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Banking's big bonuses: Are they justified?

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The One Show Team | 15:52 UK time, Tuesday, 20 October 2009

It's been a year since the banks started to collapse on both sides of the Atlantic. But now it's Adam Shawbeing reported that big bonuses are back for bank staff.

"Rescued bank's traders scoop £1.8bn bonuses" is the Guardian's recent headline about the Royal Bank of Scotland.

In The Times: "Analysts estimate that, barring a major setback, the average London worker at Goldman will receive about $748,000 (£467,000) in salary and bonuses - 13 per cent higher than 2007 and more than double the 2008 average."

The One Show's Adam Shaw (pictured) has been looking at the reports that it's boom-time for bankers once again.

Former stockbroker Geraint Anderson told Adam: "The banks are making profits from the crisis they created. It's outrageous that the banks that were bailed out last year are being allowed bonuses."

But Mickey Clark from the Evening Standard said to him: "... capitalism is based on banking - and if the banks don't work then capitalism collapses... so in effect banks can't be allowed to fail, but we, us lot, have to pay the money back".

Banking's big bonuses: Are they justified? Have your say.


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