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The leader, his iPod and his group

Betsan Powys | 21:33 UK time, Monday, 15 December 2008

Tomorrow the Director of the Welsh Conservatives, Matthew Lane, will be attending a meeting in Central Office in London.

It's a meeting that's been scheduled for quite some time and at which campaigning plans for the next General Election will be discussed - an election that could, after all, be not that far away.

So a few questions:

When Matt Lane meets Welsh MPs - as he has planned to do for some weeks - will the matter of Nick Bourne and his expenses come up? As Director in Wales Matt Lane is not from the political wing of the party. He's a paid official so some might feel it's not an issue to discuss with him. But if it does come up, will the point be made that the whole episode hasn't gone down terribly well with the small group of MPs in London and their constituents?

Will the desire to get on with the job of beating Labour at the next election mean that in the end, questions about Nick Bourne's iPod - and his judgement - will be regarded as irritating but insignificant enough for the matter to be 'closed down'?

Or will there be a reluctance to allow that to happen?

Meanwhile in Cardiff there's only one question: will enough of the unhappy individuals who make up the group of Conservative AMs push for and arrange a group meeting with Nick Bourne before Christmas?

Or is Mr Bourne right when he said on Radio Wales today that he has spoken to every member of the group and has their support to get on with the job?


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