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Award-winning camerawork

Craig Oliver Craig Oliver | 12:09 UK time, Wednesday, 21 February 2007

What makes a good news camera operator?

BBC Ten O'Clock News logoFor me there are four key areas...

1) A good eye. Some have it - some don’t. It’s the ability to spot the telling shot and frame it either beautifully or in a compelling way.
2) Journalistic instinct - filming something to create an arresting narrative.
3) Technical ability - sounds obvious, but frequently they find themselves in some of the most inhospitable conditions on earth. If you can't make the machinery work in those conditions, you’re finished.
4) Bravery - when you’re capturing something important, you are often in dangerous circumstances.

Darren ConwayOne camera operator has all the above and more in spades. He is called Darren Conway (DC to anyone who really knows him) and last night he won the Royal Television Society award for Camera Operator of the Year.

His portfolio included extraordinary images that have been described as "burning themselves onto the viewer's retina." From coming under fire in the Lebanon to living with Pastoralists in the Turkana he captured the defining images of last year. He is an extraordinary camera operator and one of the BBC's greatest assets.


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  • At 01:55 PM on 21 Feb 2007,
  • Steve wrote:

People only ever see the "talent" when news reports are broadcast, but it's as much the work of the team behind the camera as it is the reporter. They regularly endure horrendous conditions to get that 1 minute clip on the 10 o'clock news, and rarely receive the broader recognition they deserve. Yet its their images, rather than the accompanying words, that will remain with the viewer.

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  • At 04:04 PM on 21 Feb 2007,
  • John wrote:


I agree completely. But you can still guarantee that a load of people will come on here and criticise the BBC for complimenting one of their staff.

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  • At 10:13 AM on 22 Feb 2007,
  • Nicholas Dalby wrote:

One of the exact reasons I pay my licence fee and will continue to do so for years to come.

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  • At 09:10 PM on 22 Feb 2007,
  • Bedd Gelert wrote:

Congratulations Mr Conway. Having read Jon Snow's memoirs and John Simpson's book about Saddam Hussein, the role of the cameraman is now getting a better understanding among the general public.

Although I think it is a fair bet you weren't the cameraman on the recent 'Panorama' on Street Crime who appeared to have been to the 'NYPD Blue' school of camerawork..

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  • At 01:41 PM on 24 Feb 2007,
  • George Lund wrote:

Congratulations on the award - any chance of a link to examples of Darren Conway's work?

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  • At 10:46 PM on 06 Apr 2007,
  • Abir Panchanan wrote:

Is there a way of getting DC's ( darren conway) email. He is a great man and myself being a cameraman would want to be in his shoes and experience life the way he does and want to get to know him...anyways please how could I get in touch with Darren.


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  • At 08:56 AM on 19 May 2007,
  • Suzanne Lee wrote:

DC has a website (Business, not personal). You can check it out at if you are interested in finding out more. alternatively, check out the files from the Royal Television Society Awards pages to get titles of the work he has done to have won the awards numerous times (eg. one day of war in congo)

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