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Supporting Alan

Steve Herrmann Steve Herrmann | 14:12 UK time, Friday, 20 April 2007

From Friday, you might notice that on the front page of the BBC News website we will be having a regular reminder of the number of days that our Gaza correspondent Alan Johnston has been missing. It's a message which you are more and more likely to come across as you surf around the internet, thanks to the help of an increasing number of people who want to show their support for Alan.

alanjohnston_203afp.jpgEarlier this week my colleague Jon Williams invited anyone who runs a blog, website or web page to use a button in support of Alan. More than 150 sites have so far pledged their support - and that's just those we know about. If you want to do the same, you can find out how here.

At the same time, more than 40,000 people have signed our petition online to call on everyone with influence to increase their efforts to ensure that Alan is freed quickly and unharmed. To add your name too, go to this page.

UPDATE 25 April:
More than 50,000 names have now been added to the petition. Thanks to everyone who has joined in.


  • 1.
  • At 04:38 PM on 20 Apr 2007,
  • Chris Godfrey wrote:

Journalists should not be seized in such a disgraceful and cowardly way. Please release this innocent man at once.

  • 2.
  • At 04:48 PM on 20 Apr 2007,
  • Richard Toulson wrote:

Free press - Free Alan Johnston

  • 3.
  • At 05:12 PM on 20 Apr 2007,
  • chait wrote:

Dont know what fun these morons get by trapping journalists and killing people.

  • 4.
  • At 05:17 PM on 20 Apr 2007,
  • Dominic wrote:

I do not know much about the background, but kidnapping bystanders only makes the Palestinians appear to be the "bad guys". The smart thing to do would be to release Mr Johnston a.s.a.p.

  • 5.
  • At 05:25 PM on 20 Apr 2007,
  • Sadiq Shamren wrote:

My Prayer for Alan safe return.
and i find kiddnapping journalist a very disgraceful and cowrdly act, and i hope those people get punished for what they done.

  • 6.
  • At 05:26 PM on 20 Apr 2007,
  • Rajesh Koirala wrote:

People on the job should not be subjected to such acts.No political issue allows anyone anywhere to torture an individual.Johnston must be freed at once. His captors must understand that nothing will be gained out of the whole episode.

  • 7.
  • At 05:31 PM on 20 Apr 2007,
  • Huey Elffy wrote:

A humanitarian tragedy when our eye witnesses to unfitlered truth are sensored in any way, particularly this. Journalist in such hot spots ought to carry GPS transcievers recorded remotely to mitigate such behaviour.

  • 8.
  • At 05:33 PM on 20 Apr 2007,
  • sidd mehta wrote:

Kidnapping an innocent journalist who brings the plight of Palestinians to the world's attention is dispicable

  • 9.
  • At 05:49 PM on 20 Apr 2007,
  • rus wrote:

Perhaps you should not go to a war torn area unless you are there to defend someone or something. How many civilians must we lose before peple like Alan get the picture?
Stay away!!

  • 10.
  • At 06:02 PM on 20 Apr 2007,
  • Charles Q. Yang wrote:

I am a professor at the University of Georgia.

Please free Alan!!

  • 11.
  • At 06:39 PM on 20 Apr 2007,
  • Steve Belgraver wrote:

Journalists are democracy's insurance policy against excesses. Situations, people and facts that cannot stand the (en)light(enment) of outsider interest should wonder if harming the meslsenger is in their best interest. This man should be freed at once and let me as individual decide if I want to listen to his reporting. He has a right to freedom of expression, I have the right to listen to or igore his message. Killing or intimidating these messengers only arouses my attention and interest and will only serve to bias my opinions against those parties responsible for this kidnapping.

  • 12.
  • At 07:05 PM on 20 Apr 2007,
  • Craig wrote:

why would the palestinians kidnap him in the first place, as the media is one of there main assets in there fight, this justs turns people away from there cause.

  • 13.
  • At 07:07 PM on 20 Apr 2007,
  • LuisC wrote:

As a cuban exiled and a loyal BBC viewer I strongly support Alan and all abducted and imprisoned journalists around the world.
Luis Casacó, Montevideo.

  • 14.
  • At 07:42 PM on 20 Apr 2007,
  • Sadiq Ali Bohra wrote:

The cause for fighting for a Palastine homeland is a just one and purely for the sake of independence. The kidnap of Alan Johnston has just given it a very bad name. He must be reliesed immidiately, harmless.

Sadiq Ali Bohra (Hyderabad Pakistan)

  • 15.
  • At 07:59 PM on 20 Apr 2007,
  • Samuel Kwame Kum wrote:

In fact what are the duties of a reporter? Or you don't want what is happening being publish again for us the rest of the world?

Please release this innocent effective reporter ALAN JOHNSON.

When will Palestinians know that they harm their cause by abducting journalists and aid workers? What has Alan Johnston done to the Palestian people or militants, to be specific, to warrant the inhumane treatment he's currently undergoing? I have on many occasions listened to Alan report from Gaza amid gun rattles and motor shells. Alan was not doing this for self-aggrandizement? He was bringing to the attention of the world the suffering of the Palestinian people under Israel occupation.

To the militants who are holding Alan: the whole world is laughing at you. Very soon, you will find yourself isolated. We will not amplify your quest for justice and freedom.You will be on your own. No one will answer your cries as bulldozers pound your houses and blazing guns mow you down.
Release Alan Johnston NOW.

  • 17.
  • At 09:13 PM on 20 Apr 2007,
  • magnaldi wrote:

Dear Alan--my friend, my eyes and ears, my heart.
I pray for your safety and immediate release from captivity.
I send my prayers also to your parents, that they may have continued courage and fortitude during this ordeal.
Alan, for years I have listened to you, to your fair and compassionate reporting on Palestine. Initially there were your several special assignments. Then,
when you were assigned as the BBC's Gaza correspondent, I silently thanked the BBC for the aptness of this assignment. During the past three years, I have regularly listened to your Gaza reporting, the only international voice giving a picture of this terrible situaton.
I close, dear Alan, with my wishes for your safety and immediate release. Please, whoever you are, release Alan now. Magnaldi

  • 18.
  • At 09:20 PM on 20 Apr 2007,
  • magnaldi wrote:

Dear Alan--my friend, my eyes and ears, my heart.
I pray for your safety and immediate release from captivity.
I send my prayers also to your parents, that they may have continued courage and fortitude during this ordeal.
Alan, for years I have listened to you, to your fair and compassionate reporting on Palestine. Initially there were your several special assignments. Then,
when you were assigned as the BBC's Gaza correspondent, I silently thanked the BBC for the aptness of this assignment. During the past three years, I have regularly listened to your Gaza reporting, the only international voice giving a picture of this terrible situaton.
I close, dear Alan, with my wishes for your safety and immediate release. Please, whoever you are, release Alan now. Magnaldi

  • 19.
  • At 09:36 PM on 20 Apr 2007,
  • John OConnor wrote:

Let Allen Johnston go!

  • 20.
  • At 09:56 PM on 20 Apr 2007,
  • Mary wrote:

Just a thought. Someone on the "How You Can Support" discussion suggests bringing Alan more into the public eye as had apparently been done in the past with some individuals held captive. I do support this ...... The idea of at the beginning of news broadcasts on local and international radio and television to announce the number of days he's been in captivity and so forth. He is worthy of being everyday "Breaking Headline News". So what if the viewers/sponsors/public etc don't like it!!

  • 21.
  • At 09:56 PM on 20 Apr 2007,
  • DAPO wrote:

The dissaperance of Johnston has show the world that they are missing one of the Worlds top reporter and we pray he will be found.

  • 22.
  • At 10:41 PM on 20 Apr 2007,
  • Shahid Y wrote:

I hope Alan is released soon. As a muslim this is not islamic and who ever is holding him should feel shame. He is not a miletry target leave him be!
May god speed your return to your family

  • 23.
  • At 10:44 PM on 20 Apr 2007,
  • nehad ismail, camberley, england wrote:

The kidnapping of Alan Johnston was a stupid act that does not serve the interests of the Palestinians. Gaza is lawless and the Palestinian Authority is impotent to do anything. The Hamas movement is complicit in this unlawful act.

  • 24.
  • At 10:49 PM on 20 Apr 2007,
  • jenni morton wrote:

tell me how

i really am concerned for him and the family and friends

How about a visual reminder on TV news bulletins, either at the beginning or at the end? Not everyone is online, but most people watch TV.

  • 26.
  • At 11:38 PM on 20 Apr 2007,
  • billy mcguire wrote:

this man is just doing is job,he is just a civalian like your civalians in this country let him go,

  • 27.
  • At 11:41 PM on 20 Apr 2007,
  • Derek Osborne wrote:

Has anyone considered organising a mass peaceful pilgramage to Gaza with all the extra focus that would bring. Not sure about the logistics of it but something needs to be done.

  • 28.
  • At 11:44 PM on 20 Apr 2007,
  • Guhan wrote:

It is a shame and a disgrace that Alan's strive for objectivity has led to his victimization. The kidnappers, having clearly bitten off more than they can chew, must immediately redeem themselves before they irreparably damage their cause. Free him now!

