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BBC in the news, Wednesday

Host Host | 09:59 UK time, Wednesday, 15 November 2006

The Guardian: "BBC programmes scaled back their live reporting last night following the start of a 24-hour strike by technicians." (link)

The Telegraph: "The BBC was accused of ageism yesterday after a leaked memo revealed that phone-in presenters on a local radio station have been barred from allowing callers who sound old on air." (link)


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  • At 12:00 PM on 15 Nov 2006,
  • Mark wrote:

Well, well, well, well, how the old truism that absolute power corrupts absolutely has proven so true in so many ways and under so many circumstances. So in addition to anti Americanism and anti Iraraelism, we can add ageism to BBC's list of prejudices expressed in its policies and views.

From the Telegraph; "Mia Costello, managing editor of BBC Radio Solent, told her broadcasters: "I don't want to hear really elderly voices.""

What next Ms. Costello, euthanasia? If we can't stand to hear them calling in on the radio, why must we put up with them anywhere else in our lives either? Off with their heads!

I call on BBC to summarily fire Mia Costello as proof that there is at least some vestage of rational control left among the rot of this once fine orginazation. Short of that, I call on Parliament to investigate the entire lot of BBC management with a view towards a top to bottom housecleaning. And short of that, perhaps we should set odds on who will be the next group to feel this media empire's infernal wrath.

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  • At 01:15 PM on 15 Nov 2006,
  • Joe wrote:

Mark, I agree broadly with your comments, however, I think you missed a crucial aspect to your comment, the BBC has never been anything but a mouthpiece for left-wing agitators since the early 70's, this is a direct result of the politcal correctness which started in America and moved to the UK, unfortunatly, the British version of this crazy movement also allowed the anti-Isreali and anti-American brigade to have a home to spout their warped viewpoint.
If you look at how the BBC ignores it's viewers/listeners, and then you view it's 'see no evil hear no evil' approach that it gives to Islamic Fundementilists whilst behaving in a anti-semetic way towards the Isrealis, it should be no wonder that it's radio figures are dropping dramatically as people switch off and find more balanced stations to listen to, I presume that the perfect listening base for the BBC would be the Guardianistas with their skewed world viewpoint.

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  • At 04:11 PM on 15 Nov 2006,
  • Mark wrote:

Joe, I know that this will come as a shock to many people but among those whose views concerning politics can be described as left wing, there are some elderly people who just might like to call in and voice their opinions as well. My comments were not specifically directed at Anti-Americanism but about the fact that BBC's management is accountable to no one. There is no effective government oversight to tell it when it has gone too far, has violated its charter which is to report the facts of the news, to present a broad spectrum of clearly identified commentary, and not to confuse them or mix them up. That somone in BBC's management would even presume to write such a memo without fear that it would be discovered and punished demonstrates the prevalent confidence among managers that they can act with impunity so long as they do not cross their superiors' own prejudices. That is why it is time for a thorough review and possibly a complete replacement of management personnel, hopefully by journalists who were not tainted by having been trained in BBC's own so called School for Scandal Journalism.

Insofar as the origins of widespread Anti-Americanism in Europe, it hardly started with political correctness on US college campuses or the Bush Administration. I witnessed it first hand in France in the early 1970s. It was rife during the 1980s when many Europeans were angry at President Reagan's ultimately successful assault on Soviet Communism for which they have neither credited nor forgiven the US. It reached epidemic proportions in the cynical re-election campaigns of Gerhard Schroeder and his copycat Jacques Chirac, this all before the invasion of Iraq. Don't think many Americans haven't sat up and taken notice. Europe will find that out the next time it's got an emergency and rings 1-800-USA-HELP. That call will be redirected to 1-800-WHO-CARES.

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  • At 02:28 PM on 16 Nov 2006,
  • Joe Chapman wrote:

Really? So now we have ageism alive and well, and living in the Solent region. UMM, Well, forttunately I don't listen, so theefore I cannot comment. However, I suppose that forewarned is forearmed. I don't really enjoy 'phone in programmes since the days of 'Hayes Over London'. That person was so arrogent and rude to callets, that I often wondered what became of him. Surely, this person had no future at the B.B.c,! Such arrorogence had to be heard to be believed. I lived in Hatfied when the 'person' was broadcasting, and I would dearly love to know how he fared after his B.B.C. career, which could not have been that long. I have never heard a preseter so rude and insolent since, but the revelation of Ms. Costello's edict is more than surprising!

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