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Blackburn boo boys cannot help the team

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Alistair Magowan - BBC Sport | 15:04 UK time, Sunday, 4 December 2011

There was a moment on Saturday during Blackburn's crucial win over Swansea where the dissenters calling for the head of Rovers manager Steve Kean seemed to cross a line.

Ewood Park has not been a happy place for a while and the latest demonstrations involved fans wearing yellow T-shirts, emblazoned with "100% Rovers, 0% Kean, Venky's", in protest at their beleaguered boss, and the club's Indian owners.

Before the 4-2 victory, in which Yakubu scored four times to lift Blackburn off the bottom of the Premier League table, Kean had presided over six top-flight wins in the 34 games he has been in charge.

So perhaps some of the frustration after a poor run of results was understandable, but on Saturday on a wet and cold afternoon, Blackburn won their second game of the season, and still they booed.

Sections of the support shouted "Kean out" before kick-off, during the game, when they were winning and afterwards, in a planned protest of about 200 supporters.

Their argument is that they are fully behind the team, not those in charge, but when Yakubu scored a fantastic first goal to give Rovers the lead, the cheers were tarnished by boos when the Nigerian ran over to celebrate with his manager on the touchline.

At that point you had to question who they were booing.

Blackburn boss Steve Kean and Yakubu celebrate the first goal against Swansea

Blackburn boss Steve Kean and Yakubu celebrate the first goal against Swansea

Was it Kean? Well, yes, but he didn't exactly beckon his leading marksman towards him. Was it Yakubu? Probably not. Yet, can he be blamed for wanting to bond with his boss after such a tough week?

The evident union between the player and the manager underlines the fact that one cannot exist without the other and whatever the fans' gripes, their clearly-defined agenda is bound to spill over and affect the players.

And they must take huge credit for overcoming a Swansea side full of élan, amongst such a cloud of negativity. It was understandably perplexing for the ever-optimistic Kean afterwards.

"I was thinking that the supporters support the club and they want it to progress and win and climb the table," he said. "So I'd be very surprised if they didn't want the team to win and didn't want the team to get out of the relegation zone the same as me and the players.

"We don't want to be in the position we're in but we've made a massive step to get out of the shadows of the places we have been in, and I hope that the number of people that protest gets smaller and smaller as the results come in.

"I don't know how many are outside protesting, but I would imagine there are not 20,000. I would like the majority to maybe be vocal and say to the protesters, 'give the lads a chance'.

"We've got a lot of young players in the team and it can certainly affect them if there's a little bit of negativity aimed when you're ahead or when you're playing well, so I hope they can bear that in mind."

The problem for Kean is that protesters want the same things as the Scot, they just don't want him to be in a position to make them happen.

But if Blackburn go on to put a run together in the upcoming games against Sunderland, West Brom and Bolton, will the fans' attitudes change?

One of the myriad of complaints is that Kean has not established a firm tactical plan for his team, much in the way that his former Reading colleague Brendan Rodgers has done at Swansea.

Only four points separate the two teams now, but the plight of the respective managers could not be more contrasting.

Kean is under pressure, has fans baying for his blood and must travel to India to discuss plans with the owners, whereas Rodgers has breezed into the Premier League with a team which is winning plaudits for its passing-based style.

There is no doubt they played the more eye-catching football on Saturday and Leroy Lita's goal came after a superb passing move, but Blackburn created more chances and had a striker who has now racked up 10 goals in 12 appearances this term.

Which team will still be in the Premier League next season?

Whatever happens to Swansea, Rodgers is not about to change his methods. When I asked him if he wished his side scored more ugly goals he said: "If you are referring to would we would be happy to play like Blackburn? No chance.

"Would I resort to smashing the ball into the box from their halfway line onwards and look for a scramble every time there is a free-kick? Then no, I wouldn't. But, at times, we do score those types of goals.

"I'm very pleased with the way we have adapted to the Premier League. I've had it since I was a young coach and when you play like ourselves, you have to defend that right of the game on how to play and I will continue to do that."

Kean rejected Rodgers' accusations that Blackburn are one-dimensional. "I would take exception to that. When it's on to pass it, we pass it," he said. "If you have a type of delivery and you have very good players on set-plays, which we have, we are not embarrassed about the fact that we will try and exploit that.

"I like the way Swansea play, I think they knock it about very well. But we think we mix the game up. I don't think you can have somebody signed from Barcelona in Ruben Rochina, or a Mauro Formica, or a Junior Hoilett and play long ball, second ball.

"When we get a free-kick against a team that is possibly slightly smaller than you, and you have Chris Samba, Scott Dann and Gael Givet, you try to exploit that. We feel like we play when it's on to play and if we get a set-play we are not going to play it on the deck, we are going to play it in the air."

On the evidence of Saturday's victory, where two of Blackburn's goals came from set-pieces, Kean's point is a valid one.

One thing is for sure, however, Blackburn's tactics or performances will not be helped by the continued anger from some supporters, especially if some boo in the midst of celebrating a goal.


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  • Comment number 1.

    I think its the first time I have seen a clubs own fans booing after they scored a goal. I think its quite admirable the way the Venkys support their manager (whatever you may think about their company and how they treat and breed their chickens). I have no qualms the way Blackburn play either, they need results badly and if the majority come from long balls and free kicks- so be it..... Kean has my support, and if he lasts the entire campaign it will be nothing short of a miracle.....

  • Comment number 2.

    The thing that people don't like is that Venky's came in acting like they were Sheikh's to buy a club that most people tthink as being traditional and an English club run the "English way" even if they had Jack Walker's millions - the difference between Blackburn and Man City is that Man City's fortunes added quality whereas Blackburn's so called millions has added mediocrity. No one will mourne Kean and the passing of the owners when they get relegated and then sell up.

  • Comment number 3.

    Can I add - until this season a reason why people didn't like BRFC was that they tended, like Bolton, ironically both until this season, that could end a good run, wind you up, cause you to lose confidence and then go on a 6 game losing streak - no one likes a party pooper!

  • Comment number 4.

    "they need results badly and if the majority come from long balls and free kicks- so be it..... "

    Talk about your own team and dont comment on something you have little understanding. Sam Allardyce was sacked because the owners did not like his style of play....which is exactly like you have quoted above. Kean is there because he is a "yes" man and that is the reason behind the booing. Most true supporters of BRFC knew that if we lost yestrday then the "manager" would have been given the boot.

  • Comment number 5.

    The concern from a Rovers perspective is that this result just papers over the cracks. Although I am very pleased with 3 points - beating the team with the worst away record in the league doesn't magically make us a team reborn.

    The performance at Stoke was abject - truly shocking against a very poor Stoke side. If Kean now goes on a winning run then I will be pleased - but my honest assessment is that it is unlikely.

    Furthermore - Kean is seen as a symbol of everything that is currently wrong with the running of the club off the pitch (no middle man between Venkys and Kean? Or is it Jerome Anderson? who knows).

  • Comment number 6.

    Grandfalcon .. unwittingly reveals all we want to know the real reasons for disliking the owners of Blackburn ; Venky's seem to have ' become too big for their boots' buying a traditional english club.
    How dare they .
    Somethings never change in england , how much one tries to paper them over with spin.

  • Comment number 7.

    @ Maint123 - I've no problm with anyone buying any club - so long as they add quality either by plan e.g. MCFC, MUFC, Arsenal or by sheer luck e.g. NUFC, THFC, SCFC - but no one who likes football wants mediocrity - that's not saying there's no place for good tackles, lots of effort etc. but these blokes, much like Pompey's owners are the worst type of owners - big talk, small results.

  • Comment number 8.

