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BBC in the news, Monday

Host Host | 09:46 UK time, Monday, 19 March 2007

The Independent: Article on whether short video clips will replace longer programmes, including news bulletins and current affairs shows. (link)

Daily Mirror: Reports on Director General Mark Thompson's comments that the BBC needs to restore viewers' trust after the recent TV phone-in scandal. (link)


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  • At 01:04 PM on 19 Mar 2007,
  • Jim-UK wrote:

While Youtube is very popular that doesn't mean we want the same thing on the TV, Youtube is also free unlike the BBC. I'd hate broadcasters to use Youtubes popularity as an excuse to dumb down output even further.

"Richard Sambrook, director of the BBC's global news division, admits that many people do not have the stamina to sit through a standard news bulletin or serious current affairs show."

oh dear.

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  • At 02:03 PM on 25 Mar 2007,
  • Peter Thomlinson wrote:

The problem for the BBC is that it is seen as a mouthpiece of the government, as the BBC's ability to criticise the government is tied to the licence fee and the hold which governments have over future increases, and also its possible abolition.

An example of this was when the David Kelly story was developing, and the following consequencies of the Hutton Enquiry, resulting in resignations from the BBC, but not of course the Blair Government.

The BBC is not impartial as it has to look to the unfavourable reaction and conseqencies of the current government. In the case of the Kelly suicide/murder and the BBC reporters associations with shady figures from MI5 and 6 and David Kelly, the BBC caved in, when the guilty parties were elswhere.

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