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BBC Hausa interview with President Yar'Adua

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Jerry Timmins | 18:12 UK time, Tuesday, 12 January 2010

BBC Hausa got a telephone interview in English and Hausa today with President Yar'Adua. It generated a huge reaction in Nigeria and around the world. Here is some background from Jamilah Tangaza, Editor of BBC Hausa.


Jamilah TangazaBy Jamilah Tangaza

Nigeria has been a whirlwind of rumour and speculation over the last week. The speculation was driven by uncertainty over the whereabouts and state of health of President Yar'Adua. He has been out of the country for more than 50 days.

The Hausa Service has an audience of 23 million people and they were contacting us, they were e-mailing us, they were texting us, they were blogging about us, and they were challenging us - "Please tell us what is happening with our President."

They were saying things like, "We rely on you to provide us with the truth - and we want the BBC to tell us the truth about Yar'Adua."

Senior government officials, who said he was receiving medical treatment in Saudi Arabia, maintained he was on his way to a full recovery following heart problem.

Four weeks after his departure, rumours were rife that President Yar'Adua was in a coma, others said he was brain-damaged. One report even claimed that he had died on the 10 January.

Presiden Yar'AduaRumours are not new to Nigeria; but then neither is speculation that Yar'Adua had died. During his presidential campaign in 2007 the would-be President Yar'Adua collapsed and was subsequently hospitalised in Germany.

In a dramatic response to speculation that he was dead, the then President Olusegun Obasanjo made a nationally televised phone call to Germany to convince Nigerians that Yar'Adua was indeed alive.

That was three years ago and Presisdent Obasanjo's intervention happened only hours after Yar'Adua had arrived in Germany. Last night, one of my thoughts was: if Nigerians needed to be convinced that Yar'Adua was alive after so short a time from falling ill in 2007, then such assurances were long overdue after 50 days of silence and absence.

The interview today aired across Nigeria and the World and put to rest the wilder stories. It has not put to rest complaints from the opposition about the extended absence and uncertainties it raises. And on the internet some new questions have been flying such as "Was it really Yar'Adua on the BBC?"

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By way of an answer let me say that I and the interviewer thoroughly researched the interview before it was done. We dealt with people we know who are close to the President to set it up.

Before recording, Mansur Liman, who did the interview, had an informal chat to convince himself who we were talking to. In short days of checking on the president's whereabouts and condition culminated in the interview taking place.

One of my key concerns in broadcasting to a country as complex and sensitive as Nigeria, is making sure the BBC gets it right and our editorial checks have to be rigorous. With over 20 million Nigerians listening to the BBC on a regular basis, I feel pretty motivated to get the checks right.

One final thought: this is not the first time BBC Hausa has had cause to get to the heart of the story surrounding President Yar'Adua. In 2007 BBC Hausa service was the first to get an interview with Yar'Adua while he was receiving medical attention in Germany - again dispelling the rumours.


Jerry Timmins is Head of Africa Region, BBC World Service.


  • Comment number 1.

    Jerry (and) jamilah Tangaza:

    Thanks for the BBC Hausa, and, for the interview
    with President Yar-Adua on his recent health problems that are being controlled in Saudi Arabia.....

    ~Dennis Junior~

  • Comment number 2.


    Also, thanks for the interviewer Mansur Liman and, for doing a full set of diagnostic research on President of Nigeria before airing the interview!..

    -Dennis Junior-

  • Comment number 3.

    I sympathise with the man Umaru Yar'adua as a fellow human being because of his lingering health problems on the one hand, but have no sympathy what so ever for the president of Nigeria and his inner circle of advisers for repeatedly violating the Nigerian constitution because of pecuniary and other interests. Political events in Nigeria in the last 50 days have gone from the absurd (utterances of the Attorney General concerning the president's ability to govern Nigeria 'indefinitely' from anywhere in the world) to the macabre (ghost-like BBC recording of a man claiming to be Yar'adua) just because the president failed to hand over to his vice on departure to Saudi Arabia. The "president's" choice of the BBC over the NTA to address Nigerians at this critical time, to my mind, is an impeachable offence. Luckily, events won't slide down that way as Nigeria has a docile National Assembly that doesn't know its left from right. The silver lining however is the recent demands for good governance by Soyinka and co, which naturally should snowball into a revolution if politicians continue with business as usual.

