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What did you think of the show? (5/11/08)

Host_Ryan - One Show team | 16:40 UK time, Wednesday, 5 November 2008

David Attenborough in the studio Adrian and Christine were joined by legendary naturalist Sir David Attenborough.

It might be Guy Fawkes night for us, but there are fireworks on both sides of Atlantic. Hardeep Singh Kohli reported on Barack Obama's victory from one of the many US election parties going on over here.

Justin Rowlatt looked into poaching in our countryside. It's a growing problem, thanks to game's popularity with chefs and Christmas fast approaching.

David Attenborough's been voted the nation's fantasy dinner guest. So we threw him a special One Show three-course meal... of questions, including one sent in, via the website, by viewer Jessica Voremberg in Bristol. Also: We'll publish our exclusive web-only interview with David in the next few days, so keep checking The One Show website!

Our poetry series continued with Phil Tufnell looking at the history behind Remember, Remember. Tell us your rhymes.

And Hardeep returned to tell us his Worst Time To Be British - the Highland Clearances. Your 'Worst Time' ?

Also: Insect inspection! Spotted a creepy crawlie lurking in your garden but don't know what it is? Send us a snap of it, we'll select the best of the photos and get our bug man George McGavin to identify it for you. Click here to send in your photo.

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