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Grey squirrels - friend or foe?

Host_Ryan - One Show team | 14:16 UK time, Monday, 10 November 2008

 The One Show's David Lindo visited a garden in Hackney, London where the local grey squirrels have been eating food that the owners have left out for the birds. David followed RSPB advice to make the feeding stations less accessible for the squirrels, and it seemed to foil them, for the time being at least!

As many bird lovers will know, grey squirrels are ingenious little creatures that have a tendency to find any way possible to feed, usually to the detriment of the local bird population. On their website the RSPB offer advice on creating deterrents to keep grey squirrels away, including dusting bird food with chilli powder and greasing poles to make them slippery.

But is this taking things a bit too far? Are squirrels cute, entertaining creatures who are a delight to watch in the garden?

Or 'vermin' and no better than 'rats in trees'? Eating bird food, and scaring away wildlife!

What do you think? Are grey squirrels friend or foe? What are your experiences of them in your garden? Should there be a nationwide cull to control them?

Let us know your thoughts here...

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