  • Comment number 4.

    Nice to see the beeb providing a genuine public service to a rumour stricken country, though i doubt the conspiracy theorists will be convinced.

    Re ~Dennis Junior~ {Belated Happy New Year}

  • Comment number 5.

    Poor interview to say the least! Obviously the BBC was being used as a 'mouth piece' by the presidents entourage to get their message out. Were the questions pre-vetted by the president's entourage? Why did Mansur not ask about the transfer of power to the VP? If he had time to have an 'informal' chat prior to the interview then surely he had the time to ask more probing questions? For christ sake, Nigeria has just been put on a terror list! Surely that was a relevant and particularly pressing topic to raise as a question!

    The interviewer came across (to me I should add) more as a star struck adolescent than a journalist seeking to get to the truth of the matter.

  • Comment number 6.

    I think the BBC has missed the mark this time. I don't see why the President would choose the have a telephone interview as opposed to a video interview if he really wishes to dispel the rumors making the rounds. Was a voice comparison test carried out to ensure that it was indeed the president speaking? C O M E O N !!!!

  • Comment number 7.

    I've listened to the BBC World Service & African Service for the better part of 20 years and their reputation (among most Nigerians at least) for good research has not been in doubt. But I've got to say that on this occasion, those standards appear to have slipped as there are more questions & controversies being raised from an interview that should have laid a lot of doubts to rest.
    It appears that the magnitude of the task of interviewing Alhaji Yar'Adua on this occasion was lost on Mansur Liman. This was always going to be markedly more important than any of his previous interviews / conversations with Yar'Adua. That he has contacts within Yar'Adua's inner circle is not the problem, but he appears to have given too much of a concession to his interviewee (and his aides) to get his scoop. I'll explain.
    The Abuja based DAILY TRUST newspaper[edited by ex-BBC staff, Mannir Dan Ali] on it's website on Monday night reported as follows: [Yar'Adua's top adviser, Tanimu Yakubu] "Kurfi told BBC [Hausa Service] yesterday that he had spoken to the president "countless number of times," said, "I'm assuring you that the President is recuperating. I, my humble self, called him this (Monday) morning but he was yet to wake up from sleep. I will call him back, and God-willing, you (the BBC Hausa Service reporter Mansur Liman) will speak with the president and people will hear his voice on radio or television.""
    So we know that Mansur Liman had interviewed Tanimu Yakubu Kurfi on Monday and Kurfi had assured Liman that he "will call him back, and you will speak with the president". Kurfi appears to have had contol of everything about the time, place and structure of the interview. It puts into doubt Jamilah's assertion that "In short days of checking on the president's whereabouts and condition culminated in the interview taking place."
    To hopefully put this issue to rest, why doesn't the BBC submit Mansur Liman to an interview by an independent news organization such as DAILY TRUST or Lagos based NEXT newspaper[edited by another ex-BBC staffer, Kadaria Ahmed]? NEXT claimed in their Sunday edition that the president is "brain-damaged" and yesterday's phone interview was meant to disppove them, but it hasn't in many quarters and they still stand by their story. In the spirit of openness & objectivity, the weighty issues at hand demand that the context surrounding the interview be subjected to a more rigorous examination.

  • Comment number 8.


  • Comment number 9.

    I do not see anything bad on this report, hope 9jerians will have faith on God, because he has the SOLE power of taking live from whom he wish, Thank God the president has spoken, now we can let the cat out of the bag. we thank you do just RIGHT.

  • Comment number 10.