  • 29.
  • At 12:34 AM on 21 Apr 2007,
  • Paraic from Ireland wrote:

I hope that these people are not playing with his life, he was doing his job highlighting the problems of Gazza to the world.
I hope that he is released soon so he can be reunited with his family and friends.

  • 30.
  • At 12:44 AM on 21 Apr 2007,
  • Dave Finlay wrote:

Good luck and god speed for safe return,

Dave Finlay (Chengdu, western China)

  • 31.
  • At 01:27 AM on 21 Apr 2007,
  • Jeremy Brailsford wrote:

I listen to BBC worldservice every morning here in OZ and have been touched by the response from listeners worldwide and in particular hearing the name of one of my all time fav footballers
Steve Archibald and all the other ex Scot players and I would like to add my name to your list and offer my love and best wishes to Andrew and his family and friends and too a quick release.
Have faith.

  • 32.
  • At 02:34 AM on 21 Apr 2007,
  • Chris Stubley wrote:

Independent reporters are needed in areas where attrocities are likely to occur ( on both sides ) so that people around the world can get a clear picture of what is going on. Kiddnapping them does no service to the people they are trying to protect, by broadcasting the injustices they endure, to the world.
Journalists must have freedom to report without fear or favour. Who ever has Alan is only doing themselves a disservice, He must be freed immeadiately to ensure free reporting can continue.

We've done out bit... Fingers crossed that this ends happily soon. Our thoughts and prayers are with Mr. Johnston, his family and friends and colleagues...

  • 34.
  • At 04:11 AM on 21 Apr 2007,
  • Bobby Zachariah wrote:

Alan was a friend of the palestanians - he reported on many of the injustices against the palestanian people. Why would you kidnap him. This only hurts your cause.

  • 35.
  • At 05:55 AM on 21 Apr 2007,
  • Geeth Krishnan wrote:

This is to convey in the strongest possible terms,the outrage perpetrated by the abductors of a humane and insightful correspondent,the BBC'S Alan Johnston.Infact it is a crying shame that someone would stoop so low, no matter what the cause or the justification.Myself an English language TV JOURNALIST from India,I know only too well the trying conditions under which correspondents are forced to work.This is especially so in flash points like Gaza from where Alan went missing last month.And it is my fervent plea to Alan's captors to free him at the earliest, as prolonging the agony any further could only undermine the cause, you might be trying to espouse.rgds, Geeth Krishnan

  • 36.
  • At 06:18 AM on 21 Apr 2007,
  • william seymour wrote:

Every time somebody is taken hostage I wonder what kind of culture and background drive people to conduct themselves in such an inhumane manner.

Mr Johnston was doing his job and should be released unharmed and returned to his family and friends immediately.

  • 37.
  • At 06:52 AM on 21 Apr 2007,
  • Gertraud Moss wrote:

My husband and I want Alan Johnston to be released at once. Set him free.

If the Palestine authorities know he is alive, their informant must know who are holding him. They cannot make a statement like that out of guess-work. Then why is it so difficult for them to negotiate Alan Johnston's release?

There must be a different agenda in the works here. Who benefits from Alan Johnston's disappearance? It's certainly not the Palestinians. Who doesn't want the world to know what is happening in Gaza?

  • 39.
  • At 07:24 AM on 21 Apr 2007,
  • Pesi Padshah wrote:

Deliberately putting at risk, an innocent person such as Alan Johnston, to fulfill one's own agenda, is the lowest form of human behaviour

  • 40.
  • At 09:09 AM on 21 Apr 2007,
  • Sheldon Miller wrote:


I miss your reports and your sincere voice.

My prayers go to you with much love.

Sheldon Miller
Long Beach, California

  • 41.
  • At 09:13 AM on 21 Apr 2007,
  • virsingh wrote:

please don't harm the messenger....its the messenger who revealed the gods to you.....

  • 42.
  • At 09:17 AM on 21 Apr 2007,
  • Raju Suppiah wrote:

Alan Johnson is a journalist just
doing his job.He has been unjustly
detained too long.Plrase set nim free

  • 43.
  • At 09:27 AM on 21 Apr 2007,
  • Mohamed Ali wrote:

Alan was reporting facts on the ground in the occupied plastinian territory.
his capture is not in the interst of plastinian cause or islam at all.

I call his urgent release and unharmed .

  • 44.
  • At 09:30 AM on 21 Apr 2007,
  • Carolyn wrote:

Journalists are around the world to tell is as it is & should not be treated in this disgraceful way. Please release this innocent man immediately.

  • 45.
  • At 09:38 AM on 21 Apr 2007,
  • Ravinder Kaur wrote:

Its a pity that Alan Johnston while reporting from one of the world's most violence prone regions has been kidnapped - by the very people whose plight he was trying to narrate to the world. It shows the serious lack of debate on "ends and means" in this struggle like India had some 80 years ago when fighting British imperialism. Gandhi insisted that achievement of ends or goals by any means is morally unjustified. Means were as important as goals to him.

To make a peaceful, democratic, morally viable India, the means had to be non-violent and morally impeccable as well. The culture of debate within India - scepticism, cynicism all included - is therefore an important part of post-colonial India. Its a charateristic that has allowed India to endure for the past 60 years.

A similar debate about Palestine needs to be initiated vis-a-vis rampant violence. It seriously undermines the Palestinian cause.

  • 46.
  • At 09:53 AM on 21 Apr 2007,
  • ALAN wrote:



  • 47.
  • At 09:59 AM on 21 Apr 2007,
  • tim o'neill wrote:

As a longtime supporter of hardpressed Palestinians,albeit from afar, and assuming that Alan has been abducted by some Palestinian faction, it so important to release him for
a)humananitarian reasons,
b)This does not help the Palestinian cause.

  • 48.
  • At 10:25 AM on 21 Apr 2007,
  • joe wrote:

free him

  • 49.
  • At 10:28 AM on 21 Apr 2007,
  • Mark Savage wrote:

Journalists have the potential to speak the truth and bring freedom. This is just what Alan was seeking to do. If truth speakers are shackled or silenced then everyone is shackled and silenced. Please let Alan go free.

  • 50.
  • At 10:52 AM on 21 Apr 2007,
  • John Eichenberger wrote:

Mr. Johnston strives to bring to the world news of the struggles and triumphs of the people on whom he reports in a fair and balanced manner. Silencing him only permits millions in the West to go about their daily lives in ignorence of this part of the world.

Would you choose to silence yourself? Of course not. Then show the world that you are brave, compassionate and unafraid - let this man and his voice for justice go free and you will be praised and respected greatly for it.

  • 51.
  • At 10:52 AM on 21 Apr 2007,
  • Isabelle Grynberg wrote:

Why abducting you? Why getting at you? Why depriving you of your liberty? Why depriving your friends and relatives of your cherished presence? Why depriving your listeners from your excellent reports? Why imposing silence on you?
I am most worried and outraged. I would like to express my deepest sympathy to you and your close ones and wish all of you a lot of courage in this ordeal. Hope to hear you soon on air. The sooner will be the better.

  • 52.
  • At 11:11 AM on 21 Apr 2007,
  • Adham Duri wrote:

Dear Sir,
I can't express the extent of my dismay over Alan's abduction. The abduction is henious and unacceptable by any standard for any motive. Afterall he was a geniune friend and a mouthpiece for all people who are under siege of operatio. Thus how on earth the abducters justify their act?
Please, I beg those responsible for Alan's abduction to let him free.


  • 53.
  • At 11:41 AM on 21 Apr 2007,
  • Victor Ayers wrote:

Those who take the inocent reporters, those who feed on fear, beliving that they can do no wrong, they who think their god no matter who it is, think they have the right to kill and mame, but are not willing to done a uniform like men but to hide like the wimpering dogs they are.
Show the world you are men not dogs and FREE Alan Johnston NOW.
Put on a uniform and say you are fighting for your fredom and/or your god, or stay the way you are and show the world you all are just cowardly dogs.

  • 54.
  • At 11:42 AM on 21 Apr 2007,
  • Kit Bradshaw wrote:

A true disgrace. How anyone can take a journalist trying to report the truth is unbelievable. I just hope he is released.

  • 55.
  • At 11:46 AM on 21 Apr 2007,
  • Dinara Salieva wrote:

I am so worried. What is happening with Alan Johnston. My mother used to work with him in Uzbekistan and our family knew him pretty well. I can't beleive such a kind and very nice person now can be in danger. I can't beleive those who are holding him now can harm him. Please let him go!!!

I've added the banner supporting Alan to our company web site and my own blog today.

See you soon, Alan.

  • 57.
  • At 04:10 PM on 21 Apr 2007,
  • kech Ubani wrote:

I am saddened by the fact that Journalists are now target in war torn areas. I am even more saddened when I think about what Alan's family and friends must be going through right now.Everyday, I pray that Alan's family will be strong, that his life will be preserved, and that he will come home ALIVE and WELL

  • 58.
  • At 04:13 PM on 21 Apr 2007,
  • Safa wrote:

Dear Alan,

We miss your passionate reporting, your courage and compassion for living in Gaza. A unique voice from the other side of the often untold story. I hope with all my heart that we will hear you again. Safa

  • 59.
  • At 04:52 PM on 21 Apr 2007,
  • N.MURUGESAN wrote:


In addition to adding the Alan Johnson banner to my blog: "Roberto's World" at and signing the petition, I wrote to Univision the US Latin TV Station to tell them about the need to release Alan Johnston.