    I think you will find you are missing the point completly and from an outsiders point of view it is very weird to see. However Kean has had over 35 games in charbge of Blackburn and has only won 7 of those games giving him a win percentage of 20%. If this was your club would you sit there and pay good money to go to home and away games to see your team win 1 out of every 5? It is not just Kean's record on the pitch it is his manner of dealing with the press of it! So far under Steve Kean Blackburn have had to endure some of the craziest comments that could even come from the biggest enthusiast.
    We want Champions League in 4 years time
    We want to sign Beckham
    We want to sign Ronaldihnio
    We won't get relagated (while sitting bottom of the league)
    Only 1% of fans are against me
    The constant praise of a performance where we were 2nd best all over the park.
    We 'forfeited' the game
    This is what annoys Blackburn fans over the edge that he doesn't seem to notice what Blackburn is all about. He has had no clue in how to deal with this aspect of the game.
    A lot of Blackburn fans are still not happy with the owners after they sacked Big Sam and said we wanted a well known replacement although we got Steve Kean.
    This man won only 5 games in 21 last year and took us on our worst run in the clubs history.
    This was a well run club under Sir Jack Walker and John Williams but we are now a laughing stock to the rest of the world and Kean is apart of that.
    We don't expect to be in the champions league or in Europe we just want to be in the premier league and building a good young squad which i personally believe Kean is building however until the man learns that sometimes it means keeping his mouth shut he will never win anyone over.
    We used to have a voice in Sir Jack and John Williams however now we feel we have nobody and are fighting for this club on our own.
    Steve Kean has got us playing better more attractive football but you can only do that if you build a good defence. Our defensive record is abysmal! 32 Goals in 14 games is a joke. We have had no clean sheets this season and if you can't defend you are going to struggle.
    Steve Kean does not see outside the box that is not just football that is taking Blackburn fans to protest it is the way the club is run as a whole. For him he takes the brunt of it because he is the one who has most contact with Venkys.

  • Comment number 9.

    Blackburn Rovers "fans" disugust me. As a long-suffering Pompey fan we would love an owner who at least hangs around for more than a few weeks and doesn't go bankrupt.
    Steve Kean is not responsible for the sacking of Alardyce nor for Venkys buying the club. If you were offered a job with a good salary and potential for advancement would you turn it down or would you give it a go? The man has my sympathy: I hope Blackburn stay up by one point so that BRFC fans endure a torrid season and cannot relax and can then worry about what will happen next season.
    Welcome to our world.

  • Comment number 10.

    @ Maint123 - BTW would you complain in the same way if you were talking to an Athletic Bilbao fan? Just while thought pops into my head....

  • Comment number 11.

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules. Explain.

  • Comment number 12.

    The Rao family/Venkys have been simply awful owners of Blackburn Rovers football club. Firstly, they sack Sam Allardyce, a divisive but effective manager and replace him with a complete novice who is represented by SEM/Kentaro who were already close to Venkys (I'll call them that as it is shorter). This novice manager then proceeds to guide the team to a last day relegation battle from a reasonable mid table position. During this time, the new manager lies in court over a drink driving charge, insinuating that fans had spiked his drink, got in trouble with Indian customs over £5,000 of undeclared gold jewellery and hired, then fired John Jensen as assistant manager, blaming him for the awful results during his tenure.

    To return to the Venkys gang, they then do not invest in the squad despite many comments from Kean and the Rao brothers that the budget will be reasonably big. Many of the signings were covered by selling Phil Jones for 16.5m, who actually played for 1 1/2 seasons at Ewood Park (a reminder for many journalists who probably think he came through Man Utds ranks). They then continue to back Kean and hang out with Jerome Anderson, despite results continuing to deteriorate and have also taken out a £100m mortgage against future earnings of this club as well as going back on their word over the clubs' existing debts.

    All the while, their golden boy Steve Kean has led the team to possible if not probable relegation, which has earned him a pay rise. Not only that, his press conferences are deluded about the direction the club is heading, and continued digs at fans who have become alarmed at the way the club is being run. The annoying thing is, that many journalists swallow his lies and fantasies and claim we fans should be grateful to have him there and be allowed in the Premier League with their favourite clubs Man Utd Liverpool, Arsenal and suchlike. If Kean stays any longer, we'll be relegated, the Venkys will probably pocket the parachute payments and that mortgage will turn the club into the next Leeds or Portsmouth.

    And when that happens, Lineker, Lawrenson, Shearer and all the so-called experts will be saying it is the protesters that sent us down and make excuses for Kean.

  • Comment number 13.

    "Traditional English club" or not, (whatever a traditional English club is meant to mean), had the new owners come in and splashed a bit of cash and shown positive intent I'm sure they would have been welcomed with open arms. But the owners made the headlines for shipping the team off to India to play a game (whilst in dire straights in the league) and had the players starring in a dodgy chicken advert. The timing was wrong. Do this if the team was doing well, by all means.

    They could do little to persuade Jones not to go to Utd I suppose that didn't help matters. But to replace Big Sam (who has vast experience at managing clubs without massive resources) with a man that has never "managed" before is a clear gamble. Love or hate Allardyce and his brand of football, he did well at Bolton and he's doing ok at West Ham too (I think).

    Maybe the fans of Blackpool wanted rid of Sam anyway, but that doesn't necessarily mean they wanted him replaced "no matter by who". At the end of the day Kean is struggling and if Yakubu gets injured there will surely be more pressure heaped on the guy.

    What amazes me is people who don't support Blackburn knocking fans for protesting/ booing. All teams have fans that do this when the chips are down - it's inevitable! It is however, seen as a red rag to a bull in some quarters with the PC brigade jumping all over it and throwing around labels such as "xenophobic".

    "some things never change in England" is an example of the stereotypical garbage you see on these boards constantly. England is very tolerable and diverse and the PC brigade should shut their mouths and leave their keyboards alone!

    Not all fans of Blackburn will share the same opinion, but who decides which camp is wrong? Not the PC brigade - SO DO ONE!

  • Comment number 14.

    I am a season ticket holder at BRFC, i have been for over 25 years, even when i played amateur level on a Saturday i had a season ticket, this way i could sit with the old man and my uncles when i could make it,
    I am appalled at these clowns that booed the team on Saturday after scoring,
    we are all required to get behind the team, managers, players and owners come and go, no matter how i feel about a player or a manager, i would never boo my team, i have to say, neither does anyone else who sits near me on a saturday,
    These people are not true supporters, they are bums!!!!
    Come on the Rovers, i hope Steve Kean is still their at the end of the season, that way we will still be in the premiership,

  • Comment number 15.

    Blame the previous administration, club in £35m debt, why? Been in the prem for 6 years? sold for £35m i.e. net worth £0 how can this be? £24m received for Jones. Hope our debts are now £11m or less (with £35m pa in tv money). Kean/Venkys cant work miracles, seems they dont have any money either.

  • Comment number 16.

    I hit a nerve it seems .
    Your type of supporters should shift to man'ure , who are willing to cut the nose to spite their face.

    LOL - I support 'Gers (welcome to Scottish Division 3 LOL) and obvious NUFC (one disaster short of a Titanic) - as 13 said - the opwners came in, like MA and did stupid, stupid things - rather than be the usiness men they are paid and perport to be, they do crappy stuff - give the Arab shiekhs and the Glazer's their due, publicity stunts beyond the usual pre-season tours have been at a minimum - hence sucess on the pitch. Even the Mackems have pulled less stunts than the Toon of late - respect to them.

  • Comment number 17.

    How did THFC add anything by 'sheer luck' and not fairly good financial management? Off topic I know but I want some context to this argument the comments have revolved around.

    I thought it was pretty poor of the Blackburn fans to boo as Yakubu and Kean shared a high-10, one big thing about management is getting the players to do their absolute best for you and the fans, some managers lack this, Kean glows with optimism - which at the time gets pretty unprofessional, he seems to think every media opportunity is a job interview - whereas he should focus on getting the results. What I feel though is that Kean is geered as he is a member of the old guard of the Allardyce-era, I found it perplexing at the time that they would appoint Kean and not find someone new and fresh, never have I seen continuity criticised so much in football.

  • Comment number 18.

    Well, well, well, didn't take long for the out and out mocking of Steve Kean by the media last week to be replaced by sympathy.

    If the Rovers fans had stopped protesting against a man who along with his 'representatives' and our owners have transformed this club from being one of the best to worst run football clubs in football, we would be derided as 'fickle'. Is this goldfish like memory of the media something we as fans should replicate?