    It is heartwarming and re-assuring that the Nigeria’s President granted a phone interview to BBC. Be that as it may, I am highly disappointed that people can be playing politics with the health of a notable figure as the Nation’s President. It is the height of being inhuman to a fellow human being.

    We need to remember that if Yar Adua was not elected President and the likes of Atiku Abubakar or IBB had access to the Presidency, our case will be worse than what the Somalians and Zimbabweans are experiencing now.

    Yar A’dua has dared to be manipulated by his predecessor-in-office, former President Obasanjo, that masterminded his installation as Nigeria’s President in 2007. His servant-leadership style made him to call the bluff of so many ‘bigshots’ within PDP through his “no-business as usual” and “due process” crusades and the outcome in revenge is the saga of protests from the ‘loosers’ group from various opposition political parties and splinter bunch within Yar Adua’s ruling party.

    What we are seeing is mere gang up to demand for Yar Adua’s resignation on sick bed. I wonder if the so-called agitators for Yar Adua resignation ever gave a thought to the nullity of any action taken by any individual in sickness or under duress?

    As far as I am concerned, the Nation’s constitution must have some provisions on the role of the Vice President especially in the absence of the President. The constitution must have spelt out the procedures for succession in the event of prolonged absence or death (God forbid) of a serving President. Good enough, the Federal High Court Ruling of today in Abuja, Nigeria has put issues in the right perspective. The ruling was that the Vice President is constitutionally empowered to act for the President in his absence in accordance with Section 5 of the 1999 constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

    Consequently, we do not need any coup as the likes of Ojukwu and Buhari will be hoping for and for which reason the likes of Soyinka, Pastor Tunde Bakare as pro-democracy sympathisers have to be weary of their involvement in the ongoing jamboree for the call for resignation of Yar A’dua.

    Two things are certain – Nigeria had gone through tougher troubled waters and the nation never sank. Beyond that, none of the current agitators can lay claim to have been the nation’s rescuer at the Nation’s darkest era under Late Gen. Sanni Abacha junta but only God. Second, I am optimistic that Nigeria will come out triumphant in the present travails and in the best interest of the masses, posterity will prevent political parasites/cheats to gain access to the leadership of the country again. God bless Nigeria!!!

    Ayo Onatola
    a Nigerian, resident in Luton, England

  • Comment number 11.

    This is dangerous for somebody with this kind of illness to be ruling a nation which is of great tension on it own. Let him sign in his deputy to represent him and then focuse on his treatment untill he is very very fit to step into the office as a president. But if his health situation does not suit with his office as the president he should resign than putting himself at risk else he dies young, being the first president in 40 years to be educated in the his the history of NIGERIA as written in the profile on AOL.COM use your level of education leave all those advicers that want you to die young telling you to continue with the office.

  • Comment number 12.

    I came to this page by semi-random browsing and now |i hope you can please explain how:
    1) as someone who listens to Radio 4 roughly every other day for roughly between 5 minutes and six hours at a time, and watches BBC TV 1-4 about as often, I have heard no word, ever, about any problem with President Yar'Adua? Doesn't that seem rather remiss of the BBC?

    2) The BBC in general and Jamilah Tangaza in particular can't make it clear whether it is President Yar'Adua, would-be President Yar'Adua or Presisdent Obasanjo.

    3) There is much hope for 23 million people listening to the Hausa Service in hopes of finding out about their President, when Tangaza apparently tries not to tell them - as clearly witness that "23 million people… were challenging us - "Please tell us what is happening with our President…" but the blog's most positive statement is that "days of checking on the president's whereabouts and condition culminated in the interview taking place…". Good grief!

    One final thought: on present showings, this is not the first time BBC in general or BBC Hausa in particular has had cause to get to the heart of the story surrounding President Yar'Adua, and squandered the chance of actually reporting that story in favour of trumpeting its own success, with no useful supporting detail…

    Happy New Year

  • Comment number 13.

    Also, could someone explain how it is relevant that "Jerry Timmins is Head of Africa Region, BBC World Service…"?

