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Being nice doesn't hurt

Justin Webb | 04:07 UK time, Tuesday, 13 May 2008

So West Virginia rides to the rescue? I doubt it.

quietlaurieann notes that the folks in Hitler's bunker were all men (what's wrong with being a man?) and adds a familiar but interesting suggestion that the journalists who seem to be ganging up on this gentle daughter of Middle America are doing so simply because they want to see another candidate win.

I doubt that too.

Mrs Clinton would be a very good story. Though truth be told the Clinton people have been quite outstandingly good at alienating reporters. An example: a friend of mine who's the bureau chief of a widely-read foreign newspaper gave his business card to a senior Clinton person who responded, charmingly, "One more journalist whose calls I won't have time to return!"

On the other hand David Axelrod listened patiently when I gave him the 100 reasons Obama should talk to the BBC: I am sure he was hoping I would disappear in a puff of smoke but he was polite and I appreciated it.

The other day I had to reorganise some coverage at short notice - his team could not have been friendlier and more accommodating. Back in the day, Karl Rove was the same - mostly. I don't mean that nice guys win in politics - of course they don't - but you can be nasty and nice at the same time.

This the Clinton team forgot.

As for West Virginia itself I enjoyed this almost wistful piece - so much more effective than all the shouting.

I am taken to task by several people for suggesting that the Democratic party is in a state of upset and this suggests that you are right and I am wrong.


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