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To infinity and beyond

Brian Taylor | 10:49 UK time, Monday, 20 April 2009

Went to the theatre after the SNP conference on Saturday. To see Copenhagen by Michael Frayn at the Lyceum. Great show, powerful stuff.

It concerns a meeting between Eisenberg and Bohr, their impact upon the development of the atomic bomb - and, among many other things, controversy over mathematics.

Perhaps I should have viewed it prior to the SNP event, rather than subsequently.

As noted elsewhere by respondents to this blog, I committed a mathematical solecism during my webcast interview with the FM.

I can only blame inattention, lassitude or, just possibly, the fact that party conferences tend to translate one to an alternative dimension where ordinary laws don't work.

Whatever, I made an unaccountable gaffe.

The first minister wasn't remotely discomfited. Indeed, as usual, he gave every appearance of thoroughly enjoying our exchanges.

At the close, he clasped me warmly by the hand, eschewing the customary throat.

However, it would appear that several of this site's more eager and persistent contributors were upset. Which won't do.

To one and all, 3.14159265 apologies.


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