    Happy New Year

  • Comment number 14.

    well to me two people can't be fooling one another, surely if the other party dose not know he's been told a lie, the person telling the lies definitely knows he's lying, that is exactly how i perceive this Yar'Adua issue as we been told so many lies by the people we choose to lead us. what is their that we can't be told about our president, the worst will be that Mr. president is dead and the next person to him move to his position, definitely if the is not from the north and all these issue erupt the northerners would have stood against the person not minding the military taken over the Government cause they know that they dominate the uniform setting. but i know that all they are doing is to delay ever truth till they have done the convention and pick another Northerner as another presidential candidate fro the 2011 election and then go ahead and tell us the truth as per the president condition.

  • Comment number 15.

    Is BBC the medium for the president of a nation to address its citizens?
    If i may ask, what measures did BBC Hausa take in ensuring its integrity? Why wasnt this announced to listeners in advance of the supposed presidents interview so the message can be conveyed to the nation? And finally, it is very evident that he is not physically fit to rule considering his health and his absence in over 50 days (and still counting) has no impact on the nation. Suggest he empowers his vice. This can only happen in Nigeria and we are meant to be progressing

    I will personally petition the BBC as i am of the opinion that the integrity of the establishment is at risk

  • Comment number 16.

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules. Explain.

  • Comment number 17.


    Most of the global news media monitored from here have commented on the relief efforts from various organisations; and the choices available should anyone wish to contribute.

    It is however disturbing that the AU has been conspicuously silent. There is nothing on their web-site. The crisis and vacuum in the Nigerian government, I am afraid has claimed another casualty. A nation that should be at the forefront of support for Africans in the Diaspora is itself fast turning into a failed state.

    It will be interesting to have another Jamillah-inspired(BBC HAUSA NEWS) interview (video coverage this time please)with Mr President, this time to inquire what instructions he has passed to Abuja, expressly for RELIEF IN HAITI. After-all Nigeria is now being governed from Saudi Arabia,and he was able to wish the Green Eagles well in the Africa Nations Cup Competition from there.

    This farcical episode highlights how the failure of the West (as exemplified by the BBC)to sanction corrupt African leaders, particularly in Nigeria, by making them accountable to their citizens; (in consonance with the decision taken by the Mo Ibrahim Foundation recently; in denying the award to any of them this year), is a major contributory factor towards the dismantling of good governance in Africa, particularly in Nigeria.

    Finally, if we can have BBC Hausa, why not BBC Igbo, BBC Yoruba, BBC Efik, BBC Izon, BBC other Nigerian languages ? Is the BBC expressing favoritism for a particular ethnic nationality ? Most of whom speak English in 2010, as compared to 1956 anyway.


    Think about the vast sum of money British tax-payers would be saved annually.

    Posted on BBC News, 234Next, Vanguard and The Daily Beast: 15 Jan 2010 04:07hrs

  • Comment number 18.

    BBC Hausa interview with President Yar'Adua


    The quality of that BBC transmission is definitely sub-BBC standard, even allowing for the noise coming from the IPPV machine, that Yar'Adua is placed on; that I doubt if it will pass muster by any self-respecting BBC producer; NOT unless it is deliberately introduced to deceive the listeners.

    VIDEO RECORDING IS THE MEDIA OF ACCOUNTABILITY AND CHOICE in this century and Jamillah knows it too well.

    The background noise appears deliberately amplified in order to mask proper voice recognition.

    I suspect President Yar'Adua is in severe respiratory distress(or Failure) as a result of LEFT VENTRICULAR FAILURE(his heart is getting tired and may no longer keep him alive) leading to massive PULMONARY OEDEMA(Water or fluid in his lungs, making it difficult for life-sustaining oxygen to pass into his blood circulation and brain). Current practice is to pass an ENDOTRACHEAL TUBE (in preference to a TRACHEOSTOMY) in order to hook him to the IPPV machine.

