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It's all in the ...

Betsan Powys | 12:01 UK time, Tuesday, 20 October 2009

What's the secret of good comedy? Timing.

And what about politics? Mmm ... if you've just toyed with saying timing again, then you may be interested by this. The Secretary of State, Peter Hain will be giving a lecture in the Wales Governance Centre in Cardiff next Thursday.

His chosen subject? "Good news: more powers for Wales."

It turns out his subject is ... timing.

Mr Hain, "as a passionate devolutionist ... presents the case for the incremental devolution of powers to the Assembly and argues the current devolution settlement is working well. The process enabling the Assembly to take on more and more law making powers delivers much more than under the old system, and is being continually reviewed and improved. He warns against a holding a referendum on full law making powers prematurely".

Rather neat really. His subject is timing and let's pause for a minute to consider the timing of his lecture. It's bang, slap in the middle of the Labour leadership race. It's a matter of weeks before Sir Emyr Jones Parry and the All Wales Convention present their report on the issues surrounding a referendum - one where it's reported we'll be surprised by the extent of the comment and the decisiveness of that comment.

Mr Hain, it seems, will be getting in first.


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