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Does your name match your job? Tell us here.

The One Show Team | 16:28 UK time, Thursday, 28 May 2009


Meet Constable Lawless! Sounds like we've made his name up but we kid you not.

Constable LawlessJonathan Foyle found out about him when he travelled to Co. Down for The One Show. Constable Lawless kept law and order in Watertown, where miners lodged while they built The Silent Valley reservoir.

Constable Lawless' name got Adrian and Christine thinking, whether anyone else out there has a name that matches their job.

For instance Bill Medley from The Righteous Brothers...get it? Music, singing, medley? You can't deny he has a name that matched his career!

Apparently, a name aptly suited to its owner is called an aptronym and we'd love to hear from you if you have one or know of one.

Perhaps you're a postman called Terry Stamp or an electrician called Richard Sparks?

Tell us the names that match their jobs here.

Access to grandchildren: Does the law need to change?

The One Show Team | 14:42 UK time, Thursday, 21 May 2009


When families separate, grandparents can find themselves unable to see their grandchildren.

Grandparents can be required to go to court twice to ask permission just to see their own grandchildren, reveals a report recently launched by charities Families Need Fathers, The Grandparents' Association and the Family Matters Institute.

The charities are attempting to promote the importance of grandparents and wider families, to highlight the problems they face after parents separate or divorce. They're calling upon the Government to give more legal rights to grandparents.

Should grandparents be given greater consideration when parents part? Does the law need to change? Share your experiences and stories here.

Is 66 too old to have a baby?

The One Show Team | 14:22 UK time, Wednesday, 20 May 2009


Elizabeth Adeney, 66, is set to become Britain's oldest new mother. Elizabeth is eight months' pregnant after undergoing IVF treatment in Ukraine, according to the Sunday Mirror.

The news of the pregnancy has reopened debate about older motherhood.

"There's a reason why women can't conceive naturally at 60. I think you have to respect that." said one mum who spoke to The One Show.

We were also told, "I think she's being selfish. I think it's more about what she wants, than perhaps the needs of the child."

But, of course, there are opposing views. Other mums told us:

"As long as you can give the support... I just don't see the problem", and

"I think that every [woman] has a right to be a mum, so good luck to her."

Is sixty six too old to have a baby? Do you think women should be able to have children at whatever age medical science will allow? Share your experiences and stories here.

How do you deal with noisy neighbours?

The One Show Team | 17:15 UK time, Tuesday, 19 May 2009


A recent polled claims that more than a third of us Britons are affected by noisy neighbours.

Matt Allwright was on the show to give us some advice on how to get the volume turned down. His tips include...

1) Try and solve the problem with your neighbour in a friendly way, without involving the local authority in the first instance. Often or not, your neighbours won't know they are causing a nuisance and will probably be more considerate in future.

Never approach your neighbour when the noise is actually happening. You are more likely to be angry and have an argument with them.

2) If talking to your neighbour directly doesn't work, then the next step is to try mediation. Most local authorities will be able to provide a free mediation service between yourself and your neighbour, where a neutral party will come round and look to negotiate a peaceful settlement.

3) If all reasonable steps have been taken to sort the matter out privately, the next option is to contact the Environmental Health department in your local authority. By law, the local authorities have a duty to deal with any noise that they consider to be what's known as a 'statutory nuisance'. 

4) If the local authority decide not to intervene, or for whatever reason you do not wish to involve them, you can take your case to a Magistrate's Court (Sheriff's Court in Scotland).  You must have already taken steps to deal with the matter privately before you can bring it to court.

More information at

How do you deal with noisy neighbours? Share your hints and tips here.

Who should be the new Speaker?

The One Show Team | 17:13 UK time, Tuesday, 19 May 2009


House of Commons Speaker Michael Martin is stepping down.

Who should replace him? Yet another MP? Or perhaps Joanna Lumley? Or maybe you think you could do a good job?

Tell us who should be the new Speaker, and why they're qualified, below.

Please leave your first name and location if you'd like your comment to be considered for a mention on the show.

Is your high street healthy?

The One Show Team | 17:58 UK time, Monday, 18 May 2009


As Matt Allwright found out in his report for The One Show, the recession has hit shops hard. In some areas more than a third of retail premises are vacant.

Times are hard - but do you know of a high street that is still healthy?

We're looking for high streets that have bucked the downturn. Are the shops in your area thriving? What's their secret?

Share the good news in the comment box below.

MPs' expenses: What needs to be done?

The One Show Team | 11:39 UK time, Friday, 15 May 2009


For The One Show, Gyles Brandreth has been looking at the long-running row over MPs' expenses. Gyles' film looked at what the MPs claimed for, and what it tell us about the parties they represent.

Every day seems to bring a new headline, another development. Or as BBC political editor Nick Robinson puts it: "First they wrote cheques; now they're beginning to pay with their jobs."

So, let's hear from you.

Does the expenses system need to be reformed? Is it enough for all MPs' receipts for expenses to be independently scrutinised, as Gordon Brown recently suggested?

MPs' expenses: What needs to be done? Share your stories and solutions here.

Show us your mould! What horrors lurk at the back of your fridge?

The One Show Team | 13:01 UK time, Monday, 11 May 2009


Thanks for sending in your photos of mould! Check back tomorrow for the gallery.

The One Show's George McGavin has been looking at mould, the microscopic fungi that's a common addition to the surfaces in our homes. In Slough, George identified the mould species that's plagued the Kassinen family bathroom for seven years.

Mouldy porridge found at the back of The One Show fridgeSo just for fun, we thought we'd ask for your photos of mould.  

It's time to come clean. Mould gets about. It's a rare home or workplace that's totally mould free. The picture, right, is of some mouldy porridge we found at the back of The One Show fridge (you'll be pleased to hear we now empty the fridge more often). If you think that your mould is more impressive or unusual, then send the photo in here.

Click here to send in a photo of your mould

But how do I get rid of my mould?

In the film, George explained that the moisture in the Kassinen's small, unventilated bathroom provides the perfect habitat for the Cladosporium species of mould and that specialist cleaning is not enough. If they want to get rid of it they'll have to fit an extractor fan, and re-grout the bathroom.

Link: More on preventing mould at Wikipedia.

How intelligent are you? Find out your IQ here!

The One Show Team | 13:57 UK time, Friday, 8 May 2009


Last week two year old Elise Tan Roberts hit the headlines as the youngest person to become a member of Mensa with an IQ (intelligence quotient) of 156. For The One Show, Paddy O'Connell looked at what IQ means, and what Mensa does.

We thought it would be fun to find out the IQs of One Show viewers, so Detail from the testclick below to take the test (you may recognise it - it was first used by BBC TV show Test The Nation).

Click here to take the IQ test.

(If the test doesn't pop up for you to play, please click here to take the quiz on the Test The Nation website. Don't forget to re-visit this page and tell us how you got on.)

Please note: Being environmentally friendly types, we've recycled this test - so after it tells you your IQ score, please ignore the couple of references to Test The Nation, the programme is not on air at the moment.

More info about the IQ test can be found here.

What's your IQ? Share your score below.

Hospital car park charges - do they make you sick?

The One Show Team | 17:31 UK time, Wednesday, 6 May 2009


For The One Show, Lucy Siegle examined the controversial issue of hospital car park charges. She asked whether they should be applied or not.

In 2008, hospital trusts in England charged £112 million for their car parks, whereas in Scotland or Wales, hospital car parking for most people is free.

Local health chiefs in England claim that the money raised from car park charges is vital to maintain the car parks, and also is reinvested into hospitals.

Share your hospital car park charges stories here.

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