    The players have had full support, but a manager who has won 4 games out of the last THIRTY (yes 30!) needs removing for the good of the club. Going into yesterday's game, we had fewer wins this season than any other club in league football.

    Would all of you reading this, at whatever level your club plays at, accept a manager with no previous managerial experience with that record?

    I and others make no apologies for wanting the best for our football club, the removal of Steve Kean, a man who is in no way qualified for PL management is a just cause for the BRFC fanbase.

    This is a man that despite one of the worst managerial records in thie history of the PL was recently rewarded with a pay rise and I of course could go on all day about the outlandish 'positive' statements he utters every week, the lies, the contradictory outbursts, his view that fan should turn against fan in the stands.

    There is a lot of ignorance in the media about clubs like BRFC and unfortunately fans of other clubs will not know the true picture- read up on the influence of the SEM agency and how they are not only Kean's agents, but helped engineer the purchase of the club and are 'friends' of the owners, the fact Venky's have mortgaged all future income, a la Leeds, the fact the club has no functioning Board.

    We don't have big expectations at Rovers, we don't want Beckham, Ronaldinho, just a respectable football club that exists to do the best for it's supporters, not vested interests.

  • Comment number 19.

    @ 17 - I guess they have done well to build what they have got but it helped that the one season they really did do well they got 4th place - much like NUFC's good run in mid-to-late 90's bagging Champ. League footie just as the competion expanded to take in 2 teams from England.

  • Comment number 20.


    I can understand your frustrations with the owners. Sack Allardyce because of the "style of play" and then replace it with a man- who advocates an expansive passing game but then realises he can't win many games with this approach- and reverts back to Allardyce's methods.

    The reason they sacked him, and they will never tell you this, is that Allardyce is a stubborn person in the sense that he won't sacrifice "style of play" if its not in the best interests of the team and no one should tell him otherwise- not even the owners. The Venky's didn't like this, as they want Blackburn to play pretty football AND get results.... but the Venky's are new to football and probably didn't realise that you can't change these philosophies overnight. Hence Kean's appointment, who had played attractive football- but were poor defensively- with the exception of Samba. I think the Venky's are privately regretting this stance of sacking Allardyce and forcing their ideas to be implemented from day one. They know its about building teams and not buying teams, unless you have Man City's financial clout.

    Now despite all this, you cannot spout all that vitriol on Kean- he wanted the opportunity and took it- I see nothing wrong with that. Instead of hanging banners reading "Kean Out" it should say "Venky's go back to chicken farming". Just like Newcastle were upset at Mike Ashley about Hughton's dismissal- you should be upset at the owners of living in a fantasy world- not at Kean- and especially not after Blackburn scores a goal.

  • Comment number 21.

    It's a pity that Alistair Magowan has fallen into the same trap as Lawrenson, Hansen and various other "pundits" who don't seem to have the time nor inclination to research properly what is going on at Blackburn Rovers. For all those who feel Kean should be given more time, or that protests during a match are inappropriate, I have news for you - the protests will continue until Kean is ousted from a position to which he is clearly unsuitable.

    I have supported Rovers for 50 years and I have never known a club official be so despised by the fans. Yet Kean and the Venkys have brought it on themselves - the circumstances of his appointment, the appalling results in the past 12 months (one win over Swansea does not overturn a year of relegation form), the untruths that have been continually told to the fans, the lack of a proper management structure at the club, the fantasy world that seems to exist in Kean's head, judging by the comments he makes, the broken promises, the dreadful PR - there isn't a great deal that is right about Blackburn at present and one match is not going to sway opinions. In fact Kean has sunk too low in our estimation ever to turn round opinion, so he may as well go now.

    Those commenting from other clubs, please scratch the surface and see the truth - we do not have delusions of grandeur, but we do want to see our club run properly again, which it was for many years before the Venkys appeared on the scene. In 12 months it has become an absolute shambles, on and off the pitch.

    Kean has been the focal point of the protests and his days are numbered regardless of what else happens, because the focus of the fans' ire will soon turn to the Indian owners and they will realise - sadly too late -that their mismanagement, not the only example of which is their blind support of Kean, is to blame for all the negative publicity that they and their company will be attracting.

    I'm not sure what the Venkys thought they were buying, but they haven't got the knowledge, common sense, empathy with the fans and (as far as we can tell to date) the money to be involved in a football club.

    That's why the protests took place yesterday - and that's why they won't go away (in addition to the excellent points already made by the Rovers fans above)

  • Comment number 22.

    I wish people like @desertwalker would leave Manchester City out of this circus.

  • Comment number 23.

    The booing of the players is despicable, and I was repulsed by it. Having said that, the way Rovers played yesterday was not deserving of a 4-2 win.

    For large parts of the game, including when Swansea were playing with 10 men, Swansea far outplayed the Rovers. Rovers more or less didn't have a midfield, with the only goal not to come from a set play being the first, and that was the full back and the striker interacting well. During the game Kean seemed to be devoid of any tactical ideas, whereas Brenden Rogers was constantly telling his players how to play and try to unpick the Rovers defence.

    Compared to some games Rovers have played this season they did play reasonably well, though were outplayed in a footballing sense yesterday.

    With regard to the situation at Ewood, I feel that there is a fair amount of Rabel Rousing happening in the crowd, with the majority of Rovers fans supporting the team. What most rovers fans want is a bit of clarity as to who is running the club, from a footballing sense, on a day to day basis. What credentials does Anuradha Desai, and the Rao family have to run a football club? Moreover, what influence SEM/Kentaro/Jerome Anderson have in running the club?

  • Comment number 24.

    I have read another article on the guardian about Blackburn and the Venky's - they seem to be shockingly using the club for their own parent company. Taking a 100 million pound mortgage on all future income- that is seriously worrying- I never knew they did that. Especially after all these promises they made of signings, WOW- they look they are treating Blackburn as some sort of toy they can abuse. I definitely understand the fan's anger at Venky's.

    This case is a perfect illustration of whats wrong when privately owned companies take over football clubs. In Germany, club ownership is a sporting association- and nothing passes through without the fan's say- certainly not the 100 million mortgage as the fans have the power to govern clubs

  • Comment number 25.

    It looks like Kean has a lot of fans on the BBC website. Let's start the bidding at 1p if you all want to fight over him. Then when you have suffered 12 month's of Kean we can perhaps meet back up and compare stories. Don't be fooled by the grinning Mr Nice guy who sucks up to anyone with a microphone. Kean is a ruthless induvidual who didn't just stumble in to this job by accident. Anybody who wants to educate theirselves on what is really happening at Ewood Park would be better advised to type "Blackburn Rovers" in to the "Lancashire Telegraph" website and have a read of some of the things Kean and Venky's have been upto rather than shouting off big opinions about something they don't really know anything about.

  • Comment number 26.

    Sorry Alstair but Kean did wave Yakubu over .
    I find it amazing that now that we have a win against a promoted side ( no disrespect Swansea - your football was more beautiful than ours ) everybody wants to support the comedy farce that our club has become .
    Nobody has interviewed any Rovers fan why they want Kean out but basically we do not like the guy ( sorry but he is a Drunk Driver and he lied to the Police during his arrest ) for many reasons . He started by stabbing Allardice in the back , he failed to defend El Hadji Deouf when he was attacked by Warnock ( lets not forget how Warnock got a game abandoned by getting his players to feign injury ) , and has made so made promises which he has failed to keep i.e. we will play beautiful football - when all we now see is Allardice tactics of 1 up and 5 in midfield followed by a big hoof up front
    His Press conferences are wonderful for the journalists and if it was not my club I would have a great laugh example - after the Everton game last season he said we were the best team in the first half even though Everton had 6 attempts ( 3 on target and 3 off ) and we had NONE - ZERO -ZILCH , even last week against Stoke he said we had enough chances to win 2 games ( oops did we lose 3-1)
    The bottom line is that Kean is out of his depth , his team choices and tactics are at best clueless . I cannot criticise the players that we bought because we do not know whether he had a choice or they were bought for him .
    I get frustrated when people talk about real fans - I have had a season ticket since 1979 and this season was the first time I have ever thought about not renewing because of Kean and Venkys . During that time I have followed the Blues away in Europe and up and down the country . Does this make me a real fan ? .
    Rovers is our club since 1875 and belongs to the fans . 100% Rovers 0% Kean and Venkys

  • Comment number 27.

