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On the move

Betsan Powys | 07:44 UK time, Monday, 9 July 2007

So there we have it.

Plaid's National Council members (minus 18) went home happy on Saturday, especially since a sharp-eyed party man had ripped down a home-made poster stuck to the gate before they all drove past it. Scrawled on it were the words:

Better dead
Than RED
Never vote
PLAID again.

It wasn't as professionally produced as Plaid's election poster - Kick Labour into touch. It made the point though.

But the Plaid party faithful who came to Pontrhydfendigaid didn't really need to see it. They know what the challenge is: to prove that this deal can deliver the kind of change and boost to public services that the electorate wanted; to prove too that Plaid aren't the only losers in four years' time. The Conservatives form the official opposition which is what they'd aimed for from the start and Labour to get another chance to prove to the voters of Wales that they can and do listen. Plaid must make their mark early.

Which brings me to the cabinet. I'm off to London today but if you want to post your well informed guesses/wild stabs in the dark as to who's out and who's in, you're very welcome. Three and a half jobs for Plaid? Yes (ish) we're told but expect some surprises.

Meanwhile the Tories and the Lib Dems are on the move. Literally. The new enlarged Tory group, that I keep spotting walking around the Senedd as if they're on tour, want to 'cluster together'. That's an euphemism for 'hoy Lib Dems we want your offices'. The Lib Dems have decided, wisely, to pick their battles. Jenny Randerson says the cardboard boxes are arriving next week.

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  • 1.
  • At 08:53 AM on 09 Jul 2007,
  • Keir Hardly wrote:

whatever the makeup of the cabinet I guess we need a new name for this coalition that will combine its newly shared aspirations of the national and the socialist. so perhaps we should call it the National Socialist (Coalition)Government of Wales. Now that has a nifty ring to it that should look good internationally!

Looks like it's all on hold (not again!). Rhodri Morgan treated in hospital - there are some things you just can't stomach. Get well soon Rhoders!

As for the three Plaid members, suppose it has to be Ieuan Wyn Jones, Rhodri Glyn Thomas and Jocelyn Davies (probably the only deserving members). All set to carve up the Economy, Transport (or Sustainability and Rural Development), Culture, Welsh Language and Europe between them, with a shared role with Labour on Business and the Budget - will Wigley be pleased???

Surely a few of the above areas are not suitable due to their lack of experience, so expect some rearranging of portfolios - an opportunity for those Labour Cabinet members to get rid of portfolios they were lumbered with in the first place (DD) if they have the luxury of that opportunity. As a bonus, Plaid members may have pencilled an amendment into the ‘One Wales’ document – make sure we get to watch Special Adviser, Professor Mark Drakeford eat some humble pie.

  • 4.
  • At 10:46 AM on 09 Jul 2007,
  • Richard Harris wrote:

Why don’t Rhodri and Iuean go for the “Big Tent/All the Talents” format a la Mr. Broooon?

Charlie Church for Culture?

Mike German for Minister for the Elderly (and newly retired)?

Neil & Glenys Kinnock for Overseas Trade…and/or “The Family”?

Peter Hain for Health, Sun and Tourism (Hey, what’s another job!)?

Nick Bourne for “Vale Voter’s Complaints ~ Disgusted” (new post)?

Laura McAllister for Independent Broadcasting and Welsh Medya? (Cos she’s ALWAYS on and no-one knows she’s Plaid!)

  • 5.
  • At 02:45 PM on 09 Jul 2007,
  • Alistair Cook wrote:

Will we see plaid use some talent from North Wales to balance representation in the cabinet? What about giving a post to someone from the valleys where they are trying to break into? Or should those candidates be focusing on constituency work? Then again, it's not worked to date...What about the rural heartlands? What about thosed who spoke out about coalition in the beginning? Should they be brought in to keep plaid's faith? One thing is for sure, I don't envy IWJ's position given that there will be only 3 other posts to assign.

It's a tough call. Rhodri Glyn Thomas may well be used to rally the troops as deputy leader. HMJ could well be in a post. Other than that, the jury is still out..

  • 6.
  • At 04:35 PM on 09 Jul 2007,
  • Huw Dylan Phillips-Griffiths wrote:

Todays news about the health of the First Minister could force retirment or at least a period of taking it easy (I hope he gets well soon by the way) this may result in a fresh broom , would IWJ survive if Rhodri Fawr was to be replaced as Labour Leader ?

I bet HMJ is calling for a covern as we speak - Massala or Pathia anyone ?

Although we feel for Rhodri and his family at this time, certain questions spring to mind…

Is Rhodri the Welsh Assembly Government and the Welsh Assembly Government, Rhodri? Doesn't Rhodri have faith in those within the Labour group that negotiated the 'One Wales' agreement to make decisions for him based on his terms and agreement?

  • 8.
  • At 01:33 PM on 10 Jul 2007,
  • Gareth Edwards wrote:

Surely Janet Ryder has to be in the Cabinet?

  • 9.
  • At 03:17 PM on 10 Jul 2007,
  • Huw Dylan Phillips-Griffiths wrote:

Perhaps IWJ will only use 'list' AM's in the cabinet after all they can't defect to Labour , can they ?

  • 10.
  • At 05:16 PM on 10 Jul 2007,
  • megan tegan wrote:

I suspect that Alun Fred Jones and rhodri glyn thomas will have ministerial posts - as will jocelyn davies, elin jones have junoir posts. i think it would be silly of plaid if they don´t offer helen mary jones a position - she is probably one of the ablest AM in cardiff - also it would be good to see leanne wood in the cabinet

  • 11.
  • At 07:29 PM on 10 Jul 2007,
  • Arfon Jones wrote:

I would love to see Leanne Wood in the cabinet the most principled, sincere and genuine AM in the Senedd.

  • 12.
  • At 09:54 PM on 10 Jul 2007,
  • Dave Edwards wrote:

As long as we lose Brian Gibbons I don't care who Y Blaid put up for office!

Y Parch. Rhodri Glyn could bring some divine support to the coalition and god knows they need it.

Gender balance will surely give us HMJ ( better than HM Carlo)and one of the gog women.

As an outside bet, what price Brinle as Transport ministe?

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