  • 61.
  • At 05:01 PM on 21 Apr 2007,
  • N.MURUGESAN wrote:


  • 62.
  • At 05:14 PM on 21 Apr 2007,
  • Richard Blake-Reed wrote:

A man reporting the facts of the hardships and trials of a victim population is abducted and held by members of that same population? The inhumanity and stupidity of the act beggars the imagination. Those responsible are not dedicated to the Palestinian struggle half as much as any objective journalist is. Alan is more honest, just, humane, sensible and more of a Palestinian patriot than any of his abductors.

I for one would rather such a man walked freely in this world, because anyone under the heel of oppression needs Alan to show their side of the story too.

Alan, I hope you walk free soon. Gaza needs you but at this rate you may no longer need Gaza, and that's their loss. Be well, my friend, you're walking beneath a sun they cannot see.


  • 64.
  • At 06:04 PM on 21 Apr 2007,
  • Asma wrote:

Although the Palestinian plight is understood, this, nevertheless, is completely wrong and inhumane. Alan should be released immediately.

Our hearts and prayers are with him.

  • 65.
  • At 06:07 PM on 21 Apr 2007,
  • Aiman Saleem wrote:

It is verry distrubing that are being kidnapped. It is because of them that we get to see the truth. I really hope that Alan will be released soon.

  • 66.
  • At 06:45 PM on 21 Apr 2007,
  • Vincent E.Ciliberti wrote:

Whoever kidnapped Mr.Alan Johnston, is surely not helping his own cause.
Kidnapping innocent people, especially people who are doing their job can never be justified.

I am pleased to have added Alan's button to my blog CanadianPerspective.

My prayers are with Alan, his family, and his colleagues at the BBC.

Whoever has taken Alan away, please release him soonest. Thank you very much in anticipation.

  • 69.
  • At 07:38 PM on 21 Apr 2007,
  • Nathan wrote:

Nothing fruitful can be achieved by the painful suffering of a family....please please release Alan for the benefit of all...

  • 70.
  • At 10:11 PM on 21 Apr 2007,
  • lorraine wrote:

please release alan asap!
my thoughts are with both alan and his family,this is a cowardly thing to do!

  • 71.
  • At 11:18 PM on 21 Apr 2007,
  • marielinklater wrote:

God bless allan his family and all who are struggling to find him.

  • 72.
  • At 12:01 AM on 22 Apr 2007,
  • Ruairidh Cormack wrote:

I think it is a disgusting and terrible hostage. I think it is great that he is still alive but if he is still alive please for the people of gaza and Alan Johnston 's family release him now before it is too late

  • 73.
  • At 12:28 AM on 22 Apr 2007,
  • Tom wrote:

I hope Alan is returned promptly. I also hope Islamic terrorists renounce beheadings, suicide bombers and global jihad.

Maybe I am hoping for too much.

  • 74.
  • At 01:25 AM on 22 Apr 2007,
  • wangxingang wrote:

Please release Alan at once. I need the guy come back and give me more his greate reports, we all know Alan is a nice and good man, why does the nice man suffer in the Hell?

  • 75.
  • At 04:03 AM on 22 Apr 2007,
  • kurt ackerson wrote:

I think it is a tragedy that he has been taken, especially just for political purposes. I don't know whether I am sure that the BBC should be rallying for anything as they should probably remain neutral no matter what happens in the world. If I wanted to hear ideaology I would listen to a politician. I hope he is freed just as I hope all people can live freed, not because the he happens to work for BBC.

  • 76.
  • At 04:43 AM on 22 Apr 2007,
  • Stefan Bruckel wrote:

Alan took great risks to report from a part of the world considered too risky for continuous reporting by other journalists. It would have been nice of his captors to recognize the value Alan brought by his reporting. Will his hostage taking bring good will to the people who needed the coverage only he was willing to provide. Alan and the people he reported on deserve far better. Hope to hear Alan's voice on the BBC again soon.

  • 77.
  • At 06:05 AM on 22 Apr 2007,
  • Nasir Samit wrote:

Alan Johnston was there to help Palestinians. It's a cowardice act to abduct the innocent journalist. He shouldn’t be harmed or treated inhumanly but must be released safely as soon as possible - May almighty Allah protect him

  • 78.
  • At 06:09 AM on 22 Apr 2007,
  • Sunil Kumar wrote:

I hope Alan is still alive and comes back home soon.

  • 79.
  • At 07:18 AM on 22 Apr 2007,
  • Jalal Alikhani wrote:

Please let me know based on which theory or religion belief you imprisoned Alan? Free Him. Jalal . IRAN

I am a Palestinian living in the Westbank . I want to inform you that this bad Behavior does bot represent us as the palestinians , all the palestinian are against Alan`s abduction , and we are Sympathizing with him and his family , Because Alan`s story remembers us the suffering of more than 11000 palestinian prisoners in the brutal Israeli prisons , most of them are kids , women , old people and even patients , and most of them was arrested without any guilt exactly as ALAN , who we hope to be free as soon as possible .

  • 81.
  • At 08:13 AM on 22 Apr 2007,
  • Mike Eadie wrote:

Free Alan!

  • 82.
  • At 08:15 AM on 22 Apr 2007,
  • Izzath wrote:

Think....what will you do if someone from your family is kidnapped...its not a very happy time...Free Alan now..

  • 83.
  • At 08:52 AM on 22 Apr 2007,
  • Mr. Wenlock wrote:

To his holders; Nothing positive will be achieved by holding him. Even less if you dont let the outside world know why you are doing this.

He has done his best to give the world a fair and balanced insight into middle east affairs. Would you rather have CNN be the only 'western' news source informing the world. The BBC at least trys to find both sides of the issues. Think again let him go - unharmed.

  • 84.
  • At 08:56 AM on 22 Apr 2007,
  • Abbas Nasir wrote:

Alan is one of the finest journalists and human beings I have ever met. I have had the privilege of working along side him in the past. Objective, fair and balanced as a journalist and a human with a heart of gold. I salute your courage and integrity, My friend. I will also say to the jerks who are holding you what a disservice they are doing to the Palestinian cause. They have silenced, albeit termporarily, one of the few voices telling the world of the misery of the people in the Occupied Territories. Free him, you fools.

  • 85.
  • At 09:22 AM on 22 Apr 2007,
  • Emilie wrote:

Media reporters should not be targeted in such a spinless and inexcusable manner, Please free Alan!

  • 86.
  • At 09:23 AM on 22 Apr 2007,
  • Sen Mathews wrote:

Free Alan.

The kidnappers by their eerie silence with regard to their inhumane kidnapping of Alan Johnson are shooting themselves in the foot. Nobody with any sense would sympathise with them if they carry on detaining a beautiful human being who stood up for justice and fair play and who has supported the Palestinian course to the hilt.Let us hope their silence is not a sign of bad tidings.

  • 88.
  • At 09:57 AM on 22 Apr 2007,
  • Frances Arrowsmith wrote:

Every moment the outrage against Alan's abductors is growing. They are their own worst enemies. Free him immediately.

  • 89.
  • At 10:04 AM on 22 Apr 2007,
  • gary ho wrote:

Sincerely plea for the release of Alan Johnston, a highly professional journalist that uncvered & disclosed the plight of the Palestinian to the world.
Perhaps the abductor, whoever you are, would agree the sooner he is freed, the better publicity for you. Having Alan with you do not help your cause, but only be worsen.
While the world is watching, please do make the sensible choice, RELEASE ALAN JOHNSTON NOW!

  • 90.
  • At 10:22 AM on 22 Apr 2007,
  • Xavier wrote:

As a journalist, I feel what has hapenned to Alan is a clear indication of how dangerous our work has become epsecially in war zones

  • 91.
  • At 10:57 AM on 22 Apr 2007,
  • ana garcia wrote:

To the ones who keep Alan, whatever reason you have, is not enough good reason for me. Free Alan. Now

  • 92.
  • At 12:15 PM on 22 Apr 2007,
  • R.K. Edwin wrote:

I pray for his safe release and safe return home to his family and for his return to the job he loves to do. I expect good news to come through. May God bless him and his family. In Jesus name.

  • 93.
  • At 12:30 PM on 22 Apr 2007,
  • Jeremy Martineau wrote:

I really hope he's well and is released soon. It's a sad reflection of the times we live, and the state of our world, that this has happened at all. So many people are thinking about him and wishing for his safe return soon.

  • 94.
  • At 12:48 PM on 22 Apr 2007,
  • jim wrote:

free alan

  • 95.
  • At 12:57 PM on 22 Apr 2007,
  • Kira, singapore wrote:

What's the point of kidnapping a journalist who's brave enough to make record of the truth and show it to the world? He has his family waiting for him...
Please free him at once!!!

  • 96.
  • At 02:46 PM on 22 Apr 2007,
  • Antony Marianathan wrote:

I suggest that BBC WORLD can show viewers' comments regarding Alan's abduction, at regular intervals on the TV.

Care must be taken to publish only those comments that are touching and appealing to the kidnappers.

I appeal to free Alan at the earliest.