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules. Explain.

  • Comment number 28.

    Allistair, when you look at Kean's record what do you see? I see a manager who would have relegated us had his time in charge been over 1 full season, I see a manager who has been given nearly 40 games in charge to prove he's not up to the job, I see a manager who's results are getting increasingly worse and who has absolutely no hope of turning it around.

    Now why should we as Blackburn fans tolerate his presence? Really I'm extremely puzzled to know the reason. We cannot tolerate it because we cannot tolerate relegation. And so we have begun to protest, first in a reasonable manner before games (we were ignored), then before and after games (ignored), then in sections during games (ignored) and now finally it has come to this distasteful, furious but perfectly understandable point.

    The criticism from the media is that bewildering to me that I'm starting to wonder what I'm missing. Could it perhaps be that you think we're too small a club to be in this league anyway so what are we really complaining about? We've won this league, and we've finished in the top half of it far more than the bottom half since its creation. We're proud fans, and we won't accept the utter failure that has been Kean's reign.

  • Comment number 29.

    This article is spot on. I watched the game on motd and heard an amazingly loud 'oooo'. i tried to work it out concluding it was some chant for yakubu, to find out they were booing his celebration just amazed me. The fans seem to have lost track of their protests, when your team is losing protests against the manager are completely justified and understandable, protests straight after a goal seem very very strange. i don't think any Blackburn fan could logically explain it

  • Comment number 30.

    The people who boo and chant against Steve Kean are - quite simply - idiots. Idiots who wouldn't recognise the beautiful game if it jumped up and bit them on the bottom.

    Kean has to contend with a lot of sub-standard English players, such as Dunn and Robinson.

    The boo-boys are, no doubt, Basset Hounds who think that Sky invented football in 1992. :rollseyes:

  • Comment number 31.

    Soul Patch, considering most players on the Blackburn team are foreign, your argument is pretty ridiculous

  • Comment number 32.

    As the name implies I am a Londoner but live in the north west and I'll go anywhere for a game Everton, Utd, Bolton, Wigan, Tranmere and even Rhyl for a game. Been to Rovers once this season and once was enough for me. Not a good atmosphere.

    Fans, no i don't blame them, in fact I feel sympathy for them. It's supposed to be a football team but at the moment they have carried on from last season, [when I watched them several times] the players are playing from memory. There is absolutely no cohesive plan for their game.

    As for the owners, chickens equals farms equals Bullsh*t and that is what appears to be the rhetoric coming from the owners at Blackburn.

    As for Big Sam seen West Ham twice this season, whats gone wrong there, they are still playing football, well done Sam, see you can change.

  • Comment number 33.

    I am one of a person who would never boo my own team if we win or lose no MATTER how awful the circumstances- because I support my team no matter who the owners are. But the more I read about Venky's the more I dislike with the way they are running the club. Empty promises, mortgages on future income, TV adverts the players had to make for Venky's, the satisfactory explanations for the reasons behind the dismissal of Allardyce that has thus far not been revealed to the fans. Too many to name really!

    But if I were a Blackburn fan, I would NOT ATTEND A SINGLE GAME- and so SHOULD EVERY OTHER. They can play at an empty stadium for the whole season! That would be much more of a powerful protest, rather than all the abuse you are venting at the players and the coach- who are just pawns to the bigger picture. Its Venky's you need to boycott- and the best way to do it, is not to be a customer to his company and buy a ticket... D

  • Comment number 34.

    The perfect punishment for Soul Patch.

    He should be forced to watch Blackburn every weekend, see if he still calls it the beautiful game then.

  • Comment number 35.

    I've been a supporter of a club where we were desperate to get the manager out and for fans of other clubs looking in we were being harsh, so I can understand where the Blackburn fans are coming from. People perhaps don't appreciate the horrible atmosphere, and it's not a nice feeling for the fans, but still - booing because Yakubu went over to celebrate his goal with Kean was well out of order.

  • Comment number 36.

    Soul Patch - You sum up Villa fans. Rubbish since the Premier League began and can't handle the fact that little Blackburn Rovers have won the league. Get over it.

    As for Kean and the situation at my club....

    I travelled to Cardiff straight after work on Tuesday night and what I saw was a manager out of his depth, a team with no gameplan and then to add to the misery, our 'manager' admits to forfeiting the match! This would not have happened under our previous owners or any of our previous managers and was sickening.

    In a way it isn't really Kean's fault. The man has been put in a position which isn't fair. He is NOT a Premier League manager but who in their right mind would turn down such an opportunity? The problems at Rovers run much deeper than our form on the pitch. We have clueless owners and there are very strong suggestions that allegedly Kean was advising Venky's on their purchase of the club. We are proud fans, we are the best supported club in the division and all we want is to be able to compete. The players have never lost our support but our manager (quite rightly) has...this is the bottom line.

  • Comment number 37.

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  • Comment number 38.

    All this user's posts have been removed.Why?

  • Comment number 39.

    All this user's posts have been removed.Why?

  • Comment number 40.

    Blackburn fans have every right to boo Kean and the owners. Venky's have acted solely in their own interests and seem to be slowly destroying the club, and kean's record has been pretty abysmal - let's be honest!

    However, the fans who booed after yakubu's goal have become obsessed and seem to have forgotten what they're actually turning up at ewood park for.

  • Comment number 41.

    As a Rovers supporter of many years -the fans were not booing the players but the Manager. I disagree with the tactic during a game but the reason is simply this

    Keans record is poor, there is little sign of any improvement in the team or squad over the last 12months
    This is the man who said we forfeited a Cup game at Cardiff yet called on the supporters to get behind them - spend good money leading up to Christmas to be told that after being easily defeated. Would you not complain if you got inferior goods ?

    The first real and simple reason howver is this - with no Management in situ in Blackburn the fans have no way of voicing their objections except through the media. What your blog failed to reveal was thatr both the Clubs Main Sponsor and Council Leader had appealed to Venkys for clarity - the sponsor being told to travel to London if he wanted to meet a representative.

    The sceond reason is simply this and it hurts to say so but we are a small club who have punched above their weight for a long time and if we are relegated we do not have the resources to achieve back our Premiership status.

    If we dont survive Kean will blame the dissenting fans instead of his failures in organisation and the transfer market. Sadly whatever he believes he will never earn the respect of the supporters. He needs to learn to think before he speaks !

  • Comment number 42.

    I feel sorry for Steve Kean. Blackburn have been downright unlucky so far this season in my eyes. If Venky's is the problem then by all means protest against them. Booing when your own team has scored a goal? What's that all about. You do realise the more you get behind your manager and your team the more they will give. If you boo them at every opportunity you are not helping the club at all. It's pretty simple if your going to go to a match just to boo don't bother turning up.

  • Comment number 43.

    Fickle and ungrateful. Would they still be booing if that was the goal that kept them up? Disgraceful.

    Fans with mentality like that need to get relegated to appreciate what it means to support the team over the season. Its not an easy job he's doing but they have enough quality in their team to get through.

    Its the fans that are making it hard for players to perform with this behaviour!

  • Comment number 44.

