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BBC in the news, Friday

Host Host | 09:52 UK time, Friday, 16 March 2007

The Times: Columnist Gerard Baker accuses the BBC of having an "anti-Western bias", referring to an article in the New York Times. (link)

The Scotsman: Reports that a serial rapist who was obsessed with female BBC newsreaders was given four life sentences. (link)


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  • At 05:28 PM on 16 Mar 2007,
  • Mark wrote:

The New York Times is supposed to contain "All the news that's fit to print." BBC having an anti western bias is not news, it's a truism anyone who listens to its broadcasts has known for a long long time. What took the New York Times so long to find out?

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  • At 08:22 PM on 16 Mar 2007,
  • Albert wrote:

I suggest that all BBC employees shuld be forced to read this article, I also have to suffer the anti-semetic torrent we get on the BBC world service.

The BBC should be forced to apologise for the disguting output of it's broadcasting units.

The word hyopcrites must have been invented with the BBC in mind.

The BBC is so far out of touch with Western values that it (the BBC) should be shut down until it can provide balanced impartial reporting.

Count the amout of web-sites devoted to BBC bias, count the amount of newspapers who devote weekly articles about BBC bias, one thing you will find they all have in common is that they are not left-wing websites or newspapers, funny that?, the BBC claims to be impartial yet the Guardianistas love it(the BBC).

Gerard Baker’s article in The Times is on the button – and so well put. What damage is the BBC’s bias doing to our democracy? What damage has it done already? What damage is it doing to our relations with countries overseas? The BBC and its friends are on another planet talking make-believe while the rest of us are in still on the omnibus in Clapham.

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