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Craig Oliver Craig Oliver | 13:26 UK time, Thursday, 18 May 2006

The danger of the the task British troops face in Afghanistan is becoming clearer by the day.

tenoclocknews.gifOn last night's Ten O'clock News last night, Alastair Leithhead raised concerns that Pakistani officials are turning a blind eye to insurgents crossing the border - with the express aim of attacking British soldiers. He went back to the Afghan caves which had been used to store arms, and which had been destroyed by coalition forces in 2002. He found that the same caves are being used by the Taliban and insurgents -
do watch the piece here if you haven't had chance to see it.


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  • At 05:32 PM on 01 Nov 2007,
  • J.C.Worthington wrote:

Regret to let you know that we are finding it harder and harder not to switch off BBC news at ten for good as the level of trashy trivia gets higher and higher. We have long since stopped watching 'Midlands Today ' which had become a dreary daily tabloid of house fires, car accidents, child abuse cases etc, etc. This message is sent because we care about having a grown up, reliable news service. Looks like the moronic inferno has arrived.

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