    Blackburn must be, apart from the banks the only business in the U.K. to reward their manager with a pay rise for failure,this is what you get with owners who have absolutely no idea of what is required to run a football club,grand ideas yes,money to splash and a manager with an higher profile than Allardyce no, i don't think they can actually afford to sack him and will eventually finish up relegated. Keane comes across has having no rapport with the supporters what so ever and these are the people who really care and are the lifeline of the club it's such a shame. His comments after the Carling cup defeat tells you a lot about him,forfeited the game for the E.P.L. what absurd and classless rubbish and an insult to Cardiff who would probably have won even if he had turned out his full team. Blackburn are heading the same way as West Ham did last season in the bottom 3 all season and failing to do something about it before it's to late, it would be quite ironic if West Ham got promoted and Blackburn went the other way, i think there is every chance of that happening. This is one instance where the supporters need listening to,and when they come to having to resort to extreme measures to make themselves heard it tells you everything you need to know. And yes they are entitled to vent their feelings which ever way they want, they pay their hard earned money and know what the score is.

  • Comment number 45.


    I agree with his sentiments. When you are IN THE stadium NEVER boo your own team. I found it despicable as well when Sunderland supporters did it. If you have a problem with the manager or the owners- boycott the team but don't PAY MONEY to boo your team- that's totally twisted and unhelpful.

    Personally- I support Kean, despite his absymal record thus far. I genuinely think that Blackburn have been unlucky at quite a few matches (take the Norwich game for example). I think he is a nice fellow who is popular with his players- but the fans are making it difficult for him and the players.

    Answer this question.... do you want Blackburn relegated or do you want Venky's out? If you know the answer you know what you need to do....

  • Comment number 46.

    why do people always knock sky, when their cash is what helps buy top players?

    The cliches of "sky inventing football in '92" are so boring. People that mention that they watch endless games (on sky, no doubt) around europe which makes them an expert on ALL football and ALL clubs and ALL players then knock sky, English football and players do my head in.

    Barca have only really arrived on the European scene this Millennium but all of a sudden you get English people raving about them and claiming they support them (ha ha ha ha ha). They conveniently turn a blind eye to the fact the Spanish league is very heavily balanced in Real and Barca's favour financially with recent talk of strikes as things are so one (two) sided!

    "Kean has to contend with a lot of sub-standard English players, such as Dunn and Robinson".

    That's because (in the real world) in a league some clubs will be inevitably better than others and have better sponsorship and bigger stadiums etc... You can't have 2000 Messi's at all levels of the English game.

    A lot of people who have protested against Kean on here have stated they have supported Blackburn longer than 19 years anyway and that they don't expect to challenge for the league or Europe (despite having quite a few top 10 finishes in recent seasons over the past decade.

    At least Blackburn fans don't support foreign teams just because they play attractive football. The worst football fans in the world are those who aren't Spanish but rave on about Barca, Real and the Spanish national team ALL THE TIME and knock England and English teams on a BBC blog!!!!!

    Not all the fans boo, but it is a clear way of demonstrating their frustration. There's nothing wrong with it on occasion and the only people who moan are the PC brigade and those who think they are clever. We don't protest anywhere near enough in this country and the Blackburn fans that wish to boo have every right to do so.

  • Comment number 47.

    All this user's posts have been removed.Why?

  • Comment number 48.

    44. At 19:58 4th Dec 2011, premier league fan wrote:

    Blackburn must be, apart from the banks the only business in the U.K. to reward their manager with a pay rise for failure

    In what way has former Real Sociedad assistant manager, Steve Kean, been a ''failure'' at Blackburn? :rollseyes:

    Steve has done a sterling job at Blackburn, but the typical English ''fans'' can barely scrape their knuckles off the floor and appreciate what a classy manager he is.

    Please try and free yourselves from the slithery tentacles of the Sky Sports octopus!

  • Comment number 49.

    I can understand why blackburn fans might be upset.
    Heres some things I dont quite get though, and maybe they have forgotton:

    1) Blackburn fans have the opportunity to watch games weekly in the Premier League. They get to watch some of the best players in the world albiet on the other side some of the time.
    My team isnt even in the top non-league division and tickets cost almost half the price as blackburns.

    2) In between some abject performances, Blackburn have been involved in two of the most exciting games of the season thus far.

    3) There is such defiance, booing your own goals.. Are your fans also buying your opponents shirts and sitting in the away end? I wouldnt be surprised.

    If things are so so bad up there in the premier league, how about finding something more fulfilling to waste your money on? Theres plenty of good charities around these days.

  • Comment number 50.

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules. Explain.

  • Comment number 51.

    Soul patch, what part of 6 wins out of 34 games is a sterling job? I think Blackburn should keep hold of Kean, not because he's done a good job but because they need stability to overcome adversity.

  • Comment number 52.


    God, you have to laugh ;)

  • Comment number 53.


    It's easy to adopt the attitude that you have regarding Blackburn's fans but having been there and witnessed it, it's easy to understand.

    The Venkys may have bought the club but the fans were there before and they will be there after them.

    The very heart of Blackburn is being torn apart by the owners, I have no pity for Kean he knows the score.

    In the last few years we've had a procession of cowboys moving in on the English clubs. One day fans are going to wake up and find football as we knew it has all but gone.

  • Comment number 54.

    All this user's posts have been removed.Why?

  • Comment number 55.

    David_Villa are you all there in the brain department? Your bizarre waffling posts are both weird and seemingly angry for no reason. And to be honest mate you're a bit of a joke if you think Kean is a good manager just because he's apparently playing football the way you want it to be played. If he stays and we get relegated, will you carry on your stoic defence of him? Or will you forget him and Blackburn ever exist and move onto something else? Us Rovers fans can't move on. You have nothing at stake in this argument except your stupid, pretentious principles, and yet you've posted about 10 times already. Just shut up.

  • Comment number 56.

    I'm a Swansea fan and I'm not complaining about the result but I agree with those who've said it papers over the cracks for Blackburn. They won because we decided not to mark their centre forward. We gave Yakubu as much space at corners as he had when he took the penalty. My team have a lot to learn about defending at this level but as Alistair points out, we're united behind a capable manager and that's why I think we'll stay up. Blackburn were a relegation waiting to happen once the Venkys sacked Sam Allardyce. I feel sorry for a manager who gets booed no matter what he does but Kean has done nothing to suggest he's up to the job, and I feel more sorry for the Blackburn supporters who'll be watching Championship football next season while Allardyce is leading West Ham out in the Premiership

  • Comment number 57.

    What an awful blog. I assume, alastair, that this is one of the first rovers games you have seen. You have had a look at the game and thought "oh, how disgraceful, how can they boo". You have no idea what we as supporters are having to go through with this utter idiot in charge. When we sang "stand up if you want kean out" it wasn't "sections" or "200 people" that stood up, it was most of the ground.

    You really have no idea about the politics behind why we are so angry. It isn't the results, which are reason enough to protest, it is the whole situation. How can a manager whose team was 20th be rewarded with a new contract? If this was happening to an everton, villa or tottenham you would not be writing this blog. How about you read up on our situation before writing ill informed and ridiculous blogs. I don't know a single fellow rover who wants kean to remain in charge, so put that in your blog!

  • Comment number 58.

    The bald patch of ricky villa

    Barca have only really arrived on the European scene this Millennium

    I don't know what planet you were on but Barca have been a force for in Europe since I was a boy and thats over 50 years ago. They would have been one of the original winners of the European Cup if it was not for Real Madrid. There late 50's semi final is still one of the great games and Barca won the domestic league that year.

    Barca had to settle for only 3 fairs cups in the mid to late 50's, in those days as hard to win as the European Cup. That was because only one team per country was allowed in the European Cup.

  • Comment number 59.


    Nobody said sky "provides accurate, fair and unbiased commentary"

    You mention the same stuff about sky on every single BBC blog and try to take them over with a comment every 2 minutes

    You are predictable! You think you know everything! If you're not English I have faith that the English aren't as racist and arrogant as you. If you're English, it's people like you who ruin this country!

  • Comment number 60.

    All this user's posts have been removed.Why?

  • Comment number 61.

    All this user's posts have been removed.Why?

  • Comment number 62.

    So you'd condone booing when your team scores, would you?

  • Comment number 63.

    It is rich to see comments above such as "fickle" and "but the fans are making it difficult for him and the players". In reality, based on sensationalised stories that is now what you're reading. Although the fans have backed the players throughout the game with the only protests carried out against a clueless manager.

