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Nothing personal guys.

Betsan Powys | 16:27 UK time, Sunday, 20 September 2009

_45758103_dafelthom_poster.jpgThere may be a compromise ahead ... or so sang the Presiding Officer on The Politics Show this afternoon.

He was talking about the future or otherwise of a fully bilingual record of debates in the Assembly chamber and a compromise - one that would appease angry AMs, while allowing the PO to make absolutely clear his disappointment "that the debate hasn't risen above talking about what we are doing already and not looking to the future".

Let's take a stab at what that compromise might look like: English-Welsh translation will be reinstated but not the expensive, overnight sort. How about the if-you-want-it-that-much-you-can-wait-a-few-days sort? It might not save them £250,000 but it would save them a few noughts surely?

And might they use a bit of what they've saved to pay for a fully bilingual record of some committees in future - perhaps the ones discussing legislation?

The Commission will meet tomorrow to talk compromises. In the meantime a direct message to his former colleagues at the Welsh Language Board from the Presiding Officer: he really doesn't want to fall out with them. After all his "deep unease" with their role in the matter isn't personal. It's purely constitutional guys.


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