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Climate change

Brian Taylor | 12:36 UK time, Monday, 7 December 2009

It would seem you are not, mostly, climate change deniers.

Our BBC Scotland poll suggests that 63% think there is real and present danger in the atmosphere - which merits urgent action.

According to the poll, some 20% reckon it is an issue for the future.

11% it would seem, are unconvinced by assertions that our climate is being adversely affected by emissions.

Around 4% think it isn't a problem.

The poll, of course, coincides with the opening of the Climate Change summit in Copenhagen.

The Scottish Government will be in the Danish capital - but participating on the Fringe, as it were, rather than at the official festival. Stewart Stevenson will stage a low carbon mission event in Copenhagen next Monday.

Holyrood Ministers had hoped to participate as part of the UK delegation, explaining Scotland's carbon reduction targets. The UK Government argued that it was up to UN member states to take part in the main event.

There will be continuing controversy over that - as an added spice to the fundamental issue at Copenhagen.

Can a new agreement be reached on greenhouse gas emissions? Will it cover more countries than those who endorsed the Kyoto protocol of 1997?

In particular, will the United States join in fully - when there are already powerful voices in the US arguing that carbon action could remove billions from the industrial economy and jeopardise recovery?

President Obama has said: "We understand the gravity of the climate threat. We are determined to act. And we will meet our responsibility to future generations."

Will that be sustained?

Will China agree to curbs when those could, arguably, bite into its rapid growth rate? Is its offer of restraint substantial - or is it only promising to limit emissions within the ambit of still greater economic development?

To what extent can limits be applied to developing nations who argue that they were not responsible for the problem in the first place? African nations and others say rich countries must bear the brunt of the restraints and must help those whose economies are still struggling to grow.

To recap, around two thirds of you will be hoping for an immediate, productive and binding deal in Copenhagen.

Just over a sixth of you, combined, suspect or believe they're wasting their time.


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