    Here's some thoughts about the manager:
    - His record is appalling - 7 wins from 35 games in the Premiership with 5 in 21 of them coming with what was largely Allardyce's team last season.
    - This season, with his own signings and own team, we have won 2 of 14. It wasn't good last season, its getting worse. At what point has he earned any tolerance?
    - We have let in 3 goals (or more) in half of our Prem games. Wigan and Swansea are teams who have struggled to score this season, not against us. No clean sheet all season (including against any lower league opposition).
    - Every other team seems to have ended its rubbish run against us (Chelsea won when they were in their losing streak, Stoke, Wigan). Last season's wins included wins against DiMatteo's West Brom and Hodgson's Liverpool when both were in freefall.
    - There is a lack of cohesion and tactical planning. His tactics have been found out and we look vulnerable against anyone. The defense is appalling and what was a strong unit has been undermined by a lack of protection as Kean pursues his attacking agenda.
    - he has been convicted of drink driving. To make this worse, he lied about the circumstances.
    - lack of qualifications. If this had been a qualified manager who had actually done anything, he would get more time. We constantly get the Ferguson at Man U comparison in giving him time which is ridiculous given Ferguson's prior demonstration of ability previously. Strange how Lawrenson crowed last season about how right he was to recommend DiMatteo being sacked and replaced by Hodgson and defends Kean now. One is foreign...couldn't be

    The owners have got less opposition as Rovers fans are realistic in that our previous owners wanted to sell the club and weren't interested in developing it as a force. We had a good chairman and a succession of good managers under the Trust who always act to try to (conservatively) grow the club with the resources available.

    Regards the owners:
    - Advised by Kentaro/SEM who represent Kean. Sacked Allardyce for having much better results at same stage and appointed a manager represented by their advisors.
    - We signed Keantaro/SEM MD's son - a left back who played one half in Scotland for Aberdeen. Not featured for the first team strangely...
    - We started this season playing a reserve player and a centre-mid as our first choice centre-halves. This despite knowing the need for a replacement for many weeks since selling Jones and carrying injuries to our key first teamers. As a result we lost our opener at Wolves, putting us right on the back foot.
    - Disposed of the services of John Willams, our long serving chairman, who oversaw a period of stability and was much-loved and replaced with a chairwoman who is in India and has no interaction with fans.
    - No fans forum. No shirt sponsor (why not for a poor club?). Dissension from our main remaining corporate sponsor.
    - Net negative transfer spend despite promising 'significant' investment.

    The main focus is to remove the unqualified manager who WILL get us relegated. Just because we got a win against a weakened Swansea side, I cannot see this disorganised team lead by Kean achieving anything this season. Most Rovers fans want this and then want Venky's to come back through their appointment of a real football manager, not an overpromoted coach.

  • Comment number 64.


    Barca dominant? No they weren't! They won their 1st European Cup in '91 and have won the 3 CL's in the last 6 years. What planet are you on??

    It is more difficult to win in Europe now that it was 30 years plus ago as there are miles better teams about, and when it was champions only teams like Malmo and Brugge made the final.

    Liverpool beat JUST 19 teams to win 4 European Cups!!! Take '78 = Bye, Benfica, Dresden, Borussia, Brugge

    It is much more competitive nowadays. You must support LFC surely???

  • Comment number 65.

    @57 and 63

    So you'd condone booing after your team scores, would you?

  • Comment number 66.


    I understand where you are coming from but fans need to remember the impact they have on the team and also the board. When you cross the line so your players can't perform at home then your making it very hard for the team to survive.

    Yes you can change manager. You can also change the board but there is no guarantee that will change. The saving grace for Blackburn is that they players are still behind the manager. They just need to perform on the pitch as you have quality there.

    Take a leaf out of LFC they finally got the board they were asking for but they did it in a different way. They made their points heard during games but they still got behind the manager and players when needed. Yes they have a better squad than Blackburn at the time but they went from 2nd in the league to out of Europe. I doubt you would see LFC fans booing their manager in that situation.

    I hope things work out for Blackburn as they need stability. They have good players who under perform too often but they are too good to be at the bottom.

    Make you voice heard and support the team/manager when in play.

    Good luck!

  • Comment number 67.

    At 62 - we never boo'd yakubu. we never boo'd scoring. we boo'd steve kean. winning that game was nothing to do with kean, it was solely yakubu. once again, we failed to defend or keep possession, and swansea terrorised us time and time again. they were the better side. if we had a different striker upfront we would have certainly lost the game.

  • Comment number 68.

    What Blackburn fans need to realise is that they deserve to go down, whoever's in charge. They are not good enough for the Premier League. If they stay up, it would be an injustice. Same goes for Bolton and Wigan. It's the sorry truth, but the truth nonetheless.

  • Comment number 69.

    The bald patch of ricky villa

    You never mentioned dominant and nor did I. You stated that they have only just arrived, I said they were a force for over 50 years. Try and remember what you wrote it does help.

    7 European cup finals, 4 Fairs cup finals, 6 Cup winners finals.

    Only 5 of the 17 finals post 91.

    Is it more difficult to win now? Well considering the major nations have 4 entries it is easier for a nation to win it but not a single club. But a good percentage of the winner of Champions League have not been champions in their own countries.

    The Fairs Cup was far more difficult than the European Cup in the 50's using your reckoning because it contained more of Europe's Elite.

    The problem with people like you is football has only been around 20 years. Well for your information it is a hell of a lot longer than that.

  • Comment number 70.

    Re 68
    Rubbish! That may end up being true, but you cannot say it in early December. We will know the three worst teams at the end of the season.

  • Comment number 71.

    It will be interesting to see if alastair bothers replying to any of these comments. It seems pretty much everyone disagree's with him. Let's see if he replies to any of the comments made by us rover's fans who actually know what is going on with our own club.

  • Comment number 72.

    You have to admire Kean for staying positive through all the abuse from so called fans. The Blackburn team, like a dozen others, may or may not be good enough to remain in the Premier League. It's bizarre that as long as Kean stays, the protesters seem quite happy for them to go down as they'll have someone to blame. The team and the manager deserve better.

  • Comment number 73.

    If the Rovers fans don't protest regardless of a victory they are 'fickle' and if they protest regardless of a win. They are "unfair to Kean and not real football fans".

    Can't win really can we.

    Simple fact is we have the worst record in the league in terms of games won under our current manager. He has a 20% win ratio. That is bona fide relegation form.

    Sick to death of football fans from other clubs barging into discussion and slating Rovers fans for protesting against such and such.

    Arsenal a large chunk of fans were protesting against Wenger of all people at the begining of the season?! Aston Villa, sorry your manager is?? Do you really want him? Everton fans moaning about the current owner. Yes you are in debt and your not signing many players and losing big name players. It's nothing we haven't experienced as Rovers fans under the Walker Trust and we didn't enter into open revolt at that time! Liverpool... Hicks... Gillett... Manchester United... Consistenty at the top of the table and yet campaigned with green and gold against American owners? Newcastle United protested in mass against Mike Ashley... Queens Park... Moaned about season ticket prices! Sunderland... Campaigning to get Steve Bruce out regardless of a higher win percentage then Steve Kean...

    We have conceded goals in every game we have played this season... We have a guy in charge who has been caught and lied regards drink-driving... He has lied consistently about being willing to meet Rovers fans to discuss their concerns... He tries to pool the wool over the publics eyes regarding results, and quality of performances...

    Venkys... No chairman replaced our longstanding chairman who left... No communication with the fans... No communication with the media... No communication with business backers... No communication with the banks... No communication with MP's from the Blackburn owners asking about the issues at the club including mass debt with the banks... Sacked a 'class' manager in Sam Allardyce and replacing him with his number 3 in the Premier League...

    Goodness me. I dare say if ANY of you lot supporting other teams experienced what we have in the last year you would be protesting as well!

    Thomas (Blackburn Rovers fan from West Sussex)

  • Comment number 74.

