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Cold Calling Zones: How to deter door-to-door sellers

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The One Show Team | 13:32 UK time, Thursday, 29 October 2009

Cold callers and door-to-door sales people can be an unwelcome distraction to many homes. For many older residents cold callers can be intimidating, especially after dark. Although cold calling is legal, there are ways to deter doorstep sellers from showing up at your home.

A cold caller at the door

Lucy Siegle visited one neighbourhood in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, that has set up a cold calling free zone.

With the help of the police and trading standards, signs have been erected and stickers are in evidence in windows warning door to door sellers that they're not wanted.

Other neighbourhoods are able set up their own no cold calling zones, although every council differs slightly in their approach.

More tips on dealing with cold callers

  • Always ask for an identity card and check it carefully.
  • Keep front and back doors locked and only deal with callers by appointment.
  • Fit a door bar/chain and use it.
  • To ensure personal security, you can ask to use passwords with companies you trust. You simply choose a personal password which will only be given to the representative who needs to visit you.

What's your top - polite and legal - tip to prevent cold callers from pestering you? Let us know below.


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