  • 97.
  • At 03:00 PM on 22 Apr 2007,
  • sarah wrote:

Alan, i pray for your safe return home!

  • 98.
  • At 03:24 PM on 22 Apr 2007,
  • mansurkura wrote:

This is a disgrace to the entire middle east region,Alan is a hardworking journalist whose his contribution bring peace and stability to the Arab community ,pls release him for the progress of the Arab region.Thanx

  • 99.
  • At 03:33 PM on 22 Apr 2007,
  • Scot MacQueen wrote:

Please release this innocent man now.

  • 100.
  • At 03:36 PM on 22 Apr 2007,
  • Kumar wrote:

Please release Alan.

  • 101.
  • At 03:57 PM on 22 Apr 2007,
  • Wanig wrote:

I pray for his quick release. He is such a kind person and I like him very much. How can anybody harm such a nice person.I hope he will be relesed soon.

  • 102.
  • At 04:04 PM on 22 Apr 2007,
  • Abass K Mohamud wrote:

As we pray for Alan Johnston, the people of Palestine should know that without press the global world will not know of your problems, you need someone to tell your problems to the world & that is exactlywhat Alan Johnston was doing, for the sake of his family, please release Alan Johnston, he hasn’t committed any crime against any one.

Abass K Mohamud


  • 103.
  • At 05:14 PM on 22 Apr 2007,
  • Jon Othitis wrote:

I hope those kidnappers are familiar with this website and the calls to free Alan Johnstone and enforce these calls. Alan's a terrific correspondent and I pray for his immediate release unharmed. My best wishes and thoughts go to his family and friends also. This latest episode just proves that some regions of the world are far more sensitive to political exposure than others and I believe this calls for a global enforceable law(possibly headed by the EU and or the US)to protect the safety and security of journalists, reporters and news readers worldwide so that they can continue to do a great job without living in fear of their lives when they have to travel to politically sensitive countries.

  • 104.
  • At 05:27 PM on 22 Apr 2007,
  • Lynda wrote:

I had the privilege and pleasure of working with Alan in the BBC World Service newsroom, Bush House, London. At all times he was polite, friendly and above all thoroughly professional. From day one I have been very worried about him, and as time goes by, with little news , my concern has increased. Alan is a modest man who, I’m sure, would be truly amazed and somewhat embarrassed at the massive support and publicity he has encountered. His family, unused to the media, have behaved with great courage and enormous dignity throughout. I’m sure his friends and supporters have given them great support. I would also like to mention the cameramen, who are so often forgotten when reports from the dangerous places hit our tv screens, whilst in the comfort of our homes. My thoughts are with Alan, his family and close friends; I hope he returns home unharmed to a deserved rapturous welcome.

The journalists and media workers of the Association of European Journalists appeal to those holding Alan Johnston to free him immediately. Alan’s reporting work for the BBC from Gaza in recent years has been of service to the whole world, and especially to the Palestinian people, by upholding the universal values of independent and truthful reporting. It cannot be in the interests of anyone to hold him against his will. We urge you to release him at once.

William Horsley, AEJ Media Freedom Coordinator
& Peter Kramer, AEJ Secretary-General
Sent on 22nd April 2007

The Association of European Journalists is a professional association of journalists with national sections in more than 20 countries and over 1000 individual members.

  • 106.
  • At 06:51 PM on 22 Apr 2007,
  • Mark Tobias wrote:

This is an absolute disgrace.Instead of appreciating the unbelievable work Alan has done for their cause, they have thrown stones in the well they have drunk from. The harm this is doing for the Palestinian cause is untold.Also BBC as one of the biggest news networks in the world has the responsibility to give more coverage to this story.Not enough is being done.

Please add your feedback on the following website:

  • 108.
  • At 07:11 PM on 22 Apr 2007,
  • sheila salmon wrote:

Journalists have the opportunity to make the truth public.
How very sad that the very people whose plight he was trying to report to the world should have so misunderstood his motives.
How sad that other journalist will now not go to Palestine for fear of similar treatment.
Can these people really want us to only hear 'the other voice'?
Release Alan and let him be your voice. He will speak the truth and I want to hear it.

  • 109.
  • At 07:12 PM on 22 Apr 2007,
  • Ros wrote:

From here in Santa Cruz on the west coast of California we send out good thoughts to Alan Johnson and his family. Please set him free.

  • 110.
  • At 07:13 PM on 22 Apr 2007,
  • Ian Speight wrote:

Freedom For Alan now.
no more excuses, Release him now.

  • 111.
  • At 07:46 PM on 22 Apr 2007,
  • Aviad wrote:

My heart goes to the family and friends. I pray for his well being and safe return.
For those wondering why someone would do such an awful thing that is hurting the Palestinian cause. Here is the short answer:
Its not hurting. Why do terrorist blow planes? or Kidnap aid-workers? It seems counter-productive but its not. In some twisted way it brings positive attention to the Palestinian cause.
Its in the human nature to disassociate from horrific actions. Thus, the action is singled out as the action of a mad-man and is easily forgotten, but the focus on "suffering" of the common people remains.
To stop such actions from happening again and again the harm must be greater than the gain.
For example, by NOT covering stories from GAZA for a week or two would discourage such acts.
But I suspects that the lessons have not been learned. The UK reporters union has called for a boycott on Israeli goods, which only proves to the kidnappers that their actions have paid off.

Please Free Alan NOW!

  • 112.
  • At 10:08 PM on 22 Apr 2007,
  • Caroline van Zyl wrote:

I really miss Alan Johnston. He
painted a picture of life in Gaza. He had such a gentle way of talking no matter what horror he was describing. I download your programmes onto my ipod and listen to them as I walk each morning through a forrest and along a river bank in Constantia, South Africa. Your podcasts are wonderful, but I am filled with sadness about his kidnapping and so hope he is still alive and will be returned safely to his family. His brave parents must be undergoing such an ordeal. I dont feel very optimistic.

  • 113.
  • At 11:12 PM on 22 Apr 2007,
  • jenny wrote:

Free this man now unharmed & back into the arms of his Family.

  • 114.
  • At 11:15 PM on 22 Apr 2007,
  • Omar wrote:

As a Palestinian in exile, I think Mr. Alan should be freed, and treated with complete fairness. Mr. Abbas should be the one responsible for his safety.

  • 115.
  • At 11:18 PM on 22 Apr 2007,
  • jenny wrote:

Free this man now unharmed & back into the arms of his Family.

  • 116.
  • At 11:53 PM on 22 Apr 2007,
  • Louise wrote:

We need people like this journalist to be able to report what is going on, without fear of such cowardly reprisals. Please let him go.

  • 117.
  • At 12:22 AM on 23 Apr 2007,
  • Fry Toos wrote:

Alan I pray for you daily that you be released without harm. I still cannot believe it that no kind hearted Palestinian knows where Alan is.

  • 118.
  • At 01:06 AM on 23 Apr 2007,
  • Derek Baxter wrote:

The affection with which Alan Johnston is held in Gaza is remarkable and testament to his passion and support for the Palestinian people. He is clearly a very inportant bridge between the middle east and the western world and everyone is served best by his safe release. Like everyone I hope for his safe return and soon

  • 119.
  • At 01:18 AM on 23 Apr 2007,
  • Mohammed Asaad wrote:

Alan's abduction is disgraceful. It does not serve the Palestinian cause and is against the teachings of Islam. I pray for his safe and immediate return to his family.

As a Palestinian I say to the kidnappers if this is the way you think you fight for our freedom, then please DONT!!!!

If you're fighting for your own personal gain, then what a cheap way to do it.


  • 120.
  • At 02:23 AM on 23 Apr 2007,
  • Andy Huang wrote:

Please free the poor journalist, Alan Johnston. It serves to no one's interest to detain or harm the journalist. And he's been detained long enough.
Hopefully any party with influence to end this incident will do so immediately to have the happy ending!

The world is watching....

Andy Huang (S.E.A)

  • 121.
  • At 05:02 AM on 23 Apr 2007,
  • Prof.Kish Hahn wrote:

Please,please, please I beg you, have mercy and release Alan Johnston, an innocent journalist ! His role is to make the world which includes Gaza a better place with words, not swords !

I just want to note as a Jordanian, that when people refer to such kidnappings as being done by Palestinians that's just plain wrong. We are talking about a small group of people, most likely teenagers, who saw a foreign looking guy and decided to take out their political frustrations on him. The overwhelming majority of our region is completely against these criminal acts, especially at a time when we are all struggling with freedom of the press, speech and expression. kidnapping a journalist is contrary to that struggle.

Free Alan!

  • 123.
  • At 09:31 AM on 23 Apr 2007,
  • dronashish wrote:

i'm writing this email on behalf of all the journlaism students of my college( S.M., kathmandu, Nepal)
Please free Alan!!

My name is kiran and im 15 years old.
I think it is horrible that a jouralist should be abuducted whilst only wanting to be good. I want to be a journalist who travels, and it is getting more and more dangerous for people like me to persue their dreams of being a traveling jounalist.
It is just not fair.
I hope that Alan is safe and understands to keep faith.
He is an honour to the news reporting world.
God Bless Him,

  • 125.
  • At 10:01 AM on 23 Apr 2007,
  • Masood Said wrote:

Alan Johnston is a very professional journalist. His reporting is always fair and even. I dont see any reason why he should be kept in captivity.