    Disagree with you entirely. Allardyce or Mark Hughes would have kept this group of players well clear of the bottom three.
    This time last year Avram Grant was doing his "defiant in adversity" routine at West Ham and some people admired him for that. Unfortunately he had nothing else to offer, he simply couldn't do the job. Kean's "positive under pressure" routine is along the same lines and he can't do the job either. If you put my ten year old son in front of a camera crew I bet he could be positive and defiant but that doesn't make him a Premiership manager. As I said earlier I'm a Swansea fan and my team is what I care about, but reading this blog I feel sympathy and solidarity with loyal Blackburn fans who are watching their club sink when it didn't need to happen.

  • Comment number 75.


    What were you booing? You weren't seriously booing because he celebrated with Kean!!

  • Comment number 76.

    I do sympathise with you Rovers fans. You have an absolute imbecile at the helm yet the owners think he's doing a good job and the media have now switched to blaming you for this wretched form

    The ignorance of some of these so called experts astounds me. The way I see it, who knows what's best for the club-the supporters and the people who actually watch their team week in week out, or the "experts" who watch nowt but highlights and the odd game against Man United or Liverpool?

    They love their consistency watchword and are always up in arms at managerial departures however justified they may be-look at the outrage over Roy Hodgson's departure from Liverpool and that of Avram grant. Media blamed everyone udner the Sun from the owners to the fans, never making any allusions towards their failings as managers

    The only thing keeping Kean in a job at the moment is the cluelessness of the owners. Don't know how he's managed to convince them he's the right man for the job. The fans detest him for a reason, he is woefully inept and is now going and blaming them for the club's dodgy form as opposed to his own failures as the manager

    Rovers squad is imo good enough to finish in the top ten. The fact that a defence which has the likes of Dann, Nelsen and Samba is proving more leaky than a cullander speaks for itself

    I hope Rovers will see sense and dump this fool before it's too late

  • Comment number 77.

    I sympathise with BR fans, their manager is a joke and should do the right thing and walk

  • Comment number 78.

    west sussex rover

    Have to agree with you, the Rovers situation is unlike any other.

    You lot must be in agony at watching what is happening there.

    I go to all the NW clubs, yep a neutral who loves his footie. Watched Rovers several times last season and you could see the life drain out of them. Once this season and that was enough, the atmosphere was bad.

    I'd like to say it's going to improve but I can't see it with the owners you've got or the manager. Any club manager that has a chance of reaching a semi final and say only after the game that it was not important, is not really a manager. He deserves the sack for that alone, it shows a complete lack of respect for the fans.

  • Comment number 79.

    "the cheers were tarnished by boos when the Nigerian ran over to celebrate with his manager on the touchline."

    Did you watch the match or are you bending the truth to fit your article? If you watch it, proper, you'll noticed the loud boo's started when Kean thought it would be a good idea to give to give the Rovers fans a two-fisted salute!

    "Was it Yakubu? Probably not. Yet, can he be blamed for wanting to bond with his boss after such a tough week?"

    Probably not?! Twisting it again when you know that there's no probablity in it, again if you'd watched it, you would've seen kean standing with his hands up when Yak was 40 yards away. Conspiricist might think he was under instructions, either way his bond wasn't stong enough for him to do it again!

    "And they must take huge credit for overcoming a Swansea side full of élan"

    No disrespect to Swansea but with an away record of W0 D2 L4 F4 A14, I'm really struggling to see why they should take huge credit.

    "One thing is for sure, however, Blackburn's tactics or performances will not be helped by the continued anger from some supporters"

    I noticed you conveniately forgot to mention the following line, taken from the article you wrote yesterday-

    "I might invite a few of [the protesters] into the dressing room and see that in there it doesn't affect us at all."

    Before Saturday's win only Steve Bruce had a worse record in the premier league this year, look what happened to him! If Blackburn had proper owners, they would've sacked him weeks, if not months ago,if they had then the situation on Saturday would never had occured.

  • Comment number 80.

    Sorry, but how is Kean a joke? He is doing okay so far based on results, the bottom section of the PL is so narrow it's more to do with the players than the managers!

    Here's me thinking Mancini was under pressure until this season, though I'm obviously imagining things.

  • Comment number 81.


    The average fan in the premiership knows that Balckburn aren't worthy of the same honour.

    Remember qualifying for the champions league and playing to half empty stadiums and fights between the players? I'm sorry, but I would get behind SK and take whatever the future has in store.

  • Comment number 82.

    Evening all. Sorry for not replying sooner, been a busy old day.

    I'm with 66 keep it real on this one. I understand that many Rovers fans have probably reached the end of their tether, and I also realise that having a proud club being taken over by foreign investors who have not exactly been communicative with fans so far is a cause for concern.

    As many of you have pointed out, every fan has a right to protest but this can be done before and after a game, during the week and by continually lobbying the board and owners. I appreciate that many fans have gone down this route and their frustration comes from a lack of response from the club. But I still maintain that booing the manager, or the fact that one his players chooses to celebrate a goal with him, cannot be of any help.

    True, Kean's results have been poor and if I'm honest I thought the team was lacking real pace, Hoilett apart, so things can definitely improve in a number of ways. But 67. brfc_dec sort of sums up the negativity. He says "winning that game was nothing to do with kean, it was solely yakubu. if we had a different striker upfront we would have certainly lost the game." Yeah, but you did have the Yak and who bought him? The players look like they are still onside with the manager, so there is something to build on.

    Would it not be better to help the club maintain its premier league status and then if you still feel the same in the summer, push for a replacement in the summer?

  • Comment number 83.

    I think the fans are misunderstanding something here- its not Kean who is the joke, its Venkys. Kean seems like a man who knows his football- and yes, his win ratio is poor- but a better manager might have what, a 25% win ratio rather than 20%, coupled with the fact that the fans are booing their team all the time- its no wonder that Kean has only a 20% win ratio.

    Venky's are the true evil- they have mortgaged your entire future income and are saddling the club with more debt rather than making the promised investments they vowed to make. They are using the club as leverage for their parent company and that has diddly squat to do with Kean. BOYCOTT THE GAME OR SUPPORT BLACKBURN-BUT DONT BOO YOUR TEAM!

  • Comment number 84.

    My, my, the media have a short memory. In the middle of the week, Rovers fans were getting the sympathy of the press because Steve Kean stated that Rovers 'forfeited' the game against Cardiff. It appeared like they had finally caught onto the fact that Steve Kean is one of the worst managers in Rovers history and has taken a team, that was the model for how most Premiership teams outside the big boys to be run, to the brink of relegation last season and to the foot of the table this season. We have been on the slide ever since Kean has been in charge, but the press has either turned a blind eye, hasn't picked up on it, or more than likely just don't care.

    Steve Kean is genuinely loathed by the majority of Rovers fans. He is out of his depth at this level and should be sacked. Why can't the press, other fans and the Rovers fans who support him see this. He has won 7 GAMES OUT OF 35! If that was happening at other clubs, would people just sit by and support the manager? No, they wouldn't.

    We've seen lazy pundits like Lawrenson, Hansen, Merson and others mock Rovers fans for protesting after yesterday's game. It goes to show that these 'experts' have very little knowledge of what goes on at most clubs and just make sweeping statements based on no research. As other fans have pointed out here, if the protesters had left after the game, they would be seen as fickle and because they do protest they are seen as the bad guys. One win over a promoted side is welcome, but excuse me and the majority of fans for not getting carried away by a result that is long over due against a team that we should be expecting to beat. Let's see how we get on over the next 3 games before people start to think that the tide has turned.

    Steve Kean and the owners are responsible for the situation that they find themselves in. Kean has been disaster since he came into the job. He constantly makes the most baffling statements (he lives in a hypothetical world of ifs, buts and maybes and bases his predictions for the teams future on this), that are usually totally false which just winds the fans up even more. He keeps saying that he doesn't understand the why the fans are protesting. Seven wins in 35 games would have something to do with it. Having one of the worst defensive records in the league would be another reason.