    IPPV = Intermittent Positive Pressure Ventilation. Machine used to force Oxygen into the lungs and relieve exhaustion in a patient having extreme difficulty in breathing on his own. This can imply an end-stage or terminal procedure to sustain life.

  • Comment number 19.

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules. Explain.

  • Comment number 20.

    I am sick and tired of the present administration of Yaradua and how he's running the Nigerian States. He has gone AWOL for over 2 months now and his in-ability to communicate to the country as a whole except through Hausa BBC news is even more annoying. There are several radio/TV stations in Nigeria that he can speak through, so why BBC? an outsider and a foreigner? I am a Yoruba-Nigerian, why would I listen to Hausa BBC in order to ascertain the true state of health of president Yar'adua- the president-select of my country?

    I am sorry to say this, but BBC has stooped too low for this cheap cover-up. BBC should have advised our "president-elect" to speak to his people through the nation's medium and not through them.
    The quality is not even clear, why didn't you grant a TV interview, if truly you do not have any hidden agenda/share in the Yar'adua's government?

  • Comment number 21.

    Its so sad that people in power want to remain in power even after their death. Stop the hide and seek game, you do not need a mirror to exermin what you have in your hand. What are the government and BBC hiding? Why are they convincing us that the dead can take phone calls?

  • Comment number 22.

    Salam alekun jonmo, that Yar'Dua is ill, we all agree. That he is on Saudi bed, we all know that. But the bbc hausa has done nothing to stop the national feelings, but put more imaginations on the minds of all Nigerians. Until, we see our President back home in charge of affairs, or in retirement, Nigeria will remain in limbo; because the Northern elites are still controlling even the world BBC. (What a shame)! This controverses could have died down if only the President's inner circle allow a Southern news paper or even BBC Hausa with a reporter from the South to do the interview. Until we are satisfied, we will continue to ask questions. I joined all Nigerians to wish our President a very quick recovery. I will also say this to all the good citizens of Nigeria, those that want progress for our nation, 'Weep not child', our father will soon be back.

  • Comment number 23.

    Shut your mouth already Jamilah Tangaza ! First you should be sensible enough to resign in honour for your idiotic and misleading role in this news of Yaradua's health. And for DENNIS JUNIOR, how dare you call label us "conspiracy theorists" ? !

    Fools ! rather than providing proof, evidence beyond reasonable doubt you choose to stand by your bull....

    BBC hausa needs to address this issue fast if it doesn't want to further damage the credibility of the BBC organisation.



  • Comment number 24.

    Why the Hausa service? Is it only the Hausa community that deserves to know about Yar'Adua's situation? These people continue to show an utter contempt for the Nigerian people by turning this thing into an ethnic issue. It is pathetic and it is dangerous. This is 2010. The South will not sit back and watch the North terrorise the rest of the country again.

  • Comment number 25.

    I'm really getting tired of the whole story. Does it mean that nobody can present real facts behind the whereabouts and health of our dear President? Why did he choose to speak to BBC? What about local Nigerian Media? His absence obviously is affecting the nation. Perhaps, that was why the Vice-President said ''the country was in the hands of God'' because Mr.President constitutionally is meant to handover to his Vice even if he's embarking on a day's journey. I just hope the country doesn't end up a failed state.

  • Comment number 26.

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules. Explain.

  • Comment number 27.