  • 126.
  • At 10:05 AM on 23 Apr 2007,
  • Mahmoud wrote:

I am as a Palestinian is very angry at the kidnapping of innocent people like Alan. I don't really know who did it and why. It is very shameful.

  • 127.
  • At 10:34 AM on 23 Apr 2007,
  • Steph wrote:

Alan Johnson doesn't deserve to be held. Please free him now, this is not helping your cause.

  • 128.
  • At 10:34 AM on 23 Apr 2007,
  • Christina Dalton wrote:

May he be released unharmed. Thoughts and best wishes to his family, friends and colleagues.

  • 129.
  • At 10:41 AM on 23 Apr 2007,
  • Moosa wrote:

I suspec that was an act of someone who didn't care about what Alan has been doing in Gaza. I am sure 99.99 percent of Palestinians will not agree anyone who is behind of this act. He could'n live there as the only foriegn reporter without support of the people. There is nothing anyone could gain by keeping him in the dark, so better to release this brave journalist as soon as possible.

  • 130.
  • At 10:48 AM on 23 Apr 2007,
  • Christiane Chidley wrote:

Journalists should not be seized or harmed in any way. The whole world need to know what's going on from all sides.

  • 131.
  • At 11:18 AM on 23 Apr 2007,
  • Martin Stocks wrote:

An own goal by those that hold him; release with apology now

  • 132.
  • At 11:18 AM on 23 Apr 2007,
  • Aatank Basnet wrote:

Do the people who are abducting Alan think that they are going to get what they want? If yes, they are great fools.By abducting Alan they are just hitting on their foot with their own axe. Please set Alan free soon.It is in the best interest of people of Palestine and the world.

  • 133.
  • At 11:30 AM on 23 Apr 2007,
  • Wu Xuchao wrote:

Alan Johnston tells the whole world what happens in one of the most dangerous areas on our planet. He makes the appalling truths seen and unheard voices heard. This link between people living in Gaza and the rest of the world is broken now by this disgraceful kidnapping. Immediate release of Alan is not only for the good of him and his families, but also the people in Gaza.

  • 134.
  • At 11:34 AM on 23 Apr 2007,
  • Paul Mayende wrote:

No point can be made, no sympathy can be generated for a course,no demand can be made through abducting Alan. Alan's job was to gather information. No political capital can be achieved through such acts of terrorism,indicrimate psychological violence and torture. We shall stand firm,we will not be shaken. Alan is a hero. We pray for Alan's family to stay strong and calm. Alan, together we shall stand, together we shall win the battle for media freedom.

  • 135.
  • At 11:52 AM on 23 Apr 2007,
  • Daniel Teye wrote:

I am an engineer in Accra, Ghana. Whatever the reason is for capturing Alan, he is innocent. I call for his unconditional release now.

  • 136.
  • At 11:55 AM on 23 Apr 2007,
  • Cyril Jengo wrote:

I am in fervent prayers many times a day for the safe release of Alan Johnston. Alan's contribution to bringing out the truth in the mid-east conflict has won him my heart and affection. His captors are holding the wrong man; he is a friend of the Palestinian people

  • 137.
  • At 12:18 PM on 23 Apr 2007,
  • Francesca Lozano wrote:

Please release Alan Johnston.

  • 138.
  • At 12:20 PM on 23 Apr 2007,
  • Zia ul Haq wrote:

Alann Johnston is the only person who can reveal the identity of his kidnappers.It is wrong on our part to blame anyone at the moment.So let us pray for his safe release and stop blame games.I think it is a pre planned conspiracy against palestinian state ,i smell something fishy in this drama.

  • 139.
  • At 01:02 PM on 23 Apr 2007,
  • Betty wrote:

He is doing his Job and helping your country by leting others to know what is happening to your county.

please we beg you.............

  • 140.
  • At 01:14 PM on 23 Apr 2007,
  • TURAD SENESIE wrote:

Islam do not preach violence, rather it is a religion that seek to bring people together, inform and educate people.This simply means that the religion is peaceful. In this vein, I wish to call on the captives to release Alan in the name of Allah and in the interest of humanity.


  • 141.
  • At 01:53 PM on 23 Apr 2007,
  • fawadahmad wrote:

i am fawadahmad from peshawar i am so unhappy after johnson because he worked with poor people in gaza and he was a brave man i am also givind a lot dawangi to come back for his home

  • 142.
  • At 02:22 PM on 23 Apr 2007,
  • Kimberly McLean wrote:

i pray for alan johnsons release, and my thoughts are with his family. x

  • 143.
  • At 02:28 PM on 23 Apr 2007,
  • Jane wrote:

Keep your chin up Alann, our thoughts are with you!!

  • 144.
  • At 02:28 PM on 23 Apr 2007,
  • Ingebjorg Helland wrote:

I add my name to the long list of people who ask for Alan's immediate and safe release.

  • 145.
  • At 02:28 PM on 23 Apr 2007,
  • Elizabeth Cudjoe wrote:

Free Alan, Free Alan, Free Alan, He provides a platform for the silenced. How then can he be put into such a situation? Please Free Alan ASAP. Free Alan, Free Alan.

BBC, if am permited to ask one question, for how long it will take for palestinan government to assure us and give us hope that our friend Alann Johnston is still alive, is one man or agroup of people greater then the gvornment? stop fooling us and show us where he is now.

  • 147.
  • At 02:33 PM on 23 Apr 2007,
  • Jane wrote:

Keep your chin up Alann, our thoughts are with you!!

  • 148.
  • At 02:48 PM on 23 Apr 2007,
  • milinga wrote:

FREE ALAN JOHNSTON, via Journalism for whatever reson u had when kidding u can justify your actions
and pain u bring on innocent journalists who risk they lives to give us information .free Alan free Johnston

  • 149.
  • At 03:18 PM on 23 Apr 2007,
  • Mary wrote:

Please free Alan. His family needs him.
Maria , London

  • 150.
  • At 03:20 PM on 23 Apr 2007,
  • Prasad wrote:

It takes a lot of courage and strangth of conviction to go to trouble spots and provide objective journalistic reporting. Alan has over the years is become the very embodiment of this true jornalistic heroic.

I and millions of others pray for his safe return.

  • 151.
  • At 03:27 PM on 23 Apr 2007,
  • John R wrote:

In one of Alan's own reports a few months before his disappearance he mentioned that there were a large number of tiny factions within the Palestinian territories who kidnapped Westerners in hopes of gaining money or status or political influence, but who were often quite amateurish in their approach.

I can only assume that one of these groups has abducted him and, discovering that the whole world is now watching them, they are at a loss how to release him without consequence.

Here's hoping Alan is soon back on our radios and televisions.

Come ON!!! He is on a job, he is working for the sake of his family or whatever he is working for. LET HIM OFF. Why is it that it is always the weak the less protected people who get kidnapped. It is an utterly disgusting and coward thing to do.

  • 153.
  • At 03:47 PM on 23 Apr 2007,
  • Ashley wrote:

If you must wage war, wage it on people who are armed with weapons not microphones. Your actions are an offense to all right minded people and do nothing but harm your cause.

  • 154.
  • At 03:53 PM on 23 Apr 2007,
  • Patricia Kirwan wrote:

I first became aware of the plight of Palestinian refugees in the 1950s whilst visiting my father who worked for UNRWA trying to find solutions and provide help and support. It seemed to me that they were as badly let down by other Arab countries as by Israelis.
Only a free press can put pressure on all sides, by reporting the truth and highlighting the wrongs perpetrated by all those who are fighting fundamentalist causes whilst bidding for power.
That is why Alan Johnson has been kidnapped : to stop him reporting impartially and constructively.
It could be the people who have him are simply misguided. If so, they must let him go. But it is up to 'moderate' Palestinians to ensure he is freed - in the name of Allah, justice and truth.

  • 155.
  • At 04:16 PM on 23 Apr 2007,
  • naseem akhtar wrote:

Hi this is Naseem From Helsinki!!!!I always have like Alan program and he is very nice repoter!!seen he has been kidnep, im worry about him. and every day when i open my tv in the morning I m hopping that he will be free!

  • 156.
  • At 04:58 PM on 23 Apr 2007,
  • Galtambie wrote:

Please for Allah's sake free Alan...

Galtambie, Holland

  • 157.
  • At 04:58 PM on 23 Apr 2007,
  • Kalu wrote:

Like so many others I do hope that Alan Johnston is released as soon as possible and unharmed.

But I'm deeply disturbed by some of the thinking underlying several of the other comments I've read, such as the moral relativism of condemning the kidnapping not because such action is wrong in itself, but because it "doesn't serve "the Palestinian cause"; the repeated claim that Mr Johnston's abduction was wrong because he was a 'friend' to the Palestinian people - rather than a professional, highly-regarded and non-partisan journalist; and the repeated attempts to distance this self-defeating, brutal and irrational act from the political culture of the region, which from Iraq to Palestine to Afghanistan seems to be overwhelmingly characterised by such behaviour.

