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New look for the Magazine

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Giles Wilson Giles Wilson | 12:38 UK time, Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Readers of the News website's Magazine section will notice some changes from today. As well as a new look (ditching the bluey-green in favour of a vibrant shade of orange) and a wider page, bringing the Magazine into line with the rest of the site, there will be some new features, including a regular look at interesting things around the web. Regular readers will also be able to follow the Magazine on Facebook (more about that here).

Screengrabs of the old and new Magazine

Popular features such as the 7 Questions quizzes, the Clive James column, Michael Blastland's unique take on numbers in the news, the caption competition and Paper Monitor will still appear, and for a limited time only there will be an innovative new quiz in which an answer is given and you are invited to suggest what the question might have been. We're calling it the Weekly Bonus Question, and it will appear at the end of this week's 7 days 7 questions quiz on Friday.

The brief of the Magazine is to give context and personality to our news coverage, and we hope the changes will enable us to continue doing that with even more impact. We know that some people often object to familiar parts of our output changing - some of the responses to a previous entry I wrote about our new blog templates demonstrate this - but we do think that once they are used to them they will approve. We hope so anyway. I'm sure you'll let me know.

Giles Wilson is the features editor of the BBC News website.



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