    Getting a job that you never deserved because your agent was the person advising the owners, getting a pay rise after nearly taking us down and have us sitting in the bottom three, being a 'yes' man to the owners, sitting in press conferences and doing interviews with a smirk slapped across your face because you know that you have wormed yourself into a position with Mrs Desai where you won't get sacked by her and the performances against Stoke, Cardiff and Wigan (I could go on and on) are just some of the reasons why Rovers fans despise the man.

    To all the fans saying how good it is that the manager is backed by the owners, would you be of the same belief if it were your team that had a manager with such an abysmal record? I highly doubt it. However I can excuse fans from other clubs making this mistake, as they don't have the inside scoop on what's going on. However, the media should be asking questions, they should know what's going on, they should see that Kean is the worst manager in the league and that he has had more than enough time to prove his worth. To write an article like the one above, again goes to show the laziness and general apathy that exists amongst the media when it comes to Blackburn Rovers.

  • Comment number 85.

    "The average fan in the premiership knows that Balckburn aren't worthy of the same honour.

    Remember qualifying for the champions league and playing to half empty stadiums and fights between the players? I'm sorry, but I would get behind SK and take whatever the future has in store."

    There was me thinking you actually got what you deserved based on results not how many plastics support your team. Remember Rovers finishing 6th and 10th under Hughes and Allardyce. Most Rovers do and thats why we can recognise the actions of a poor manager and a good one. Any team that is in the Prem has got results that give it that honour and we are an established Premiership side that deserves better management.

    "He is doing okay so far based on results,"

    Really, should we celebrate being bottom up until yesterday. What a winner that man is.

  • Comment number 86.

    "coupled with the fact that the fans are booing their team all the time"

    desertwalker - you seem decent but get this - WE'RE NOT booing the team. Beyond a small segment shown on match of the day when KEAN was booed (expressing our feelings to him - NOT the team) the team has NOT been booed.

    The first protest came before the Arsenal game. That was the first game we won this season. The fans protested before the Swansea game - we won that game. The protests are about the manager and, to a lesser extent, the owners.

    No protests have taken place on away games. We've lost most of those.

    "Venky's are the true evil"

    That still remains to be seen.

  • Comment number 87.


    I am suprised you state 'wait until the summer' if Rovers stay in the prem, Kean will be there next season. This is the same manager who stated a cup semi does not matter. If just staying in the prem is all that counts then why not tell the fans not to waste their hard earned on a trip to South Wales.

    I can understand a top four club treating the League Cup as a run out but not a team striving for confidence and consistency which only a string of wins will bring.

  • Comment number 88.

    I haven't followed the Rovers affairs like a fan of the club would, but I remember reading that the Venky's admitted--before buying the club--that they weren't going to invest in the club but just want to, basically, collect dividends. Is that right?

  • Comment number 89.

    48. At 20:07 4th Dec 2011, You wrote:

    Your comment has been referred for further consideration. Explain.

    What was possibly wrong with that post???!!! :confused:

  • Comment number 90.

    I have no association with Blackburn Rovers, but I feel a great deal of sympathy with their fans, and I feel this article is missing the point. Having read articles from other sites, and comments from Blackburn fans, I very much get the impression Steve Kean and/or his agent were very important players in the takeover by a group of people who seem to have no interest whatsoever in the club.

    As I want what's best for English football, I support the Blackburn fans in their stance, providing they keep their protests non-violent. Having people like Venky's coming into English football needs to stop. There's people running clubs into the ground, and the FA, Premier League and Football League just sit by and let it happen. I just hope that that this situation can be resolved, and Blackburn can get caring owners again soon.

    It's be nice if the BBC was to research this subject a bit as well, but I guess you don't want to damage the image of the "product".

  • Comment number 91.

    All this user's posts have been removed.Why?

  • Comment number 92.

    Why is someone impersonating Soul_Patch? That's just really, really lame.

  • Comment number 93.

    Former Real Sociedad assistant manager, Steve Kean, is a class act.

    I don't expect the Sky Sports Basset Hounds to appreciate just what a great job Steve is doing at Blackburn, but, rest assured, the aficionados of the beautiful game understand just how well he's done, despite having to field terrible English pros like Robinson and Dunn every game.

  • Comment number 94.

    In my opinion Kean Is a Liar!! The constant drivel he comes out with is just ridiculous.

    He keeps saying that they're close to signing this player, we're looking at that player....RUBBISH! Are you telling me that Steve Kean really thinks he is the man to get a star name Like David Beckham or Ronaldinho playing at blackburn?

    Not saying either of these are fantastic players anymore, but with their egos, there is no way Kean could handle them.

    His interviews after the games are a joke!!! claiming his side were the better team and they deserved to win when they have had only a hatful of shots, mostly off target.

    He claimed that they "forfeited" the carling cup game, but in his interview after the game he said "we made 5 changes, but we thought the team we sent out was going to be good enough" that isn't "forfeiting" a game!! thats called squad rotation. changing 5 players is not exactly putting out your reserve team. And if he had every intention of doing that, why not make a statement telling the Blackburn fans not to bother going down to south wales because they would be wasting their money?!

    I feel so sorry for the Blackburn fans, they deserve better than to have to listen to him harping on every 2 minutes about qualifying for europe when they're lying bottom of the league!

  • Comment number 95.

    92. At 23:10 4th Dec 2011, Hasan Mir wrote:

    Why is someone impersonating Soul_Patch? That's just really, really lame.

    I concur.

  • Comment number 96.

    @ Rovers the hill and far away....

    I am not a Rovers fan and I am sure you know the current affairs of your club better than I do.... but I firmly believe that the owners are TOTALLY clueless or are being complete mercenaries, in the truest sense of the word- exploiting the club and using its resources to promote their Venky's company rather than actually helping the club....

  • Comment number 97.

    All this user's posts have been removed.Why?

  • Comment number 98.

    All this user's posts have been removed.Why?

  • Comment number 99.

    Comment #8 is exactly what rovers fans are getting at and the best comment here. Now I'm not a rovers fan but even I know more than the guy that wrote this article about the goings on at Blackburn this season

    Yes huzzah, Kean won a game - beating Swansea at home isn't going to set the world alight and their only other win was against my team, Arsenal, in what was our worst defensive performance since I've been alive probably (17 years) it was truly abysmal from us and if we'd have had even Norwich's defence that day I am sure we'd have won, thank goodness we've improved since.

    For Blackburn though the dramas are turning into weekly hysterics, they sacked Allardyce because they wanted a more 'attractive brand' of football. Well this is rubbish for a start, the reason they sacked Allardyce is because their plan all along was to hire Kean - a man owned by venkys and not blackburn - as it'd be a more financially astute proposition, a trait which is common in Indian business people. Even if the attractive football thing was the case though, how can Venkys justify their decision to back Kean given they play less attractive football now than under Big Sam! Every freekick they get in their own half is taken by Paul Robinson, you watch!

    But as mentioned, they've won 7 of their last 34 league games under Kean - that's relegation form and only Wigan have had worse form in that time. Only wigan have scored less in that time (stat correct pre-swansea game) and they've conceded the most goals in the League since Kean took over.

    Blackburn were in the top half under Allardyce, now look where they are... And it gets worse, Kean promises that:

    - Blackburn will be in the champions league in four seasons
    - Blackburn are a top half team
    - Blackburn will NOT be relegated
    - We forfeited this fixture
    - We're improving...

    Would you want your manager to say this when your side is bottom of the League? I fully support the rovers' fans protests, but they should direct them more at venkys than at Kean - who rewards failure with a pay rise? What's more is there's no way, unless they can convince kean/venkys to leave or change their minds, that rovers' slide will cease and Kean currently is pulling the strings for a plummet straight down the Leagues.

    All Blackburn wanted was money to compensate for the fact the Jack Walker trust weren't being loyal to their promises... and this is the hole it's got them in

  • Comment number 100.

    @ 94: You need to chill out man! The use of the ! should be limited to 3 per post! I lost count with you over the top use and loud offensive tone!

    Much calmer to use .

    Why do you feel sorry for Blackburn fans? If they don't like it they should support someone else.


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