I'm confident that Mr Johnston will eventually be freed and look forward to that moment; I only pray that he will not himself say or do anything that places his abductors in a sympathetic or 'more human' light, thereby lessening the true horror and barbarousness of his ordeal, and so concealing the true character of his kidnappers.

  • 158.
  • At 05:54 PM on 23 Apr 2007,
  • Frank wrote:

I have lived and worked in the middle east for 8 years. I have known the people there as kind hearted and helpful. I sympathise with the Palestinians, but kidnapping journalists is the last tning that will help their cause. Free Alan.

  • 159.
  • At 05:58 PM on 23 Apr 2007,
  • mark betts wrote:

Let him go in the name of peace and humanity.

  • 160.
  • At 06:09 PM on 23 Apr 2007,
  • Douglas wrote:

As someone who was in Palestine when Alan was kidnapped and is now back home I find his situation particularly sad and I hope he is able to return home soon. My thoughts go out to his family and the many innocent Palestinians whose lives are made difficult every day by the many internal and external factions fighting for control of this small but beautiful place.

  • 161.
  • At 06:23 PM on 23 Apr 2007,
  • John Zammit wrote:

Alan always reported from Gaza excellently for the Palestinians. It's a great injustice he was kidnapped by the same people he was helping. Release him as soon as possible.

  • 162.
  • At 06:34 PM on 23 Apr 2007,
  • SMM wrote:

those who kidnapped Alan Johnston are not acting in the best interest of the Palestinians people and their cause.

  • 163.
  • At 06:44 PM on 23 Apr 2007,
  • Pham Hoa Lai wrote:

I have been praying for him every day. I strongly beleive that he will be released near future.

  • 164.
  • At 06:56 PM on 23 Apr 2007,
  • Barbra gabriel wrote:

How ignorant to kidnap the only first person journalist reporting on the Palestinians.

  • 165.
  • At 06:57 PM on 23 Apr 2007,
  • Betty Unwin wrote:

please bring allan safely home

  • 166.
  • At 07:55 PM on 23 Apr 2007,
  • Pushpa wrote:

Whoever has kidnapped, please remember that BBC journalists try to work unbiased and bring the truth. Most of the time their stories are centered around understanding your problems which influences government to take human approach.

If you work against these journalists, there wouldn't be anybody to bring support for your cause, which will keep you devoid of any sysmpathy from other parts of the world.

If you kidnap/kill journalists, people will blankly call you terrorists, if you wouldn't, people may consider you fighting for freedom.

You should decide.

Pushpa, Canada

  • 167.
  • At 08:19 PM on 23 Apr 2007,
  • Patrick Nolan wrote:

The pen is mighter than, the Sword.
You can capture a person,never their spirit. You can silience a voice, but not their thoughts. You can try force change but you cant change things.

God is with you.

  • 168.
  • At 08:44 PM on 23 Apr 2007,
  • Toby Steinhausler wrote:

I've been following this story on NPR in Chicago for the last few weeks and my full support goes to Alan's family. I am blown away by the strength and calmness of his dad when talking about the ordeal they are going through. Keep up the spirit - we are all there with you!

  • 169.
  • At 09:26 PM on 23 Apr 2007,
  • kevfirst wrote:

Seeing Alan alive and well, talking about his fair treatment and continued sympathy for the Palestinian struggle would have a profound affect on world opinion. Hearing that he has been mistreated, killed, or continues to be held captive, has the opposite affect.

  • 170.
  • At 09:36 PM on 23 Apr 2007,
  • Tridib Dutta wrote:

The captors of Allan Johnston should realize the simple fact that holding a person captive is in no way going to solve their problem. It is seen by every sane person as a despicable and cowardly act on the behalf of the captors.

Mr. Johnston is a reputed journalist of BBC who has been doing extraordinary work by reporting from the hotspot, the plight of the ordinary people. He is one of the few links in an otherwise weak chain which connects the ordinary people of that region to the rest of the world. Holding him captive would make that connection even weaker, cutting off valuable resources that would help built a consensus about the region among the people of the rest of the world and thereby help built a peaceful solution to the conflict.
The kidnappers are either incapable of understanding this simple fact or else they are simple mercenaries bent on making some petty gains for their own sake. It is beyond any sane person’s understanding that how the captors of Mr. Johnston are making any political statement through their reckless act.

You [the kidnappers of Mr. Johnston] have already done unspeakable damage to yourselves and to your people. By releasing him immediately you would, to some extent, mitigate the damage you have caused your people and the pain you have caused to Mr. Johnston’s friends and family.

We, as a citizen of a modern society, appeal to the captors that Mr. Johnston be immediately released, unharmed.

  • 171.
  • At 10:06 PM on 23 Apr 2007,
  • terry, dublin wrote:

Free Alan Johnston
An honourable man, a great journalist who sought to bear witness to the continuing plight of the Palestinian people shoud be relesed immediately.

Our thoughts and prayers are with him and his family.

  • 172.
  • At 10:24 PM on 23 Apr 2007,
  • William May wrote:

I add my name to the long list of people who ask for Alan's immediate and safe release.

  • 173.
  • At 10:33 PM on 23 Apr 2007,
  • Allan Macmillan wrote:

I sincerely hope Alan is alive - given the job he does, there is no reason in this world that he should be killed. My sincere thoughts go to his family.

  • 174.
  • At 10:44 PM on 23 Apr 2007,
  • Keith wrote:

Who ever you are, you are gaining nothing by holding Alan except your own personal gratification through the publicity you receive. Give some thought to his family - what would be your reaction? Let him go.

  • 175.
  • At 10:55 PM on 23 Apr 2007,
  • Nancy wrote:

Let him walk free.

  • 176.
  • At 11:14 PM on 23 Apr 2007,
  • Gail wrote:

This man should be free.

  • 177.
  • At 11:44 PM on 23 Apr 2007,
  • Waseem wrote:

Journalists. We love them, we hate them, and at times we outright despise them. Many are simply working for a paycheck, others with the more sinister motive of ratings based profit. More often than not, they waste our time. But more not than often, they attempt to bring truth. That ever elusive, often times impossible to articulate, honest to god truth. For that reason we support them and their right to function without fear or threat of bodily harm. A free and open society has no greater ally than a truly free press. When captured, we do not ask for their safe return, we demand it. And we are demanding right now.

  • 178.
  • At 12:04 AM on 24 Apr 2007,
  • David Reeves wrote:

Please set Alan free

  • 179.
  • At 12:15 AM on 24 Apr 2007,
  • Bradley wrote:

Such actions only undermine the Palestinian cause furthering speculation the Palestinian People do not seek a peaceful coexistence with anyone.

  • 180.
  • At 01:01 AM on 24 Apr 2007,
  • Mohammad wrote:

If you are fighting for freedom then fight man to man soldier to soldier, don’t seize innocent unarm journalist. You are losing sympathy from the outside world and it no good for Palestinian cause.

  • 181.
  • At 01:17 AM on 24 Apr 2007,
  • Marina wrote:

Free press, free Alan.

  • 182.
  • At 02:42 AM on 24 Apr 2007,
  • MAHAD UMAL wrote:

I urge those who are holding Alan to show some mercy and release him now. Alan was just doing his work by reporting all the injustice and the struggle of ordinary Palestians in Gaza and all Palestians teritories.Allah is the most merciful and just. But we can take one attributes of Allah that we can be merciful to one another and Allah WILL REWARD US

  • 183.
  • At 02:43 AM on 24 Apr 2007,
  • mulugeta sebaga wrote:

please release Alan free he has nothing to do with you that who ever you had him because he is more important for us than you.
God be with you Alan did not worry everything will be ok and soon you will join your family and God blesses you family.

  • 184.
  • At 03:04 AM on 24 Apr 2007,
  • Sajan Nepal wrote:

Hope to hear about your safe return.Be strong where ever you are. My thoughts to your family.

  • 185.
  • At 03:33 AM on 24 Apr 2007,
  • Bol wrote:

please please,release the innocent person

  • 186.
  • At 03:44 AM on 24 Apr 2007,
  • Hilary Stookey wrote:

If Alan is the only well-known international voice left broadcasting from Gaza, why should even Palestinian militants want his words silenced? Shouldn't we begin to re-think our assessment that it was Palestinians loyal to the Palestinian cause who captured him? There's something growing ever more troubling about this continued abduction. It basically doesn't make sense. The longer the situation carries on, and the longer it obviously puts the Palestinians in a poor light, the more we ought to begin to suspect the motives of those behind it.

Does anybody else begin to wonder about that?

  • 187.
  • At 05:52 AM on 24 Apr 2007,
  • Laszlo wrote:

Kidnappings, extortion along with various demonstrations of "sufferings of the innocent" have become part of the arsenal of the assymetrical warfare.
I value the BBC's reporting from world affairs however, I think your refusal to report anything from that conflict until Alan's return, would put the BBC's journalistic powers in good use.

  • 188.
  • At 05:58 AM on 24 Apr 2007,
  • Lynda wrote:

I didn't have a blog, but I made one today for the purpose of publishing the banner. Please free Alan.

  • 189.
  • At 06:06 AM on 24 Apr 2007,
  • mike wrote:

If you are peace loving people, as you say you are, then you should let Mr. Alan Johnston free. we as people who can reason could see what kind of people you are through your actions.