    Alleged interview to a broadcasting house, assuming this is acceptable in law, is not a wrtten notice to the Senate as demanded by our constitution. Inference is not an option in our constitution otherwise the constitution could have said so. We are already in a mess and we should not compound the mess. Mr. Jomnathan is the Vice President and he should continue to coast along as such. So far we are still manging, if we call this acceptable. Mr Jonathan is not ready to do battle, with the self appionted cabal. We should be very careful, at this critical time of our exsistence or we may be inviting a military intervention. The other lacuna is if, Mr. Jonathan did not sign an undated resignation document, before he was given the number two spot, as it is being rummured. This is what we get, when we allowed evil people, hand picked by very discredicted military and police persons and their likes, to hoist themselves on us. My call is that Mr. Jonathan, is in office and not in power. Power is in the hands of the evil cabal, the shameless AGF Michael Aoaoankaa and the very corrupt and indicted ex governors. We should tarry a little until 2011, when we should all make sure, that our votes will count and that those we elected are put in office. Any thing short of this, will spell disaster for our nation. How we have allowed, this calamity still baffles me. Our founding fathers and mothers, must be turning in their graves, because this is not the Nigeria, they fought and some even died for. Criminals, very corrupt persons, murderers, assasins, 419 persons and the worst persons Nigeria has ever known, are holding all of us to ramsome. This must not be allowed to continue as Nigeria deserves better.

  • Comment number 28.

    Mmmmmh, another way of being bamboozled by the West. Let's change the scenario for 1sec. Can you imagine a case where the honourable PM of UK is being hit by a terminal illness, shipped out of the country and the whole Parliament unable to properly account for his absence? Above all the biggest sacrilege is commited as the constitution is bypassed and the whole population left in Limbo. Why must BBC ridicule Nigerians with this fictitious interview? Is this a way of emancipating Africa? They have just succeeded in boosting the cohorts' ego. Rather than help fight corruption, are they awaiting a fall of another African state where they can ship aid to or perhaps grant assylum to it's poor citizens? God forbid!

  • Comment number 29.

    Politics of other countries are their politics. More importantly is what this says about healthcare in Nigeria...or the lack thereof. If the President must leave the country for extended stays for healthcare, what happens to the average citizens? May be why the compeition for president is so is a way to get healthcare.

  • Comment number 30.

    I am presently watching a re-run of the Hard Talk programme online where the Foreign Minister Ojo Madueke was interviewed. Its just sad that i cannot call in to ask the 'highly qualified' minister about some things about my country.

    Firstly, this whole situation is getting really absurd! In the first place, if the 'ailing' president can sum up enough energy to talk to the BBC, how come he cannot make a public statement on one of the national media stations in the country? The situation is even more worrisome if the Foreign Minister can boldly say he has not talked to the President for two whole months, but he 'knows' what the President's opinions are concerning the present 'country of interest' issue!!! Are these people living in a different dimension or something??? Two whole months without a president & the Senate goes about like its buisness as usual, the Vice President cannot be given temporary authority due to conniving backdoor politics, and the populace go around their everyday life like they're in a state of passive stupor! Sometimes it makes me just want to scream 'WAKE UP!!!' to all Nigerians.

  • Comment number 31.

    Why is he finding it difficult to hand over to his vice?

  • Comment number 32.

    I comend the effort of BBC on spending their time trying communicate with our President. But I will also want to point out the fact that what you heard was not the voice of our President i don't blame BBC because is not Nigerian own otherwise they would also have asked if the illness changed his voice also.
    No wonder the comedian mimicking the voice of our president choose to show out his talent on a foreign media even after Nigerian comedians rose to fame using the nation's media broadcast.
    Hope the same person comes to try same in one these our Night of A Thousand Laugh.
    Or may Basket mouth Uncersored

  • Comment number 33.

    I will also like to point out that Yaradua can never make that last statement wishing the super eagles success

  • Comment number 34.

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules. Explain.

  • Comment number 35.

    Since we cannot get any message to our President (Yar'Dua) or get one from him except via the bbc, I will like the President to know that Since his absence from Nigeria, there had been riots in jos, Umar Mutallab had tried to bomb the plan, (thanks to the efforts of passangers)he was a failure. And just few hours ago, Gadaffi failed to secure another term on the thrown of AU. This was a joy to us because since 1969 or so, he took power in Libya, and refused to return to democracy. We wish the President a quick recovery, and pray that he will have enough energy to sign from the post, because Nigeria must not stand still on his watch.

  • Comment number 36.

