Radio Four no less), with just a hint at the end that it might not be conclusive but a hint that seems to me to be more in hope than in expectation.

(Leslie, as well as being a friend of mine, is a Republican.)


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