  • 190.
  • At 06:45 AM on 24 Apr 2007,
  • Ahmad Javed wrote:

journalist is the man who is showing the reality of the world, the satuation of the world, then why we kidnap him/her or why we kill.... journalists are so far away from politics they are not relating to any politics groups, just they are doing some thing good for our society....

please free Alan, his family need him alot, his parents are old and thier hearts are crying and they are waiting that when his son will in to thier home....
please free Alan...

Javed Askarzai, Kabul

  • 191.
  • At 11:32 AM on 24 Apr 2007,
  • Daniela wrote:

Alan Johnston i admire yr actions N bravery. we'r with u.

Pls release Alan A.S.A.P

  • 192.
  • At 11:32 AM on 24 Apr 2007,
  • Elleni Getu wrote:

Our Prayer and Thoughts goes out for you and your Family, Alen Jhonston.

Pleasse Free Alen.

Ethiopia, Elleni

  • 193.
  • At 11:40 AM on 24 Apr 2007,
  • El Mutaz Mohammed wrote:

Alan Johnston Release

I call on the Palestine people , government officials or any ordinary citizens living there to be more honest with themselves , and seek Alan’s release from his abductors without any further delay, Alan is a man and human before being a journalist serving your problems more than anybody else can do. Please don’t leave any stone unturned till you trace him.
I wonder …. What is the aim behind his abduction? I again request your kind feeling to let him go free today before tomorrow. I beg you for that.

  • 194.
  • At 11:41 AM on 24 Apr 2007,
  • Julia King wrote:

Please free this courageous and truthful man. This is an appalling situation and I think the Government should be seen to be doing everything in its power to obtain the release of Alan Johnston.

  • 195.
  • At 12:35 PM on 24 Apr 2007,
  • adrienne kinman wrote:

I would like to post my support for a man who was doing more good for the Palestinians than most by bringing their terrible situation to the public attention.

I hope he will soon be a free man again, he deserves it so.


  • 196.
  • At 12:54 PM on 24 Apr 2007,
  • Lucy wrote:

Send word he is alive and well, then release him, this is not a just or righteous way of resolving your cause.

  • 197.
  • At 12:57 PM on 24 Apr 2007,
  • Luis Alguero wrote:

The Palestinin cuase won't be helped by the kidnapping or killing of its friends.Alan is a brave man who by reporting from Gaza was aiding the Palestinian cause more than guns and senseless kilings can do.For Palestine's sake:FREE HIM.

  • 198.
  • At 01:20 PM on 24 Apr 2007,
  • Becky wrote:

This is disgraceful! The whole nation is thinking of Alan & awaiting his safe release. Good luck Alan

  • 199.
  • At 01:37 PM on 24 Apr 2007,
  • Luca Abbondanza wrote:

I'm a student from Italy.Please free Alan Johnston now and stop with this kind of actions!!!Journalists must be free to talk and to do their job!!!thanks

  • 200.
  • At 01:42 PM on 24 Apr 2007,
  • Joshua Chipman wrote:

just free the man...

  • 201.
  • At 02:17 PM on 24 Apr 2007,
  • Israr Mohammad wrote:

It is against our holy religion Islam to punish some one for some one other's crime. Mr. Alan is an innocent man and he should be respected as a guest and humanbeing. Please dont harm him and free him at once.
Israr Mohammad

  • 202.
  • At 02:20 PM on 24 Apr 2007,
  • Alice, UK. wrote:

Post number 10 (on the page that is meant to be in SUPPORT of Alan Johnston), is rather inappropriate. It says people should only go to war zones "if they are there to defend someone or something". Surely journalists like Alan are there to defend alot of things - their right to report, the right to report the plight of the Palestinians, and the right to operate in the free press. The comment then goes on to ask when "people like Alan get the picture...Stay Away". This is offensive and unfair - if "people like Alan" did not do their job, people like the guy who wrote this post would be even more ignorant than they already are, and this is something we cant afford to happen. By telling journalists to "stay away" from conflict zones, you are reading from the script of those who WANT reporters to stay away. There is nothing constructive message number 10 - and it certainly doesnt sound like a message of support.

  • 203.
  • At 02:43 PM on 24 Apr 2007,
  • Paul Kerrigan wrote:

He was only doing his job. He is guilty of no crimes. Let him go.

  • 204.
  • At 02:56 PM on 24 Apr 2007,
  • Arthur wrote:

What's the problem? Why worry, don't the palestinians want peace? Certainly they would never harm an innocent civilian.

  • 205.
  • At 03:25 PM on 24 Apr 2007,
  • Nani wrote:

Yesterday as I was watching the bbc's world news, I realized how little we think of people who prepare the news for us. We almost take them for granted not thinking of the resks they are taking and possible dangers they are in. I want Alan to know that I will be thinking about him. Please, bring Alan home! A viewer, Croatia.

  • 206.
  • At 03:30 PM on 24 Apr 2007,
  • Gadzama. Y wrote:

For years Alan Johnston has worked in the same place that he was abducted by these faceless people. I wonder what any one will gain by indulging into this shamful act which does not help anyone not even the perpetrators.

  • 207.
  • At 04:03 PM on 24 Apr 2007,
  • Jayant Chaudhary wrote:

Free Alan Johnston.
It is shame to capture him. He is just an innocent journalist. No religion, no cause can justify such an act.


  • 208.
  • At 04:10 PM on 24 Apr 2007,
  • Jibi.U wrote:

Hope to hear about your freedom soon Alen.

  • 209.
  • At 04:35 PM on 24 Apr 2007,
  • JEAN wrote:

The right for journalists to go everywhere on earth is inalienable.Free Alan Johnston.
A French citizen

  • 210.
  • At 04:53 PM on 24 Apr 2007,
  • Guillaume Desjardins wrote:

Its a shame that the BBC's support for Alan Johnston's release has been relegated to a small link at the bottom of the BBC's front page, on equal footing with current features as "Day in pictures" and "Boom Town".

To get the word around, and to show its full support it seems like the BBC should swap its banner at the top of the front-page for a "Free Alan Johnston" banner.

That petition should have a million signatures by now... not a mere 50,000.

Best of luck to Alan !

  • 211.
  • At 05:18 PM on 24 Apr 2007,
  • Fazana Navaz wrote:

My heart goes out to his family during this unbearable situation there in.

I'm a muslim and I'm ashamed of this cowardly act bestowed upon him and his family.

To those who abducted him, tell us what you gained by this dispecable act?

I wonder how you sleep at night!!!

Shame on you.

  • 212.
  • At 05:40 PM on 24 Apr 2007,
  • Paul Moran wrote:

Alan Johnston risked his life to tell the world what is really occuring on the ground in the Middle East,those who have the most to benefit from his bravery and dedication to honest journalism are ironically his captors.

The world needs honest voices,please release him unharmed.


For more information go here:

  • 214.
  • At 06:07 PM on 24 Apr 2007,
  • Polly wrote:

Let the poor man go.

  • 215.
  • At 07:19 PM on 24 Apr 2007,
  • Lee wrote:

Kidnapping of Alan is only hurting the Palestinian cause...and diminishing whatever goodwill the international community has for the Palestinians and its people.
Please release him immediately.

  • 216.
  • At 07:50 PM on 24 Apr 2007,
  • katia zaiats wrote:

my support to mr. Allan Jonston:
never forget,that God is always
in control and he is not only Alfa
but Omega also.

  • 217.
  • At 07:52 PM on 24 Apr 2007,
  • abdullah wrote:

please free mr.allan johnston.he is our eyes and ears of whats going on
especially in Palestine state.

  • 218.
  • At 08:44 PM on 24 Apr 2007,
  • katherine wrote:

Please release this innocent man who was afterall only doing his job.
My thoughts are with him, his family and friends.

  • 219.
  • At 08:45 PM on 24 Apr 2007,
  • Rob wrote:

Why should anyone who is simply reporting to the British people and to the World about the goings on in a foreign country be taken hostage.

What danger does Mr Johnston pose to the Palestinian people and his captors?

Absolutely none at all, he is a journalist simply doing his job.

There is no legitimate reason why he should be held any longer and so should be released.

  • 220.
  • At 09:44 PM on 24 Apr 2007,
  • Anne wrote:

I pray Alan will be released unharmed. Please consider his family and friends who are desperate for news of him.


  • 222.
  • At 11:44 PM on 24 Apr 2007,
  • s n shankar wrote:

it is cowardice to prey on targets that are unable to defend themselves. journalists do not carry guns on their assigments. please free alan johnston.

  • 223.
  • At 11:50 PM on 24 Apr 2007,
  • Andrew H wrote:

Journalism is, in my opinion, the most noble and selfless of the professions. To devote ones-self to the pursuit and publication of the truth is unmatched by any other profession available to man. If all fought wrongs with words, as journalists do, instead of arms and violence, the world would undoubtedly be a much better and more democratic place

  • 224.
  • At 01:06 AM on 25 Apr 2007,
  • Bassem Sabry wrote:

What crime has a man whose job is to give the world the truth, done to diserve what has happened to him?

What has happened is a disgrace to humanity, not just Palestinians or Arabs, including myself...

Free the truth fighter...

Free Alan...