    Even if some people don't know the truth, a larger percentage of Nigerians are not stupid. Analysis of the voice and conversations claimed to be Yaradua's is not at all logical. Analyzing his old speeches compared with this one shows that the pitch and voice signature are far apart. Well, just like I will always say, time will tell. As for me.. there is no president anywhere, we are only running hoping for a virtual president... and the simple truth is, no one or family can ever put a whole country of over 150Million in distress that their generations yet unborn will not suffer for it..

  • Comment number 37.

    I wish Mr President speedy recovery.There are however some questions one will like to ask;one-Nigeria Doctor/hospitals cannot take care of the President?Two-Nigeria media(even state own media) cannot interview the President?Or is it possible that Our LEADERS do not have confidence in our institutions?.Or may be our leaders often surround themselves with wrong type of adviser.It is sad and wrong for the President to choose (or advised)speak to the BBC and not the Network service of Radio Nigeria or the NTA .It is Nigerians that are worried.

  • Comment number 38.

    Whatever happened or took place in nigeria on the 9/2/2010 that led to the empowerment of Vice-President Goodluck Jonathan as acting president of Nigeria should be viewed as a victory for Democracy in Nigeria and perhaps an attempt towards salvaging and sustaining our continuity as a nation together,but let no one be left in doubt that in the last 80 days,Nigeria has been on the verge of disintegration and our fragile,tolerant unity and vulnerability exposed.Therefore even if what took place was in violation of the constitution,we believe it is better to violate the constitution and save the Nigerian nation from total disintegration than to uphold the constitution and lose the Nigerian nation itself,at the moment,one thing is abundantly clear that we are merely tolerating ourselves and have not really resolved to be one nation.

  • Comment number 39.

    50 days after Umaru Yar'Adua vanished from public view, BBC Hausa Service speaks to him.
    Why did the President not chose to speak to his people through Nigeria’s local media vs. BBC Hausa Service?
    Why did Umaru Yar'Adua not contact the NTA (largest network in Africa, including latest news from Nigeria)?
    Why did Yar’Adua speak to BBC Hausa Service& ignore the Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria (FRCN).
    First Yar’Adua does not use Nigerian hospitals; now, he doesn’t even use Nigerian media.
    The weirdest part of the Yar'Adua "talk" is his sending a message about the Angola football team. Does he imagine in his wildest imaginings that when Nigeria’s President is missing, Nigerians care about Angola’s football team?
    In fact, why an audio interview and not a VIDEO interview?
    I suspect that until Nigerians see a dated picture or (better) a video, there will remain much doubt.
    To whom can Nigerians take their questions?
    Was the clip released because Nigeria’s National Assembly was exceedingly pressured to make a decision on Yar'Adua's absence?
    This nonsense about Yar'Adua's illness and potential death must end.
    Who gains by Yar'Adua’s illness or death?
    Power passes from Yar’Adua to Goodluck Jonathan. February 9, 2010, the Nigerian Senate determined that presidential power should be transferred. I’m not sure how the Nigerian Constitution speaks to this, but there is a Chinese oil deal pending with Yar’Adua. Perhaps as much as $200M has been handed out to some members of the National Assembly as part of Chinese goodwill. Backers of the deal want members to shut up and be quiet about Yar'Adua's condition; those that do are being offered second terms and/or other perks.
    The United States government is aware of this cabal and China's pending deal. The US has made it clear that, it will not recognize any government, except that of President Goodluck Jonathan.
    So it seems to me that it’s
    China, Yar’Adua and oil or the United States Jonathan and oil. What we are seeing play out is a silent coup to block China from Nigerian oil.

  • Comment number 40.

    To those that are agitating for BBC to establish Yoruba, Igbo and Ibibio Services, you think BBC doesn't know what it is doing by establishing Hausa service? I want them to know that the Hausa Service is not just for Nigerians. Hausa language is a major language in West Africa. The speakers are third in population and distribution only to Arabic in the North and Swahili in the East of Africa. By the time the other languages spread like these, they may get attention.


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