  • 225.
  • At 01:41 AM on 25 Apr 2007,
  • pankaj kumar singh wrote:

I believe everybody even if he is an extremist has a human inside. If my voice could reach to the people who has taken away MR Alan Jonhston , I would request to free Mr Jonhston as a proff that still humanity exists even in the areas where all the atrocities strike humans.

Please Please Please release Allan Johnstone. Canada

  • 227.
  • At 04:58 AM on 25 Apr 2007,
  • Sagar wrote:

Alen is the man who is showing reality of the world.Its his job to tell the totall truth without hiding anything. Please release allen as soon as possible.

Sagar, India

  • 228.
  • At 05:56 AM on 25 Apr 2007,
  • John Griffin wrote:

Reporters are to witness and tell the news not be a victim of it. Please release Alan Johnston.

  • 229.
  • At 06:10 AM on 25 Apr 2007,
  • Michael Braun wrote:

For the sake of his family and friends, for the sake of his colleagues and his millions of viewers, free Alan Johnston. He is a beacon to them all.

  • 230.
  • At 07:26 AM on 25 Apr 2007,
  • Teffera wrote:

Dear Hostage Takers

I very much sympathize with your cause, but Alan is your friend and PLEASE REALASE HIM.

Thank you

Teffera, Ethiopia

  • 231.
  • At 08:33 AM on 25 Apr 2007,
  • Suhail Bhatia wrote:

Why abduct a man doing his job of reporting whats going on in the Middle east?

Do they have something to hide? Release him .

  • 232.
  • At 09:09 AM on 25 Apr 2007,
  • Brenda Yabe-Sandondi wrote:

Please set the innocent man free whoever you are as holding him will not solve any of your problems. His family is worried for his safety.

Allan may God Almighty grant you freedom. Amen.

  • 233.
  • At 09:21 AM on 25 Apr 2007,
  • Win wrote:

The kidnappers cannot hope to achieve anything by abducting innocent people like Alan Johnston. I hope that Mr. Johnston is set free soon.

  • 234.
  • At 09:35 AM on 25 Apr 2007,
  • Antony Ramfos wrote:

Journalists should be free to report the truth. The fact that Alan Johnston has been seized goes against the right of free speech.

Free Alan Johnston - Now!

  • 235.
  • At 09:48 AM on 25 Apr 2007,
  • laura rachel wrote:

we support alan.

  • 236.
  • At 10:09 AM on 25 Apr 2007,
  • Steph Allen wrote:

Please free Alan Johnson. He was only doing his job and having lived in the local community in Gaza, surely they would have known he was no threat and cared what happened within their community. Nothing can be gained from his continued captivity.

  • 237.
  • At 10:31 AM on 25 Apr 2007,
  • Phani Kumar wrote:

Please free Alan... He was just performing his duties..



  • 239.
  • At 11:49 AM on 25 Apr 2007,
  • yetunde wrote:

The longer Alan is missing, the more worried Iam for his Life and health.
May God comfort his family and give them strenght.

To his kidnappers,
This will not achieve any aim, rather it will convince the World that you are nothing but terrorist.
This will be a truely sad picture to paint when there are genuine problems in Palestine.

  • 240.
  • At 01:08 PM on 25 Apr 2007,
  • Grant O. wrote:

Whenever I listen to Alan reporting, I always hear and see a voice for the Palestanians. How can this people be so callous to do this to a voice sympathetic to their cause?
We pray and plead that they should please release him unharmed. Other journalists should learn how ungrateful, unfriendly and unpredictable most Arabs can be - First Jill and now Alan.

  • 241.
  • At 01:12 PM on 25 Apr 2007,
  • Chez wrote:

Please release Alan Johnston, there is nothing for anyone to gain from committing such a degrading and cowardly act. x x

  • 242.
  • At 01:13 PM on 25 Apr 2007,
  • odu ichapi wrote:

in an enviroment where people move with guns and the innocent move with a pen, notepad and a camera and all becomes an enemy combatant,this is absurd, free alan now lets the next generation know we live in a world of freedom

  • 243.
  • At 01:19 PM on 25 Apr 2007,
  • Mandi wrote:

Please free Alan TODAY. He's nothing to do with governments or any other political/religious group. He was just doing his job of reporting to the rest of the world what is happening in your country.

Mandi in Cardiff, Wales.

  • 244.
  • At 01:45 PM on 25 Apr 2007,
  • Jassim wrote:

Alan deserved to be out long time.I really dont know why these guys who kidnapped Alan are aware that their plight will not be heard.Please release Alan.

  • 245.
  • At 02:36 PM on 25 Apr 2007,
  • Gascoynia C Davies wrote:

Hi Alan
I will continue to pray that you will be released soon in good health.

Keep the faith

Gascoynia, Sierra Leone

  • 246.
  • At 02:54 PM on 25 Apr 2007,
  • Jeff Khan wrote:

Release Alan now. Release him for the humity and peace. It serve no purpose to hold a professional man like him. Jeff

  • 247.
  • At 03:51 PM on 25 Apr 2007,
  • Samson Adedoyin wrote:

It bothers me what exactly these heartless abductors set themselves to achieve by abducting an innocent journalist who has been competently doing his job. I hope and pray he gets back to us alive, Amen.

  • 248.
  • At 04:00 PM on 25 Apr 2007,
  • Felix wrote:

Free Alan! Your cause, or any cause can never be justified if you do not leave the free press to expose the injustice: By kidnapping Alan you are kidnaping your cause. Free the innocent man!!!

  • 249.
  • At 05:26 PM on 25 Apr 2007,
  • Swaib Migadde wrote:

BBC and Alan Johnston's presence in Palastein was ernonemously benefitting the palasteins.

Those holding him are against the palastein cause and should realise that they are damaging and destroying Palastein in the eys of the World.

  • 250.
  • At 02:02 AM on 26 Apr 2007,
  • Ralph Joseph-Mirani wrote:

How can any group win support for its cause by kidnapping a journalist and holding him for so long? Please add my name to the long list of those calling for his release.

  • 251.
  • At 11:24 AM on 26 Apr 2007,
  • Gennaro GRIMOLIZZI wrote:

Free Alan Johnston.
We need journalist like him to know better what happens in the world.
Free Alan.

(Gennaro Grimolizzi, Barile, ITALY)

  • 252.
  • At 12:46 PM on 26 Apr 2007,
  • Triinu Pakk-Allmann wrote:

Before Alan Johnston was kidnapped, I followed the plight of the Palestinians through his reporting and sympathized with their fight for freedom

Now the only news I want to hear from Palestine is news of Alan Johnston's release.

I can't believe it could be the Palestinians I learned to know through Alan Johnston's reporting that have abducted him. It seems illogical and inhuman to believe it; it's illogical and inhuman to keep holding him in captivity. My thoughts are with him and his family in this terrible time.

Whoever is holding Alan Johnston, LET HIM GO NOW!

  • 253.
  • At 03:20 PM on 26 Apr 2007,
  • Paul Johnston-Knight wrote:

please release Alan, he's done nothing wrong, nothing to harm only to serve, help and represent those without a voice in Gaza ... free him and serve the Palestinian people better - they will be better served with free journalists than with no independent reporters and only armed groups "protecting and furthering their interests". This cannot help - please release him. Paul, UK

  • 254.
  • At 05:49 PM on 26 Apr 2007,
  • Bagala Joyce wrote:

Alan is innocent, he has done nothing wrong, his family and friends and journalists at large are missing him, we are missing him. FREE ALAN JOHNSON PLEASE

  • 255.
  • At 10:37 AM on 27 Apr 2007,
  • Sue wrote:

I sincerely hope Alan is still alive. FREE ALAN !!!!!!!

  • 256.
  • At 04:41 PM on 06 May 2007,
  • jack hill wrote:

i may not know you Alan but my mum does please come back to us becayse my mum is really worried about you.
Please come back!

  • 257.
  • At 12:16 PM on 08 May 2007,
  • Anne Adams wrote:

I truly hope Allan will be freed soon.

  • 258.
  • At 12:20 PM on 08 May 2007,
  • Anne Adams wrote:

I hope Allan will be freed soon.

  • 259.
  • At 09:28 PM on 14 May 2007,
  • Marie-Laure Sarotte wrote:

Journalits just do their job : inform people.
It's a shame to capture them. Alan is a journalist he does his job. Hope he'll be free very soon. Keep courage Alan and don't give up.

  • 260.
  • At 12:16 PM on 21 May 2007,
  • Distance Chiswe wrote:

Alan take heart the whole world is behind you. In as much as I believe God cares for his people I also know that He is with you. You told the story as you saw it and someone with an agenda felt silencing you will make a difference but the good God will prove him a liar one day soon.

  • 261.
  • At 03:38 PM on 17 Jun 2007,
  • Kirarira Issa wrote:

May God listen to our prayers and we here that Allan has been freed. Am stuck on bbc since yesterday after hearing of promises of releasing him again-let us keep hope.

  • 262.
  • At 06:42 PM on 21 Jun 2007,
  • Elaine Mutiso wrote:


  • 263.
  • At 11:06 AM on 23 Jun 2007,
  • Martina wrote:

I pray you find it in your heart to release Alan Johnston for his family and friends.

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